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Longcils Boncza Pencils

I am not sure if these are discontinued or maybe just really obscure but if you do run into these, here is what I think about them.The types of pencils I have from Longcils Boncza, who also make a fabulous cake mascara are brow pencils, eye khols (waterliners), and eyeshadow pencils.Brow PencilsI have just two colors and they are Brun and Gris. Both are wax based that have a dry and hard texture

Aromaleigh Hot in the City: 14 colors made permanent!

14 colors from Aromaleigh's Hot in the City collection are made permanent! Good choices Miss K, all the 6 full sizes I already have, are now in permanent collection :D Yay! There still one pigment I'm going to miss: Rooftop Garden.

This collection is on a glittery side and so lovely! I love the contrasting sparkles in Girl's night out and Concrete jungle! My favorite form this cllection is of course AMAZING apple green: Coney Island.

14 sävyä Aromaleighin Hot in the City-kokoelmasta kuuluu nyt vakivalikoimaan! Hyvät valinnat, Miss K, kaikki 6 täysikokoista pigmenttiäni tästä kokoelmasta päätyivät pysyvään valikoimaan :D Jee! Vain yhtä jäin kaipaamaan: ihana Rooftop Garden...

Kokoelma on hieman glitterisen puoleinen ja aivan ihana, tykkään erityisesti Concrete Junglen ja Girl's night outin erivärisistä kimalteista! Ehdoton suosikkini on kuitenkin upea omenanvihreä Coney Island.

Coney Island. Nails: Orly Wild Wisteria & Prisma gloss silver

*window shopping : neutral champagne buff with golden iridescent highlight and vivid gold sparkles.
rich, deep gray/green/brown tones with shimmery highlights of copper, pink and blue.
-coney island :
joyous green apple luster with bright sparks of green.
-return to tiffany's :
gorgeous aqua sheen with diamond luster and bright teal sparkles.
-girl's night out:
warm purple frost with bright green sparkles.
darkest ebony matte black offset by the brightest sparks of pink and gold.
-italian ice:
sweet and tart bright lemon yellow with pretty pink sparkles throughout...
-concrete jungle :
warmed taupe with the most amazing bright sparks of aqua.
*neon lights :
soft flame orange with sparks of blue.
-lady liberty :
lustrous smokey blue green frost, the shade of weathered copper... like the lady herself!
roses, mauves and browns in a lustrous frost with bright sparks of pinky mauve.
-late for work :
Vivid deep cornflower blue luster with sparkles of blue and green.
-hoity toity:
Deep smokey mauve tones with a metallic pewter undertone and bright sparkles of blue.
*heat wave:
Warm golden luster with iridescent pink highlights and tiny golden sparkles.

*) not swatched, I don't have the pigments.

These colors are now old LE's:

-rooftop garden: Warm golden green frost with tiny sparkles of gold and blue.
-24 hours : deep coppered garnets, smooth and lustrous with tiny sparkles of gold and pink
-brownstone: cocoa brown frost with tiny borealis luster sparkles. Not your average brown...
-hustle & bustle : a warm coppery brown shade with iridescence of pearlized greens and roses...
-swelter: lustrous tangerine with a pink iridescent highlight and contrasting purple sparkles.
mysterious midnight blue, teal green, silvery pewter and warm chocolate tones... all in one, ever-changing.

Any favorites from this collction yet? :D

OPI - Mad As A Hatter

Anček vam je danes že predstavila en lakec iz OPI-jeve kolekcije Alice In Wonderland, jaz pa vam bom pokazala še enega. Gre za odtenek Mad As A Hatter, katerega osnova je prozorna in ki vsebuje droben gliter vseh barv. Prevladujejo srebrne bleščice, takoj za njimi pa so še vijolične, zelene, modre, rumene, oranžne in bakrene barve. Na nohte sem najprej nanesla podlak, nato pa 1 plast China Glaze Awaken, ki vam ga bom predstavila kdaj drugič. Po vrhu sem nanesla še dve plasti OPI lakca, ki je dosegel polno prekrivnost, tako da Awaken v bistvu sploh ni bil potreben za podlago. :) Mad As A Hatter me je pozitivno presenetil in zelo sem zadovoljna z izgledom. Malo težje je bilo vse skupaj fotografirati, zato danes 2 sliki - prva s flashem, druga pa na dnevni svetlobi (brez sončka).

