Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'll Always Come Back

Well, it's really okay to have favourites, isn't it? For a year or more, between testing skin care ranges, there's one brand that I always, always come back to, to calm my skin and get the glow back. In fact, it's a little known range, that has just rebranded, repackaged and come back fighting - and so it should. Called Saaf Pure Skincare, the organic line was created by one clever lady - a scientist and homeopath - called Mah Hussein-Gambles. Packed with essential oils and highly antioxidant ingredients, it truly leaves my complexion softer, more glowing and more nurtured. It's comfort for skin, and if your skin (face and body) runs to the dry side, as skin often does in winter, there is no doubt this brand will help. Mah calls it 'a marriage between safe science and nature', and it has a list of ethical credentials half a mile long! With nine products in the line, I'd suggest you start your exploration with Saaf Organic Ultimate Moisture Face Serum, £29.99. And in the interests of honesty, if you are wondering whether I am writing this surrounded by a bag of freebies - yes, I am. But, when in runs out, I'll buy it.

About BritishBeautyBlogger

The trouble with beauty blogs though is that most of them are located in the USA; some are fabulous, some not so. But it does mean we end up reading reviews on products we don't have a hope of getting our hands on here in the UK unless we buy a one way ticket to NY. While the big cosmetic houses are international, the small, cult, kookie brands aren't. Doesn't stop us wanting them though! So, I'll mainly stick with products we can get hold of quite easily, although I may be tempted into the odd deviation here and there! The next problem with blogs is that because they are now cooler than ice, beauty companies are actually courting us - meaning piles of free stuff for the bloggers that will invariably stop smartish if there are any negative comments. So how do beauty addicts get a true fix, that's unbiased, and won't ever be swayed by corporate gifts (only, guys, don't make it a handbag because that would be a real ethical dilemma!)? Well, as I already work in the beauty industry, I don't need freebies. In 7 years, there's little I haven't already tried and tested.

You should know, though, Ithat 'm not prepared to rubbish a product just because it doesn't work for me. One thing I do know is that not everything works for everyone. Some skin types respond better to some brands than others, some skin tones suit colours that others just don't. That's the fabulous thing about beauty - it's completely individual.

What I will do is let you know about hot new buys, colour trends, pretty stuff, miracle workers and ways to wear a look that won't scare the horses, staying as honest as I can possibly be. If you want something testing before you splash your hard earned cash, I'll do my best to oblige. If I can't, I'll find out the gossip and see what others are saying about it instead. I'm also happy to answer beauty questions, so go ahead, ask me anything!