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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2010 is Here!!!

I just want to wish everyone a great new year. The year ahead will pass by so quickly that you will wonder what has happened, but while you are living the minutes; take time to realize that there are exciting things going on in life. Well, it may not be to you but just take a breath once in awhile and just watch the wind blow and hear the rustling of the leaves. Sometimes, it is just nice to

Julie Hewett Lipsticks and Lip Pencils

I figured since I had the Bijou lipsticks up, I should have the rest of the lipstick pictures up. I will eventually have all the other stuff up in due time. Unlike the Bijou lipsticks which come in a non-dressy black case, Julie Hewett's Icons, Sheers, and Noirs come in a luxurious gold casing that looks like expensive jewelry. Pop this one out of your purse in the ladies room or at the table

Worst Beauty Advice of 2009

This award has to go to Vogue's November Make Do & Mend Issue in which they suggested we use black pipe cleaners to fashion ourselves a pair of 'statement' eyebrows. Vogue, what were you thinking? Thanks to, a special mention must go to Cosmo US October issue in which they advise using a thong as a hair tie as a 'fun' trick that guys love. And we read this stuff, why?

The Top 5 of 2009: Simply The Best

Rather than do a full blown review of all things beauty, I’m picking out my top five products that really stood out in 2009. It’s torture to limit myself to five, but at least this way you’ll know that nobody’s in it for the sake of it and these really are the very, very best beauty items you can buy.

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliners

I still have yet to find eyeliners at such a great price (£4.99) that are as effective and durable as these. I still use mine almost every single day as of last January – and not much stays the course that long in my box of tricks!

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF

A little dose of magic for the skin. This serum pumps moisture back into dry skin in double quick time and within a couple of days I’d noticed a difference. My skin looked and felt soft, moisturised and well, just better.

Jonathan Ward Fragranced Candles

Jonathan Ward is a candle artisan. Cleverly constructed scents that infuse your home with delicious and enticing aromas are too delicious for words. This is a young company that hasn’t yet given way to overt commercialisation and therefore quality, integrity and a personal touch is very much evident.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Easily the best foundation that I’ve tried in years, that knocks spots off pricier competitors. It’s a doddle to blend, stays put and more importantly gives the complexion that illusive ‘flawless’ effect.

Oribe Haircare

Simply put, Oribe is the best hair care range I’ve ever, ever used. It leaves hair feeling and looking silky, glossy and pampered.

Happy 2010!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NOTD Misa Toxic Seduction & Suds n sass EOTD and LOTD

Misa Toxic Seduction might my favorite green nail polish! *LOVE* I didn't even remember I have this one... It's forest green but with a hint of teal. Gorgeous! I used 2 coats over Orly Nail Armor and it was completely opaque.

Oih, Misan Toxic Seduction saattaa olla suosikkivihreäni! Miten olinkaan unohtanut koko lakan olemassaolon... Liikaa lakkoja? ^-^ Lakka on siis metsänvihreä ja mukana on myös sinertävää, ihan mielettömän kaunis. Käytin 2 kerrosta Orlyn Nail Amorin päällä ja ihan peittävää jälkeä tuli.

I also had to add lip swatch of my new lip gloss :D I added this photo to that older post too.

Ja olihan minun tehtävä eilisestä huulikiillostani vielä huulikuva :D Siis i h a n a! Yllä linkki postaukseen, johon lisäsin myös tämän kuvan.

Sud n Sass Ice crystals (clear) gloss with Zinnia & Blossom pigments on left, MAC Boy Bait on right.

Lip swatch of my gloss. I LOVE it!

I had only 10 minutes for my makeup today, I was very sleepy in the morning. So my makeup wasn't a masterpiece. Haha. But I wanted to show these lovely pigments anyway ;) Angels breath is a delicate and so pretty light pink, Blackened Gold is a great neutral!

Ja ihan mestariteosta (heh) ei meikistäni tullut, aamulla nimittäin uni maistui paremmalta kuin meikkaus ;) Halusin kuitenkin näyttää nämä ihanat pigmentit. Luomella on kaunis ja herkkä Angels breath (hento v.pun) ja varjostuksena Blackened Gold, todella ihana sävy neutraalimpaan meikkiin.

-Detrivore primer
-Suds n Sass Angels breath (lid, browbone)
-Suds n Sass Bloackened gold (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline & LashStiletto wp

Angels Breath: a very light pink with gold flecks of glitter/shimmer
Blackened Gold: Gold Shimmer/Sparkle in a bold blackened gold/bronze base

Beauty Wishes for 2010

So, here's my list of things that I WISH someone would invent - please do add in your own inventions!

