Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful Gift Sets at Beaute cosmetics

My makeup ladies (as Mr London calls them) at have been big fans of Beaute cosmetics since he launched the lipglosses, so it's no surprise that they were all over the Beaute gift sets as soon as they were up on the website. (I'm pretty sure it's not just because he's cute; the products are excellent too.)

If you haven't tried Beaute, these are an excellent way to dip a toe into

All For Eve

You're going to get to know these three words pretty well over the coming months: All For Eve is a new brand founded by George Hammer of Urban Retreat fame that raises funds for the significantly underfunded area of gynaecological cancers. Because cancer of the ovaries and other gynaecological areas still need so much research, George is trailblazing the All For Eve campaign to finally start funnelling much needed money towards finding a cure via The Eve Appeal which was set up to save the lives of women suffering from gynaecological cancers. Inspired by his sister in law, who sadly died from ovarian cancer, the fundraising will come mainly from All For Eve beauty and fashion products, where all profits go straight to the charity. The twist is that various brands; currently Rock & Republic, Elemis, Murad and Bliss, to name but a few, will develop products specifically for All For Eve. The products will be sold through accessible outlets so we can all start stocking up on truly worthwhile beauty and fashion must-haves. Expect to see products, including shower gels, body scrubs and nail varnish rolling out from spring next year. What's impressive about All For Eve is that literally all profits go straight to funding gynaecological cancer research: that's exactly what the brand has been designed for; no giving a pound here and there, no murky 'percentage of profits''s the whole damn lot. Simple as that.

Aromaleigh Spring Solstice ENCORE for 2 weeks!

This is the collection I've waiting for ;) So all these colors will be sold for 2 weeks and after that part of the Spring Solstice collection will be permanent!

Jipii! Olenkin tätä kokoelmaa odotellut kieli pitkällä :D Spring Solstice sävyt siis myynnissä 2 viikkoa, jonka jälkeen osa kokoelmasta päätyy pysyvään valikoimaan.

*1. Mallow: Spring's first blush. The softest pale coral with shimmers of gold.

**2. Heartleaf: The freshness of budding leaves with sparkles of violet.

*3. Forget-me-not: The lush turquoise of petals, sparkling with magical turquoise sparkles.

4. Tansy: The deep golden color of closed flowerbuds, sparkling with blue highlight.

*5. Jessamine: A walk through the Spring forest. Deep green and brown base with golden highlight shimmer.

*6. Nasturtium: Dramatic neutral red, sparkling with highlights of pink sparks.

*7. Phlox: A delicate, shimmering wash of pale silver grey with iridescent blue sparks.

8. Bellflower: A diaphanous violet purple tone, slightly sheer, with highlights of pink sparks.

*9. Calendula: Warm mahogany brown with coppery sparkle shimmer.

*10. Greenbrier: Lovely cool green with surprising sparks of blue, the color of the sky.

*11. Alyssum: Soft frosty champagne pink with shimmer of green and blue.

12. Chicory: Rich copper with rose undertone, bright copper sparkle.

**13. Hemlock: A complex, very wearable soft shimmering brown with undertones of green.

*14. Lupine: Shimmering mid-tone smokey blue violet.

15. Candytuft: Petal pink with an abundance of violet sparkles highligting.

**16. Trillium: Vibrant, but wearable fresh Spring green full of shimmering green sparkles.

**17. Ondberry: A rich, softly shimmering eggplant purple with slight sparkles of gold.

*18. Larkspur: Softly frosted lavender with a magical purple iridescence.

**19. May Lily : My new favorite- the palest creamy greenish shimmer with sparkles of pink and violet.

**20. Viburnum: Remember the coveted Le Mystere #69? The only Mystere that actually had a recipe? Well, this is it. The perfect marriage of cocoa brown and pewter. Softly frosted. Fantastic.

*21. Godetia: Rosy brown shimmer with tiny sparkles of gold throughout.

*22. Zinnia: So unique, this vibrant but soft coral peach turns into a blend of pinkish coral with a dominant violet iridescence.

*) I'll order a sample
**) I think I'll love this one :D

Pictures & descriptions are from Aromaleigh's website.

