Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey! You Rodeo Clowns Out There

Yeah, you know who you are. You know you are out there looking at blogs especially the ones that have information on colorless face powders. You don't want to mute all those bright colors on your face with some beige powder. You want one that will just set and not subtract the color intensity. Of course, you other clowns and ones that are mistaken as clowns at the grocery store may find this an

Marc Jacobs: Lola

A new fragrance from Marc Jacobs is always going to grab attention, and in this case, it's more the bottle than the scent. While the scent is pretty enough.....more edgy and heavy than Daisy....it's very floral with undertones of musk and vanilla to give it a vampish feel, the bottle - or more specifically the lid - is really quite something. The layered flower that composes the lid is unweildy, clunky almost, especially atop the smallest bottle (30ml), but nonetheless vibrant and immediately likeable. Only MJ could create chunky, bright waves of plastic vaguely fashioned into a flower and make it look instantly and utterly desirable.

Butter London - the apology

Dear NonieI am an idiot. Love,GracexThe square lid can be removed - you just tug it off. It turns out I already had one of the new improved lids, and just didn't realise it. As you will see from the pics above, it reveals a tidy and easy grip cap, and can be replaced to line up perfectly, to avoid aggravating my pernickity compulsion to line stuff up.

Cotton Club: It's Not Just Any Bath & Body Range....

...It's an M&S Bath & Body range! With prices starting at £3.50, I think it looks much more expensive and the delicate scents are really pretty, too. The packaging is so clean and simple and has an elegant New England feel to it. And, I think it looks far more expensive than it actually is...which is always good!

Reader Frontline: Testing So You Don't Have To - Lab Series For Men

I've put Chris hard at work testing a huge array of men's products. Here's his view on Lauder owned Lab Series:

Lab Series Skincare for Men.

'Take Control, Reduce Shine, Prevent Breakouts, Improve skins appearance.'

That’s what Aramis advertise for their new range of Skincare products.I must say they are very good, I really felt my skin cleaner and fresher after using them. I really liked the Skin Revitalizer Lotion; it is unlike any Lotion/Moisturiser I have used before. Loved it, the 50ml bottle only did last about 2 weeks though, but made my skin feel so good, I already bought some more. It does not leave it greasy like other moisturisers and feels quite natural on the skin as is fragrance free. Brilliant !!

Lab Series Instant Moisture mask,

They are like real paper masks you put on your face, and they have a lovely fresh feel. And the good thing is, if someone rings on the doorbell, you can just rip it off real quick. My dog started barking at me when i put this on! My skin felt quite exfoliated and nourished after using it. Nice to use it before bed to make sure the skin is nourished.

Lab Series Invigorating face scrub.

This is a great scrub, it is fragrance free, and they advise to maybe use it only 3 times a week, it did feel quite rough on the skin, but I like that.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Punctuation haiku

Writing a blog hasMade me realise that IUse (brackets) too muchI really must stop the bracket abuse!

CHANEL: Noirs Obscurs Collection

Debuting in September is this edgy and daring collection from Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel, that uses dense and dark tones, all dramatically undershot with black. The Noirs Obscurs collection takes black to new extremes - three Rouge Allure lipsticks are incredible; Maniac is black with hints of deep red, Hysteria is possibly the most dramatic, hit with purplish aubergine notes, while Obscure is warmed with tones of brown. My favourite piece is the quad, Les Folies Noires; four beautiful black toned buttons of colour each decorated with the double C logo. I've already tried the two new Inimitable Noir Obscur Mascaras - they are the most densely pigmented mascaras I have ever used. I'm told that the pigment density is possible thanks to the inclusion of the blackest available iron oxide.

