Monday, August 31, 2009

Chanel Venise - the rematch

I finally managed to catch up with the Chanel Venise collection. I was generously gifted the Murano quad by a friend after being unable to purchase it at an unmanned Chanel counter in London, and today I had a proper look at the rest of the counter in John Lewis in Cambridge (where the sales assistant was charming and helpful.) I also picked up a paint pot (cream eyeshadow base) in Delft from MAC

China Glaze Wagon Trail & some everyday looks

Wagon trail from China Glaze is one of my favorite fall nail polishes. This is black with gold really, but looks dark olive in some lights. ADORABLE! Quality is excelent, here 2 coats.

China Glazen Wagon trail on yksi suosikkilakkani syksyyn. Oikesti tämä on musta-kulta mutta näyttää tietyssä valaistuksessa aivan tummalta oliivilta. IHANA! Laatu on erittäin hyvä, kuvassa 2 kerrosta.


And here are a few everyday looks, I've been a bit ill so maybe brighter colors just don't work so well :D

-GOSH primer
-AL Room Service (lid)
-AL Solange (crease, lower lid)
-Indelible eye liner Tanzanite

Room Service (Eye Plush): Relaxed muted neutral green with slightest hint of pearl. Midtone. Slight taupe undertone once applied.
Solange (Bete noire): Deep, warm cocoa brown with bright green sparkle.

Sorry, this was the only decent picture I got this time...

-GOSH primer
-AL Mink coat (lid) but it looked quite terrible, so I added some AL sand over it. I think it would work with colored primer on me too.
-AL Lady Liberty, Hot in the City LE (crease)
-Indelible Tidal wave
-Lumene Exellenght mascara

Mink Coat: A neutral mauve Plush with cocoa undertones. So smooth... Midtone.
Sand: A creamy matte butterscotch tone
Lady Liberty: lustrous smokey blue green frost, the shade of weathered copper... like the lady herself!

Aromaleigh & The She Space SALE!

Save 20% off with code virgo20 through 9/6. And as always, this includes the items already in sale! How generous is that :D

The She Space/ About face cosmetics:
Take 20% off all full size eye colors this week! Including Limited Editions & Astrology collections. Great!

I NEED to order, asap ;D

Aromaleighiltä alennusta -20% kaikesta (myös jo alennetuista hinnoista) koodilla virgo20. Tarjous voimassa 6.9.2009 saakka.

The She Spacelta tämän viikon ajan täysikokoista pigmenteistä -20%. Tarjous koskee myös Limited edition pigmenttejä.

Ja puf, rahat muuttuvat pigmenteiksi ;)

Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics

If you love Aromaleigh as much as I do, please support MissK in Shinealight :) Press "Support this story, endorse now". Registering takes only a minute!

New season...lovely accessories

Seasons come and go...Although I have been enjoying the summer period, I also think it is wonderful to be able to wear those autumny hues again.

As most girls, I am always on the lookout for a fabulous bag that adornes my shoulder. I have been checking various items on lately, and I think I really like this bag. (on etsy over here)

It is made of faux-leather, has sophisticated design on the outside, but a feisty leopard print on the inside.

Ohh, and etsy always has a load of steampunk items. I had no idea what Steampunk was, until I saw some items on etsy.

Often I find Steampunk items to be really wonderful and technical, but I am not too fond of the silver aspects. This steampunk piece has a load of beautiful autumny colours. (find it over here)

I really like this piece, but it would be too expensive for me ($169.00). Perhaps I could make something similar if I find some steampunk-esque elements.

I love hair-pieces. This whimsical piece is so fairy-like...It is also being called Woodland Elf.

The warmer colours of the flowers are lovely and the berries give it a feeling of nature.

I could make a longer list of things I admire, however, I think these are such wonderful and rather unique items.

