Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beauty Whispers

There's news that Burberry is launching a make up range next year....Lauren Luke of YouTube make over fame has launched her own line in America...and, September brings the launch of an amazing organic skin-care range from Greek brand, Korres.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Super Glossy: Intelligent Nutrients

Okay, so I hated the Intelligent Nutrients shampoo and conditioner, but I can't knock the Finishing Gloss. As an emergency measure, and with low expectations with my experience with the other two products, I ended up trying to make the best of a bad blow job (if you see what I mean!) and was amazed that this serum outperformed any other glossing product I've ever used. You need the tiniest possible amount - a little goes a very long way, but it adds a shine never before seen on my own frizz prone hair.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lulu : Needle in a Time Bomb?

I'm watching QVC as I type - its the beauty show. I quote:

Presenter to 60 year old Lulu: 'Why do you look so great?'
Lulu: 'I've worked with and learned from skin care professionals over the years. You have to have a routine...I've taken the best of products I've tried over the years...and put them into Time Bomb.
People say I look good for my age and it's because of these products'.

Ahem! Are you kidding? She said all this, and a lot more, without her forehead showing one single expression line. There's no neck sagging, no laughter lines around the eyes - it's all a bit unfair on the mature ladies snapping up these creams when I can't see how it's humanly possible at the age of 60 to have nothing in the way of normal ageing on your face. Draw your own conclusions; I've certainly drawn mine....and I'm thinking someone's pants are well and truly on fire!

Eau Gorgeous! : Sisley

Yes, I'll admit that if Sisley sneezed I'd probably try and buy it! Unlike other beauty companies, Sisley doesn't just churn out product after product, and in fact, produces fragrances rarely, so to bring out three at once is quite a surprise. But, instead of trying to push one scent to everyone, having three at a time gives more choice - and we like choice! When I was shown the fragrances at London Sisley HQ, each one in turn was sprayed onto a ribbon for me to smell. I just instantly fell for Eau de 1. It's got something slightly masculine about it, and it's very fresh - perfect for summer. It's a mix of citrus - green mandarin and grapefruit - and florals; predominantly jasmine. Now I think about it, it was probably the jasmine that sold it to me! Bottom notes of chypre, patchouli and musk - although if you asked me, I'd say I liked none of these - give it warmth. There are two other scents, Eau de 2 and Eau de 3 (a missed creative opportunity there, I think!) but my choice has me wafting around in complete bliss every time I wear it. It's launching this month for £90.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jewellery crush: marquiscamus

I am probably one of the many that have been crushing on beautiful accessories and jewellery lately. I already bought a übergorgeous necklace from the talented glowchaser lately (here). I have, however, a more expensive crush right now.

I found the jewellery site, and have been blown away by the whimsical and quirky pieces they have been making. They combine several materials and fabrics in order to make true statement necklaces and other trinklets. Look at this modern piece!

Their prices, alas, are rather impressive as well...ahum. I am thinking about recreating some of the easier pieces from their collection, with my own spin on it. But as for now, I will be looking regularly to the beautiful pieces.

I love the names of the collections as well: they consist of Modern Rebel, Victorian Romance, Victorian Rebel, Red Carpet and Joker.

This chain beneath is of the Victorian Rebel collection. It combines black cloth roses on a chunky black chain, and those little stones at the end are 'Vintage Chandelier crystal' (here, don't look at the price)

A piece from the Modern Rebel collection....Look at the combination of that tie and jewellery: BRILLIANT.

Pretty and princessy: the Victorian Romance collection. This piece has a vintage perfume bottle dangling beneath (here). I wonder if the necklace would be heavy like this.

These earrings could be recreated by a 'amateur' like me....

I love the big bow on this necklace....Also from the Victorian Romance collection.

This is a close up from the same necklace as before.

I like the combination of different chains and even the fabric that they put in this necklace.