Good Idea: Model Co Star Smile

If it actually works, I really love this double ended pen from Model Co. On one end a hydrating lipstick, on the other, a tooth whitening formula with a paint-on brush applicator. Apparantly, Star Smile gives 4 shades lighter in one week, and the lipstick shades available are really quite pretty. Although I am kind of over double ended things which always seem to be twice the trouble and half the product, I could be persuaded that Star Smile is really quite a genius idea. £28. www.hqhair.com

By Terry Rose de Rose liquid blush giveaway

This looks so pretty in the jar, but I've worn it twice and both times washed it off and started over. I do not like shimmery blushes, I prefer cooler tones generally and this is very very subtle (which I am not.) I must have been in a fugue state when I bought this. I swear I was pmsing (I always buy very ugly clothes or very atypical (for me) cosmetics at that time of the month. It's better

Summer Perfection: Guerlain Terracotta Eau Sous Le Vent

I've had this Guerlain fragrance kicking around for several weeks now, but wanted to wait until the weather was really hot to give it a try - somehow it just seemed wrong to be applying it in the rain! In fact, it's not entirely a fragrance; the wording on the enclosed leaflet bills it as a 'soothing moisturising mist and refreshing tan enhancer'. The scent is everything tropical - thanks to Tiare flower and gardenia and reminds me of holidays, while the mist formula contains hydrating ingredients (making it slightly oily on application) to soothe hot skin. Included in the formulation is a tan intensifying complex, making it virtually a holiday essential. What I really love most about this product though, is that it is truly glamorous - a beautiful bottle, an amazing perfume, a skin hydrator and tan booster in one - and goes back to what I feel luxury beauty products should be all about. It doesn't make you look younger, get rid of spots, cure cellulite or plump the skin - it's just sheer beauty indulgence. Lovely. £31.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Z Palettes

I have to give a big shout out to Zena for creating the Z Palettes! Zena is a makeup artist in film and television. Check out her website: www.makeupbyzena.com. Like many artists, she had many items and was always looking for ways to organize. Organization also led to complications since many brands had their own palette which in itself took up more space and time. (I am sure you make up

Oh Boy Not Another Beauty Blog

I can't believe I am blogging because I had the attention span of a chipmunk when it came to my diary. Hopefully, my attention span on blogging will be better because I will have an audience of at least one (myself most likely). Or maybe, my thoughts will be important to someone or become a bunch of twaddle. Either way, at least, my thoughts are now on this blog.Okay, so my foray into blogging

L'Occitane Mom & Baby Balm

What's with the Americanism in the name of this product? Anyway, it was actually my mum (or mom?) who introduced me to this product. She's discovered the internet and my dad's credit card - the people at L'Occitane can't believe their luck and have ordered extra vats of the Immortelle line that she loves. She threw this into one of her orders, and used it on Miss London when she was staying with

Reader Frontline: Testing So You Don't Have To - DM Fragrances Fragrance Sampling Service

Nicola tested The Fragrance Sampling Service:

"I think the concept of the sampling service is a great one, the only fragrances I've ever purchased online are ones that are my favorites that I've already had before, and so to be able to buy samples before you commit to a whole bottle is a great idea it saves me scouring ebay for them which I have done before purchasing a new fragrance. The price of the samples vary depending on how many you buy so the more you buy the cheaper each fragrance sample becomes but the added bonus of 10% off a full sized bottle is a nice touch. You can pick from a range of 20 fragrances for women and 16 mens scents, which will be increasing if this service becomes popular. The samples arrived the day after the order was placed which is great and was packaged as simply as possible in a bit of bubble wrap so there was no breakages, the samples come in a glass 1.5ml tube without a spray top which could be annoying if you're using the service to add some new smells into your scent wardrobe without the intention of purchasing a full size bottle as I don't like to dab perfume I like a good spritz. I had no problems with my order, its a very smooth service and all the fragrances sent we're the right ones. Overall I think it's a great idea and should prove popular and as it does the range of fragrances will increase making it a better service to try. http://www.dmfragrances.co.uk/perfume-samples

Bargains, Bargains: Harrods

Spotted some great fragrance bargains on www.harrods.com: DKNY Be Delicious Tease, Night and Seduce all down to £15 from £30.

Checking with the press office, they're adding to the fragrance and beauty sale line up so keep an eye out for offers including:

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Oil Trio from £50 to £25;
Benefit Lustre Duster Set from £27 to £13.50;
L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Coffret from £40 to £20;
Miller Harris Citron Citron Shower Wash from £23 to £11.50;
Rodial Glamtox from £98 to £49, and
Phillip Kingsley Elastisizer 1 Litre from £68 to £45.