New Make Up Range: Fred Ferrugia

The Kit
Lip colours
Lip Balms

Former artistic director for Lancome, Fred Farrugia has launched an innovative and luscious looking range for Sephora in France. Based on paint swatches or pantones (meets iPod Nano), individual palettes clip together to make a compact and complete make up set in one. Self assembly means you pick exactly what you want from a huge range of colours. See the full line at, but buy a Eurostar ticket to actually purchase any. Grrr...just another reason to be annoyed again that Sephora pulled out of the UK.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New mascara: Lumene Excellenght

My last HG mascara, many years ago, was Intelligent mascara from finnish brand Lumene but they discontinued it and I started to search for a new favorite. I found many good ones but unfortunately non waterproof ones just can't hold the curl in my straight lashes :(

Excellenght from Lumene has a tiny rubber brush. The brush is not to hard or too soft, it's just perfect. This gives long, separated lashes. Unfortunately I lost many lashes with Dior Iconic Extreme (picture 2, right side) so my lashes look quite terrible... This should be also be good for your lashes, we shall see :) This can't hold the curl in my lashes (my lashes are naturally really straight) so I have to use waterproof ones. However, this work very well in lower lashes and I have used Excellenght daily. I just have to use LashStiletto wp in upper lashes :)

Olen etsinyt suosikkimascaraa jo pidempään, pari vuotta sitten käytin tyytyväisenä Lumenen Intelligent mascaraa mutta menivät sitten lopettamaan tuon ihanuuden. Ostin ja löysinkin monta kivaa mascaraa mutta nyt vihdoinkin jotain mistä pidän erityisesti!

Ripsiväri on Lumenen uusi Excellenght. Harja on minikokoinen kumiharja, sillä saa todellakin pitkät ja erotellut ripset. Harja on juuri sopivan jämäkkä: ei liian kova eikä liian pehmeä. Ei pakkuja, eikä suttaa luomia. Valitettavasti kammottava kokeilu Dior Iconic Extremen kanssa katkaisi paljon ripsiäni (toinen kuva, oikealla) ja ne ovat aika kamalat nyt... Lumenen pitäisi hoitaa ripsiä ja näin saada ne niin pitkiksi kuin ne luonnostaan voivat kasvaa. Tätä todellakin toivon :) Ainoa ongelma on se, ettei pidä taivutuksia kunnolla. Alaripsissä tämä on kuitenkin suosikkini ja olenkin käyttänyt tätä päivittäin jo pidempään. Yläripsiin laitan LashStiletto wp:tä :)

Aromaleigh Sand pigment, Lumene Excellenght mascara

I usually do not use mascara on lower lashes but this was so easy to apply! And I tink lower lashes look quite natural.

Lumene Excellengt in black-brown

The brush is really tiny :) Here with Max Factor False Lash effect (Cover Girl Lashblast in US).

No more giant brushes for me :D

Eyeshadow Application for Any Eye Shape

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Cheeky Girls Make Up: Behind The Scenes

Managed to get my hands on some behind the scenes pics of the Cheeky Girls' shoot for their interview in the Mail on Sunday promoting their new cosmetic range and talking about their (horrendous) issues with anorexia. Thinking they're looking far more Audrey than Cheeky in their black dresses and updo's and that they'll scrub up well for their predicted image change. The make up range is ultra-young, with cartoon-style graphics. They should lose the web site imagery showing them in bra tops, shorts and stilettos and swap it for some of these, where they look sleek and stylish and far better role models for their tweenage beauty fans, I think.

Fantastically Finnish...

One and a half week ago I stumbled upon a shop with some fantastic home-deco items. I am not that much interested in homely stuff, but I was absolutely mesmerized by this cutest Marimekko toiletbag in lilac and purple colours.

It was not the cheapest makeupbag ever, as Etsy often has cheaper items. However, I think Marimekko is such a fab label and I am enjoying the flowering motives. Plus, the 30% discount was really luring me into buying it.

Marimekko is a Finnish label, so that is a part of the title.
I also received a suprise parcel from Finland as well. I was wondering if I had ordered something, but was a genuine gift from Aileen from Amorevintage.

Awww, that has been such a sweet gesture.

The lipbalm is really lovely for moisturizing, while it is not too obtrusively overscented.

And I think her choice of stationary is absolutely brilliant. Marie Antoinette is such a iconic and contested figure (and beautiful too).