Ackkk, I want them all. I need to win a giftcard from this store worth $1000, or such. (btw, I am not affiliated with this store...just a greedy girl wanting it all...LOL)

Caribbean Without Coconuts? : Aveda

I picked out Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Creme when I was asked if I wanted to try some Aveda products. To be honest, the reason I picked it out was that the name conjoured images of coconut/mango/pineapple laden fragrance which I generally absolutely love. So, initially I was disappointed in the scent. But, I've grown to love it because it doesn't overpower in the way that some tropical 'flavoured' formulas do. The Creme actually contains Caribbean lime, vetiver and bayleaf which amounts to a sharply fresh scent that's a million miles away from tropicana. It does contain mango in fact, but I can't pick out that scent in amongst the others. The Creme itself is super's easy to apply in that it rubs in easily and doesn't leave any kind of residue. The fact that I've nearly finished the tube already so that kind of says it all! 22.71 pounds.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mizz Worthy's Guide To Make Up Swapping

Thanks Mizz Worthy for being my first guest blogger, and for opening up the world of make up swapping!

'How many times have you bought a makeup/beauty product and just found it didn’t work for you? Or used something a few times, and then moved on to a new favourite?
The solution is something that the US girls have had access to for a long time – Makeup swap sites. For example MakeupAlley, has a thriving swap section. While UK beauty addicts tried to join in with this, their swaps would often be rejected due to postal delays etc. The obvious gap in the market was spotted some time ago in the (thriving!) UK beauty blogging community. I’m involved with Swapsies (; an idea which originally started life as a blog – swappers can join as members and post items to swap. The idea proved so popular that, Laura ( ) decided to launch it as a full website, and I help with general administration and safe running/overseeing posting.

So how does swapping work? Basically, you open an account with the site, then identify things you no longer want from your collection. Add a post to the site describing the product in as much detail as you can – e.g. the product’s condition, how much you have used, if it’s limited edition etc (pictures can also be posted and are always helpful). You can state in your post what you are looking for – e.g. MAC, or you can simply wait to see what is offered. If another member has something they think you’d be interested in they can make you an offer – if a swap is agreed, then there is a facility on the site to swap addresses via a private message system (so no one can see your address unless you let them). On receipt of the swap you leave feedback so that swappers can build up a reputation. This means that you can tell how reliable swappers are before entering a swap.

This now unfortunately brings us to one of the possible drawbacks to swap sites – that of “Swaplifting”. The success of swaps depends on the honesty of both participants, and sadly such sites are often used to basically steal from people – i.e. enter a swap with no intention to send return products. Luckily this is not a common occurance. The Swapsies site has over 100 members and we have had one case so far. This was picked up on quickly and resulted in the member being banned. Such things are unfortunate, but the vast majority of users do have satisfactory experiences, and get to try new products out. The golden rules? Post honestly, Swap honestly and Report any missing swap items quickly to the site – Swaplifters can then be dealt with quickly, so everyone can enjoy the swapping experience!'

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kevin Beautymaker and credit-crunch wardrobe haul

Thanks to Jamilla Camel I found out about a British beauty etailer that sells reasonably priced Japanese and Korean cosmetics. After navigating on their, basically Chinese, website I caved and ordered---they had free international shipping when you order over 20 pound, and more importantly.....items of Korean Beauty Guru Kevin (Beautymaker) in stock...

The site is beautyeshop, and it took about 2 weeks for my order to come in. Sometimes British, or Royal mail, is so much slower than mail from the US or Hongkong. On the other hand, shipping from the UK can be fast if the package is tiny, as I ordered some beads for my jewellery/accessory making and they arrived within 3 days.

I ordered a lipstick in a colour which looked good on a small swatch, and it came out to be Rose, which is indeed a sheer rosy colour. Check out the colour yourself from the pictures.

It is not a flat lipstick, as it has tiny golden shimmers inside. They are hardly detectable on the lips, however, they give a really pretty and flattering glowing effect.