Kat Von D Lipsticks

And this is reason #23,258 that Sephora should come back to these shores; the Kat Von D line. I was sent these three lipsticks (which came in one set) by a US friend. I love Kat Von D; she's totally glamorous without a hint of that helpless girlie thing. She's also an immensely talented artist; I have a hard time deciding if she or Garver are my favourites on Miami Ink/L.A. Ink, but as she also

Beauty products I'm currently using

I saw this In Phyrra's & Lipstick Rules' blog, so here are the products I'm currently using :) I'm addicted to makeup but hair/body products have been same for longer time (products marked with HG=> I've used for a LONG time :D)

Näin tämän muutamassa blogissa ja päätin kirjoitella omat suosikkituotteeni tällä hetkellä :) Olen meikkiaddikti mutta hius-, kasvo- ja vartalotuotteet ovat pysyneet samoina jo pidempään (HG merkintä=>käytössä PITKÄÄN enkä aio vaihtaa jatkossakaan).

Shampoo: Urtekram Children's shampoo
Conditioner: Giovanni 50:50 balanced (HG)
Styling Products: L'anza Straitline Smoother (HG), Redken Woolshake (HG) & XZ tyrni hiuslakka (hairspray, HG)

Shower Gel: TBS (Dewberry, Cranberry, Green apple, Pink Grapefruit, Black velvet apricot) and Giovanni (Grapefruit sky).
Soap: Suds n Sass Goat milk soap
Body Moisturizer: Urtekram No Perfume (HG) & Weleda
Deodorant: Logona (Oriental) & Nivea Sensitive balm

Cleanser: Sebamed (HG) & TBS Passion fruit cleansing gel
Toner: Melvita's rose water
Exfoliator: none
Moisturizer: A'Kin vital hydration gel-cream & Basan gel (HG)
Eye cream: Decubal eye cream

Foundation Brush: Alima retractable brush
Concealer: MUS Cover all mix
Primer: Purely silk&pearl dry skin primer, Meow Equilibrium
Powder: Dreamworld Peach silk (HG), Aromaleigh You're a doll powders (HG)
Foundation: Sassy Minerals (cool light), Purely Cosmetics/ Pure mineral (custom color), Meow/ Flawless Feline (2 Mau), Lauress/ Elemental (Subtle neutral) & Alima (neutral 2-3)
Blush: Aromaleigh Corset, Wildflower & Pomegranate, Sassy Zealous & Tart, Meow Canna, Alima Freja & Leigh
Highlighter: Don't use often
Eyeshadow Base: Detrivore Primer or Gosh
Eyeshadows: Aromaleigh, Sassy Minerals, HiFi etc... Mineral makeup every day :D
Eyeliner: MAC Fluidlines
Curler: Shu Uemura
Mascara: LashStiletto waterproof or anything non waterproof with Shiseido mascara base.
Lipstick: YSD Rouge Volupte, MAC (Cremesheens), Aromaleigh (blankgeneration, Cakewalk etc), Fyrinnae (Lickable), Beautiful girl minerals (Tainted)...
Lipgloss: MAC Boy Bait! I love this and want to find similar from mineral brands!
Nail Colour: Black, blue & green colors :) I use many brands.
Perfume: I love perfumes :D TBS Love etc, TBS Neroli Jasmin, CK Obsession, Versace Crystal noir, Must de Cartier, Guerlain Shalimar & l'Instant magic, Anna Sui Rock me & Night of Fancy, Valentino Rock'n Rose, Bvlgari Jasmin noir...

I forgot this one:
Lipbalm: Aromaleigh French Cocoa Bliss (HG)


Aromaleigh HiFi Retro Matte EOTD with Smokin'

I tried yesterday In Orbit and Spaz Aromaleigh HiFi Retro Mattes and those colors are definitely my favorites from this collection! Today I wanted to try something completely different and decided to try Smokin'. I was very surprised how much I liked this color! And I think it was even prettier irl :)

Eilen testasin Aromaleighin HiFi Retro Matteista In Orbit ja Spaz sävyt, jota ovat taatusti omat suosikkini tästä kokoelmasta! Tänään halusin ihan erilaisia sävyjä ja päätin kokeilla Smokin'ia. Olin todella yllättynyt kuinka paljon pidin tästä väristä! Ja oli vielä kivanpi livenä :)

-Gosh eyeshadow base
-AL Butterfly Kisses, Les Papillons (lid)
-AL Smokin', HiFi Retro Matte (crease, lower lash line)
-AL Sand, pure eyes matte (brow bone)
-MAC blacktack fluidline
-Shiseido mascara base+Gosh mascara

Butterfly Kisses: Sweetest cool silvery frosted pink with lavender tones, golden highlights and brilliant sparks of aqua.
Smokin': smoked mauve with earthy tones, set your stare on fire.

