Friday, July 31, 2009

Scarlett Johannson At Selfridges Today

Pic of Scarlett in Selfridges today to promo Dolce & Gabbana make up, looking slightly more landgirl than Hollywood icon.

Uchenna: You Made Me Smile

One of the perks of the job is the occasional treat - time constraints mean that I rarely have the complimentary treatments on offer and other than a little bit of Botox every now and again, I'm actually pretty low maintenance in the beauty department. But I couldn't resist having a Zoom tooth whitening treatment with Uchenna Okoye, who you might know from 10 Years Younger. Since I ship over bulky amounts of stronger strength whitening toothpastes from the USA regularly, its an area that I am really interested in, and think it's one of the most anti-ageing things you can do for your face.

Uchenna's one busy girl; with three London dental practices, regular slots on 10 Years Younger and Oral B's official dentist, she's now in high demand in America where there's only currently one level of toothwhitening - and that's full on BLING. She nips across the pond to tutor dentists in how to bring down the glare and give more natural looking whiteness. I visited the Goodge St practice, where, in fact, it's not all white carpets, stainless steel surfaces and surgical masks - its completely unintimidating and normal. Uchenna checked my teeth and gums, and, probably the most useful thing of all, showed me how to use my electric toothbrush properly (you press onto the tooth and keep the brush static - don't swish it about in a brushing or circular motion - that way you get a proper gum clean, too). I got to choose a DVD to watch (through a super-swish goggle viewer) for the 45 minute treatment. Tooth sensitivity is one of the downsides of whitening treatments and some way into the second set of 15 minutes bursts of light pointed at my mouth, I got the dreaded 'zinger'. These feel like electric shocks running through the tooth and are horrid in their intensity. But, they're very brief, so I was able to continue the rest of phase 2. I'd run out of time (see, I'm not making it up!!) and had to miss the 3rd and final phase, but nonetheless, my teeth are lovely. They look very natural, very fresh, and most importantly, very clean.

Tooth whitening isn't cheap - this is an £800 treatment. But, Uchenna is making me bespoke mouth trays so in future I can just order the gel and treat my teeth at home, so in effect it's a one off treatment. The clinic makes sure you are treated like royalty (although I drew the line at someone applying glossy balm on my lips for me - after 10 years in the beauty biz, I can do that myself!). I didn't get as much time as I'd like to actually talk to Uchenna (you can't with a deckchair-like implement in your mouth!) so we're going to have a coffee (milky latte!) in September. Hopefully, I'll get some good whitening tips to pass on.

In the past, I've seen 'experts' who are a bit into their media image, and make you feel like you're the lucky one getting a bit of their time: Uchenna genuinely isn't like this at all (would that she were - I'd have loved to dish the dirt!) so I'd say don't be put off by the fact that she's a 'celebrity' dentist. The woman loves teeth, and she doesn't care whose teeth they are! And, she's a blogger, too, which instantly sends her to the top of the class.

Makeup Brushes, Pt. 3-Eye Brushes: pt. 1

Disclaimer: The following may sound like a tutorial but really isn't, just my opinion on how something works. You may disagree so don't throw any stones. If you don't like what you are reading don't read it, and void where prohibited by law.Hair Shapes and Hair TypesOh my! So many shapes and hair types! As you can see from the previous makeup brush posts, the hair shape and size is what

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pure Nuff Stuff nail oil

I got Pure Nuff Stuff Nail oil last week from The Organic BodyCare Shop and I LOVE this stuff! The smell is divine and my cuticles seem to love this one too ;)

Sain viime viikolla Pure Nuff Stuffin kynsiöljyn tilaukseni "täytteenä" ja tästä tuli heti suosikkini! Miten olen ennen pärjännyt ilman kynsiöljyä? Tuoksuu jumalaiselta ja kynnetkin tuntuvat tykkäävän :D

Main color Color Club Revvvolution, ring finger Color Club Worth the Risque

I can forget to use blush or even lipstick, but there is one thing I'll never forget. LOL. My lashes are quite long but straight and colorless.

Saatan hyvinkin unohtaa laittaa amulla poskipunaa tai jopa huulipunaa mutta yhtä en unohda koskaan. *heh* Alla olevista kuvista ei ole vaikea löytää yhtä eroavaisuutta ;) Ripseni ovat tosiaan pitkät mutta aivan näkymättömät ja suorat.

Not very special in pictures but was very nice irl...

primer: GOSH eye shadow primer
brow bone+tear duct: TSS Pressed Vanilla
inner corner: TSS Pearl world
middle: TSS Eerie echo
crease: TSS Celestial glow
eyeliners: Indelible Tidal Wave, GOSH pretty petrol+silver screen
mascara: Isadora build up extra volume wp in dark blue

Interesting Piece On Blogger Liability from USA Forum

Last Words On Embargoes (For Now)

Explaining to a friend about embargoes...the final moments of the conversation sums it all up so nicely.

"So, what you are saying is that beauty brands who want you to massively publicise their product for free, in the most glowing terms possible, tell you how, when and where you are allowed to do that."


"Why do you put up with it?"