I hope that all my readers will have a brilliant sunday and a wonderful week.

Silky Soft: Payot

Payot is a French skincare brand that had a foray into the UK a few years back, but came at a time when we were absolutely swamped with new skin brands, and it didn't really get the attention it deserved. I'm currently using Payot Huile Precieuse Minerale Regenerating Dry Oil and it's absolutely lovely. The minimum of fragrance means it doesn't interfere with scent (one of my pet hates) and the consistency is lighter than air. Better yet, I'm using it over Gatineau Melatogenine Tan Extender, and unlike other moisturisers the two formulations don't do battle against each other by flaking. Not sure how to describe the phenomena when two products produce those 'bits' and seem to come away from the skin......any ideas? I think it possibly happens more when AHAs are involved that act to get rid of dead skin cells; add a balm or similar on top and little rolls of product appear and drop off. Anyone have a name for this? But back to Payot Dry Oil - it does, true to promises, leave skin soft and feeling satiny, and comes in a spray applicator. It doesn't leave a high shine - possibly a gentle sheen - and feels like a luxury treat for the skin.

Rouge Dior Serum de Dior

When I first posted about this new skincare infused lipstick in July, I hadn't actually tried it. Now I have, and can tell from the get-go its going to be somewhat addictive. A lipstick/lipgloss hybrid - perfect for people like me who can't tear themselves away from the gloss, but get tired of constant reapplications - it feels featherlight on the lips but gives a comfortable slickness with the minimum of scent or taste. With good pigmentation, a whack of hyaluronic acid and a sleek and softening look, this formulation is easily a winner. Hits the counters on bank holiday Monday.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rimmel Lycra PRO nail polish in Gold Infusions

I found a new favorite polish!

New nail polish from Rimmel, Lycra PRO, has a very wide brush so it's very easy and fast to apply, even in toe nails. I bought color 431 Gold Infusions, because I didn't have this kind of color and I thought it would be quite nice for autumn. This polish is so pretty and it was opaque with just one coat, but I always put 2 :D This says "up to 10 day", well not in my job anyway. *lol* I just bought this so I have no idea how long this will last in my nails.

No jopas tuli tehtyä mieluisa ostos, Rimmelin uusi Lycra PRO lakka!

Tämän sivellin on OPIa paljon leveämpi, sain kynnet lakattua yhdellä vedolla/kynsi ja varpaatkin olivat tällä ihan älyttymän helpot lakata! Sävynä on 431 Gold Infusions, koska tällaista sävyä minulla ei ennestään ollut, kiva syksyksi. Lakka oli peittävä jo yhdellä kerroksella mutta laitoin sormenkynsiin 2, kestää kuitenkin aina paremmin, varpaissa saa yksi kerros nyt riittää. Kestoksi luvataan jopa kymmentä päivää mutta jos nyt parikin meikäläisen työssä, niin olen ihan iloinen ;) Mitään tietoa kestävyydestä ei vielä ole, lakka juuri hankittu.

Pidin lakasta niin paljon, että hankin varmasti lisää :D
Jos en nyt ihan väärin muista, niin hinta oli Anttilassa 5.90€.

Rimmel Lycra PRO (Gold Infusions) & OPI (My private jet)

Excited about Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise

I know - I'm excited about a lot of things at the moment. Autumn is definitely my season - I love the colours and the clothes and the fact that it's not too hot or too cold. It's also a good season for a fragrance launch - heat ruins many perfumes, and it's in time for winter and the perfume-selling motherload that is Christmas. I love Jo Malone (you may have already guessed) and I'm very excited

Ellis Faas lipsticks - pictures applied on my lips

My Ellis Faas order arrived this morning; I ordered one of each texture in different colours. The tubes are a fantastic design, sleek and innovative, and work with the more liquidy texture of the lipstick extremely well. The products do seem to meld into the lips and don't feel sticky or waxy, and have no scent. Creamy Lips 101 (Ellis Red) Glazed Lips 307 (glossy coral) Milky Lips 205 (nude

Friday, August 28, 2009

Organic Beauty Line: RMS

Created by make up artist, Rose-Marie Swift, this range uses only raw, food grade organic ingredients containing vitamins, enzymes and minerals to allow natural healing ability to touch your skin. I especially like these hydrating and protective Lip2Cheek colours that have a high mineral pigment but still retain moisturising properties. They're available to the UK through The colours shown are from top to bottom are: Muse, Illusive and Smile.