Hope you like this :) I 've learnt to like pink. LOL

The London Wavelength

Mr London and I think alike; sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it is not.

His iphone made the message ping noise last night, and I automatically looked down and caught sight of an earlier email from Etsy. He isn't an Etsy type of person.

My first thought was "Bugger. He's bought me the Poppet reads The Graveyard Book that I just bought him for Christmas."  I tentatively broached

Dior J'Adore Limited Edition Amphora

Just in case anyone has recently won the lottery/discovered buried treasure/robbed bank etc, I thought I'd flag up the amazing Amphora from Dior for Selfridges. With only 10 available, the bottles are individually made with an engraved eight point star inspired by mosaic tiling from Christian Dior's childhood home. The bottle, with handpainted gold edging contains J'Adore Perfume Extract, a more intense and concetrated version of the fragrance, and was made to celebrate Selfridges 100th birthday. So far, so good. You might want to sit down now though. It costs £700.

Elemis Candles

While Elemis is better known for gorgeous skin care, I've got to say they are rocking it with their candles this year. I've completely fallen for this beautiful little Travel Trio in a silver case (double as a make up bag when the candles are gone) and three fragranced candles in chrome cases. If you haven't smelled the new Daisy Candle (daisy, banana and freesia) then you're missing a treat. The set costs £35 and also contains a mini Amber candle and mini signature Spa candle.

If You See A Passing Band Wagon..

...just jump right on it. A few weeks ago I had a press release on a new beauty range from How To Look Good Naked, with products ranging from Eau de Toilette through to body creams and scrubs. This range is sold through Argos. I was about to get a little bit interested when I noticed the release had no mention at all or quotes from Gok Wan, the entire raison d'etre of HTLGN. The products looked bland, but I quite liked the simplicity of the packaging, but it was all just so un-Gok. Moments later, I then had a release about a new range from Gok, called Gorgeous by Gok - much more Gokky in vibrant pinks, golds and purples and sold at Boots. With various write ups splashed all over the internet, if you love Gok and his preoccupation with bangers, then you need to get Gorgeous by Gok, in which he has had some input, and not the pretender How To Look Good Naked range which is being price slashed as I write on Argos. Maybe next time guys, or, er, girlfriends, introduce right hand to left and then you won't be in the embarrassing position of having two ranges from the same show competing against each other. Weird.

Free delivery at Beauty Expert until Midnight tonight (30 November)

There's no code to enter; it looks like it applies automatically. Delivery is generally free with orders over £50 anyway, but for today there is no minimum.

Another interesting offer is a free 50ml Shu Uemura cleansing oil with a £50 purchase of Shu Uemura products - Beauty Expert recently started to stock Shu Uemura, and this is great way to try the famous cleansing oil if you already know you

Winterproofing - the hands

I have long arms and legs, and dreadful circulation (in the winter my fingernails are often a lovely shade of blue in their natural state.) Consquently, I wear gloves whenever I'm outside from September to May, and my hands are very dry, to the extent sometimes that the skin on them is itchy and red looking. These are some of the hand creams I've tried, and what I think of them.

L'Occitane Shea

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Difference between Asian and Caucasian eyes, Pt. 2

I know I did a post on this before, but I thought I would dig deeper. After reading some anatomy books and stuff on the web, the difference is so interesting that maybe some of you might like to know or maybe not. WARNING: This post could put you to sleep!The eye is divided into 3 main parts when applying makeup: Brow area, lid, and crease. Now let's get a bit anatomical. Your brows lie on

Eco-Refills of Shea Liquid Soap at L'Occitane

This is an excellent idea from L'Occitane - refills for the Shea Liquid Soap bottles. As well as being environmentally sound to cut down on packaging (it always seems a shame to throw out the pumps) it's quite a bit less expensive to buy at £8 for 400ml, compared to £16 for 500ml in the pump.

We always have one of these in the kitchen, and I'll definitely be buying the refills from now on.

