Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aromaleigh Pure eyes matte swatches

Aromaleigh matte eyeshadows are my favorites! I hated mattes before I tried ones from AL :D These blend well and do not look boring at all. I like to pair mattes with more shimmery ones.

Aromaleighin matta-luomivärit ovat suosikkejani! Inhosin mattavärejä, ennen kuin testaisin näitä :D Nämä ovat hyvin levittyviä eivätkä yhtään tylsiä. Ylensä yhdistän mattavärin hohtavampaan, kokonaan matta silmämeikki ei tunnu omalta.

Kiss: Darker than our pale "Cupid" eyeshadow, this is a lovely pink with a hint of mauve.
Violette: Violette, a mid-toned purple shadow that pairs perfectly with Hyacinth Matte
Wisteria: A mid-range pinkish-purple matte shadow.
Grape: A luscious deep purple shade, for a dramatic look.
Eggplant: The darkest purple/black hue. Dramatic, smoky and mysterious.
Ebony- Matte black. Use as a liner or to darken and mute other shades.

Fog: A light-medium gray matte shadow. All purpose!
Celadon: A rich mid-deep toned green matte shadow.
Graphite: Our deep grey matte shadow pairs perfectly with fog, or our lighter pastel shades
Cornflower: Cornflower matte shadow makes blue eyes sparkle!
Copen: A deep, romantic blue for the romantic eye.
Midnight: A deep and dark blue-black matte shadow, the color of the midnight sky.

Emma Hardie skincare

Space NK also has the new Emma Hardie skincare range. I bought the starter kit (very reasonable at £30), forgetting that my face is solely Clinique's for the next month at least while I'm test-driving some of their products. You'll consequently have to wait for a review, but I will say the ingredients are natural, and I liked the smell and feel of the Moringa cleansing balm (like Eve Lom, but

Oribe hair care now at SpaceNK

I was in Space NK at lunchtime, and saw a few new lines that have just been launched there. One that particularly caught my eye was the Oribe hair care range. Oribe is quite a well-known session hair stylist (he worked with the supermodels back when models were super) and the products are luxurious and smell gorgeous.

I decided to dip my toe into the line with the Creme for Style. This promises

MAC Baroque Boudoir Christmas 2009

Look what's coming up for MAC fans in November! Fab USA blog, has more...

In the UK, the range will be a Harrods exclusive.

Lost Treasure

The other day I was digging in my stash hunting for a long lost lip gloss and came upon a MAC quad from a few years ago. I don't know why it was hiding from me, but now it's out front and center, getting some use.
Lately, I have been loving warm shimmering browns, golds and greens so finding this treasure was a breath of fresh *cool* air.
MAC Sweetie Cakes quad is a great group of cool shimmering tones that remind me of a basket full of pastel Easter eggs. This quad was from one of the LE collections that MAC cranks out all the time.
I don't own a single gray liner, so I went with a brown one from Sue Devitt, I believe this is gold reef. It's a great chubby pencil that is soft and quite easy to work with.

Here is an eotd that I did recently and aside from the lack of a gray liner, I really like this look a lot.

I used Urban Decay primer potion as a base then Mehron's turq cream eye shadow on the lid to the crease and layered the blue/green tone from the quad over that for extra intensity. I like the Mehron consistency, and it does make the green/blue shadows and pigments that I have pop! I then used the purple and pink colors in the crease and then the oyster tone up to the brow.
Enjoy :O)
PS I am still trying to locate that darn lip gloss *winks*

Beautiful Bourjois!

Just seen the new limited edition collection from Bourjois: Rendez-Vous A Paris. Teaming up with French artist and illustrator, Nathalie Lete, each pot of best selling eye or cheek colour is embellished with it's own little picture representing Paris. The illustrations are directly on the lid of the packaging - no paper stickers here. They'll be exclusively from ASOS in mid-November.

OPI Russian Navy suede & Butterfly eyes

OPI Russian Navy is one of my favorite nail polishes so I just had to get this in suede finish too. This is so pretty! I think all these suedes look best with top coat (pic 2).

OPI Russian Navy on yksi suosikkilakkojani, joten olihan tämä saatava suede-versionakin. Ja onhan tämä niin nätti! Tälläkin kertaa parhaimmillaan päälyslakan kanssa (kuva 2).


I also received my Allure by Jen (@Etsy) order, I'll swatch these after Hong Kong! I bought some samples and a full size of lippie called "Dusty Rose". Oh dear, Dusty Rose REALLY has a blue flash. I have to be very careful when using this ;) I tried to photograph this but in the picture it was just a rosy color.

Have you tried Allure by Jen products yet? Which are you favorites?