OPI My Private Jet

I've wanted OPI My private Jet for about a year now, so FINALLY I just bought it :D I really like this one, indoors it looks brownish but in sunlight is more grayish. Well, nice and complex color! It was ok after 2 coats but better with 3. The picture is taken with flash, the weather was so terrible.

Olen kuolannut OPI My private jetin perään jo ainakin vuoden, vihdoinkin piiiitkän harkinnan jälkeen hankin sen :D Olisinpa aina näin malttavainen... *heh* Ihana tämä onneksi onkin. Kahdella kerroksella tämä oli ok mutta parempi kolmella. Sävy on sisällä rusehtava, luonnonvalossa harmaampi. Kuva salamalla, säät eivät oikein suosineet.

The Zuneta/ELLE/Rouge Bunny Rouge modelling competition is now open

You can vote for the winner in each skin/hair type. I'm particularly interested in Category C (which is my type, although I am a little long in the tooth and short in the leg for the world of modelling.) I've voted for Sonia, who has beautiful eyes and good bone structure. To vote, enter, or just have a peek, click here.

Problems with silica...

Silica is one of the ingredients in "real" minerals, it's not bad ingredient. But of course: anything can cause problems and for me that really is silica.

Over a year ago I had foundation containing silica and it clogged my pores in a week, my skin looked just terrible! I of course stopped using it immediately. I was quite sure the cause was silica. I got confirmation when I got a sample of Aromaleighs foundation: I was so happy because it looked fabulous but after a few days my skin started to look terrible, only then I noticed that it contains silica too. I read the ingredients but maybe just too quickly because I didn't notice that :D

After I noticed that silica really looks amazing, it brings "light", I have used The She Space silica products under eyes. I have used TSS casmere stocking ja TSS yellow nylons for some time and I started to wonder, why my under eyes look so old and are so dry that it really hurts. Well, it was silica again... Maybe now I believe that my skin really does not like silica ;D

I'll continue to use it but only in special occasions. It doesn't dry my skin that quickly but not for daily use anymore. For daily use I'll use Meow Yellow under eye again (it contains silk, and my skin loves that).

What is silica?

Silica is a mineral found all over the planet: in sandstone, clay, granite, even in plants and animals! It is the main ingredient in glass.

In cosmetics, it has many uses:

  • It is an oil absorbent
  • It improves "slip" (how the product feels going on)
  • Because of their spherical shape our silicas also scatter light and blur the look of fine lines and wrinkles. (information from TBK Trading)
Our Silica powder is a very smooth, silky, translucent fine white powder used in cosmetics. It is highly absorbant and used for oil control. It improves slip in cosmetic blends and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tests show it has been successfully used in hypoallergenic/hypoallerfenic and allergy tested formulations.

This can be used for slip in small amounts , oil control formulations of mineral makeup. Use in smaller amounts in dry skin formulations. (information from Coastal Scents)

It's not bad for most of the people but if you have dry skin, maybe products containing large amouts of silica can be too drying!

Silica on yksi "oikeiden" mineraalituotteiden ainesosista, kyseessä ei ole "paha" aine. Mutta toki jokainen aine voi aiheuttaa ongelmia, minulle tällainen aine on silica.

