Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beauty Blog Karmin Titanium Hair Irons Give Away!

Thanks to Erin Kelly at, I’ve got one set of fabulous Karmin Titanium Hair Irons worth $99.99 to give away. I love this site – particularly the section that allows you to get free hair advice. Erin’s pic proves that she’s got amazing hair herself, so I’m guessing she knows exactly what she’s talking about! Check it out for yourself. All you need to do to bag a set of Karmin Titanium Hair Irons is to send your best ever hair tip to my account – whether it’s washing with egg yolks or rinsing with gin! I’ll send the best to Erin and let her pick our winner. The irons will be shipped directly to you. You don’t need to supply address details unless I’ve notified you that you are the winner. I’ll be selecting some hair tips to add to my posts. Send your tips between Monday 1st December 08 and Monday 8th December 08. Offer is open to US, UK and Canadian addresses.
As an added extra, Erin’s kindly agreed a discount for britishbeautyblogger readers: Quote BEAUTY25 to receive $25 off any set of Karmin Titanium Irons, and BEAUTY10 to receive $10 off any item on

to France

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Paris for a day. About 3 months ago I was able to snap up a good deal, so I booked for the beginning in December in order to watch how Paris looks like before Christmas.

I have been to Paris before: the first time when I was 16, but that was more a cultural visit (with my school, so all monuments and museums were crammed in 2 days...)
The second time was by myself, just for a couple of hours...The third and fourth time with my boyfriend..which was fun, but I haven't seen that many shops, this time I will visit some department stores and funky neighbourhouds...if I have enough time.

Places I want to visit during the day in Paris:
Le Marais: extremely trendy neighbourhood
La Colette: funky warehouse with lots of cute items

Printemps en Galeries Lafayette at the Boulevard Haussmann, just because they are classics and I love roaming around luxurious department stores...

Le Bon Marché at Saint-Germain-des-Prés : another department-store, I might have a fetish for department stores, LOL...

I cannot spend that much, but I am still glad to do some window shopping and sniff up the Parisian atmosphere.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

lusting over facial-shop xmas sets

Today I surfed lazily to my jaw dropped at the goodies and temptations they had.

A Cathy Cat set for $29. The Isa Knox eye/lip remover looks promising, but I found the lipstick a bit too pink and the eyeshadow too blue in order to buy this set.

However, this set blow me away. I could not resist ordering this one!!! The Beauté the Kosé Chrismas set for $ 39.99 I have heard so many raves about the liquid eye shadows and the blush looks so promising...

I love Giorgio Armani so much, but I cannot justify paying $89.99 for this palette. But ain't it beautiful??
This one tickled my fancy as well: a Mary Quant facial powder in the shape of a Chess board.

But I already have a couple of facial powders, so it is not necessary to order this one...

The Laneige eyeshadows looks so pretty as well. Haruhii swatched them on her blog, here Such lovely items. First I felt a bit upset for ordering another cosmetic item again (the Beauté the Kosé set) but I am glad I refrained from going overboard. And I think the set is a good deal right now: I was lusting over this set at ichibankao, but that price was a bit too steep for me.

So, I will forgive myself for ordering again...

Countdown to Xmas

One of the better things about Christmas is, call me! Cosmetic companies whip up wonderful gift packs and limited edition items that are linked to winter sentiments and christmas feelings.

I love reading promotional booklets that have special christmas specials inside. That has to do with my youth, I think, because I was completely mesmerized by the toys brochures that were delivered to my home around this period, and I loved circling the goodies I wanted to have...

I want to show you two brochures that really got my attention. First is the L'Occitane one. It is a semi-organic brand which is simply delicious. They start off with narrating some Mediterranean versions of Christmas stories, and embed these stories with their products they want to sell. (Quite smart, I think...I fell for it, LOL)

Christmassy colours such as green, red and cinnamon brown are decorating their products...I love the winter feel of this page, and I am quite curious for their Cinnamon scent in that adorable bottle with that special atomizer...

Ahhh, candles and christmas carols....

I am also charmed by the 'B Never too busy to be beautiful' leaflet. It has another feel, but it is more one of parties and celebrations with the girls..... Twinkle twinkle is the colour...

Ohhh, these products looks so lushious and so decadent. I would loooove to try the Corsage Bubble Bar on the next page (right).

Mmmm, more glitter and bathbombs...I love the cuteness of the green bathbomb and the purple butterfly.
Have a good weekend and enjoy the festive spirit....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Beauty Blog Whispers

...looking forward to the imminent UK launch of French eco-cert brand, Naturetis, with a range of hand treatments that sound divine; a dry oil, exfoliating mask and balm are among the line fragrances we can look forward to in the New Year include Nez et Nez (intellectual scents in test tube-like packaging) devised by a French husband and wife...and also a toothpaste using original 1930 recipes whose stunning packaging will give your bathroom an instant art deco makeover...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

(more) Eyeko: Sexy Eyes eyeshadow tin

I will be showing another Eyeko product for today, just for the heck of it....
Let's take a look at the Eyeko eyeshadow tin in Sexy eyes: a round tin can which consist of five earthy colour-strips with eyeshadow.