A swatch on bare skin: it is a sheer quality and looks delightfully rosy on the lips. I love the texture and it is reminicent of various Japanese lipsticks I have: I have the Kanebo Kate Rouge Extra Lipstick in mind, especially the sheerer version like RS-10. Kate RS-10 is a tad more mauve and more dark, though.

Foundation-wise, I have a very picky skin: it is really sensitive and sometimes overreactive, ánd it is in serious need of some covering up (oh, let's sum it up: discolourings, dry patches, beginning wrinkles, dark name skin is a dermatologists dream, as it is so unperfect). I have tried some Korean/American/Japanese liquid foundation brands, but have not been happy with them. I often resort to mineral makeup from smaller companies for foundation.

When I spotted Kevin Beautymaker Mineral Foundation on beautyeshop for 12 pounds, I thought I took the plunge and ordered it.
It arrived in a really big jar...that jar is HUMONGOUS. I have to make comparing pics later, and swatch pictures as well.

Kevin's signature label:

\So, I do not have any swatches to share yet. The texture of the foundation is really lovely and non irritating, mattifying, yet not flat. The downside is the colour, which looks too orangy. A light layer is not obtrusively orange and looks even very flattering on a slightly tanned skin, but I do not want to apply several layers of this stuff, otherwise I look absolutely tangoed.

Ohhh, I haven't shared with you yet: I have been to Liverpool this week! I ordered a cheapy easyjet ticked some time ago, and last week was my OFFICIAL British shopping day. I prefer shopping in the UK over my country, as the shops have soooo much more interesting goodies.

Sorry for the lack of scenery pictures, but I was absolutely absorbed in shopping...he he. The first shop I raided was the giant Primark. Ok, the stuff is really cheap and it would probably not be adviseable to dress from top to toe in Primark fashion, but nobody over here knows Primark so my new stuff might be mistaken for Pradaaaah (yeh right, teeheee).

Ok, I bought this faux-leather colourexploded snake bag from them...I love the Chanel-esque chain....I do not know when I will actually wear this, but I could not let this quirky number sit in that shop, so it needed a special place in my closet (and hopefully on my shoulder, if I dare)

Another bag from straw. It reminds me of my childhood when I had these little straw bags toting around, filled with dolls and my little ponies...(it was such a steal for 6 pounds)

And I love the leopard lining. I could always use it for storage. It looks like a hat box, don't you think?

The next thing is an Origami skirt, as it has origami folds in the front. I call it my Cheryl Cole-skirt. For the non-British who have never heard of Cheryl Cole, she is Britain's latest Celeb obsession. (pictures here/here). I would not pick such a skirt normally, as I am more of a boho-chic-chick, but I loved to have a clubbing skirt for when I will ever enter a Club again...LOL. It is something out of my box, which makes it interesting for a change (and for the 8 pounds...I just 'jumped' in my basket)

That was my post for today :D. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Something Pretty For The Weekend: Paul & Joe Lipgloss

Pretty treats from Paul & Joe - the spiral running through the glosses is a shot of gold pigment that adds shimmer as you apply the gloss, and the gold packaging is limited edition. They're 14 pounds each from Harrods on May 1st.

Cutting Edge Colour: Strangebeautiful

The lovely Jet Set girls flagged up this edgy brand on their blog ( whose design led nail colours are truly things of beauty. Created by beauty entrepreneur, Jane Schub, each set is limited edition and each ultra saturated colour is inspired by talent in the design world. A set of 8 shades costs $79 at

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Red Alert: MAC Attack

I was recently sent MAC Just A Pinch Gel Blush; I don't normally get along with MAC products, but this...this is ultra special! When I took the lid off I nearly jumped off my chair - the colour is so RED! But, in fact on application with fingertips, it goes to the prettiest natural looking flush for cheeks. It's hard to say whether it's pink or red but it fuses perfectly with my natural tone. As you'll only need the tiniest ever amount each time - don't go full on Aunt Sally - it should last and last. The formula has great 'slip' making it beautifully blendable and easy to apply. It's from the Rose Romance Collection which I think comes out in May here. Liking this a LOT!