Reilu vuosi sitten hankin meikkipohjan, jossa oli silicaa. En osannut odottaa reaktiota mutta noin viikossa ihoni oli tukkeutunut ja täynnä näppylöitä. Lopetin toki käytön välittömästi. Olin melko varma, että syyllinen oli silica mutta varmistuksen sain testattuani Aromaleighin pohjaa. Tuo pohja näytti todella kauniilta mutta parissä päivässä ilmaantui näppylät. Vasta sen jälkeen luin incin niin tarkkaan, että huomasin silican. Ihan hyvä jos incit lukisi kerran kunnolla, eihän tuossakaan montaa ainetta edes ole ;D

Huomattuani silican näyttävän todellakin hyvältä, se tuo iholle "valoa", käytin The She Spacen silica tuotteita silmänalusilla. Käytin Casmere Stockings- ja Yellow Nylons-tuotteita jonkin aikaa ja nyt aloin ihmetellä miten vanhoilta silmänaluseni näyttävät ja ne ovat niin kuivat, että suorastaan sattuu. No silicapa se taas oli! Ehkäpä nyt jopa minä uskon, ettei silica kertakaikkiaan sovi minulle ;D

Säästän siis silica-tuotteeni vain erityistilanteisiin ja jatkan Meowin Yellow under eye-tuotteen käyttöä. Tuo Meow sisältää mm. silkkiä, siitä tämäkin iho tykkää!

Yllä harmaalla tekstillä tietoa silicasta englanniksi TBK tradingin ja Coastal Scentsin sivuilta. Pääpointit siinä, että se imee öljyä (ei suositella kuin pieninä pitoisuuksina kuivalle iholle) ja heijastaa valoa.

Excited about Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

At 30*mumble* I have a kind of reverse Dorian Gray thing going on with my skin. It looks pretty good for my age, but we have pictures around the house from our wedding a decade ago and when Miss London was tiny that are constant reminders that my skin is not quite what it used to be. I am a religious user of serums to hold back the tide as much as I possibly can.Estee Lauder's Advanced Night

EOTD: Viviane's dollhouse & Dior Iconic Extreme

I heard that Aromaleigh Eye plush pigments work well with Aromaleigh Bete noire pigments, so here is my first EOTD with this combo. This was very wearable, me likes :D

I also tried Dior Iconic Extreme (=waterproof) mascara. I have the regular one, which I like a lot. I was quite surprised when I tried Extreme... I get much better and "bigger" results with non waterproof version :-O The second picture is here just to show that mascara.

Kuulin aiemmin, että Aromaleighin Eye Plush kokoelma (näitä olen kehuskellut aiemminkin) toimii loistavasti Bete noire kokoelman kanssa. Bete noiret ovat myös suosikkejani, tummien sävyjen joukossa on värikkäitä jalokivimäisiä hileitä. Testaan näitä useampana päivänä, tässä osa 1 :)

Kokeilin myös Diorin Iconic Extreme mascaraa, kun olin kuullut siitä haukkuja... Mascara siis odotteli kaapissa. Ja olin kyllä pettynyt! Saan paljon paremman tuloksen perus-Iconicilla. Alempi kuva pääsi tänne vain ripsivärin takia, ei tosiaan mitkään megaräpsyt :D

-GOSH primer
-AL dollhouse (lid)
-AL Viviane (crease, lower lid)
-Indelible Tanzanite (eyeliner)
-AL sand (browbone)
-Iconic Extreme mascara

Dollhouse: Dreamy plush finish purple with delicate beige and grey undertones. Midtone. Purple you all can wear!
Viviane: Intense smokey bronzed violet with bright purple sparkles