"I'm not sure if we do anymore."

How Timely: New Bath & Body Care Line Gets It Spot On

While the new beauty range Me! Bath (not as in 'me dinner', I hope) comes in a mind boggling 40 flavours, I'm loving that they have a line called Summer Rain. It just couldn't be more appropriate for the showery time we're having here in the UK now. It's apparantly a scent fusion of tropical flowers and freshly cut grass, which sounds really rather nice, and I like the idea of the Bath Ice Cream, £10, even though there's no 99.

Got Rid of the Man

No, not Mr London (despite his interest in Scarlett Johannson's appearance at Selfridges tomorrow.) This is a picture of the Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick, Got Rid of the Man. It is a very lovely easy to wear red. It's also comfy, non-drying, fades evenly and it does not bleed even without lipliner. (See? I told you it was the D&G, and not me.)I'm also wearing Solstice Halcyon eyeshadow and Vermeer

Love Lippy? You'll Adore Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge

Smooth lips are a beauty must have, but boy, it's a struggle to keep your pout in perfect condition. No wonder lip balms are in every girl's essential beauty kit. Apart from the old toothbrush trick (gently scrubbing dry skin on lips with an old toothbrush for a completely free exfoliation), there aren't many things out there that truly address the problem (an exception being Lisa Hoffman's Lip Exfoliating Cream). Add lipstick to already dry lips and it's a certain receipe for sucked lemon face. So, Dior's late August launch of a hydrating serum infused lip treatment is set to send a buzz of excitement to the deeply dehydrated. Dior's stats state an immediate 25% increase in volume and firmness, 41% more moisturized lips and 24% smoother lips. And, it's mainly down to the beauty wonder ingredient, Hyaluronic acid, in this case, encapsulated in microspheres. Ultimately, Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge is a lipstick with a formula that comprises 20% skincare ingredients. I haven't tried it yet, but am hoping this could be the answer to my winter prayers. £23 from 31st August.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EOTD Crazy for Crabs!

My daugter is Cancer, so I'm really Crazy for Crabs ;) Here is just a quick EOTD with my new The She Space Cancer-piggies. I was in a hurry in the morning... Well I guess I'm always in a hurry in the morings but today especially. LOL

Ihana tyttäreni Mini on horoskoopiltaan rapu, joten oikeastaan jo nimen perusteella pidän kovasti Crazy for Crabs-sävystä ;) Ihan pikainen meikki sen kanssa, oli poikkeuksellisen kiireinen aamu!

Primer: GOSH eye shadow primer
tearduct/browbone TSS Vanilla (pressed pigments)
inner lid: TSS Kiss of silver (that not the real name but it's the silver one from LE Kiss-collection)
middle: TSS Drops of Moonstones (Cancer)
crease: TSS Crazy for Crabs (Cancer)
eyeliner: Indelible Tidal Wave, GOSH pencils silver screen& pretty petrol
mascara: Isadora Build up extra volume in dark blue

DROPS OF MOONSTONES: Intense pearl shimmer with a hint of silver and twinkling multi-colored crystals
CRAZY FOR CRABS: Iridescent plum with a hint of navy and twikling bits of violet, pink, and crystal

Makeup Brushes, Pt. 2-Concealer (highlight and contour)

Disclaimer: The following may sound like a tutorial but really isn't, just my opinion on how something works. You may disagree so don't throw any stones. If you don't like what you are reading don't read it, and void where prohibited by law.As I mentioned in part 1, foundation brushes come in many shapes and sizes concealers do too. Concealer brushes are the smaller head version of foundation

Thierry Mugler New Fragrance for 2010.

Angel fragrance was launched in 1992 and has now become one of the most iconic scents of all time. In fact, in France, Angel outsells Chanel. Fans of Angel are diehards, even requesting the pantone for the blue packaging in order to decorate in the style of Angel! There's a huge fan club, called The Circle, which really is no surprise considering that Angel was heralded as an olefactory groundbreaker in it's time (it has no floral notes at all). So, no wonder there is a little bit of a buzz starting about his new fragrance creation set to launch in 2010.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

EOTD The She Space Divine Spark

Today I tried peachy pink with brown, unsual combo for me :D Unfortunately that peachy color is LE, I didn't remember that in the morning... Once again: too many piggies? LOL

DIVINE SPARK (Astrology collections/ Capricorn) : Deepest cocoa brown with twinkling gold and copper

Divine Spark is my favorite brown, I usually hate browns but is not boring at all :D

Tällä kertaa testailin persikka/vaaleanpunaista kera ruskean, harvinainen väriyhdistelmä minulle. Valitettavasti persikkainen pigmentti olikin vanha LE, eikä enää saatavilla, en tietenkään sitä aamulla muistanut... Liikaa pigmenttejä? :D

Divine Spark (Astrology collections/ Capricorn) on varmaankin suosikkiruskeani, en yleensä väristä niin välitä. Tämä ei ole kuitenkaan yhtään tylsä sävy!