Aromaleigh Retro HiFi Matte look: In Orbit

*** Don't forget my BLOG GIVEAWAY! Coming soon ***

OMG, these new Aromaleigh's Retro HiFi Mattes are so beautiful! I had to try In Orbit first, because I just love green ;) I did expect these to be very nice (because I love AL mattes) but these greens are just incredible :D Hope you like the look too!

No onpas nämä Aromaleighin uudet Retro HiFi mattet melkoisen ihania! Piti tietty kokeilla In Orbitia ensin, vihreää kun rakastan ;) Odotin näiltä paljon, AL:n matta väreistä kun pidän, ja ovat vähintääkin niin ihanat vihreät kuin epäilin :D

-Gosh primer
-AL In Orbit, Retro HiFi matte (lid)
-AL Spaz, Retro HiFi matte (outer lid & lower lash line)
-AL Divine Intervention, Gothic Lolita (crease)
-AL Sand, Pure eyes matte (brow bone)
-MAC fluidline Bliz&Glitz
-LashStiletto wp

In Orbit: wicked chartreuse green (this color has the slightest lustre, it is barely perceptible on the skin)
True lime green, totally nuclear.
Divine Intervention: Glorious verdant pearlescent warm green with heavenly sparks of blue

Planning to order these beauties? :D

Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel Lips N RS-1 (shiny line)

Today I am going to give my two cents on the Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel lips, the newest version. Lavshuca has had the Jewel lips lipstick in their collection for quite a long time: at least for a cosmetic brand, because cosmetic lines seem to come with *new-and-improved* versions of products every time. It seems that their Jewel lips is a keeper in this department. Still, they added a couple of things to their Jewel Lipsticks so it can be sold with the extra *N*.

One of the newer things about their Jewel lips, is that they divided the lipsticks in to a Shiny line and a Color line: shiny is for the sheer and #of course# shiny lipsticks and the color line is probably a deeper version with more pigment.

After pondering if I would like to buy a shiny or a color one, I bought the shiny one. It is my very first Jewel line lipstick, so I cannot say how it compares to earlier versions.

I picked up a rosy version (RS), based on online swatches on their website (here). The RS1 looked a bit more neutral than the RS2, so I went for the neutral rosy.

It is my first Jewel lip purchase, and I found the lipstick to be quite tiny. Even I am not someone to complain about size oftenly, it still reminds me of one of those childrens cosmetics line lipstick that I used to have as a kid.

The benefit of this is that is is more portable and you have a better excuse to replace your lipstick, as it even might be finished one day. (not that I need any excuse for buying new lipsticks *blushes*).

Buying online based on swatches of the manufactor companies can be a risky business. The colour is a tad cooler than I expected. I surely do not mind this, as I have a neutral complexion and I can wear slightly warmer or slightly cooler colours. For a large category of Asian people, it would be better to include better swatches, because they tend to have a warmer skintone and are looking for neutral to warmer shades of lipsticks instead of the cooler ones.

I do like this colour: look close at this has blue shimmer or glitter parts on a mauve-rosy base that makes your lips look a bit fuller and has a slightly cooler surface. Oh, and blue undertones in your lipstick makes your teeth look whiter.

I made a swatch on my arm. It still appears warmer in this picture (and all 7 of the pictures I have attempted to make of this colour) than it is in real life. However, it shows the dewiness of the lipstick and the way the shimmer/glitter reflects the light. The base colour (the neutral rose) is also quite accurate.

So, it is not the biggest of lipsticks, but I understand why Lavshuca kept their Jewel Lipstick line in their collection for a couple of years. It is cute/kawaii, it is moisturizing enough, and it has some lovely shades for girls on the go. It is not my personal favourite of the Lavshuca collection: that is the Lavshuca Rouge Essence Bar. It is my second favourite, though.
I think it is more a lipsticks for girls, as I would find it a bit odd to top op my lipstick with such a lipstick in a mature (office etc) area. I would prefer to flash a more sophisticated tube such as the other Lavshuca lipsticks, Lunasol, Maquillage or such. However, in my daily life I do not have a 'mature' job yet, so I can flash this lippy with easy.

These are for sale at ichibankao and facial-shop.