Flutter: Lashes Made Magical

For a beauty writer, I'm unusually reluctant to go for beauty treatments, not least because they take far too long and about half way through I am virtually climbing off the table desperate to go home. And, I never want to be one of those people who need someone else to pluck their eyebrows. So, I only ended up agreeing to lash extensions because the Flutter girls do a home service where they just turn up with a table and a lash kit. Kathryn, who owns Flutter (who is 24; running a succesful business that she kept going while she studied for a degree at university, and has just been offered rooms at Harrods' Urban Retreat - impressive, no?) arrived yesterday to apply the extensions. Be under no illusions, this is a long process - around about 2 hours of lying completely still, unable to see with someone working in minute detail around the eye area. In fact, I couldn't stay the course and admitted defeat at around an hour and half. My friend, Shereen, who also had hers done, did stick with it and ended up with more lashes than my 50. However, despite my inability to lie still, I can't recommend this treatment highly enough. The lashes are unbelievable; they look as if I've been blessed with unnaturally natural long, thick black lashes - there's no falseness about the look at all and it is quite simply stunning. Each synthetic lash is painstakingly applied to your own lashes individually; the lashes have length and curl no mascara can replicate despite what the ads might say. And, there's a level of precision and skill involved in application that I now feel deserves the utmost respect - Kathryn seems to have the patience of a saint. It's difficult to recommend one person over any others, when I haven't actually tried any others, but what I can say is that I've seen lash extensions done badly and done quite well, but I haven't seen them look exceptional except on the eyes of the person who recommended Kathryn in the first place! This is the closest I'll ever get to looking like Cheryl Cole so that on it's own makes me happy, and the photos above, although not of me, are absolutely representational how my lashes look now. The Flutter eyelash artists will go to any M25 location (not quite stretching into North London yet) and the cost for the initial set is around £180, with £80 fill ins required every 3-4 weeks to maintain the look. It's not low maintenance, or budget friendly (although you don't need to use mascara), but it is a luxury that is transformational, and I suspect, highly addictive....I'm not sure I can just let these babies go.

Pictures from the Zuneta Rouge Bunny Rouge shoot

The model looks gorgeous, but the picture I'm really drooling over is this one of all the eyeshadows. I'm particularly interested in the pinkish shade in the middle of the bottom row. I am still absolutely loving the RBR stuff I bought. It's been a long week with lots of late nights, and so today's makeup had to be simple but flattering. I'm wearing Delicate Hummingbird (plum/mauve shimmer)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eye Am Still Trying-Asian Monolid chart

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Brushes I use daily

This will be a LONG post with a lots of pictures. Here are my favorite brushes for mineral makeup, I have dozens of other brushes too but these I use daily. I'm a fan of MAC brushes but if you can't/ don't want to buy that expensive brushes there are pretty good cheaper one in the market too :) I have other MAC brushes too but not all are in this HG list.

Tässä suosikkisiveltimeni mineraalimeikeille, kymmeniä muitakin on tullut hankittua mutta tässä vain päivittäin käyttämäni, ne joita ilman en tod haluaisi meikata ;) Siveltimien suhteen olen MAC-fani mutta toki edullisempiakin hyviä siveltimiä löytyy. Kaikki MACinkään siveltimeni eivät tälle HG (=Holy Grail/ ehdottomat suosikkituotteet) listalle päässeet.

Part of my favorite brushes:


MAC 182, my newest brush. This is very soft, I reallyreallyreally love this one (but it a very expensive brush :/).
Uusin siveltimeni. Todella pehmoinen ja pidän tästä todella paljon! Vikana vain hurja hinta (noin 54€).

Alima retractable brush has been my favorite for about 6 months now, this really is good. I also like Alima foundation brush, retractable brush is larger and fluffier. I have also had EDM kabuki, EDM flat top and Lily Lolo kabuki, but I prefer natural bristles or the synthetic bristles Alima uses.
Aliman koottava sivellin on myös todella ihana! Olen käyttänyt tätä noin 6 kuukautta, syrjäyti silloin muut siveltimeni :D Aliman foundation sivellin on myös todella hyvä, Retractable on isompi ja "löysempi" eli makukysymys enemmänkin. Pidän enemmän luonnonkarvaisista tai Aliman siveltimistä, muut testaamani (EDM kabuki& flat top ja LilyLolo kabuki) ovat olleet "liukkaampia" ja muuttuneet likaisen oloiseksi aika nopeasti.

Eye makeup brushes:

MAC 239 for the eyelid, perfect for minerals/ loose pigments! If you don't want to buy MAC, large all-over is also very good, you can find it from Kileng or Aromaleigh.
Loistava luomvärisivellin mineraaleille/ irtoluomiväreille. Jos et halua MACiin satsata, myös large all-over on hyvä, sitä myy mm Aromaleigh ja Kileng.