When I picked up my packet of Gmarket last friday, I almost swore that I would never order from them again. I had to pay the taxes from the Custum office, and that would be the third time in a row. I mean, I only hauled small for approximately 55 euros, and I had to pay 25 euros tax.

my heart always beats faster seeing this box: it means GMARKET goodies!

But then, I opened the box and fell in love...with my new goodies. I haven't been this enthousiastic about a blush/bronzer hybrid before...but check out my pics ;D

THAT blush/bronzer I just wrote about is one of the newest cheek-pretties from Banila Co. It is named Copacabana. Banila Co has lauched a new bronzy line for the summer, which, according to me, seems to be the latest trend in Korean skincare, as Etude House has been lauching 'Top Ten', which focuses on bronzed skin as well.

Swatches and a mini-review will follow next week!

Lotree always keeps my interest. I love their powders, powdered foundations and lipsticks. I bought their latest powder from them, The Moisture Skin Primer Pact, a small BB cream and received a pretty salmony pink lipstick too.

I bought this under items no 162093374

I also bought something completely different! I was browsing the shoes-department of gmarket and found these cartoon-esque sneakers. How cute! He he, I managed to pick the right size as well (thanks to the converter page).

I bought these shoes from seller NONAMES under code 118891489. I picked design A, but check out the other cute designs too.

So, even though I was bummed about the tax I had to pay over such a small haul, I still adore my goodies and I am incredibly glad to have them.

Matkavalmisteluja, se on nimittäin nyt LOMA!

Siirryn löhöilemään etelän aurinkoon, palailen päivittelemään blogia taas viikon päästä :) Mineraalimeikeistä kiinnostunelle vinkkinä, 4.7. on todennäköisesti taas tarjolla itsenäisyyspäivän alennuksia useammallakin ameriikan firmalla. Käyttäkääpä alet hyväksenne minunkin puolestani! Taitaa olla ihan aiheellista, että tänä vuonna nuo alet jäävät minulta saamatta :D

Lähdemme aamukoneella kohti etelää, matkaan pitää lähteä kotoa noin kolmelta. Innolla odotan tätä aikaista herätystä kera lapsien, NOT.

Matkavalmistelut siis alkoivat nyt aamulla. Unohdin TIETENKIN, että tukka pitää pestä ja taivuttaa raudalla jo illalla, aamutukan pesu siis piti jättää väliin. Tuon muistin ZX Xylitol-shampoo päässäni :D No, päätin laittaa samalla tehohoidon muhittelemaan. Vartalo tuli kuorittua Nivean Soft Peelingillä ja epiloin jalat ja kainalot Xellellä. Kynsihoidon tein eilen ja nyt muhittelin vielä kynsiä öljyllä. Sitten kämppä siistiksi (kivampi palata siistiin kotiin) ja nyt pakkailen.

Tässä vielä viimeiset kuvat ennen reissua. Tässä käytössä Isadoran ihana Blooming Spring-paletti. Paletti lähtee mukaan reissuun, värit ovat helpot ja hillityt. En yleensä näin hilityn perään ole mutta lomalla on eri juttu ja laiskottelen meikkienkin suhteen ;)

Sisänurkassa pistaasinvihreä ja sen päällä persikka, keskellä lila (joka minulla näyttää oikeastikin ihan vaaleanpunaiselta) ja varjostuksena paletin ruskea. Suora kopio siis erään ystäväni meikistä ;) Rajaus Indelible eye shadow "carbon" ja alarajaus Isadoran vibrant violet. Ripsarina Lancômen värisevä.

Hiukan olen saanut petrattua rajauksia, eivät lopu enää ihan niin kesken... Harjoittelu jatkuu :D Jos muuten tiedät hyviä luomiväri-tutorialeja, saa mielellään antaa vinkkiä.