Sain myös Allure by Jen (@Etsy) sampletilaukseni, swatchaan nämä toki reissun jälkeen. Tilasin hieman sampleja sekä täysikokoisen huulipunan sävyssä Dusty Rose. Ja voihan rähmä, tämä on aivan sininen :D Tai siis hohtaa sinisenä mutta joka tapauksessa vähän/varovasti saan laittaa jos en ihan halloween-tunnelmointiin jo ryhdy ;) Yritin kuvata sinisen flashin mutta niissä näytti vain roosalta...


And finally my Aromaleigh Butterfly-eyes. If you have similar coloring, Glowing Luna & Morphing moon are a must haves! I got so many compliments today :)

Which pigments are you Les Papillons favorites?

Ja lopuksi Aromaleigh Les papillons-meikki. Jos olet väritykseltäsi kuin minä, suosittelen Glowing Luna & Morphing moon sävyjä!

-Mschic primer
-AL Glowing Luna, Les Papillons (lid)
-AL Morphing moon, Les Papillons (crease, lower lashline)
-Black gel line, MAC Blacktrack
-Telescopic wp mascara (& on lower lashes Lumene Excellenght)

In L-O-V-E with Mr. Wrong

When an addiction takes hold of me it's oh so hard to break ;O) So, dear readers please be patient with me as I am sure *this too shall pass*, lol. I have been bitten by the lacquer bug, and he won't let me go.....
Anyway, I met Mr. Wrong in Wal-mart the other day. He is from the newly re-vamped Hard Candy cosmetic line that only Wally will be stocking. He is STUNNING (for a nail polish named after a man, just kidding of course). Pictures or words cannot really do him justice.

It's quite a job to apply it but with patience it comes out just beautiful! This photo shows 3 coats with a base coat underneath with 2 coats of my Sally Hansen (red bottle, quick dry top coat). I could wear him for weeks and never get bored with Mr. Wrong.
His lavender/purple/steely gorgeousness is right up my alley and let's not forget the SPARKLE factor! Mr. Wrong has the most eye catching golden, bronze and purple micro-glitter for a richness that I have a hard time comparing to any other polish I own. Mr. Wrong is a keeper, and I will probably purchase a twin, because he is going to get a lot of wear :O) For $5 he's a cheap date and he doesn't expect anything from me except that I wear him OUT and show him off.

Whoop! Bring On That Bling..

I'm disproportionately pleased with these CC nail gems that came in the post today - every manicure from today will be blinged to the max. Is it classy? Who cares....? And you'll see my photography skills haven't improved!

Festive Flowerbykenzo: Back to what good packaging can do.

The festive edition (see how I am resolutely avoiding using the yuletide word!) of Flowerbykenzo is absolutely gorgeous. Matryoshka Flowerbykenzo Winter Flowers will cost £45 - I want it without even knowing what it smells like - testament to the power of fabulous packaging.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

News from The She Space

I'm so glad Heather, owner of About face cosmetics/ The She Space, decided to concentrate on pigments (and other product manufactured in her company) only. I really liked the the other products too but this is what Heather does so well! But if possible, I'd love to see primer and sealant to do a comeback :D

Also the Libra Astrology collection is now up, I got the full sample set this time because all of those saphire inspired piggies looked so nice... And don't worry if you warmer toned, there are ones for you too!

A few colors look especially nice:

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Silver pewter shimmer with a hint of cotton blue

SOCIAL PLEASURE: softest iridescent cloud blue pearl with layers of copper and gold sparkle

And the best part.... If you order 25 USD or more (before shipping) before saturday 3rd, you'll get TWO free BEEN CAUGHT KISSING LIPPIES IN PREVIEW COLORS! Can I resist an offer like this? I love TSS lippies, so of course not ;)

No niin, ehdin vihdoin koneelle ;) The She Space lopetti kaikkien ylimääräisten härpäkkeiden myynnin (geelirajaukset, siveltimet) ja sivuilta löytyy enää itse valmistamansa tuotteet. Mielestäni oikein tervetullut juttu, tuolla kun alkoi tavaramäärä paisua kuin pullataikina.

Nyt uutena löytyy uusi horoskooppikokoelma Libra, tilasin samplesetin (valinta oli liian vaikea :D) eli swatchit tulossa myöhemmin.

Ja mikä parasta, huulipunat tekevät comebackin! JEE :D Ja mikä vielä parempaa, jos tilaa la 3.10. mennessä yli 25 USD:llä (ennen postikuluja), kaupan päälle tulee KAKSI ILMAISTA uutta lip balm sävyä! Voinko vastustaa tällaista tarjousta? No en tietenkään ja tilaus tuli tehtyä välittömästi uutisen kuultuani. *heh* Onneksi korissa oli jo tavaraa valmiina.