Run For The Hills: Harvey Nichols

What was supposed to be a pleasurable half hour browsing the Harvey Nichols beauty department ended up turning into 50 second sprint - to get away from the sales assistants! Fabulous Irish blog,, have recently posted about poor service from beauty counters (Mac: look out!) but the onslaught of sales pitching I received today has to be the most voracious of any I've yet experienced. The Harvey Nicks girls make the Selfridges staff look like docile kittens. Almost without exception, at every single counter I passed, somebody tried to stop me to look at their new skin care range, make up or special offers (although there is a gorgeous GWP Marc Jacobs black mini bag with a Marc Jacobs fragrance purchase). Even after I told one SA that I am a beauty writer, so have seen it all from the press office, she still tried to explain everything anyway: I glazed completely and she didn't take the hint. Eventually I ended up saying I was late for a meeting, had to dash etc etc...she was still talking when I broke into a run. It was all so bad, I took refuge in handbags, where much to my relief, I was completely ignored. Ironically, this annoyed me too - but only because I obviously wasn't giving 'rich, big spender' vibes. I'm not a rich, big spender, but I'd like to think I can fake it. Obviously, I can't!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gently Toasted, Not Baked: Institut Esthederm

I confess, I can’t help wanting a suntan, much as I know that it’s about the worst thing I can do for my skin. I don’t bake, but really feel so much better if I have a gentle bronze going on. I took Institut Esthederm to Las Vegas a few weeks ago, having tried it last year and loved it. The concept behind the brand is actually quite hard to understand and I've dithered about posting this because I'm struggling to explain it. What I mostly like about Institut Esthederm though is the Adaptasun technology that boosts melanin production and, if used prior to sun exposure, means that you start to tan straight away as the cells are more to the surface. It’s great for those who don’t have 3 weeks lounging by the sea, but have to ‘speed tan’ like me. It also uses 'UV incellium technology' that strengthens the skin's own defences against the sun. At the same time as that and the boost, patent sun filters block harmful UVA and UVB. Confusingly, there is no SPF rating (IE consider them misleading); instead the range is split into star ratings (i.e. * for gentle sun through to *** for extreme or tropical sun). There are lots of different products in the range, but my impression is that it’s all about not ageing your skin but still being able to go in the sun. I really liked it; didn’t come home with any extra crinkles or freckles (I do love freckles though!) and although we didn’t have the best weather, came home looking brown. Yep, it was the desert, and it rained! More importantly maybe, the consistency of the creams is light and fluid, meaning it’s no kind of chore to put it on and it was very moisturising to boot. It’s really not the cheap tanning option, at over 30 pounds for body care, but I felt that this kind of sunscreen upgrade was well worth it for me.

FitFlop News

Since I am totally addicted to Fitflops (though wish they'd make them with a kitten heel...come on boffins, it has to be possible!) I'm obviously going to be entering the competiton to win a weekend trip plus 500 pounds! All you have to do is guess the city from the map that's been embossed on the soles of these beauties....and two lucky people get to go there. Since I just don't have a clue, I can't even give any helpful hints....let's hope it's somewhere ultra glamorous and that a BritishBeautyBlogger reader wins

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been having a haul-modest week, I think. The weather has been sweet and I have been exploring my large stash of happy coloured lipsticks to match the weather. I have been loving my Nars Niagara lipstick a lot: which is a bit dry compared to the smoothness of several Japanese brands, but it is opaque enough for the vividness of the corally pink to shine through.

Another sunny haul that arrived was my products. I blog a lot about Japanese and Korean cosmetics, but I still love the small mineral makeup companies in the US.

Silknaturals is one of my favourites, as they make wonderful lipsticks that flatter even the strangest skintones (mine, for example). And their pigments are often Mac dupes, but of a more natural quality, which my sensitive skin likes. And her shipping is really fast, especially for international girlies, so my cosmetic craving takes often less than a week to satisfy...