1. Wash-Off Nail Dye: so all you need post-dying in the colour of your choice is a slick of clear polish to make it shine and keep it from fading:

2. Magic Mascara: I'm sure this one is on its way, but I'd love to see a mascara that makes your lashes grow.

3. Wash Away Bath Oil: A proper, proper bath oil that doesn't stick to the sides of the bath but melts away with the water leaving the bath clean.

4. Make Up Spaghetti Reducer: You know those annoying little 'strands' that appear after you've applied foundation over moisturiser or applied body cream? I'd like a little potion that stops them from every happening.

5. Proper Patent Mascara: Not the rubbishy, pretend patent mascara, but one that really does shine black on the lashes...just can't think of anything more gorgeous. I'd even accept patent false lashes if they are nicely done.

I'm dying to hear what you've invented in your never know, some beauty boffin might be listening!

2010 Emerging Nail Trends

Revlon Minted

Revlon Lilac Pastille

There's a real pastel theme emerging for next year's nails, sparked in no small part by Chanel's creamy fondant green Jade polish this autumn. Two new shades from Revlon launching in March have caught my eye, Lilac Pastille and Minted - both must-haves for holiday nails (because I feel they need a bit of a tan to wear well and not strip colour from hands). I'm quite keen to try them with black moons or tips too - especially the lilac - for statement nails. Watch out too for some stunning shades coming from Marks & Spencer (yes, really!), including another washed mint version, and the brightest of yellows.

About next giveaway! Questions :)

I made a poll about next giveaways, you can find from here--->

I think I need have a giveaway when my blog has reached 200 readers (189 in the moment), right? :D But what would you like to get? Are there some Lumene, GOSH or Isadora products you find interesting?

Here are some suggestions (=my favorites):

-Isadora Inliner kajal in Blonde (beige kajal, I use this daily)
-GOSH eye shadow primer
-Lumene Natural Code Smile booster lip gloss (it's not really "natural", regular lipgloss but I like it)
-Depend nail polish
-Lumene mascara?

The giveaway is coming later! Just be a follower (there---->)
and follow my blog for instructions :)

Tuossa palkissa on kysely seuraavasta arvonnasta--->

Jos tässä nyt tuohon 200:n lukijaan päästään, niin eiköhän se ole pakko pitää :D Ehdottelin tuossa yllä esim. Lumenen, Isadoran, Dependin ja GOSHin tuotteita.

Lisää arvonnasta myöhemmin, tämä postaus on vain arvonnan pohtimiseen :D

Mutta kuten yleensäkin, tuosta Followers-kohdasta--->
pitäisi nimesi löytyä.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NARS FOTD product pictures

I thought instead of posting yet another shot of my face I'd show you the products I'm using together instead.

From top left clockwise: Indian Summer duo, Lili Marlene cream eyeshadow, London pencil, Medea lip lacquer, Luster blush.

I applied the Lili Marlene over my lid and a little past my crease (I just used a fingertip to apply and blend.) I lined my waterline with the London pencil (top

Suds n Sass haul

I ordered more Suds n Sass soaps :D You can find my review from here.

Jee, lisää Sud n Sassin tavaraa saapui tänään! Arvosteluni firman tuotteista löytyy

Wax tart (Island delight), round guest soaps: Juicy pear, Pomegranate, Very Merry Cranberry, Tropical treat & Strawberry parfait. Sample soap (Birthday wishes), another unscented cupcake soap for my son, Tropical treat roll on scent, custom perfume & some mineral eyeshadows.

Wax tart tuoksulyhtyyn (tuoksu: Island delight), pyöreitä pikkusaippuoita: Juicy pear, Pomegranate, Very Merry Cranberry, Tropical treat & Strawberry parfait. Ilmaisnäyte-saippua (Birthday wishes), toinen muffinssisaippua pojalleni, Tropical treat roll on-tuoksu, Custom-tuoksu & mineraaliluomivärejä.

The custom scent is named after my daughter and the scent is very merry cranberry-juicy pear-mango-pineapple noel. Very sweet, I must say :D I love the black & pink crystals in the bottle!

The Custom scent on nimetty tyttäreni mukaan ja tuoksuna very merry cranberry-juicy pear-mango-pineapple noel.
Melko makea, sanon mä :D Pullon sisällä on kauniit kristallit koristeena!

And here is Nea's DIY lipgloss kit :D I bought clear lip gloss (Ice Crystals) and I absolutely LOVE this formula! I can't describe it, sorry, but it feels a lot like ones I have from Spell Cosmetics*. I'm going to add some color myself, I bough samples of Zinnia, Sahara, Pegonia & Blossom.