Into the Palette-Correcting, Highlighting, and Contouring the Eyes

The post has moved to a fantastic new blog called Into the Palette. :-D

Packaging: Not as dull as it sounds.....

I love this pregnancy shaped bottle from Vivitas Woman, containing vitamins for expecting mums: it's just really clever and innovative and bound to start a trend for body part packaging: only praying that Anusol doesn't jump on the bandwagon....

15% off at Beauty Expert - one day only

The code is BE15, and it's good until midnight, Wednesday 30 September.

The website is here:

They stock Saaf, one of my favourite treatment cleanser/make up removers.  It's like Eve Lom but with natural waxes and oils.

Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow palettes 1, 2 and 3.

Kevyn Aucoin was one of my first favourite makeup artists. I turned to his column in Allure before I read any other article in the magazine, and my copies of Making Faces and Face Forward are both very well loved indeed.

I was very pleased when I learned he had launched his own line in 2004. Unfortunately it was only available in the UK briefly before it was dropped by Harvey Nichols, but I'm

My new apple green Tweezermans :D

I lost my tweezers last week so I just decided that it's time to buy new ones. I've been dreaming of Tweezermans for years and now I'm a pround owner of apple green Slant tweezers ;) I almost bought black ones but I'm glad I decided to buy colorful ones this time. Maybe some day I'll get bored to this color but I don't have think about that now ;)

There was nothing wrong in my old tweezer (except that those are completely LOST) but Tweezermans are even better than I thought! I'm in love :D

I also got nice little suprise from Aromaleigh! I entered photo contest "Where the world is Aromaleigh" and got a jar of Pure Hue pigment in Agate. Of you the winners got more but this really made my day :D

you can my new AL les papillons EOTD in the end of this post.

Kadotin pinsettini viimeviikolla ja uudet oli hankittava. Olen haaveillut jo vuosia Tweezermaneista ja nyt olen omenanvihreiden Slant-mallisten onnellinen omistaja ;) Melkein tuli ostettua mustat mutta onneksi päädyin näihin värillisiin. Ehkä väriin joskus kyllästyy mutta turha sitä on vielä murehtia.

Vanhoissa pinseteissäni ei ollut mitään vikaa (paitsi ettei niitä löydy enää mistään :P) mutta ovat nämä vielä paremmat kuin kuvittelinkaan! Olen rakastunut :D Näillä saa tartuttua pieniinkin karvoihin, vanhoilla ei ollut toivoakaan.

Suomesta ostaessasi näihin saa elinikäisen terotuspalvelun mahantuojalta (postikulut toki joutuu maksamaan). Tweezermanien hinta on Suomessa noin 34€ (tieto Ostolakossa-blogista), jos olisin näitä jossain Turussa nähnyt myynnissä, olisin jo aikaa sitten ostanutkin. Tilasin omani nyt LookFastasticista hintaan 21.75£ (~24€) sis postikulut.

Posti toi myös pikkusien yllätyksen Aromaleighiltä. Osallistuin aikanaan valokuvakilpailuun sivuillansa ja sain lohdutuspalkinnoksi haluamani sävyn (=Agate) Pure Hue-pigmentistä. Pieni juttu mutta ilahdutti kovasti :D

Ja loppuun päivän meikki, "ihan ok" eli näillä näkymin AL Les Papillons kokoelmasta lähtee tilaukseen vain 2 täysikokoista luomiväriä.

-Mschic primer
-AL Air&Light (upper lid)
-AL Soul takes flight (crease)
-AL Virgil of change (lower lashline)
-black gel liner, MAC Blacktrack
-Hypnose Drama mascara

Air & Light: A silvery white with highlights and sparks of every shade of the rainbow. Full of delightful dimension and interference shimmer, this shade passes into the ether.
Soul Takes Flight: A deep smokey grey/black frosted base with wine undertones, brilliantly offset with sparks of aqua, pink and violet (if you loved "Elegie", you'll be craving this!).
Vigil of Change:
Intense deep cool purple with smokey metallic undertones and golden highlights with pink sparkles.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Couleur Caramel review

Couleur Caramel is a french line of organic and refillable cosmetics. The company has Ecocert certificate.

"Natural vegetable and mineral ingredients : produced through Organic Farming, these active agents provide real treating effects. Couleur Caramel offers Rosin-free, Formalin-free, Mineral oil-free, Paraben-free, Phenoxyethanol-free and Toluene-free formulas."

