Saturday, July 30, 2011

Addict - I know, everyone's doing it.

Is there a lipgloss rehab? If so, I need to check in, and fast. Even though one of the single most annoying things for any girl is lipgloss hair - you know - the wind blows and your hair ends up coated, you can almost tell a lipgloss's durability by whether your hair will blow back to it's normal style or stay stuck across your face. Bobbi Brown glosses I swear have glue as an ingredient. That stuff stays. Wear hats on a windy day. Since I can't pass a BB counter without buying at least a couple, I have at least 25 different shades. Low on the dreaded fragrancing, high on staying power, these little tubes of magic are my desert island essential. So, its a bit scary that there is now a UK Bobbi Brown web site where those of us who don't have a ready fix at hand can indulge. Rehab? I think I'm going to need Boot Camp.

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