This picture was made in natural light

The sexy eyes tin is one of the three tins made by Eyeko. They also have a blue themed Cool eyes and a pink/purple Pretty Eyes. The tins looks girly, young and cute from the outside.

I was pretty amazed when I saw the colours...they were absolutely stunning. I made another picture with flash light, so it shows the micro glimmer and dual layeredness of some colours.

Unfortunately, this is where my raves stop. Honestly, the texture is craptastic...I had to layer and pack on loooots of pigment in order to let the product show on my skin...look at the brush and see how much pigment is on it...The pigment that I am able to pick up upon is crumbly and flakey....
And it is not your average crappy eyeshadow is shu uemura (as you can see in the right side of the picture beneath...

So I used lots and lots of product to make swatches. The swatches are shown in the next picture...

I am not impressed...The colours are rather meh...

It might work with some high powered eyeshadow primers underneath, such as Too Faced Eye Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion, but hey...a product should be reasonable in the first place...Otherwise I could buy a eyeshadow for 50 cents and have the same results.

This product would be very suitable for mothers who don't want their young girls to wear makeup, but the girls really want to try out makeup...the mothers can give this to their youngster, and it would hardly show off. Shortly, it reminds me of those kiddy makeup kids that look cute but have hardly any pigment at all.

Eyeko Touch up & Glow Highlighter

I want to do a review today, because I posted about the Eyeko sale today as I think it is wise to tell something about one of their products...It will be a small review, though.

I think I will start of with the positive...a product which is ok. It is not a HG, safe-when-a-fire-is burning-down-your-house kind of product, but is is...ehm...ok.

First, it looks darn cute: the packaging, the manga style eyes and the pink colours. They know how to do girly and young.

The back of the product...

The deep and profoundly intellectual message....ooops, not so much. But ok...but appearances/looks matter in this world...

Hey, there are some goodies inside....

It works with the same mechanism as several lipglosses and highlighers that are put in a pen with a small turn the bottom of the pen around...and around....and around, and about half an hour later....some product appears....

It is a soft baby pink!!!

But if you look closely, it looks a bit frosty. Mmm, my enthousiam seemed to dissapear. Frosty is nice, if it is the snowman. I am not a fan of frost on my face: it reminds me of old aunties with frosty eyeshadows, dodgy 70's makeup....

The swatches....The pictures are quite true to life.
This picture was made with flash. On the right site is a unblended blob of the product. the left site is blended. It still looks a bit frosty, though...but blended it works as a highligher for under my eyebrows....

This is the same picture as before, only a close-up. I think people with small pores and no blemishes (lucky people, LOL) can use this on their cheekbones as well, or a bit above the upper lip. Personally, I am looking for a more natural way to embellish my cheekbones.

This close up is made in natural light (a clouded day). If you look closely, you can see the shimmer particles dissapearing into my pores...
So, would I buy this again? No, because I have several highligher eyeshadows and creams that I can put below my eyebrows.
For me, the versality of the product is limited, because the shade is a bit too shimmery...however, I already consider Nars Orgasm to be too shimmery, so it can be the perfect product for other people who like shimmer.

Further on, I cannot say that much if it broke me out or not, because I only worn it one time under my eyebrows. It did stay rather put during the day, it did not crease or migrate at all.

Conclusion: I think Eyeko products make excellent gifts for everyone that starts out with makeup, because it targets on young teens (and tweens as well). Yours truely has left that age a looong time ago, so it is not really a me product, even though it is pretty ok.
It is also a nice product for Clubbing girls who like to shimmer and shine during the night.

Overal, the product appears to target a young product, and is suitable for everyone who is young or feels young...

Happy Thanksgiving (& some sales)

I would like to wish all my readers a happy thanksgiving...

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in my country, but I will be happy to benefit from the various sales that are going on this week ;D.

Some interesting sales I found:

Cherryculture is offering 20% off from 25 November- 30 November: code TG20

My Chelle dermaceuticals is having a one-day-sale, 28 November, offering 20% off. No code needed. Check out their fruit fiesta peel!

Locher's Clothing is offering 25% off their entire collection until Xmas

Lochers offers cute, embroidered tshirts and necklace. But beware! The embroidered text can be quite naughty!!! This texts is one of their tamest ones!

Mineral Makeup company Fusion of Colors is offering a 15% discount on Adesign brushes until 15 December. I love Adesign brushes...they are made by the same company that produces Smashbox brushes. I would absolutely recommend the pointed kabuki for everyone that uses mineral makeup or powdered foundation. is having 20% off :To receive your 20% savings, use promo code CHEER20* on the payment page. You may enter only one promo code during checkout.
Sale ends Tuesday, December 2, 2008.

Cute makeup brand Eyeko is offering a free Minty Fat balm worth £5 with all orders from £25.