Tässä taas viikon ällötys, keltaiset kynnet :/ OPI Natural Nail-kovettaja tämän sai aikaan, eivät lähde kuin kasvamalla. Tosi kiva juttu! Testasin viimeksi sinisen lakan mutta valitettavasti tuo keltaisuus suorastaa huutaa, jos lakka pääsee kulumaan pikkuisenkin. Joudun siis käyttämään keltaisia ja vihreitä lakkoja näillä näkymin koko kesän. Onneksi vihreä on lempivärini mutta toisaalta vaihtelukin kyllä virkistäisi.

Luonnossa valitettavasti vielä paljon keltaisemmat.

Viimeisessä kuvassa vielä lomakynnet, vaikka sama lakka (GnG Entourage) onkin jo ollut esillä:

Hauskoja hellepäiviä kaikille!

Butter London Macbeth nail polish

Butter London is, oddly, not a UK line, but a US brand that is free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP found in many other nail polish lines. It doesn't smell as much as some other nail polishes, but it does still have an acetone smell. The packaging (and specifically the lid) drives me crazy. As you can see from the photo, it does not line up to the bottle when you replace it and it just looks

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RMS Beauty - raw cosmetics

RMS Beauty is another new beauty line that's the brainchild of Rose-Marie Swift, a makeup artist. Her backstory is that after many years of working as a makeup artist she suffered from health problems that she eventually attributed to the build up of toxins in her body, which may have been caused by the numerous products she'd been exposed to.
Like Dr Alkaitis, the products are not heated to

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Mineralista

*This post was originally only in Finnish but I've translated part of it*

I ordered some pigments from The Mineralista ja now I had a chance to try these. I got one wrong product but the company sent me the right one immediately. CS was nice and quick :) I didn't find th colors very unique, many companies offer colors like these.

Tilasin siis The Mineralistalta pienen sample-tilauksen ja nyt vihdoin pääsin niitä vielä kokeilemaankin. Lähetyksessä sain virheellisesti 2 peacock Limeä enkä yhtään Skittles-kokoelman Kiwi Limeä. Tänään tuo jälkimmäisen tuli jälkitoimituksena, lisänä vielä toinen Blue mist. Peacock Lime on niin mieluinen, että tuplamäärä sitä ei haittaa ollenkaan mutta kiva oli saada Kiwikin, ihana sävy :) Toimitus oli nopea, asiakaspalvelu ystävällistä ja nopeasti vastasi posteihinkin. Sävyt eivät olleet kovin uniikkeja, samantyylisä sävyjä löytyy monelta firmalta. Tässä kuva:

Click for larger view.
Klikkaa suuremmaksi, niin näet sävyjen nimet.

Kiwi Lime, which I got later.
Jälkitoimituksena tullut Kiwi Lime.

Quality seems to be nice and pigmented. I just hate those clamshells...

Laadultaan tuntuvat oikein hyviltä ja erittäin pigmenttisiltä. Miinusta tulee noista surkeaakin surkeammmista Clamshells-purkeista... Vaihtoon menivät heti ja samplepussista siirto samplepukkiin on paljon helpompaa kuin näistä kammottavista Clamshelleistä. *murrr*

Siirto onnistuu suht helposti käyttämällä leivinpaperista tehtyä suppiloa.

Viheliäinen purkki, nyt jo pestynä ja pigmentti siirrettynä samplepurkkiin.

Revlon Autumn 09: First Look

Amazing, bold and stunningly vampish, Revlon's autumn/winter colours are very impressive. I love both the lipstick, VaVaViolet, and the polish, Plum Night, but we'll have to wait til September before we can get our hands on it. Power lippies like this don't come along all that often.....I'll confidently predict a total sell-out!

Etsy-tastic: simbiosisbyjulia, TheNebulousKingdom & munica

One of the things I like about Etsy.com it its international character. Last week I received some extraordinary goodies from places like the US (Oregon), France and Argentina. Creativity roams around the world, and I am so happy it is visible on a place like etsy.

The first haul I will show today is from the sale @ simbiosisbyjulia. Her pouches are so cute and well made, and really tick into the kawaii-cuteness of Japanese goodies. I had ordered three pouches, and they are adorable.