primer: GOSH Love that Champagne!-creme eye shadow
inner lid: TSS Kiss of fantasy (old LE)
middle: TSS Broken wings (old LE)
crease: TSS Divine Spark (Capricorn)
eyeliner: Indelible Chocolate mousse+ GOSH pencil Metallic Brass
mascara: Hypnose Drama

Accessorize Fragrance

Today I went to the launch of the first Accessorize fragrance, fully expecting it to be dire. And, if I'm brutally honest, I only went because I like the PR who was hosting it. However, a surprise lay in store. The fragrance (called Accesorize - I could weep for the missed naming opportunity there) is really, really pretty. Created by Azzi Glasser (responsible also for Agent Provocateur scents), it's very fresh and very feminine. Unlike the glut of ultra-complex fragrances we've been seeing of late, it's a clean, uncomplicated aroma that I instantly liked. And, it smells far more expensive than it actually is. Azzi uses visual references to build a sense of the fragrance, and as part of her inspiration, she researched Kitagawa Utamaro, a Japanese artist, becoming fascinated at his ability to paint directly on skin. The fragrance embodies Azzi's interpretation of water, cherry blossom and smooth skin. As a general rule, fanciful perfume prose is lost entirely on me, but in this instance, I do get the water/skin/flower olfactory connection - but only just. It's out in September/October time for £17.50.

Embargoes: You May Not Repeat This Until 2012.

Unfortunately for some, the internet has made fools of embargoes - once an image or some news goes out into the ether, it's kind of fair game, surely? I've been asked yet again today to respect an embargo that is only in place because a national newspaper wants to feature it first. There's a particular press office that still hasn't actually got over the fact I broke an embargo on some Brad Pitt endorsed shower gel (no return phone calls, steely silence on the press release/sample front, etc) when in fact, the product had already launched in the states and the images were everywhere! The fact that bloggers have got exceptionally good at weeding out images and info from the net means that mostly, embargoes are pointless. Slowly, brands are waking up to the fact that they can no longer call ridiculous shots and say when and where we can feature a product.....and in turn this will mean that the mags and papers can't take first dibs. If PRs want to enter into secretive arrangements then they need to stop showing everyone the goods and then telling everyone else in effect they're less important than the national that somehow feels it is entitled to preferential treatment (and so many other publications collude with this by accepting the terms, no questions asked). Maybe I can remind everyone that as blog readerships rise, newpaper readerships are falling. Writing an open blog is not for the faint-hearted...there is more often than not a come-back of sorts, but I've given up worrying about it. We'll see how it all pans out but I'm guessing a few glossy tantrums are still to come on this subject. In the meantime, I've done a little artistic impression of the said embargoed item.....can you tell what it is yet?

Let's Hear it For The Groom: Clarins Get Brows Beautiful

For those who love their power brows, I'm impressed with the Clarins Eyebrow Pro Palette coming out in September. Three shades of powder, brow wax and a highlighter, along with the mini-est tweezers you ever saw mean you'll never have dishevelled brows again. £28.

The She Space Cancer collection is here!

This lovely Cancer collection was worth waiting for! If you love blue, just buy full sampler :D It's only 6 USD+postage. Can't tell my favorite yet and maybe it's impossible even later ;)

Rapuset ovat täällä :D Kyseessä on siis The she Spacen cancer-kokoelma. Ihan mielettömät sävyt sinisen ystäville, en tosiaan näin kauniita edes osannut odottaa! Sample-setti, jossa kaikki 12 sävyä on 6 USD eli HALPA! Tosin toimitusajat ovat Suomeen vähintääkin 1 kk.

(Photographed in natural light, no flash)

The She Space pressed pigment Vanilla, inci & swatch:

VANILLA SKY: Creamy bone matte.

Vanilla is almost invisible on my skin but that is what I was looking for (I'll use this on browbone/inner corner). Feels silky but unfortunately I cant's say much about pigmentation of this product... And I won't order darker shades I think, I really like loose piggies!

FOTD with Drops of Moonstones & Crazy for Crabs

Dr Alkaitis Organic Purifying Cleanser Review

Dr Alkaitis is a raw ingredients line. This means that none of the ingredients or the finished products are heated above body temperature, to avoid compromising the active components (like the RMS Beauty products I wrote about here.) I decided to give this cleanser a whirl almost on a whim when I was ordering a moisturiser from I'm very glad I did; this has quickly become an

EOTD Morbid Curiosity

Still testing Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita eye shadows ;) Today I tried Morbid Curiosity and this color is very pretty, I think I need full size of this one! I especially love the green sparkles in this plummy shade.

Aromaleighin Gothic Lolitojen testailu jatkuu, tänään vuorossa Morbid Curiosity. Taitaa mennä hankintaan täysikokoisena, vihreät kimalteet luumuisessa pohjasävyssä ovat sen verran ihanat :)

primer: GOSH eye shadow primer
inner lid: random pale gold
middle: AL Agate
crease: AL Morbid Curiosity
eye liner: Indelible Tanzanite, GOSH Lemon soda & Funky violet
mascara: Dior Iconic (as a primer)+Chanel Exceptionnel "violine"

Morbid Curiosity : Smoked berries and plums with a multidimensional silvery green midtone. Curious.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Peachy, princessy pout with Sofina Aube Couture lipstick in BE 703

Happy monday...everybody. I noticed that the blogosphere has been more quiet lately. LOL, I am glad to notice that lots of my favourite beauty bloggers have a real life and are probably enjoying their summer moments.