To bo za danes vse, lep pozdrav do naslednjič!

Today Anček has already shown you one polish from OPI Alice in Wonderland collection and I will show you another one. I'm talking about Mad As A Hatter. It has silver, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange and copper glitter in a clear base. On my nails there is a base coat, 1 coat of China Glaze Awaken (I will show you that polish some other time). On top of that I did two coats of OPI and I already got a full coverage. So actually I didn't even need Awaken underneath. :) Mad As A Hatter has surprised me in a very positive way and I'm very satisfied with how it looks on my nails. But it was a little bit difficult to photograph it. First photo was taken with flash and the second on daylight (without sun).
That's it for today. Thanks for looking and take care!

IMATS The Movie - Well, Not Quite

I did take some rather rubbish photos at IMATS but just got a lovely email from photography blogger, giving me permission to use his extremely fabulous pictures of the event. If you were there, you'll see some familiar faces and if not, well, look what you missed!

Do check out for more gorgeous pics.

OPI - Absolutely Alice

OPI-jev lakec Absolutely Alice sem si želela, odkar sem videla njegovo prvo sliko, vendar sem odlašala z naročilom, tako da je prispel do mene šele pred kratkim.
Moram reči da je izpolnil vsa moja pričakovanja. Osnova lakca je prozorna, v njej pa se skrivajo modre in zlate bleščice, ki naredijo lakec presenetljivo prekriven.
Na slikicah so tri plasti lakca ter dve plasti nadlaka. Prva slikica je posneta s flashem, druga pa na naravni zimski svetlobi.

I have wanted this nail polish since the day I first saw a photo of it, but because I did not order it immediately it has arrived just recently. It is actually even more beautiful than I expected. It has a lot of blue and little less of golden glitter in clear base.
There are 3 coats of polish on photos and 2 coats of top coat, first photo is taken with flash an second one without it in natural winter light.

Beauty Brands: Time To Listen Up

There's just no doubt that more and more women are turning to blogs for beauty advice - and of course, to share valued opinions. For the first time ever, someone is actually listening to product feedback. However, I think there's been a hidden knock-on effect in the upsurge of skin care sampling expectation. For years, we've been content with 'sampling' being a sweep of foundation on the inner arm or skin care vigorously rubbed into the back of the if it's immediate effect on dry skin is a miracle and will work in exactly the same way on our faces. Of course, if you have dry hands - most of us do - any form of unguent applied will instantly make things better. But, it isn't really an indicator of how something will work on the rest of the body or, indeed the face, and absolutely no indicator of how it will work long term. So, why so mean with the samples, beauty people? Now that we are getting pickier - thank you bloggers - and reading up on our skin care in a way that is unsurpassed - it's time that beauty brands stopped expecting us to buy on their promise and say so. My last post about Embryolisse happened purely because they gave me enough sample sachets to do a mini-facial at home and arrive at a conclusion that wasn't based on a blob of cream on the back of my hand. They had samples of their best selling cream - and plenty of them - available on the front of their stand at IMATS making it easy for passing punters to pick them up for later perusal. Consider the different experience in department stores where asking for samples feels more like begging. Bloggers are asking the right questions and insisting on samples or at the very least, an MU application before buying, and its this confident stand point that is relayed to many, many potential purchasers that is switching the mindset of customers. To my mind, if you can expect to sell hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of product you can at least let customers try it properly first. Samples really aren't expensive to produce (except for small companies - a bigger run obviously is cheaper and there may well not be a budget for that) and it doesn't need a degree in communications to work out that someone who has sampled, loved and bought will pass on the knowledge to friends, strangers and bloggers! We can be positively evangelical about our beauty best buys. Consider the opposite - bullied into buying, hate it at home...again, with equal passion no doubt, that message will be passed to anyone who'll listen. So, beauty folks, it's time to stop relying on press, hype and hope and to start providing evidence that people can really use.