I ordered a small haul which consisted of the two latest lipsticks in Mirabelle and Whirlwind, 2 blush samples in Drama (MAC emote clone) and Gemini (NARS orgasm-like) and received a free eyeshadow in Pink Twink (the fun thing is that EVERYONE receives a free sample if you purchase over $10, which is such a lovely deal).

I also threw in a couple of skin serums in Oatmeal and Rose, which are both suitable for a sensitive skin. I am always on the lookout for good samples for my ...(fill in any age)...-something skin.

The Pink Twink looks more brownish than pink, but Silknaturals prides themselves for making age-friendly makeup which looks flattering and not clashing. It makes a wonderful colour for on the lid.

The Gemini blush looks really vivid. The glitters are a bit too much for me, but I think it would be a dream for lots of bloggers to wear a colour like this, especially when you enjoy several NARS colours. I think it is really pretty, but I would love to see this in a lipstick instead of on my cheeks. It looks lovely applied with a light hand, and having buffed away the glitters.

I haven't tried the original Mac Emote yet, but I am adoring the Drama colour. I was 'blessed with an enormous 'bump' on the side of my nose after eating too much bad food, and after concealing I removed the redness but still had the bump. Drama limited the 'drama' of having an extra nose (which is how my boyfriend called it...há) by concealing its 'bumpiness'. So, I have to buy this in full-size, or I have to visit the mac counter for the real thing...

Whirlwind lipstick is supposed to be a clone of the discontinued Mary Kay Pink Pout lipstick. I am not familiar with Mary Kay but the colour itself was supposed to be a cult colour. It was described as a 'rosey mauve with hints of brown' which suited my preference...
Mirabelle is descibed as a 'true warm peach shade'. It looked like a stunning pinky coral in the swatches at silknaturals, so I threw it in my cart as well. They retail for $4.50 which is a steal for such lovely lipbalms.
The swatches look different on my skin than seen at their site. The Mirabelle looks really warm, which is a bit of a pity. It is still a lovely lipbalm, though.

Continuing to springtastic talk: these little fellow have been my street buddies in the neighbourhood. They are sooo tiny, and so cute! I think they are siblings, as they stick with the same mother. Mother was quite protective when I took pictures of them.

I love this about spring, all the cute baby animals and flowers and vivid colours...

Audrey Tautou for Chanel: Exclusive Picture

For the first time ever, Chanel are launching an online campaign for iconic fragrance, Chanel No5, starring the beautiful Audrey Tautou, starting on May 5th. It's rumoured to be a love story about a couple who keep missing each other on the Orient Express (how big can it be?) and is shot by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet who also worked with Audrey in Amelie. Note the launch date is significant; 5th of the 5th in homage to No5! See it at This behind the scenes picture of Audrey has never been publicly shown before in the UK.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Max Factor Gets A Gong

The very mascara that I've raved about - Max Factor False Lash Effect - has just pulled a prestigious gong at the CEW(UK) Awards held at the Intercontinental in London. A Lalique statue is heading in the direction of the mascara hailed by industry insiders as The Best New Make-up Product.

Brit Brand: Mitchell & Peach

I really like this new brand; Mitchell & Peach, whose lavender fields in Kent yield a variety that has strong peachy notes, hence the name. Made in the UK, the four products are lush, beautifully packaged and include soap, shower wash, relaxing bath oil, and a nourishing pot of body cream. Although it's a tiny range, the website is gorgeous; lots of beautiful lavender pictures, and the products are attracting buyers from prestige stores such as Fenwick. It's definitely one to watch.