I find my title to be a bit arrogant...forgive me, my dears! I am not thát happy with my mouth, but I have been happy about my latest lipstick discovery from the Sofina Aube Couture Designing Rouge summer 2009 edition. It is lustrous, pigmented and I love this particular colour in BE 703.

BE is synonym, in Japanese cosmetics, with a beige tone. But sometimes you will receive a different kind of beige, which can be more nude, natural, or in this case peachy.

Ok, time to show of the form and shape of the lipstick case. You will get a pinkish silver case with Aube Couture written down in white, sleek letters.

In this picture my gorgeous lipstick was still unharmed and undamaged. But, in the interest of blogging, swatching and making good pictures, I actually balanced my lipstick on a small mirror in order to make a good picture....

And boohoo, my Aube fell and got damaged (left lipstick). The lipstick on the right, btw, is the Lavshuca Dramatic Memory rouge in PK-3. I thought the two lipstick compared colourwise, however, they are still different in colour.

They differ in colour, as I said, but they also differ a LOT in texture. The Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge in PK-03 is almost dry and looks a bit pastlike on my mouth, whereas the Aube Couture is full of lustre and moisture.

Eeek, I decided to post a swatch on my lips as well. The lipstick almost makes my lips seem normal, which is a huge plus for me.

Most Japanese lipsticks are scentless, and so is this lipstick.

I bought my lipstick for $25.99 on (including shipping) which was the cheapest option I could find at that time. I received my item by recommended mail (signed) within a week. It is also for sale at for $27.82 (minus shipping). You can check out reasonable pictures of the lipsticks (colours) at facial-shop as well: just click on the picture and another window will open (you can zoom in really close and the pictures are often really close to the actual colour).

Zelens skincare - currently road testing

I was in SpaceNK at lunchtime and picked up a couple of samples each of the Zelens eye cream, day cream and night cream to try out, while purchasing a replacement for my broken MAC lip brush.SpaceNK at the Brunswick centre (Marchmont Street, near Kings Cross) is friendlier than the SpaceNK in Covent Garden, where they have in the past looked at me as if I had asked them to sacrifice their

Real (wo)men wear MANGLAZE!

Real (wo)men won't wear pink nailpolish! They wear... MANGLAZE!

And of course I had to have my own matte polishes :D Ordering is very easy and fast, this company has only 2 nail polishes (yet?). I'm so hoping for matte dark "poisonous" green! I ordered these amazing nail polishes 15 th of July and arrived today (27 th), not bad!

Aren't these so rock? I'm in love! Dark grey is Fuggen Ugly and black is Death tar.

Pakkohan minun oli omat ManGlazet saada, kun Beauty Babellakin on!

ManGlaze on siis pieni kynsilakkafrima joilla on vain kaksi sävyä mattaa kynsilakkaa: harmaa Fuggen Ugly ja musta The Death Tar. Lisää ovat tosin luvanneet kehitellä ja kuola valuen odotan vihreää. Siis mitään tietoa vihreästä ei ole, sen vain niin haluaisin :D Kurkatkaa sivujaan täältä.

Tilaaminen oli älyttömän helppoa, kaksi minuuttia siitä kun Beauty baben "mainoksen" näin, tuli jo tilausvahvistus. Hintaa lakoilla on 6.66 USD/ kpl. Postikulut olivat 6.24 USD eli alle 15€ tuli kaksi lakkaa kotiin postareineen. Ei paha! Maksu tapahtuu PayPalin kautta (rekisteröityminen PayPaliin ei ole välttämätöntä maksaakseen mutta nopeuttaa jatkoshoppailua, eli suosittelen). Tilasin nämä 15.7. ja saapuivat tänään 27.7.

Eikövätkös olekin aika ROCK? Nämä ovat niin i h a n a t! Mustaa Death taria nimettömässä , harmaata Fuggen Uglyä muissa.

First Look: Limited Edition Liberty Fitflops

Ooh, leg toning and honing Fitflop have collaborated with Liberty to come up with these gorgeous printed pair (in iconic Liberty Caesar print). Just add shimmery purple or darkest beetleback green nails and you have a look. They're not available till mid-August so you truly are first with the news....Liberty are setting up a wait-list phone number 0207 734 1234 x 2301, and they'll cost £65. Suggestions for nail colours to work these shoes....?

Look Who's Fronting Anna Sui Autumn 09

Anna Sui cosmetics has a huge Japanese following, and although it was briefly in the UK a few years ago, sadly they pulled the plug. But, look who is the poster girl for the forthcoming A/W range: Agyness Deyn! Seen here are Moisture Rich Foundation Primer in the cutest ever bottle and butterfly oversprayed limited edition eye colour.