*) More about Spell cosmetics coming later, unfortunately my package had an accident->all pigments were wet, but they re-sent the package. I hope it arrives soon!

edit: I didn't get replacement pigments: "Wet & Set is packaged separately to preserve the shadows in case of a break and the shadows are safety sealed. Thank you for patience". Yep, then I must be a liar, what a nice customer service. Simple "We are sorry to hear but unfortunaly we can't replace... blablabla..." would have been enough.

The first time I contacted them with pictures (PayPal dispute would have been possible), they were very nice and promised to send me replacement "as quickly as humanly possible". I'm very angry and will never ever order anything from this company again.

The pigment on left is an example of wet pigment (dried when this pic was taken) and the other is an example on the damp one...

Ja tässä on Nean tee-se-itse-huulikiiltosetti :D Ostin värittömän kiillon (Ice Crystals) ja pidän tästä ihan hirmuisesti! Vaikea kuvailla laatua, ei tahmea kuitenkaan, muistuttaa kovasti Spell Cosmeticsin* kiiltoja. Lisää tähän itse hiukan väriä, kuvassa luomivärisamplet Zinnia, Sahara, pegonia & Blossom.

*) Lisää Spell Cosmeticsista myöhemmin. paketti oli tuhottu kuljetuksessa->kaikki pigmentit märkiä. Ovat lähettäneet minulle uuden paketin, joka toivottavasti saapuu piakkoin. Ja edittiä: ei sitten saapunut ja sanoivat, etteivät uusi pigmnettejä lähetä, koska eivät ole voineet kastua
hyvän pakkauksen vuoksi (kuva yllä). Jep, olen siis valehtelija. En suosittele ko firmaa.

And here is what I want to create ;) My MAC Cremesheen lipglass in Boy bait! Zinnia might be quite close. Yay!

Ja tässä se mitä haluaisin luoda ;) MAC Cremesheen lipglass in Boy Bait! Zinnia saattaisi olla aika lähellä oikeaa. Jee!

And this is what I got:

Suds n Sass Ice Crystals gloss with Zinnia & Blossom pigments on left and MAC Boy Bait on right. I LOVE this, my ligloss dream :D LOL I used more of Zinnia this time but maybe 50% Zinnia and 50% Blossom would be even better.

Ja sitten pääsin testaamaan :D Vasemmalla Suds n Sassin väritön kiilto kera Zinnian ja Blossomin ja oikealla MAC Boy Bait. Ihana, huulikiiltounelmani :D Käytin enemmän Zinniaa tällä kertaa mutta varmaan fifty-fifty olisi vielä parempi sekoitussuhde.

Do you like my new gloss? Have you already ordered some Sud n Sass? :D

Shopping... :D

I was going to buy anything... And here is my "anything" :D

Jep jep, mitään ei pitänyt alesta ostaa :D

MEXX Black for Her gift set (EdT, shower gel & body lotion). This set was only 12€ and I really like this scent.

MEXX Black for her-setti (tuoksu, suihkugeeli ja vartalovoide). Setti maksoi vain 12€, joten olihan se korjattava talteen, varsinkin kun olen ollut aikeissa ostaa tämän

"The version for women, Mexx Black for Her wraps you with scents of peony, ginger blossom, black currant, marigold and freesia and top notes. A heart blossoms with lotus, pear, apricot, cedar and litchi, while a base comprises sandalwood, amber and vanilla." From Fragrantica.

From The Body Shop: Black bath gloves, Peach & Raspberry shower gels.

Ja Body Shopista mustat kuorintahanskat, tuoksulyhty (ei kuvassa), persikka ja vadelma suihkugeelit.

This wasn't on sale but I had to get the last tube of MAC Cremesheen lipglass in Boy Bait from local MAC counter... I REALLY love this perfect nude lipgloss. I've never finished a lipgloss before this one :D

Tämä ei ollut edes alessa mutta oli ihan pakko saada Turun viimeinen MAC Cremesheen lipglass sävyssä Boy bait. Tämä on aivan täydellinen nude-sävy, minulle! ja on muuten eka ikinä loppuun kuluttamani kiilto :D En ole siis ennen suuremmin kiiltojen perään ollut.

I bought this Lumene eye gel about a week ago and I really like it. It's gel but not too "watery", feels refreshing and moisturizing. You can see the ingredients list below. The packaging has changed, great, this was only half full :-O

Ostin noin viikko sitten tämän Lumenen silmän ympärysgeelin ja olen todellakin pitänyt tästä. On tosiaan geeli mutta ihanan paksu koostumukseltaan, ei yhtään liru. Tuntuu raikkaalta ja kosteuttavalta. Ostin tämän S-Marketista ja meinasin pyrstölleni lentää: Yläkerran Sokoksella hinta oli tuplat! Hinta oli siis marketin puolella alle 6€. Onneksi pahvipakkaus on tainnut muuttua, tämä on tyhjää täynnä.