I've found many good products from this company:
-eyeshadows: very pigmented (I just love loose minerals more :D)
-brow pencil "blond": I use this daily! Absolutely love this product!
-corrector "beige clair 2": Another favorite, I use this daily under eyes. Hydrates and conceals, what more could I ask :D
-lip liner (sorry, I don't know the color): This feel a bit too hard but it still gives nice amount of color. I like this one but I haven't found the perfect lipliner yet :/
-lipstick: I like this shimmery and sheer one but unfortunately most of the colors sold in local pharmacy are more mattes/opaques. I just always "eat" my lipstick and I want it to look very natural :D

You can find these products from french online store Onaturel. If you know other eShops selling Couleur Caramel, please leave a note :)

Have you tried Couleur caramel?

eye shadow, case for 4 eyeshadows (sold separately), brow pencil, lipliner, concealer & lipstick.

Couleur Caramel on ranskalainen luomusarja, osa pakkauksista on uudelleen täytettäviä. Firmalla on Ecocert-sertifikaatti. Yksi kiinnostava tuote tällä firmalla on eko-kynsilakanpoistoaine. Testasin sitä kerran ja tuntui ihan hyvältä, kynnet jäivät vähemmän kuiviksi kuin perusputsarien jälkeen mutta ei toki ole yhtä tehokas. Hintaa pikkupullolla on 15-20€ eli ihan halpaa lystiä tämä ei ole.

Olen löytänyt Couleur Caramelilta monia hyviä tuotteita:
Luomivärit: hyväpigmenttisiä (pidän vain mineraaleista enemmän :D)
kulmakynä "blond": suosikkini, päivittäisessä käytössä! Ihan nappisävy ja hyvä koostumus.
peiteväri "blond clair 2": Toinen suosikkini, päivittäisessä käytössä myös. Peittää hyvin ja kosteuttaa, mitäpä muuta sitä voisi toivoa :D
huultenrajaus, jonka väriä en tiedä :/ Kovanpuoleinen mutta väriä irtoaa silti ihan kivasti (vaatii aina huulirasvan). Ihan ok mutta huultenrajauskynistä ei suosikkia ihan helpolla näytä löytyvän.
huulipuna: tykkään kovasti tästä hohtavasta ja läpikuultavasta sävystä, sääli että moni sävyistä on joko liian tumma tai liian matta/peittävä. Syön huulipunat niin nopeasti, että luonnollisemmat sävyt ovat minun juttuni ;)

Itse ostan nämä Kauppatorin apteekista Turusta. Muita myyjiä voi katsella täältä tai ostaa ranskalaisesta Onaturel-nettikaupasta.

Oletko testannut Caramelin meikkejä? Mitä olet pitänyt?

EOTD Aromaleigh Les papillons: light green with plum

It's monday and time for more wearable looks ;) I want to test all my Aromaleigh Les Papillons-pigments now, so I can order full sizes. So far I've decided to buy Glowing Luna (light yellow-green) and Zephyr's breeze (vibrant warm green). Tomorrow I'll try Soul takes flight, that looks so nice too!

I'll go to Hong Kong this Friday so don't forget the giveaway :)

Ja taas on maanantai ja sen myötä arkisemmat meikit ;) Haluan testata nyt kaikki Aromaleighin Les papillons-sävyt, jotta voin tilatata täysikokosiet haluamistani sävyistä. Tähän mennessä ostoskoriin hyppäsivät Glowing luna (vaalea keltavihreä) sekä Zephyr's breeze (kirkas ja lämmin vihreä). Huomenna vielä testivuorossa Soul takes flight, se vaikuttaa myös lupaavalta.

Perjantaina lähden kohti Hong Kongia, älkää unohtako tulevaa arvontaa :)

-Mschic primer
-AL Glowing Luna (upper lid, tearduct)
-AL Emergent beauty (crease, lower lid)
-plum gel liner (MAC Macroviolet)
-Vibrating mascara: Lancome Oscillation. I do not like it :D

Estee Lauder Vita-Mineral loose powder makeup

I just noticed this product in local shop and I was curious to see the ingredients of this product. I didn't expect much (these "old" exclusive companies just can't make decent MINERAL makeup) and unfortunately I was right. The first in inci is talc and silicones are present too, of course! The ingredient list is also too long to be a "real" mineral product. The brush didn't convince me either... The powder felt nice though, so if you don't really care what's inside the jar, this might be a good choice.

Unfortunaly I didn't have much time to look at the inci, I had my kids with me... My "favorite" so far is still Maybelline "mineral" makeup with teflon (PTFE) :D


Huomasin juuri tämän tuotteen myynnissä Stockmannilla ja olinkin kiinnostunut mitä purkki pitää sisällään. Paljoa en odottanut (nämä "vanhat" hienot merkit eivät mineraalimeikeistä tajua yhtään mitään) ja mineraalituotteista ei nytkään ollut kyse. Inci alkaa lupaavasti talkilla ja mukana silikonia, tietenkin. Lista on myös pitkä, mineraaleissa taas sen nimenomaan pitäisi olla melko lyhyt. Sivellinkään ei ihan vakuuttanut... Ihan kivalta puuteri toki tuntui, joten jos et ole suuremmin kiinnostunut mitä purkissa on sisällä, saattaa tämäkin olla ihan kiva tuote.