Jin Soon Choi: Nails For MAC

Jin Soon Choi isn't a name that is familiar here in the UK, but believe me, Stateside, she is THE nail guru. After a historic 7 page spread in the New York Times Magazine, she's the nail world's most wanted. Known for her exquisite nail art, she's worked on some major ad campaigns, including Prada, Missoni, Mulberry and Dolce & Gabbana. Her client list reads like the Oscar seating arrangements: SJP, Rihanna, Beyonce and zillions more! Anyhow, Korean born Jin Soon's colour creations for the forthcoming MAC Nail Trend 09 in September are creating a stir. Grey-shot lavender, a murky black brown and an almost interior colour green are highlights.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

NOTD Color Club Electronica

I just love this purple polish! ColorClub's Electronica from Dance to the Musique collection is so pretty :) Unfortunately it looks too blue in the picture... And I noticed that others have had the same problem when photographing this nail polish.

Looks stunning in sunlight, because of the multicoloured shimmer. Looks just perfect after 2 coats!

ColorClubin Electronica Dance to the Musique-kokoelmasta on todella kaunis sinivioletti lakka! valitettavasti kuvassa se näyttää turhan siniseltä... ja huomasin, että muillakin on ollut vaikeuksia saada violettius esiin tämän lakan kanssa. Electronica on todella kaunis auringonvalossa, hohde on moniväristä. Kuvassa 2 kerrosta ja peittää täysin, i h a n a!

Tietääkö joku miksi tämä kääntää kuvan mukamas oikein päin, jota en halua? Kuva on siis olettu ja tallenettukin eripäin, tämä vain niin fiksusti kääntää kuvan aina. Nyt meni herrmot ja en tajua ;)

SilkSkin Pillowcase

I've been using the SilkSkin pillow case for a couple of weeks now: the claims for this as an anti-ageing tool are that natural silk contains the same proteins and amino acids as skin, making it the ideal surface on which to place your face at night. Also, the pillowcase can stop your skin drying out during the night and therefore avoid more wrinkles. Now, I have to admit that I really like this product - not, I hasten to say, because I think it's giving me youth enhancing benefits. The plain facts are that unless you sleep literally face down in your pillow - and who does? - your facial skin isn't in enough direct contact with the silk. Mostly people sleep on their back or their side, and unless you do an even toss and turn pattern throughout the night, it's most likely that only one side of your face will ever be in contact. That said, it's most major benefit is keeping hair smooth during the night, as the silk doesn't ruffle hair shafts leaving you looking a little more groomed in the morning than normal. It also feels deeply luxurious: it's a real quality product, soft, cool and decadent....exactly the sort of bedding I'd like to become acustomed to! If it does provide long term skin benefits, then that's an added bonus. In the past, I've had silk pillow cases but none of this quality. It's £35 at

Hei Poa Monoi with Tamanu review

I have liked and used Hei Poa Monoi for several years - I used to buy it in Harvey Nichols which was the only stockist when it first arrived in the UK. It's a much cheaper alternative to NARS body glow (and more authentic, as the monoi is not diluted with other oils.) I've bought and liked the original Tiare scent, and the Vanilla scent in the past. This time I decided to go for the variation

EOTD The She Space pinks

Well, here is another color I don't use often: pink. I have, in fact, always hated pink! But I just had to try Heather's lovely creations from The She Space Taurus Astrology collection! And I think this is at least quite nice.

Ja tälläkin kertaa testissä väri, josta en ole oikeastaan koskaan voinut edes sietää eli vaaleanpunainen. The She Spacen Heatherin kauniit vaaleanpunaiset horoskooppi-kokoelmasta Taurus/ härkä saivat kuitenkin kokeilemaan ja oikeastaan ihan pidänkin tästä :D

Primer: GOSH eye shadow primer
inner lid: TSS Hard Headed (Taurus)
middle: TSS Comfortably crazy (Taurus)
crease: Aromaleigh Plush Romantic (Gothic lolita)
brow bone: TSS Happy Haze (standard velvet)+ TSS Pink Diamonds (additive)
eye liner: Indelible Black Cherry & Isadora Vibrant Violet
mascara: Iconic

TSS HARD HEADED: Baby pink pearl with golden crystal twinkle and hints of iridescent gold

TSS COMFORTABLY CRAZY: Gorgeous metallic rasberry shimmer with a halo of bronze and copper iridescent glow

TSS HAPPY HAZE: sheerest baby pink (velvet)

AL PLUSH ROMANTIC: Mysterious smudged indigo with brilliant bright sparks of blue.

Makeup Brushes, Pt. 1-Foundation

Disclaimer: The following may sound like a tutorial but really isn't, just my opinion on how something works. You may disagree so don't throw any stones. If you don't like what you are reading don't read it, and void where prohibited by law.I recently had a request to do a post on brushes. I had been thinking about doing one but postponed it until I got somewhat of a rhythm to my blog. Not

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Butter London: guest nails from Miss London.