Oops: Le Metier de Beaute Correction

I'm happy to put the record straight that Le Metier de Beaute, arriving soon in the UK, doesn't actually belong to music mogul, LA Reid. Apparantly, he just hosted a party for them.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Underwater Antics: Braun Silk-Epil Wet&Dry

Okay, this gadget is a revelation in hair removal! It's been sitting around in a pile of stuff to test for a week or so and I've been putting off testing it out - nobody likes their hair pulled out, do they - although I'll admit to being uber, uber wimpy about it. I've used the regular Braun Silk Epil before and although I stuck with it, always found it quite painful. Using this new version, the Wet & Dry in the bath, I can honestly say it was the most painfree hair removal I've experienced. There are a couple of downsides - how the heck can you do your bikini line in the bath? I didn't feel willing (or in fact, able) to do the constricted contortions necessary to achieve this, but I was tempted...maybe I need a bigger bath...even underarms seemed hard to achieve; keeping my underarm underwater but my head still above, plus holding one arm I making it sound more difficult than it really is? The other downside is that as you move the gadget up and down your legs it creates movement in the water that makes it hard to actually see what you are doing. However, I absolutely love it; it gave such a perfect, clean and pain free result that I'm a total convert and will attempt the armpits even if I drown trying. It's £99.99.

Reader Frontline: Testing So You Don't Have To

It's absolutely about time I had some reviews from boys, so I've roped in Chris who is my computer doctor; he's the rapid response team to my laptop melt-downs and should get a medal for stopping me actually throwing it from a top floor window in temper. He's about as blokey as blokes get, so if he loves a product, then that's enough to convince me that other men will, too.

"Being a skydiver, biker and all round thrill seeker it’s important that the products I use are in a similar extreme…….. 

So i`ll begin with the…………

All in One heaven Shave , Shower and Shampoo by Deborah Mitchell……… Yeah I loved this, it’s great for a guy like me to have all in one stuff, with this I could pretty much do everything including using it as a shaving crème, which gave very smooth results, also as a shampoo its very Good. I also loved the combination of scents ,just what you need to wake up to in the morning, a blast of Sandalwood, Orange and Rosemary.

Rehab Mens Face Scrub UP Detox…………. I took this with me to Budapest where I visited some thermal spas ! Yeah I liked this too as a face scrub
The grains in the scrub are not too course and its nice to know as they state “It’s a combination of volcanic sands from Tahiti and Bamboo” WOW. I thought it whiffed quite good albeit not that refreshing, It had an old school air about it.

Avene Eau Thermale Skin Recovery Cream……… yeah i`m a rough and ready bloke but c`mon with all the extreme sports I do, my skin takes a beating, it can be very dry and flakey so i`ve used a lot of moisturizers but I particularly liked this Avene stuff, you only need a tiny amount, but it feels amazing on the skin and keeps it hydrated, it seems to have something init that i`m not sure what it is but it really works without feeling to greasy, this stuff actually feels like it is soothing the skin….Excellent.

Yes to Carrots Face Cream……..Well I loved the idea but am sad to say I did not get on the best with this cream, made my skin flare up , feel irritated and a bit greasy to say the least.

Naturaeve Rejuvenating Balm with rose geranium &pomegranate……….mmm I like a bit of pomegranate, but this product was not for me really….. I gave it to my girlfriend and she loves it..

Joop Thrill Man………….To start with I didn`t really like this scent too much, but I know that when its been on the skin a while it can start to smell differently. Lets say that its grown on me
And now I love it, it’s very unusual actually and smells a bit more like how you would expect your chick to smell. But after about 20 minutes on the skin it takes on a deep sensuous kind of smell
I`ve never smelt something so deep, it delves into all kinds of sweet smokiness, bergamots and woody hints. Your girlfriend/boyfriend will Love it:)"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

summerproof eyes

My hauls of last week were really rewarding in the field of making my eyes summerproof. I know, I has hardly been spring...but the rising temperatures make my blood sizzle for summer fun...

One of the products I was dying to try out was the Paul & Joe Eye gloss. Actually, I was hesitating between Jill Stuart Eye jelly or Paul & Joe, but prefered P & J based on more flattering swatches (without too much glitter, my eyes do not want to resemble a discoball in summer) and the more convenient method of application ( a wand instead of dipping my fingers-aka unhygienic- into a jelly jar).