Almost Painless : Injectables

I knew there was something I forgot to post about! Just before Christmas I had a few fillers put in to disguise those smoky creases (yes, I know, a smoking beauty editor - shoot me now) round my mouth...I always go to the same clinic (Courthouse Clinic in Wimpole St - and before you ask, no, I don't have shares in it!!) but have had various practitioners over the past couple of years. This time I got the head honcho...Dr Patrick Bowler, who used an injectable - Restylane - with a pain killing ingredient in it. Now, anyone who has ever had injectables put in the tiny creases around the mouth - or anywhere else for that matter - will know it takes you to the limits of your pain threshold. With so many nerve endings in such a sensitive area, you really, really have to want this procedure! Personally, I love Restylane for its instant wrinkle ridding results so am prepared to go through the horrible sensation. However, the filler with pain killer was a revelation...much less painful (I still felt a pinprick) and entirely bearable...and still with the same line erasing results. If you feel like venturing into the world of injectables then please do make sure that you ask for the type with pain killer in it, and don't rely on Emla cream that is given out by many clinics, to numb the area, because it doesn't really.

Il Makiage Eyeshadows and Blushes

There is a line that many people overlook nowadays since there are more lines that are competing for your attention, but the one line that I remember growing up in the 70's-80's while reading Vogue was Il Makiage. Ilana Harkavi created the "makeup artist" line in 1972 called Il Makiage. Since then it has been featured in every fashion magazine and has touched the hands of many famous artists

Dior DiorShow Extase Mascara

Dior DiorShow Extase Mascara

I'm not sure when this launches in the UK, but the newest mascara from Dior claims to plump lashes from the inside and out. Built-in treatments - in the form of ceramides help to reconstruct lashes, while spherical Black Pearl pigments and 'Metamorphosis Powders' patented by Dior increase volume by 50% on application.

Image sourced from

Nars Orgasm Illuminator for February

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Nars very kindly gave the heads up for some of the new products coming in 2010 in their Christmas card. The one that Nars fans will probably be most excited about is the Nars Orgasm Illuminator coming to the UK in February (although I've already spotted it on the cyber-shelves of Sephora). Mix with foundation, tinted moisturiser or wear alone for an orgasmic glow.

SOLD...sorry about that

Everything is sold, sorry about that

Before 2009 is over, I would like to sell three of my Jill Stuart items for reasonable prices, predominantly to cover for the shipping fee.

The first item is a limited edition eyeshadow quad from the winter 2008 range. It is a range of the cutest golds, pinks and neutrals, so if you haven't been able to pick this up in 2008, this could be your chance.

***(mail me at if you are interested in buying something)***

Jill Stuart eyeshadow quad in 05 Flash Veil (used 1x)- $19 INCLUDING shipping

Jill Stuart is the queen of princessy packaging. You will receive this palette in the whimsical, peachy packaging.

The colour collection is 05 in Flash Veil

The compact is adorably cute and a jewel to show:

The inside mirror is handy for applying your makeup in the office or on the road:

My second items is the Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in colour 10 Vintage Decor:

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly 10 Vintage Decor (used 1x) $ 7.50 including shipping

Princessy packaging, adorned like a jewel:

Shaped in feminine forms, a statement on your makeup dresser:

A gorgeous taupy brown colour with silver flecks:

Utterly beautiful to have:

My last item is another jewel, that has gotten rave reviews as well:

Jill Stuart Loose Powder in Natural (new) $21 INCLUDING shipping

It is a generous size that will provide you with the silkiest powder in the most adorable case:

The box is included:

You cannot get more cute and girly with this soft peachy bow on the powder puff:

Every item is clean and unused:

The foil is still unharmed:

***(mail me at if you are interested in buying something)***

Monday, December 28, 2009

RMS Beauty Rapture Lip2Cheek and Solar Cream Eyeshadow

I've written about RMS Beauty and the whole raw cosmetics ethos behind the line here, so I'm not going to bang on about that again. I do admire Rose-Marie Swift's dedication to producing high fashion products that are pure and beneficial for the skin, and I also enjoy the ease of use and pretty, flattering finish these products give me. I can see myself ending up owning all the colour products

Skin MD Shielding Lotion review

I was offered Skin MD Shielding lotion for review. It took me a few weeks to decide whether to take it or not. I always read the inci first:

Deionized water (Aqua)
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera)
Methyl Gluceth-20
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
Arnica Montana Flower Extract (Arnica)
Symphytum Officinale Leaf Extract (Comfrey)
Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract (Chamomile)
Achillea Millefolium Extract (Yarrow)
Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer
1,2 Hexanediol
Caprylyl Glycol
Butylene Glycol
Aminomethyl Propanol

The product is fragrance, colorant & paraben free.