Miss London was admiring my nails, and I made the mistake of telling her that Artful Dodger was the nail polish that Miley Cyrus was wearing at an MTV award show. Miss London is a big fan of Ms Cyrus' work, and as it is the summer holiday, I agreed to paint her nails with Artful Dodger. This picture terrifies me, because her hands look so grown-up, and although she's seven, inside my head she's

Nude Advanced Eye Complex review

I've previously reviewed the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Eye Recovery here and I like it very much. About two weeks ago I finally finished my tube, and as I have been profligacy personified recently I decided to use up the half finished tube of Nude Advanced Eye Complex I'd purchased before Christmas before buying more of the Sarah Chapman.This has milk peptides, acacia, Coenzyme Q10, argan extract

Vroom Vroom Vroom!

So, I pondered about my blog and realized that I would be canceled (well, I would bore myself) if I didn't do something else with my blog. Yes, I can review things and say how fantastic things are which I will still probably do, but will that make me happy when I read my blog too? Not really, I hate to listen to the chirpy side of me all the time. Yet, I won't let you cult members listen to

Pure Nuff Stuff from The Organic BodyCare Shop & review

What a fast delivery! I ordered these from The organic BodyCare Shop (UK) just 2 days ago :-O I even got a hand written note, how cute is that!

I really like Pure Nuff Stuff-products and definitely will purchase more! I accidentally bought probem skin blend from foaming facefash but my skin likes this much and it smells veeeery good. Maybe next time I'll try normal foaming facefash. My skin is sensitive, dehydrated and prone to acne. Toner is OK but I like my 100% rosewater (form finnish brand Vihreä Kosmetiikka) even more. And I love that nail oil but there is an own posting about that :D

No jopas on nopea toimitus Skotlannista! Tilasin 22. päivä (illalla) ja 24.7 posti kiikutti paketin työpaikalle :-O Tilasin nämä siis The Organic BodyCare Shopista, ostoskori laskee kulut automaattisesti painon mukaan (oman tilaukseni kulut olivat 4.19 GBP). Mukana tuli sampleja hoitotuotteista ja käsinkirjoitettu viesti, söpöä :D

Tuotteet tuntuvat ihanilta! Oikeastaan vahingossa tuli hankittua tuo Problem skin blend mutta ei onneksi tämä kuivata, puhdistaa hyvin ja näppylöittä ei ole näkynyt. Jee! Ihoni on herkkä, kosteutta kaipaava ja tapuvainen tukkeutumiin. Kasvovesi on ihan ok mutta tuskin hankin uutta, Vihreän kosmetiikan ruusuvesi on parempi iholleni. Kynsiöljystä laitoin oman postauksen, i h a n a :D

Pure Nuff Stuff problem skin blend foaming facewash 200 ml/ 6.50 GBP
The first temptation when your skin produces a lot of oil is to strip it as thoroughly as you can and that's understandable, you'd think that that would help. But what that actually does is tell the skin to produce more oil because the surface layers are crying out for moisture.
So we take another approach, we've produced this gentle foaming wash that, like the others, gently cleanses the surface of dirt and excess oil without stripping it. The careful essential oil blend of chamomile german, palmarosa, yarrow, chamomile roman, carrot and myrhh combine to promote healing, reduce inflammation and promote healthy oil production. Your skin doesn't really need a toner, it would dry you out, so we'd suggest that this Foaming Facewash and the Cream Dream of your choice (the essential oil blends in those are just there because they smell nice really) would help you combat the problem.

Ingredients: aqua; decyl glucose (Decyl Glucoside); xantham gum (xantham gum); apple cider vinegar (Acetic Acid); vitamin E (Tocopherol Vitamin E); pure essential oils

Pure Nuff Stuff white rose toner 100ml/ 5.50 GBP
Pure rosewater has a fantastic toning property all of its own, it's the by-product of the distillation of rose essential oil so apart from smelling wonderful it's used for its mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. We added lemon juice and witch hazel to give it extra toning power and because of their mild astringent and anti-inflammatory action. Smells divine and does the job of removing any excess oil on the surface of your face effortlessly.

Ingredients: rosewater (rosa damascena flower distillate), lemon juice (citrus limonum), witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana)

Pure Nuff Stuff nail oil 50 ml/ 4.50 GBP
Are your nails paper thin? Do they crack, split and tear? Are you sick of investing in expensive miracle cures (which are all too often based on formaldehyde, yuk)? Or have you been so embarrassed by your bitten digits that you've had to resort to covering up your real nails with acrylic? Well your search ends here. Our Nail Oil is made from a blend of grapeseed and jojoba oils, enriched with carrot, lemon and rosemary essential oils. This oil will strengthen your nails from within and you'll soon have nails to be proud of again.

Simply put a few drops into your palm, dip each nail into the oil then rub into the cuticles and nail beds nightly to achieve lovely long, strong natural nails - you will notice the difference in a fortnight. As you only need a couple drops for each application, the bottle will last you AGES so it's stunning value too.