MAC 217 blending brush for crease and blending, that why I have 2 :D I absolutely LOVE this brush! If I had to choose just one brush, this would be it. I highly recommendend 217!
Näitä minulla on kaksi kappaletta ja tästä siveltimestä löytyy myös oma postaus. Jos olisi pakko valita vain yksi sivellin (miten kamala ajatus :D) tämä oli se, ehdottomasti! Käytän tätä tumman luomivärin levittämiseen luomivakoon sekä luomen ulkonurkkaan, samoin häivyttelyyn. Suosittelen lämpimästi!

NARS 12 pencil brush for defining crease or "outer v". Even applying lighter shade to tear duct.
Tällä saa laitettua tummaa väriä luomivakoon tarkasti, loistava "outer v" varjostukseen sekä valoa tuovan vaalean sävyn levittämiseen silmän sisänurkkaan.

Fluffy eye shadow brush (this one is sold only in Finland, brand is Mschic by Seppälä) for applying lighter shade to brow bone
Pörheämpi ja reilumman kokoinen luomivärisivellin kulmaluulle, tämä on Mschic by Seppälä.

MAC 210 for eyeliner. Can be used with gel eyeliners or foiled pigments.
Loistava rajaussivellin, sanoisin että jos käytät paljon geelirajauksia tai pigmenttejä rajauksiin, kannattaa ehkä hankkia tämä. Harjakset eivät takuulla harota!

MAC 219 pencil brush. This is new one, so soft! I had troble adding pigments on lower lid but not anymore. I LOVE THIS ONE!
Uusi sivellin tämäkin, ihan uskomattoman pehmeä! Aivan loistava alaluomelle, miten pärjäsinkään ilman? :-O

Concealer brushes:

Hide it. I have 2 of this one too, one for cream eyeshadows as a primer and one for cream concealer. I bought mine from The She Space.
Todella hyvä sivellin sekä voidemiasten luomivärien että voidemaisten peitevärien levittämiseen.

Silk/Fiber oval 11 for applying silica or color corrector powder under eyes. Mine is from The She space but also Morgana and Aromaleigh sell this one
Suosikkini puuterimaisten peitevärien/valopuuterien levittämiseen silmänalusille.

Blush & face brushes:

Silk/Fiber face 18, A MUST HAVE for mineral blushes, really! With this it's possible to use even the darkest, brightest and most pigmented blushes. Morgana and Aromaleigh.
Tällä siveltimellä mineraaliposkipunien käyttö on lastenleikkiä! Voin käyttää tummimpia, räikeimpiä ja voikaspigmenttisiä poskipunia tämän avulla.

MAC 116 for heavier blush application and for regular pressed blushes.
Todella hyvä sivellin normaaliposkipunille tai vähempipigmnettisille mineraaleille.

Alima Kitten Brush: I use this to clean my under eyes after eye shadow application.
Selvästi "löysempi" ja hieman isompi kuin MACin versio (alla), tällä puhdistan silmänaluset lumivärien laittamisen jälkeen.

Powder brushes:

MAC 187 for primers or finishing powders. You can feel the quality in this brush!
Tässä siveltismessä tuntuu laatu! Käytän viimeistely- ja pohjustuspuuterille.

Silk/fiber face 32, this is just perfect for bronzers. I love the oval shape of this brush, just like Silk/fiber face 18, only bigger. Morgana or Aromaleigh.
Täydellinen mineraaliaurinkopuuterille! Pidän kovasti pyöristetystä mallista, samanlainen kuin poskipunasivellin mutta suurempi.

Other tools:

Shu Uemura eyelash curlers: Just perfect :D After a years use these are good as new!
Vuoden käytönkin jälkeen kuin uudet, pidän näitä paljon.

Metallic lash comb: nothing like plastic ones, really!
Metallinen ripsikampa painii ihan eri sarjassa kuin muoviset versiot! Tällä saa oikeasti paakut pois ripsistä.

Shu Uemura brush cleanser: Shu is so much better than ones from Smashbox or Isadora. Strong smell of alcohol but this really works!
Loistava sivellinputsari, ihan eri luokkaa kuin Isadora tai Smashbox. Haju on todella voimakkaan alkoholinen, hui! On tosiaan tehokasta tavaraa!