It is not as good as their last deal: buy two and get the third product for free, but it is still a nice deal if you missed the last one. They offer free worldwide shipping on every order!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It’s easy to forget, with the current pre-Christmas bombardment of advertising, the difference between mass market fragrance and artisan creations. I’ve never been a perfume snob, preferring to flit from scent to scent as the mood takes me and never so much as giving a thought to their history. But after a visit to the new Miller Harris store in Monmouth St, Covent Garden, the concept of a fragrance created by a ‘nose’ rather than in a lab is suddenly very real. Lyn Harris is a formally trained (in France, where else?) perfumier and works surrounded by phials, glass bottles, weighing scales and rare essences to create her scents. She doesn’t work to a ‘creative brief’ as mass fragrances do – they often appoint a ‘creative director’ who leaves it to technicians to interpret his or her ideas – and uses the finest possible raw ingredients. Mass fragrances are such a money maker for the corporations that ingredient quality is the least of their worries; preferring often to use celebrities to ‘sell’ their fragrances rather than focussing on the smell itself. Generously, I was given a bottle of Noix de Tubereuse; an exquisitely light blend that I’ve fallen instantly in love with, and the very fact that I now know how much detail and care went into the creation of it makes it very special indeed. In a surprising twist, Lyn used to create fragrances for one of my favourite beauty brands, Fresh, so unwittingly, I’ve been a fan of hers for a very long time.

Bite Size Beauty

I'm loving all the small-size gift sets around at the moment that are a great introduction to a new brand. Everyone should do them - aromatherapy based ESPA has this fabulous little set above for a mere 16 pounds and contains Hydrating Cleansing Milk, Floral Spafresh, Refining Skin Polish, 24 Hour Moisturising Complex and 24 Hour Eye Complex. Even if tiny sizes only last a couple of doses, its a budget friendly way to give yourself a good quality facial at a fraction of salon costs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You've Been Disneyed

I love all Paul & Joe make up - mainly because it's so pretty (it is good quality but that's not what makes me get out the credit card). They've pulled one out of the hat this time though with their Disney collection. Originally only available in Japan, they've clearly decided that us Brits are ready for kitsch in bucket loads, too. It's collections like this that makes make up a collectable commodity. Get yours at

Tough cookie: Dutch Limited Edition @ Lush

The holiday season is about to start very soon. That means a lot of shopping for your family and friends, stressing out about the perfect gift, and....delicious candy and cookies.

In the Netherlands we have a kind of pre-Christmas event that takes place on 5 December: Sinterklaas. The run-down to that date is paired with The Saint and his white horse visiting malls and other places, handing out candy a children. Small childern place their shoe in front of the fireplace (or central heating) at night, in order to find a small gift inside their shoe in the morning.

Chocolate letters, small cookies and sweet candy that comes together with Sinterklaas

One of the most common cookies that is served around this period are the 'taai taai's, which means something like 'Tough Tough'. The cookie is quite leathery and you really have to bite hard to get a bite. When you do, you will taste a combination of honey, anise, nutmeg, cinnamon and other warming spices....mmmm...
Their shapes resemble the Christmas cookies that are made in the US (UK as well?). But they are more resilient to teeth (LOL) and have a different blend of spices.

The fun thing is, that Lush has jumped to the occasion to make a limited edition of a shower gel that is specifically targetted to the Dutch and Belgium market

The scent is really lovely: not exactly like the Taai Taai cookie, but still a warm and conforting scent for the winter season. It contains orange oil, cinnamon and smells like gingercookies...yumm...

I love Lush shower gels. The only downsite is, even though they claim to be such a natural store, they still contain Sodium Laureth Sulfates. Anyhow, as long as I do not use it on my scalp (my scalp doesn't like the SLS's) I will be fine....

(available at - the site is in Dutch, but they do ship internationally)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Style it up:

I love browsing at the website. The clothes may be a bit higher priced than your ordinary high street brand, but they sure know how to style the models on the website...

Look at her: she looks like a modern day little red riding hood with her red cape and cute braid on her head.

Here she is showing the braid again. Don't you love the cuteness of that LBD with a cute bow in the middle? This pose, by the way, is so refreshingly unmodellingly (is that an English word?). She looks a bit like a young child that has to pose for a picture.

This is more a model pose. I like the dress, the skullcap, the boots and her necklace.

And I am totally in love with that green leopard scarf. Sure, leopard scarfs are all over the highstreet shops this winter, but I haven't seen a green version of that...

This model is quite funny, I think. She looks kind of moody/tough in almost every picture. I like the combination of clothes...very preppy meets french girl meets Scottish tartan kind-of-cool.

I have to declare her as one of my icons, because she is not afraid to look incredibly dissatisfied with everything!!!

Ok, so this is not my style: white tights and a frumpy short...but I like the other looks.

Check out yourself if the model is smiling on one of the photos @ .
Hint, she is looking a bit smug on one of the pictures....

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