Ingredients: grapeseed oil (vitis vinifera); jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), essential oils: carrot (daucus carota), lemon (citrus limonum) and rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)

Light blue-grey look with Aromaleigh pigments

I'm not a big fan of blue eye shadows but here is my EOTD with Aromaleigh pigments. I think it looks quite nice, even though it's blue ;) Should I use blues more often? :D

En suuremmin sinisiä luomivärejä käytä, ehkä niistä tulee hieman kasarifiilis... Tässä kuitenkin silmämeikkini tältä päivältä ja ihan kivalta näyttää, ainakin siniseksi meikiksi ;)

primer: GOSH love that dolphin! creme eye shadow
inner lid: random silver
middle: Aromaleigh Robin's egg (pure hue)
outer third: Aromaleigh le Mystere 89
crease: Aromaleigh Skyscraper (hot in the city)
eyeliner: Indelible Carbon & AL Skyscraper
Mascara: Isadora Build up extra volume waterproof in Dark blue

Robin's Egg Pure Hue: A soft pale blue fine shimmer. Not for use on the lips.
skyscraper: rich, deep gray/green/brown tones with shimmery highlights of copper, pink and blue.

Suqqu Marotsuya autumn/fall 2009 collection

The fall 2009 collection, Marotsuya, is now up at the Suqqu Japan website. Betsy at Autumn Masquerade has written a very interesting post on it here, with screenshots of the products from the Suqqu website. I agree with Betsy that this collection is about the interplay of light and shadow. If you click on the link to the collection, and then on the "Movie" tab, you can see the Suqqu head artist

Yaby Dabba Doo!

Yaby Cosmetics was developed by Toronto makeup artist Liz Yu. This is a line that caters to makeup artists with its customizable palettes and pans of color. Just because it is a makeup artist line that doesn't mean a regular civilian can't try and use this. I ended up getting some cake eyeliners and one eyeshadow. I know, "what a small haul." Believe me, I really don't need to add more

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blah Blah Blah Blah

Yeah, I know my posts have slowed down. It isn't because I have nothing to write about, it is because I have too much to write about and not enough time. So, do not think I am becoming unblogged. I just need to organize what I am going to write. In the meantime, take a look at how makeup used to be applied during the black and white tv/film era!

First Look: Prescriptives Palettes

Loving these gorgeous seasonal palettes (see what I did there, not mentioning the Xm*s word) in both warm and cool. We've a while to wait til they go on counter, but love to know what treats are in store......

Ella Moss for Prescriptives

Just in time for the weekend, a peek at the forthcoming Ella Moss collaboration with Prescriptives.

Rouge Bunny Rouge more purchases and a different face

So, I was bad and ordered a couple more Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks and eyeshadows from went for more colourful shades this time; I love both Solstice Halcyon and Scrumptiously Devious, but I do like a bit of colour somewhere on my face to avoid looking washed out, so I picked some brighter lipsticks and darker eyeshadows to mix in with my lovely neutrals. Whim of Mine is a muted

Shopping cosmetics from Ikea :D

You know you are a cosmetic addict when...

you go to IKEA and find cosmetics even from there ;) I only bought one today but I'll definitely buy more, when I'm there without my kids. This foot cream is pretty good ad the price was 3,95€/ 250g (8.5 fl.oz.).

Ikea family foot cream inci: aqua, urea, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, olea europaea oil, PEG-20 stearate, alcohol denat, dimethicone, parfum, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, citral, limonene, linalool, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, butylphenyl methylpropional.

Näemmä kosmetiikka-addikti löytää kosmetiikkaa jo Ikeastakin :D Ostin vain jalkavoiteen, koska olen kadottanut kaikki jalkavoiteeni (tämäkin saattaa onnistua vain tosi addiktilta->purkkeja niin paljon, ettei löydä enää yhtään mitään!). Lisääkin olisin varmasti löytänyt mutta lapsilla oli niin kiire ostamaan koulutuoleja. Ainakin käsivoidetta, suihkugeeliä ja jalkakylpysuolaa löytyi myös. Hinta tuolle jalkavoiteelle oli 3,95€/250 g tuubi, tuoksu on miellyttävä ja melko mieto.

Small pre-birthday haul: Illamasqua bronzer, blush, powder

It is time to jump on the beauty blogger's bandwagon and investigate what Illamasqua is all about. The first time I encountered some information about Illamasqua was thanks to glowchaser's blog, which was about 8 months ago. I almost immediately fell in love with the 20th century era/flapper-esque imagery.

Now, after 8 months and reading what seems like a million reviews I finally caved and placed a small order. I often keep my first orders small, as I always want to see how the service, delivery and other things will work out before I am going to 'donate' my precious euros to a new brand and company. They should be worth it!

The company did not dissapoint. I received a sultry black envelope with their goodies within two weeks time. They also added a booklet with product pictures and even more gorgeous makeup pictures.

Let me return to the sultry image of Illamasqua. Illamasqua does not cater for the woman/girl who is looking for natural beauty. Anyway, Illamasqua seems to keep a certain philosophy that they consider natural beauty to be overrated...if you fake it...fake it all the way...

Illamasqua's logo

However, being a 'natural' makeup girl, I still believe that Illamasqua has some lovely items that are fantastic for making you look like yourself, but better. At least, the colours that I picked were really natural and the pigment is so fine that you will not have that caky/fakey look.

My small haul consisted of a Duo Bronzer in colours Glint/Writhe, a cream blush in Pixie and a pressed powder in PP 210.