The first is miss. deer, a pink deer on a medium size pouch that gets her cherries from a lovely, blue bird. The medium pouch is just a tad bigger than the small pouch, but not too much.

Sweet miss deer with her long eyelashes and flowers (oh, and did you see that cute blue scarf?)

I think that Kathy from lotuspalace also said something about the wonderful lining of their work. I love this finish....It makes it look really professional.

I also received these sealife erasers as a freebie...It really reminds me of kindergarden!

This design is a bit more sophisticated, but still incredibly cute! I love the nature design and misses chicken as such model-like (aka skinny) legs...you flaunt it...chicky!

Our darling ladybird...also flaunting her thin legs...

And lastly, the hooded bunny...I love this character.

I also appreciated this letter as a part of the customer service. However, I loved the haul, quality and service, so I am a happy camper!

TheNebulousKingdom is one of those shops from the French Anne-Julie, that has achieved national cult status on the Dutch blogs. Every now and then she converts her cute art into beautiful jewellery, but they sell sooo fast.

I had bought a necklace, although it is not as sophisticated as some of her works, I still loved the raven-haired lady.

I could not find the picture of the mirror I had bought, but it is this one:

Dreamy and sweet in lilac colours...
I love how she decorated her envelopes. This inspires me to buy deco tape as well.

From Argentina came another lovely drawing of a girl...This time I ordered a brooch from Munieca. She is called 'Lady Butterfly in Love'...Another girl with the butterfly theme...

I love her red/pink hair. I think I could use it as a necklace as well.
That was my bit of etsy-mania this week.
Ps: have a gorgeous weekend

Joka päivä karkkipäivä?

En taida uskaltaa enää Karkkipäivä blogia kurkkiakaan ;) Tätä menoa nimittäin joka päivä on tosiaan meikkikarkkipäivä! Pakkohan tämä oli nyt hankkia:

Isadoran Blooming Spring-paletti

Uskoisin tämä ihanuuden olevan todella mukava tuttavuus ja otankin sen mukaan reissuun. Blogi lähtee siis sunnuntaina reiluksi viikoksi kesälomalle, "unohdan" läppärin ihan varmasti nyt kotiin :D

Ja sitten hieman lisätietoa ihanista Goshin waterproof eyeshadow-puikoista. Löysin tänään Turun Sokokselta hintaan 3.50€ vielä Love that Gold! ja Love that Champagne! sävyt. Myyjä sanoi tosiaan näiden sävyjen olevan nyt poistuvat, lisää ei tule. Poistuvia ovat siis tämän tiedon mukaan Dolphin, Moss, cool mint, champagne ja gold.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mr CEO Speaks Again...

...This time on YouTube - eight minutes in and the words 'sorry' still seem to be sticking. However, he does raise some extremely valid points that we in the UK should really be taking note of. In the US it seems that Federal laws regarding blogging are coming into force at some stage soon. This will mean bloggers are at the mercy of taxation on products received and possibly vulnerable to law suits for comments made. There is no detailed explanation why, nor does he say that these rulings are for commercial blogs - i.e. ones that make profit from advertising. While we don't have quite the same law-suit culture as across the pond, it's virtually always the case that where America leads, we follow. We are roughly 2 years behind the States in terms of blogging impact, so I guess that rulings or enforced guidelines are the same number of years away for us. It's such a huge deal I can't emphasise it enough. For now though, I suggest we watch carefully to see how things pan out for US bloggers and adapt accordingly.

In response CEO's comments on networks acting as a buffer between PRs and blogs, generally in the UK, PR's are supportive of bloggers but more and more are cropping up that just see blogs as a new marketing tool with little heed for the individuality that brings us together on the blogosphere. It's so important to have the right approach, and not to be greedy (i.e. mass mailings) and to walk the right way down the two way street. Beauty bloggers are a passionate lot writing about a subject they love. Please don't see it as an opportunity for a few more numbers to present to clients. You either get it, or you don't, and to bloggers it is obvious who does and who doesn't. You need to tailor, individualise and respect the blogging medium, who in turn will show you the same courtesy as long as your products cut the mustard.