Valitettavasti kovin tarkkaan en inciä ehtinyt silmäillä, lasten kanssa olin liikenteessä... "Suosikkini" tähän mennessä on kyllä Maybellinen "mineraali"meikki, joka sisältää teflonia (PTFE) :D

Review: Jo Hansford Intensive Mask

I've got quite thick, unruly hair that endures a daily battle of trying to wilfully curl despite my savage attacks with straighteners. I don't always win. But, try as I did over the summer to go into straightener re-hab and wean myself off the hot irons, I've now found they're merging back into my daily routine. I was sent a pot of Jo Hansford Intensive Mask to try and much as I go eek at the price (£25) this stuff really does work. After applying post-shampoo, I left it on for a couple of minutes (although can never busy myself enough in the shower for two long minutes so have to get out) expecting the usual 'takes an hour to rinse out properly' effect that hefty hair masks usually have. Well, this one rinsed away in moments and genuinely left my hair feeling ultra-soft. It's too soon to say whether it will have any long term effects on the health of my hair, but the mix of Keratin and Castahana de Brasil (an Amazonian ingredient that nourishes the cortex of the hair shaft) certainly felt repairing and boosting.

Clarisonic Review

I've been using my Clarisonic for slightly over a week now, and I feel, well a bit 'meh' about it. I am in no doubt that it does cleanse skin effectively (using the same technology as Sonicare toothbrushes - and in fact, developed by the same team). There is a great review in the Daily Mail today where the feature makes the very good point that 'sonic' doesn't mean, in this instance, scientific rays etc (pardon my lack of technical knowledge on sonic here and also my reluctance to research for half an hour on what place sonic technology has in the field of boffindom), it refers to the oscillation of the brush, which gives 300 per minute, apparantly. So, back to the review. It is extremely simple to use - charge it up and press a switch - that's literally it. The brush feels very soft on the skin (although I really don't like the way it puts me into pre-sneeze mode when I use it on my nose) and a beep signals when you've spent long enough on any one area. The basic theory behind using this superior form of cleansing is that it allows your other beauty products to work much more effectively, and it is true that skin feels super-clean and soft after using - just not mind-blowingly so. Other bloggers/mags etc rave and rave about it - I like it, but I'm just not sure I'd spend £150 on it. Mine came with several Clarisonic own label cleansing products, but I've stuck to my own cleansers to test it. I think if it came in at a more affordable price point, I'd like it better, and overall I'd rate it good, not amazing.

When Bloggers and Brands Collide....

It had to happen sometime; when things start going horribly wrong between bloggers and beauty brands. I’ve been watching a particular USA based company for a while now called Sunlove whose relationship with bloggers and YouTube reviewers has nose dived into abusive chaos. It’s happened for several reasons, not least because neither party has quite grasped the quid pro quo.

Bloggers – particularly younger beauty bloggers and YT reviewers, desperate to blog about beautiful things, but without the cash to spare to splash on pricy beauty products are quite naturally tempted by offers of ‘free’ product. But, nothing in this life comes absolutely free. I’ve often been told by bloggers that once the initial euphoria of receiving free beauty products wear off, they feel a ‘virtual gun to their heads’ to give a positive review. With no experience of dealing with the media, they don’t have a clue, understandably, about how the unwritten press/media relationships go. So, it is therefore incumbent upon PRs not to take advantage of this or at the very least, be extremely sensitive to it. Bloggers do not have to give positive reviews; just because something is free doesn’t mean you have to love it. It does mean, however, that in accepting a sample of product, you are agreeing to review it or consider it for review. Many bloggers take refuge in not reviewing a product they don’t like, afraid of the repercussions of posting a negative one, and yet a blog is supposed to be the one platform where you read the real deal.

On the other hand, some bloggers do start their beauty blogs because they’ve followed other blogs and seen what booty falls their way. These are very easy to spot and one encounter will tell you whether the relationship can continue. When beauty blogging is so new to the UK, it is almost impossible for PRs or brands to tell the rough from the smooth at this early stage, so it is a question of trial and error all round. A strong example of this was a recent make up presentation to bloggers where many expressed outrage at only being given one free product at the end of the event. But since that is no secret, it has just made it all the more easy for the brands and PRs to spot the genuine beauty lovers from the chancers. Censorship within the blogging community is becoming more and more common, thankfully. The majority of beauty bloggers and YT reviewers feel a genuine responsibility to pass on their comments and views – companies cannot expect to get a positive review every time. Sunlove’s mistake was to view YT reviews and beauty bloggers as a source of powerful publicity for little outlay for them other than a few complimentary products, and also to believe that for every product sent out a favourable review would automatically follow. Although there are several more complex twists and turns to the Sunlove story, it is a salutary tale for those brands wanting to use this particular type of media to get their products noticed. Sunlove have certainly got themselves plenty of attention, but not in the way they intended. When things descend to such a level, it’s time to go quiet. Bloggers can block them, or anyone else who is abusive or difficult, or delete them from Twitter, and Sunlove will have to write it off to experience. Abusive or aggressive emails and intimidating posts or tweets aren’t acceptable from anybody and in these cases the delete button is the beauty blogger’s best friend. I know I’ve certainly used mine!