Eyeliner sealant: this one from Meow cosmetics but you can find these from almost all of the mineral companies.
Näitä myy lähes jokainen mineraalipulju, omani on Meowilta.

Swoosh & scoop set from Kileng, I love this and need second set!
En tienytkään miten kätevä tämä Kilengin myymä setti on :D Nyt haluan toisen. Tässä on siis pienempi ja suurempi "lautanen", malliltaan ja kooltaan ihan täydelliset pohjalle ja poskipunalle.

Micro fiber cloth to clean brushes between colors. If you don't already use microfiber cloth for cleaning brushes, just try this :D
Mikrokuituliina on aivan mainio apulainen siveltimien puhdistamiseen eri värien välillä. Kokeile, jos et ole sitä jo tehnyt :D

Muji mirror

Some companies selling brushes/ Muutamia siveltimiä myyviä kauppoja
-The She Space
-Morgana Minerals
-Sigma Brushes (I just ordered their "eyes kit", review/MAC camparison coming later)

Which brushes/tools are your favorites?
Mitkä siveltimet ovat omat suosikkisi?

Liz Jones on Beauty Halls

Slightly baffled by Liz Jones' confused rant on beauty halls today; which in the end didn't amount to much about beauty halls, but the size of the samples she was offered, and the fact that she can't read shampoo labels in the shower. She 'hates' the instruction leaflets that come with beauty creams, she 'destests' small size potions found in hotel bathrooms and she 'can't stand' when she can't get to the very bottom of a tube of skin care. Seriously, is there nothing more pressing in the beauty world to discuss in a national newspaper than petty rants over nothing? L'Occitane print all their bottles with a raised Braille font, so Liz, maybe learning Braille for Shampoo and Conditioner might be the answer, and maybe don't take up the sample offers if you know you are going to hate them so. Alternatively, you could do a comprehensive feature on why so many beauty adverts are coming under fire for misleading their customers....surely more current? Definitely more interesting.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eye Am Trying

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I love my mommy (and my new MAC brushes ;)

Aren't moms great? My mom visited Tallinn, Estonia and wanted to bring me something... I told that MAC brushes are great and I'd love to have 219 pencil brush or 182 buffer brush (kabuki), but it can be too expensive. Well, this is what I got:

Eivätkö äidit olekin ihania? Äitini kävi Tallinnassa ja kyseli mitä voisi tuota tuliaisiksi. Ehdotin MAC 219 pencil brushia tai 182 kabukia, ja sanoin kabukin olevan varmaankin turhan kallis. No nämä sitten sain:

I'm so HAPPY! These brushes are so soft :D I must say that I prefer natural bristles... Synthetic face brushes start to feel "dirty" after longer use, even if you wash them regularly. At least I think those feel dirty. I don't have the problem with natural ones.

Brush review coming later! But I have to say that I absolutely LOVE that pencil brush <3

Olen kyllä TODELLA iloinen, eipä minua ole näin hemmoteltukaan aikoihin :D Täytyy kyllä sanoa, että pidän itse luonnonkarvaisista (kasvo)siveltimistä (niin kuin nämä MACitkin ovat). Synteettiset muuttuvat jotenkin klähmäisiksi pidemmän käytön jälkeen, vaikka niitä säännöllisesti pesisikin. Tuskin tuo kaikkia edes haittaa mutta minusta ne tuntuvat likaisilta.

Sivellinarvioita tulossa myöhemmin! Mutta voin heti sanoa, että tuo kynäsivellin on ihan mielettömän ihana <3

EOTD Adobe still in Hollywood

I got interested in Aromaleigh's Abobe while swatching it... It looks quite orange on my lids and I still LOVE it :D Stillinhollywood Rocks! eye shadow was also very nice!

-GOSH eye shadow base (primer)
-AL Adobe (lid)
-AL Stillinhollywood (crease, lower lid)
-Indelible Tanzanite eyeliner

ADOBE: A warm, golden desert tone with high shimmer
STILLINHOLLYWOOD: Rich, dark amethyst purple with sparks of gold and copper throughout!

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