The reason I got interested is folllowing text, bacause I've really noticed the same with my own skin. I used to use the most heavy & oily creams and my skin was still SO DRY and cracked, now I'm using just moisturizing gels and gel-creams and my skin is not even dry!

"Conventional lotions only add artificial moisture to the skin temporarily alleviating the dryness or itching, but these moisturizers don't actually solve the problem, they only treat symptoms without eliminating the cause. Dry skin is unable to absorb the newly added moisture to allow repair – it does not get "locked" into the skin. It gets lost easily. That’s why we keep applying more and more of the conventional lotions. Even so, skin easily gets addicted and may even suspend production of it's own moisture, relying on added moisturizer."

"While we were researching and testing the formulation one of the most exciting new ingredients to come out in years was released to the cosmetic industry. Glycerin has been the standard against which all humectants are measured. This new substance has a moisturizing factor 6 times higher than glycerin. "

When I got this, I had terrible flu (have it still :/) and weather started to get really_cold. I tried this first on my entire face but unfortunately I'm now 100% certain that my face doesn't tolerate silicones. It's really quite rare, if you can use "normal" products without big problems, you should have no problem with silicones! I really didn't find even foundation suitable for my skin, before I found minerals.

The lotion felt very nice and cooling (nothing extreme, very nice feeling), not creasy at all and it's suitable even for oilier skins, I think. For dry skin, it might take a little time to get used to this and maybe you need to re-apply often in the beginning. Formula is gel-cream, very light and refreshing.

I was really quite sad it didn't work on my face. But I still noticed that worked wonders under my nose, where the skin was cracked. I have used it since and my skin is in perfect condition! I will most definitely use this on my kids too, when their skin gets dry. I've tried Shielding lotion on them already but didn't notice the difference because their skins are in very condition in the moment. I have used this also as a hand cream and it feels "shielding" :)

I don't really know where you can find this product yet, but at least Pharmacy2U (UK) sells this and the price is 14.49 GBP. If you live in US, you can find the store locator from here. There is also a version with SPF 15.

Summa summarum: I REALLY liked this and can recommend it! I can't use it on my entire face but I have a really difficult skin (no silicones, no silica, no mineral oils, no lanolin, no honey, not even some natural oils like jojoba... and the list is still growing). It healed my cracked skin very quickly and didn't feel creasy or sticky at all. I'll in fact tell about this product to my local pharmacy :)

*tulossa suomeksi, kunhan kuulen että tämä on saatavilla täältäkin :)*

New Year's Eve: the perfect party

Christmas has been celebrated! I hope everything has been wonderful!

Thus, it is time to think about the next celebration towards a new decade! 2010!!! Ready for it???

Parties have always been one of my favourite pasttimes. Even though I have not been to that many parties anymore, the idea of dressing up, socializing and dancing has always been a true event. It must have something to do with my horoscope...Leo's love to party!!!

I am sure that most of my readers have some wonderful NYE-parties to attend, or spend their time with their loved ones. I am also positive that most of you have already thought up what to wear and what makeup to put on for the celebration. Still, I would like to show you some gorgeous items I found (which is probably too late to buy for New Years Eve, but hey, they make a gorgeous set for the next party)

I love originality...and still feeling confortable. This picture looks like such a cool party outfit: the fedora is a bit masculine, and she teams it up with curly locks, a poofy striped dress, some sexy fishnet tights and some gorgeous boots...It is a cheeky and feminine way of party dressing portrayed by Misty.
So I searched a bit on etsy for some cool fedora's...Glowstoes (what's in a name) has this sophisticated variety with flapper-esque lace.

Or this one has a bright orange and red feather....

And how to stand out in a sea of Little Black Dresses?..simply wear white!

But be careful for those drunk people spilling their drinks on everybody.

Or adorn yourself in a delicate and eyecatching soft aqua colour. This hollystalder dress would look wonderful with a light complexion.

Team up with your aqua eyeshadow and accessorise with this gorgeously matching fascinator:

This is one of my favourites...a vintage flapper dress from the 20s:

flapper dress from stacyleighatelier at etsy

And I would probably team up the dress with a hairpiece such as this one from annashoub

Whatever your partyplans and your outfit will be, I hope it will be a wonderful New Year's Eve and a gorgeous new year.

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