HJ Manicure nail polish in Tinsel

I was contacted recently by Helen J, a session manicurist who launched her online boutique nail polish line in 2009, to see if I'd be interested in trying out her nail polish. I had a look at the website and the colours looked beautiful, so I said yes, and was sent three polishes to try.

Tinsel is from the Festive collection, and it's a stunning royal purple with hot pink shimmer. This picture

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte swatches

I got the samples from Aromaleigh to review & swatch, thank you MissK!

I tried to swatch these lovely, vibrant colors many times but somehow some of the colors looked too light in the pictures... Unfortunately the weather has been just terrible here in Finland, very dark and rainy... I even tried to swatch these on eyes but maybe I started with wrong color and I looked like Agneta from ABBA :D

I just washed my makeup and applied Big Tickle only :D Sorry about the application but I just wanted to show how pigmented these are. Very easy to blend too!

So sorry, the swatches are not that good but I'll do some EOTD's asap!

Sain nämä ihanat Retro Hi-Fi Mattet Aromaleighiltä arvoita ja swatcheja varten. Hieman siis hermostuin, kun swatcheista ei näyttänyt tulevan mitään! Nämä kaunokaiset näyttivät swatcheissa usein ihan liian vaaleilta... Hieman aurinkoisempi sää olisi ehkä auttanut myös asiaa! Yritin jopa swatchata nämä luomilla mutta taisin aloittaa väärällä sävyllä ja tuo vaaleansininen sai aikaa melkoiset Abba Agneta fiilikset. Kääk :D

Real Gone: Bright lemony yellow.
In Orbit:
wicked chartreuse green (this color has the slightest lustre)
True lime green.
A vivid cool green.

Big Tickle: That quintessential cyan teal blue.
Daddy-o: slightly muted turquoise blue.
Fake Out: slightly muted cool blue with a hint of violet tones. Blue Note, perhaps?
Cool It:
Vivid bright spaced-out blue.

Train Wreck: Pinked red.
Kookie: The girliest cool pink ever.
Heels on Fire: Intense mauved pink.
Cranked: Slightly muted coral red (this color has the slightest lustre).

Cat's Pajamas: matte coral with warm orange tones. It's not orange, it's not red.
Ankle Biter:
Warm-toned orange, bright!
Flip your Lid:
atomic orange!
Intense coral orange.

*sorry, this one is the worst swatch :(*

What's Shakin'?: Cool toned purple.
Got Dibs:
Warm toned purple.
In the Mix:
smoked violet.
smoked mauve with earthy tones.

Are you interested in Retro Hi-Fi mattes? Quality is excellent, as always in Aromaleigh products :)

FOTD in celebration of Scott Barnes

So, I decided to pull out my Scott Barnes stuff in celebration of his new book, About Face, which is now available for pre-order. It's also the perfect time of year for my Scott Barnes; although I can easily do a more natural/neutral look with his products, his stuff is my absolute favourite for party faces.

I'm wearing (all Scott Barnes unless stated otherwise,)

Cream Foundation in Alabaster

Nice presents at Cowshed

Cowshed has some lovely gift ideas for Christmas. I'm buying my sister this - the Lazy Cow set, which contains 100ml bath/shower gel and 100ml body lotion for £16. Cowshed is a natural and high quality range, and is paraben-free.  The packaging is also lovely, which is so nice for presents.

This set and other gift sets can be found on

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Santa

I am in between posts right now, that means I know what is to be written but my mind won't put those words together. Instead, since the Holidays are in full swing, my mind is thinking about my cosmetic wishlist. (Not in any particular order.)

1. billybBEAUTY Master PAINT BRUSH Collection- These brushes look like a set that would work for a detailed oriented person like me and not to mention

Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? Well, I love makeup, and everything about it; I remember sneaking up to my grandma's vanity table in her bedroom and sniffing the powders and potions, and then at 15/16 my mother took me to the local Dior counter to buy my first high end cosmetics. I found  in 2001 when searching for a review of Creme De La Mer, and it was like coming home for me; I found a place

MAC Love Lace & MAC Lillyland

MAC fans will love the imagery associated with their upcoming collection, Love Lace. It launches on 26th December in the States. Dusty whites, frosty greys and limited edition marine blue smoky kohls....sounds gorgeous, but it cannot be nearly as flipping fabulous as the Lillyland range - shadows shown above, in collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer - brilliant brights, amazing imagery and imaginatively crafted make up items. Genius, and scheduled to launch early 2010.