Total Beauty CEO YouTube post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udWpruT_gqc

Ihanat MAdit pussista purkkiin

Ihanaa, postilaatikosta löytyi aina piristävä paketti :D Tällä kertaa MAD Mineralsilta. Tilaus oli pieni, sain kaverin kimppaan ja tilattavaa ei niin paljon tällä kertaa ollut.

Sample Indelible-silmämeikinputsarista, Indelible ever after-voideluomiväri, Be kind ja Whisper green luomivärit.


1. Irroita tarra ja kiinnitä se samplepurkkiin (pussia voi joutua hieromaan sormilla, joten tarra kannattaa siirtää heti purkkiin)

2. Päästä pussiin ilmaa. Pöllyävämpi puuteri irtoaa tällöin jo pussin reunoista, "kosteampaa" puuteria taas voi joutua irroittamaan hieromalla pussia kevyesti.

3. Ota pussista kiinni alla olevan kuvan mukaisesti, pidä toinen puoli tiiviisti kiinni:

Kynsissä CnG Rodeo Fanatic, joka ei tosiaan tunnu oikealta sävyltä näin kesähelteellä :D

4. Kippaa mineraalit purkkiin, VALMIS!

Ja tässä swatchit vielä:

Kauniita ovat :)

Purkkeja voi ostaa mineraalifirmoista, joka onkin ihan järkevää, jos tarvitsee vähän. Nuo nimittäin saattavat firmasta riippuen nostaa postikuluja (tai eivät lähetä niin suuria määriä). Esim. PureLuxe myy samplepurkkikokoa. Itse tilaan näitä isoina määrinä eBay-kaupasta nimeltä JarWolrd. Nopea ja luotettava firma, kulut olleet siinä 10-15 USD. Vastaavat nopeasti postikulukyselyihin ja muistaakseni voivat myös laskuttaa PayPalilla. Itse käytän 3 g purkkeja, niitä saa ilman sifteriä ja sifterillä.

Ja tässä yksi EOTD vielä loppuun:

Indelible Green Tea (primer)
TSS Widdless and Waddles (lid)
TSS Maiden Marcey (outer lid)
TSS Jump Jivin' Jenny (outer v)
TSS Lit Up Lisa (liner)
Estee Lauder Projectionist (mascara)

Tässä siis kevään One Little Dress-kokoelman muita sävyjä, asiakkaiden mukaan nimettyjä.

edit: Ihan järkkyä tavaraa tuo Indelible waterproof-putsari! Kutittaa, kirveltää, jättää kalvon PITKÄKSI aikaa... Puhdisti siedettävästi mutta ei kiitos tätä enää ikinä! Jatkan tyytyväisenä MUFE Sens' eyesin käyttäjänä :D

For The Price of A Small House...

Meet the Lancome/Goyard Vanity Case! Luxury luggage company, Goyard, has collaborated with Lancome to handcraft a vanity box for the woman who literally does already have everything. With only ten made worldwide, there are compartments for things you didn't even know you wanted or needed. Stuffed with £500 worth of Lancome beauty products, the case will set you back a cool.....wait for it.....£12,500. Apparantly, Harrods only has two of these, and they aren't available anywhere else in the UK. So, who's been snapping up the world's fanciest make up box? A little bird tells me Madonna has one.


My sister-in-law is going to celebrate her birthday this saturday. What a good excuse to buy something online for the happy birthday gal!

I went for a very expensive perfume, La Prairi Silver Rain, because she ADORES that perfume. Anndd, I thought I would buy another decadent pressie as well...To keep it French, sophisticated and a bit decadent I went to order some delicous macarones....ahhh...

That is the box with a large quantity of these babies. I was not too measly to buy a small package of Macarones myself...he he, someone should test them, shouldn't I?

The brown one taste very chocolaty, but it is made from real Belgian chocolate (I also ordered it in from Belgium) and soooo tasteful. The pink one is so fresh and creamy...with a raspberry mouse.
Ha ha, I hope I didn't make you hungry ;D

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