We’re all feeling our way around this new media: there are going to be mistakes made on all sides. The best way forward surely has to be honesty and openness and learning from the inevitable catalogue of errors.

POST SCRIPT: A couple of comments to this post have mentioned 'paid for' reviews. I feel on a personal level that this is a slippery slope unless it is handled extremely carefully. I think it's fine to be a 'spokesperson' for a brand and to be more involved with them than just a fan, but lay your cards on the table. The blogging community is a very perceptive one - one hint of unfair play and word soon gets around. Doing 'sponsored' reviews is something that will become more common over time and there isn't anything wrong with forging mutually beneficial relationships with brands as long as you aren't perceived as trying to dupe your audience. Be open and pave the way.

New RBR Colours Launching Tonight

These four brand new shades launch on Zuneta tonight: they are -

Grey Go-Away Lourie: slate grey semi-opaque;
Blackpepper Jay: smoky black/brown semi-opaque;
Papyrus Canary: pale creamy beige semi-opaque; and
Chestnut-napped Apalis: chestnut puree with hints of cocoa dust semi opaque.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees suede

I wasn't that thrilled of my other OPI suede polishes (Ink and Russian navy) but Suzi skis in the Pyrenees is so pretty! Or maybe the reason is that I do not have the original Suzi skis in the Pyrenees YET ;) I didn't like this as suede but with top coat this is just amazing.

En aivan riemusta hyppinyt muiden OPI suede lakkojeni kanssa (Ink ja Russian Navy) mutta Suzi skis in the Pyrenees on todella nätti! Vai onkohan syynä se, ettei minulla oli original versiota tästä lakasta VIELÄ ;) Suedena tämä ei niin innostanut mutta päälyslakan kanssa tämä on niin kaunis!

Jo Malone Fragrance Combining for Autumn and Winter

Despite the fact that today has been gloriously warm and sunny, I thought it might be useful to write a post on some Jo Malone combinations I have liked for the colder months.

My Jo Malone wardrobe usually consists of two or three colognes, a couple of body cremes, a bath oil in the winter, and a shower gel (and then I also pinch Mr London's shower gel occasionally.)

For example, at the

My 3rd look today: Inspired by Finland

I noticed this weeks challenge in Aromaleigh forum and decided to do my third makeup today ;D The theme was "inspiration photo" or destination and just googled "Turku archipelago" and found this picture. So I decided to try light blue with warm green.

Huomasin juuri tämän viikon meikki"kilpailun" eräältä foorumilta ja päätin tehdä päivän kolmannen meikin ;D Teemana oli inspiroiva kuva tai paikka ja googlettamalla Turun saariston löysin tämän ihanan kuvan.

-AL Tanaquil (lid)
-AL Zephyr's breeze (crease)
-AL Flutura's cloud (lower lashline)
-Indelible Oceanic (eyeliner)
-Isadora buid up extra volume mascara, blue

Aromaleigh hot pink-green butterfly look

Well, I had nothing else to do ;) My husband is watching formula I and kids are playing with their friends, so I had some time to play with my Les Papillons piggies. LOL

I have wanted to try pink-green combo for a long time but I didn't have the right pigments to do this look. I got the idea for this combo from lovely Katrina, thank you! I used light pink on lid, hot pink on crease and vibrant green on lower lid.

Selvästikään minulle ei ole tänään mitään tekemistä ;) Mies katselee formuloita ja lapset leikkivät kavereineen ulkona, joten minulla oli aikaa testailla Les papillons pigmenttejä. *heh*

Olen halunnut testata pinkki-vihreä yhdistelmää jo pidempään mutta oikeita sävyjä ei löytynyt (en juuri siedä pinkkiä). Sain idean yhdistelmään eräältä mineraalimeikkifoorumilta. Käytin vaalenapunaista luomella, pinkkiä varjostustuksena ja vihreää alalumelle.