  1. Duo Bronzer in Glint/Writhe (Sirens Collection 2009)

Bronzer products are a fave of mine during the summer holidays (see these posts). I have found a couple of bronzers that come very close to HG status, but I like a variety of bronzers for different purposes.

I remember seeing a picture of Illamasqua duo bronzer on, and they were absent of scary orangy or overtly baked hues. When it arrived I was delighted....

I received a rather large compact with two flattering shades of colour. I compared the size with a Mac blush compact, so you can visualize the size.

The next picture is made in natural light. I especially love the left side of the compact, which gives such a flattering light, glowy colour. The right side (Writhe) is darker, but not thát obviously dark-that-you-look-p##ped-over colour.

This close up shows the shimmers, which are NOT NARS-like and big, but subtle and glowing.

I still have the memory of the J-Lo-era, when bronzy and glowy was the best thing ever. This is a subtle way to achieve the look she was sporting then.

Ugh, the natural light was so cold, so I only have the next swatch pic to share with you (of natural light). I think it only functions to show the glowy texture. The top colour is the darkest colour: I have tried it as a shader with a light hand, and I found it looking flattering in a glowy, bronzy way.

And a swatch with flash....My inner arm is always so much paler than my upper arm and face. On the one side I wish I could have maintained that same paleness as my inner arm, on the other hand, I was able to travel a bit into the world (and consequently tanned during travelling -> sunscreen was not thát heavily applied in the ol' days as nowadays) so I consider my slightly darker face as a token of life-experience/fun.

Overal, I find it a very natural product/colours, which means that Illamasqua caters for both the dramatic makeupistas as the naturalistas.

2. Pressed Powder in PP 210

I always find it difficult to review a foundation or powdered product. What works for one person can be totally off for another person. And what about the swatches? I think it is really hard to make swatches that could be helpful for a variety of skintones.

I will still give it a shot ;D, though.

I haven't looked that much to the packaging yet, so I will take a closer inspection right now. You will receive the powder in a black box, very basic.

Inside, they separated the powder puff from the compact. The powder puff, unfortunately, cannot be put in the compact either. I do not know what to think about that. I do not use powder puffs that often for application of powder, as I find the method with a soft brush to give a better result. However, I usually choose a pressed powder for the reason that I will carry it around with me on the road. So, I think I would have found it more handy to have a powder puff that you can put inside the compact as well.

That was my minor rant. I have showed you the logo of Illamasqua in the beginning of the post, and here it is again. I love the shape of the compact, like a nipped in waist, very feminine.

When opening the compact you will see the standard mirror.

I swatched the product quite heavily to get a good impression of the colour, but it is not that cakey in real life. As I explained earlier, my face is darker than my arm, so the colour is not too dark. Instead, I am really delighted with the colour and it is a PERFECT match for my skin at this moment!!! I love my Japanese and Korean cosmetics, but I find them catering for yellow toned skin often, so I do not receive a perfect match foundation-wise. The Illamasqua PP 210 is cool enough to match my I can apply it without being afraid of skipping parts (and look totally mismatched colourwise).

I still believe that certain Japanese brands provide better texture. For example, I am very enthralled with my RMK powder foundation EX in 102, but although the deepness of the colour is really right, it is still a tad too yellow.

Again, I am comparing apples with pears, because I haven't been able to test the powder foundation of Illamasqua in this colour. However, I hope to receive and review that one soon, as I already placed another happy Illamasqua order...

3. Cream Blush in Dixie

Blush, blush, blush...I have so many of them. Normally, I favour powdered blush over cream blush. That has to do with the fact that I use powdered foundation more often than liquid foundation.

On the happy days that my skin behaves thát well that I can go out without foundation, or at times when I prefer to wear liquid foundation, I prefer cream blush over powder for a more dewy effect.

I have read so many raves on the cream blush of this brand that I was willing to buy another cream blush. The packaging of the cream blush, in contrast of the compact powder, has a window for showing the product and colour. I picked Dixie, as it was described as the most natural, rosy/corally and foolproof of all the blushes.

Compare dears....It is pretty large, don't you think? (same Mac blush compact as before)

The weather was not hot at all when I received the package. Nevertheless, the blush 'sweated' a bit.

Ohhh, I loveeeeeee this colour....Love, love, love it. Have I already told you that I love this colour? Yes yes yes, it is summery goodness of the perfect pinky coral!

a href="">
It is such a fantastic blendeable blends like a dream, even on not-so-perfectly-flawless skin like mine. I have some faded acne scars, which are so much less than they used to be, but are still a tad visible. Some lesser quality blush, especially creams, tend to 'sit' in the inperfections. Not this baby.

Moreover, it gives my cheeks such a soft, dewy appearance...I think it is youth in a small compact!

I was so glad with the result that I even made a cheek picture of it...however, I chickened out and deleted the picture. (sorry dears).

Overall, what a delightful haul! I will be waiting eagerly for my next haul to come in. I have ventured on other products this time, but you will read about it soon, if everything goes well.

(oh, and yes...I will be celebrating my birthday in a week from now...teehee...)

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