Embargo Buster

Some brands are still trying to tell us how they'd like their product publicised by us and recommended to readers by us, thank you very much. Pointless to invite on-line writers to a launch in November and insist it can't be spoken about until February 2010. So, hope you'll all love the new Vaseline body cream when you read about it next year. Of course, it's already all over the internet having launched in the states so I'd say its an ill-conceived embargo in the first place?

Quite Right, Mrs White

I love these new 'Old Soak' bathing salts from apothecary style bath and body range Mrs White. There's nothing old fashioned about bathing salts these days, and I swear by a sea salt bath for soothing shopping induced aches and pains. The Mrs White range uses English sea salt and pure aromatherapy oils to make a gorgeous, relaxing soak. If you don't know the benefits of sea salt baths then you might be surprised to know that salt is exfoliating, water softening, skin softening, cleansing, detoxifying, antiseptic and is a powerful muscle relaxant. Sea salt also has the mysterious quality of reducing the 'pruning' effects of lazing in a hot bath! With oil combinations such as West Indian Grapefruit & Lime, Rosemary & Orange or Citrus Grove, bliss is pretty well guaranteed. I love the clean and stylish presentation of the range, as well as the fact that it's reasonably priced at £15.

The Absence Of Armani

Since I never, ever hear a word from the Giorgio Armani press office, despite years of begging (although I gave up a long time ago - it's not like there aren't hundreds of make up brands to feature instead), I have spotted this rather beautiful set out in time for Christmas. The combination of smoky blues and greys plus embellished highlighting powder with a striking red lipstick reminds me of opulent Hollywood glamour; transluscent skin, vampish lips and heavy lidded eyes. Lovely.

Heidi Klum for Victoria's Secret

Unlike some other collaborations, Heidi Klum's make up for Victoria's Secret is really beautiful and looks like a lot of effort has gone into making it stand out from the crowd. Given that rumours are rife that VS is coming to the UK, it seems as though we'll have more to look forward to than just nice knickers. Source:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Armani Prive Cuir Amethyste Fragrance

I've just finished a sample of this, and I'm utterly torn on whether I want to buy this or not. It's a leather/violet blend in the Armani Prive (read: bloody expensive) fragrance line.

On first spray I get heavy sweet violet, that morphs in about 30 minutes or so into a subtler floral with a supple leather heart/basenote. The violet note smells a lot like the fragrance used in the old Dior

Lovely Vintage Bourjois

I was invited to a network event by Handpicked Media which took place earlier this week. It was a lovely event - representatives from blogs and websites across the network got together to have a chat and a Cosmopolitan (or three.) Talking about makeup gurus and handbags with Vex in the City and the Domestic Sluts was slightly surreal, but fabulous.

The event was sponsored by and held at the

HiFi Cosmetics sale & new products

Oh no, just ordered new samples and now Veronica created AGAIN too beautiful pigments ;) Here is also sale details: "Black Friday Sale going on all weekend! Enjoy Hi Fi Shadow BOGO, 10% off sample sets, 20% off all MesmerEYES 3-Piece Sets and 30% off EVERYTHING ELSE!"

Juuri tilasin HiFi Cosmeticsilta uusia sävyjä testiin ja johan Veronica laittoi uusia esille. Osa tosin noista on jo tulossa, joulusävyt on kyllä saatava... :D Ja aleaikakin on vielä viikonlopun ajan: luomiväreissä BOGO (osta yksi, saat toisen kaupan päälle), -10% sampleseteistä, -20% kolmen luomivärin seteistä ja muut tuotteet -30%. Alla kuvia HiFin blogista:

HiFi Cosmetics new pigments (pictures from HiFi's blog):

Very pale, champagne-beige.

Pearly, opaque fuschia with dark pink glitter.

Pearly blue-gray-violet with pink sparkles.

Very unique color... Deep pearly green with lots of pink shimmers!

A blackish purple with hologram sparkles!

Super-bright pearly orange.

Very pale in the jar, this color goes on as a
shimmery metallic pink.

Very pale, pearly lavender.

Pale, pinkish purple color-shifter.
Very sparkly!

Rich purple with lots and lots of
silver sparkles!

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