-AL Butterly kisses (lid)
-AL Dormant dream (crease)
-AL Dormant dream foiled (eyeliner)
-AL Winged psyche (lower lid)
-Fatale mascara, green

Butterfly Kisses: Sweetest cool silvery frosted pink with lavender tones, golden highlights and brilliant sparks of aqua.
Dormant Dream:
A dramatic and vivid fuschia purple with a metallic heart and pearl frost finish. (A customer requested a "Gucci" purple, and this is the result!
Winged Psyche:
A green rich with dimension and lustrous metallic finish. Tinges of blue and shimmering flashes of pale blue make this anything but ordinary. Inspired by the rarest green butterflies.

No more orange!

Orange is really not my best color... But sometimes I just have to remind me ;) And this orange looks so nice (Spread your wing from Aromaleigh Les Papillons). It's truly a beautiful color but not just best for me. I bet Lisa Kate will look stunning with this!

Oranssi ei ole tod parhaita värejäni mutta välillä siitäkin näemmä täytyy itseään muistuttaa ;) Ja tämä oranssi on vielä niin kaunis (Spread your wings, Aromaleighin Les Papillons kokoelmasta). Värinä siis upea mutta ei vaan minun juttuni.

-AL Marigold (tearduct area)
-AL Spread your wings, Les Papillons
-AL Thalia's Return, Les Papillons
-Brown gel liner
-Lumene excellengt mascara, brown

Spread your Wings: The gentle earthy orange of the Monarch Butterfly, but rich with metallic splendor, vivid color and sparks of pure silver.
Thalia's Return:
A deep and vivid warm chestnut metallic brown with sparkles of wine, coral and gold.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

OPI INK & Russian Navy original & Suede comparison

OPI Ink suede

I bought 3 OPI suede nail polishes from The delivery was very fast (1 week) and my nail polishes were well packed, I'll definitely buy from this company again :)

I saw pictures of suede polishes and got very interested, I didn't like mattes at all. I have tried only Ink suede yet and it's nice but not as amazing as I expected... And these are not as long lasting as regular ones.

Ostin 3 OPI suede kynsilakkaa Toimitus oli nopea (1 viikko) and lakat oli hyvin pakatut, ostan varmasti täältä uudelleenkin. Essien matte about you nosti postikuluja aina 5 USD ja kun otin yhteyttä firmaan, selvisi että kysessä oli virhe sivuilla ja lupasivat palauttaa tuon tilauksen jälkeen. Palautus tuli PayPaliin seuraavana päivänä.

Kiinnostuin OPIn suede-lakoista kuvien perusteella, mattet taas eivät innostaneet yhtään. Nyt olen testannut vasta Suede Ink-sävyn ja onhan se nätti mutta ei niin ihmeellinen kuin kuvittelin... Eivät ole myöskään yhtä kestäviä kuin perus-OPIT.

Lokakuussa OPI Suedejen pitäisi rantautua myös suomalaisiin kauppoihin, en malttanut odottaa ;)

OPI Ink comparison & Kinky In Helsinki (Helsinki is the capital city of Finland ;)

OPI Russian navy comparison & Orly Enchanted forest

Sparkly Green Nails

This is China Glaze Watermelon Rind on my poor little nails ;O)

This is two coats and the pictures just do NOT do this one justice.

This reminds me of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz but with a little more pizzaz. It dries down to a rich greenish teal base with some shots of micro glitter in green, blue and teal.
It also looks simply fabulous topped with a couple coats of China Glaze Atlantis (turq jelly base with loads of green, teal and multi colored sparkles). This layered look is not for the faint of heart!

This is a shimmery happy manicure color that put a smile on my face :O)

Hi Fi Cosmetics review, swatches & EOTD

I got my order from HiFi cosmetics last week. Shipping was very fast (one week) and everything was nice & clean. The worst thing is this company is too many beutiful pigments: it was so hard to decide what to order ;) I have tried only 2 eyeshaows from this company yeat but at least in thoe colors quality was very good. Of course I always recommendend primer with pigments.

Samples are really generous and you can get 20 samples in 15 USD. You can't get wrong with that kind of a deal :D And don't forget September BOGO (buy one, get one free).

I got 2 full sizes too. I took "The Cyanide you drank" because of it's name and it is so pretty!

HiFi Cosmeticsin tilaus saapui viime viikolla. Toimitus oli nopea (1 viikko tilauksesta), samplet ovat todella reilut, paketti ja tuotteet olivat siistit. Pahinta tässä firmassa on liian monta ihanaa sävyä: liian vaikea valita mitä tilaa ;) Olen testannut vasta muutaman sävyn mutta laatu tuntuu niissä oikein hyvältä. Primeriä toki suosittelen mutta niin teen kaikkien mineraalien kanssa.