Paul & Joe it became, and I have not been dissapointed yet! I picked colour 1, a goldish glow that would look brilliantly alone or paired over another colour to punch it up. I ordered it at Gooddealer included two precious p&j samples as lovely. I have been testing the light cream foundation in 30 and it is so I know why Fuzkitty is raving about this stuff...uhohhh, more lemmings.

The packaging and the tube is so pretty and feminine, without going overboard on pinkness and fluffiness. I love Paul & Joe's peachy packaging and the gold writing is so gorgeous. The next picture is a closeup of the eye jelly in the tube...

Swatches: it delivers a glowy, champagne gold colour which can be sheered out to a shimmery hint of gold on the eyelids....

More importantly, is it splashproof/sweatproof/funproof? I have been splashing water over my eyes and eyelids....and it stayed on wonderfully. I also layered it over a taupe creamshadow, and it gave a lucid dimension to also warmed up the taupe, so it would be wonderful for warming up cooler shadows for girls who prefer their eyeshadows to be more warm.

My second haul came from, a etailer company that specialises on wickedly fun-coloured mineral eyeshadows. I bought their Inks liquid eyeliner in the past, in colour intoxicating, and I love this stuff for an easy eye with a twinkle of fun.

I was craving more taupes, so I purchased the two taupe eyeliners available: Tinsel Taupe and Flattery Gets You Everywhere. As they have free shipping with a purchase over $20 (INTERNATIONALLY) I picked up a small lip lustre in Lace Gloves as well. The twinkly eyeshadow in the top of the picture was a freebie...I want to mix that with clear nailpolish to make a darkly glittery polish...ha ha.

Althought they are gorgeous, they are quite similar. I probably would not have purchased both if I knew that before. (picture in sunlight). The Flattery is a bit darker and has a greener hint compared to Tinsel Taupe.

The best thing about Fyrinnae's colours are their multi-dimensional quality in colour, so I will overwhelm you with swatches. Eeeek, my hands look so crocodile-ish right now...I need to use my Kose Happy Bathday soon!

I prefer Flattery Gets You Everywhere over Tinsel Taupe. Tinsel looks more silvery in specific light, whereas Flattery is more greenish. I still consider them to be quite similar. I love their names, btw...I wish that Flattery indeed got me everywhere...sight...

Ok, this is an eye post today, but I wanted to show you the other Fyrinnae swatches as well. The Lip Lustre feels more velvety than balmy, but it looks quite flattering in a velvety manner. Sometimes I am not feeling the glossy lip-look and a velvet product is more appropriate. The colour is a creamy coral with pink microshimmer, and looks summery on the lips.

I love this Taupetastic colour for waterproof eyes as well, but I will not tease the international crowd, as it is only available in meee leeetle country...

Another fantastic product is K-palette eyeliner! Somehow I could not find my own picture, but I have it in my collection as well. It stays put for a long time and is not too difficult to remove. I bought mine on a while ago, but it is available on amazon as well.

However, I think that the numerous gel eyeliners that are available these days, ranging from Mac to, will have a water-resistant quality as well. Just try some and find out which will suit you the most.

I will not discuss waterproof mascara's yet, as there are trillions of products out there. And, I have not found my HG waterproof mascara yet, although I am really interested in testing out the Clarins Fix Mascara, that is supposed to make ANY mascara waterproof. Oh, it was Jojoba who raved about it (here), check out her review.

Oh, I should have bought that yesterday...I was in the cosmetic shop where they still had the 20% discount, but my impatient boyfriend did not like my cosmetic browsing so much....LOL! He always chases me with cotton balls and paper towels to make me wipe away all my swatches...Somehow he thinks I already have enough makeup (who me? don't agree, do you? Dear Readers?)

Anyway, get your eyes ready for summer, and keep it fun, because a smokey eye should not be caused by the kind of 'activity' the girls practice in the next picture....

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