Firmalla on hyvä tarjous (erittäin reiluista) sampleista,
valitse 20 hintaan 15 USD. Tuolla tarjouskella ei oikein voi mennä vikaan :D Syyskuussa myös BOGO (osta yksi, toinen kaupan päälle) tarjous. Kansainväliset ostajat voivat kysyä toimituskuluja Veronicalta, hän tekee sitten oman listauksen tuotteista jotka haluat ostaa sekä postikulut. Eivät olleet pahat, tälle tilaukselle noin 3 USD.

Sain myös 2 täysikokoista luomiväriä. The Cyanide you drank-sävyn valitsin nimen perusteella ja se on aivan upea sävy!

And finally a quick EOTD with HiFi shadows. I grabbed a few "safe colors" because I had only 10 minutes to do my makeup. It's possible but not nice!

Ja lopuksi pikainen meikki HiFi luomiväreillä. Nappasin äkkiä muutaman turvallisen sävyn, sillä oli taas melkein myöhässä ja aikaa meikkiin jäi 10 minuuttia. Onhan tuo vielä ihan mahdollista mutta ei tosiaan hauskaa!

-Mschic primer
-HiFi The cyanide you drank (lid, tearduct are)
-HiFi Midnight runner (crease)
-HiFi Tell me lies (browbone)
-black gel liner

Friday, September 25, 2009

Experimenting with Fall nail trends

Deep down in my heart I fancy light sparkly nail polish colors. I love to look down at my hands and see light pearly, glittery and holographic shades. I very rarely do a deep dark vampy color on my tips but the fall nail trends are knocking on my door and I'm trying new things. The trends are also calling for mint green nails as well. Mint green is not not very fall or winter but I don't make these things up.
I had ordered Zoya's Pinta nail polish about a month ago but had not had a chance to apply it. So, last evening I gave it whirl and I really love this deep rich purple. My cuticles are a mess (neglected them, tisk, tisk) but other than that I don't think this color looks half bad.Also, last weekend I was in Sally Beauty Supply and I spotted this polish (China Glaze For Audrey) I was immediately drawn to it. I really love this Tiffany blue/green shade and it's a nice change. It wore wonderfully for about 5 days with no chipping. I usually wear my nail polishes with a base coat and top coat.

Clinique Flagship counter at Selfridges now open

Selfridges has re-vamped and reorganised the main beauty hall, and I was recently invited to go and have a look and a skincare consultation at the new Clinique counter.

Clinique have gained a huge amount of floorspace in the moves. They are now in the prime spot by the corner next to the path into the chocolate and stationery (where Lancome used to be, but also with half of the space round the

Me Me Me Beat the Blues Illuminator in Moon Beam

I was sent this product by a very good PR recently (she sent me a couple of products in colours I might be interested in.)

Me Me Me is stocked in Superdrug, and this illuminator/enhancer costs £4.40 for 12ml. The packaging is like a nail polish bottle, with a nail polish type of brush. Moon Beam is a pale pink shimmer, which is very sheer, and so forgiving to apply.

...BUT...Yo, Me Me Me, I'm

EOTD Colorful butterfly

More looks with Aromaleigh Les Papillons ;) I decided to try yellow (Golden Crysalis) and orange (Spread your wings). When I applied Spread you wings, I knew it was a big mistage and I remowed it right away... I'll try it with some other color later. Fragile Charms was a surprise to me too, it so pretty!

Lisää Aromaleigh Les Papillons-meikkejä ;) Päätin kokeilla tällä kertaa keltaista (Golden Crysalis) ja oranssia (Spread your wings). Heti, kun laitoin oranssia luomelle, tajusin että nyt menee ihan metsään ja poistin sen heti... Kokeilen sitä uudelleen myöhemmin eri värin kanssa. Fragile Charms taas yllätti positiivisesti, ihana sävy!

-Mschic primer
-AL Golden Chrysalis (lid, tearduct area)
-AL Fragile charms (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
-Hypnose drama+Lumene excellenght mascara

Golden Chrysalis: A truly unique muted organic gold with amazing dimensional spirit. Shimmer of golden red lustrous metallic honeyed gold and sparks of violet interplay.
Fragile Charms:
a muted mauved purple with fuschia and burgundy undertones. Slight blue highlight, silvery metallic smoothness and brilliant diamond glints.

My Kind of Mini-Man

I always swore I'd stay on message and never post anything that wasn't beauty related...but such is my Chanel addiction that I'm breaking my golden rule. The only non-beauty post you'll (probably) ever see on my blog!

This cute mini-me Karl Lagerfeld figurine (official name, Tokidoki) is 10 ins tall and all decked out in signature Karl clothing. Made from vinyl, he's going into Colette in Paris next month (start queueing for the Eurostar). With only 1000 of the figures available worldwide, Chanel fans will make it their must-have. T-shirts embellished with the diddy designer are said to be on the way.

As the proud owner of a Tim Gunn talking doll, you'll know why this is on my hit list!

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