Embryolisse: Cult beauty range

Don't be surprised if you've never even heard of Embryolisse, because it currently has no home in the UK. However, on my trip to IMATS, where Embryolisse had a stand, it was the product causing the biggest buzz amongst beauty bloggers. In fact, Embryolisse is over fifty years old, born in Paris, and found in the make-up artist kits of note. I was given a sample pack and did a quick facial at home using:

Milky Make-Up Removal Emulsion
Exfoliating Care Cream
Floral Lotion Alcohol Free Tonic
Hydra Mask

And finished with the cult product that's causing the fuss, Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate, filled with skin nourishing ingredients, such as shea butter, beeswax, soy and aloe vera. Like Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream, it's a multi-purpose product for any dry issues and loved by make up artists for its ability to stuff moisture back into weary complexions - it commonly used as a primer. Post-facial, my skin was ultra-ultra soft.

Those who love their skincare natural won't love Embryolisse - the ingredient lists read like an hommage to parabens, but if you have a more laissez-faire attitude to ingredients, it is really a very beautiful range and suitable for sensitive skin types.

The biggest question, however, is why no retailers have picked up on this range - in my view, a best seller waiting to happen.

PS: Some hours on and many comments later - there are places in the UK to secure Embryolisse, but was thinking it more odd that no mainstream stores have it or even mainstream online retailers.

[EOTD] Aurora & Leif [NOTD] Wild Wisteria & Prisma Gloss

I was cleaning my makeup table and found a lovely pigment from LaurEss called "Aurora". I don't have many pigments from LaurEss but if you are looking for stylish and easy colors (for color addicts like me there might be other more interesting companies), that one company you should check :) The quality is very nice and shipping is cheap & fast. My favorites from LaurEss are Elemental foundation & Luminesce powder in "Glow".

Siivoilin meikkipöytääni ja löysin kauniin pigmentin LaurEssilta, sävyn nimi on Aurora. Minulla ei montaa sävyä LaurEssilta löydykään mutta jos etsin tyylikkäitä ja helppoja sävyjä, kannattaa kurkata LaurEssin valikoima (väriaddiktille kuten minä löytyy ehkä kiinnostavampiakin firmoja). Laatu on hyvä ja toimitus nopea & halpa. Omat suosikkini LaurEssilta ovat mm. Elemental foundation ja Luminesce "Glow" puuteri.

-Detrivore primer
-LaurEss Aurora (lid)
-Fyrinnae Delvian (crease)
-Fyrinnae Leif (lower lash line)
-Fyrinnae Finnegan's wake (browbone)
-MAC fluidline blacktrack
-LashStiletto wp

LaurEss Aurora: Lavender with bursts of green sparkle
Fyrinnae Delvian: a muted greyish blue-violet with a vibrant pink shimmer highlight.
Fyrinnae Leif: Brilliant shimmery green with pale copper sparkle.

NOTD with Orly's Wild Wisteria. The color is lovely and still looks bluer in the picture... Soon my cuticles will look better, just bought Leighton Denny Precision color corrector & brush from LookFantastic :D

Päivän kynnet Orlyn Wild Wisterialla. Olipa muuten järkevää aloittaa lakkaaminen puolilta öin :-o No onneksi Mavadry pelasti. Väri on todella nätti mutta näyttää sinisemmältä kuvassa kuin oikeasti onkaan. Ja pian kynsinauhat näyttävät siistimmiltä myös, yllä linkki juuri tilaamaani Leighton Dennyn color corrector & brush-settiin. Jatkossa pullon voi täyttää omalla putsarilla mutta tuota sivellintä erityisesti himoitsin :)

Although shaking Orly's Prima Gloss drives me crazy, I still LOVE the way it looks! It's like fine holographic shimmer.

Vaikkakin Orly Prisma Glossin ravistelu saa minut hulluksi, on tämä kyllä aivan upea! Näyttää aivan hienojakoiselta hologrammishimmeriltä. Tykkään!

Orly Wild Wisteria (2 coats) & Orly Prima Glossa silver (1 coat).

Thanks for looking & commenting :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christopher Drummond Veludo Velvet Foundation and Finale Finishing Powder Review

I've been interested in Christopher Drummond mineral foundation for a while, so I was very pleased to discover that the UK beauty etailer,, stock this line. They offered to send me a sample of the Veludo foundation and kindly also included a sample of the Finale finishing powder. (Pictured above, please note these are sample sizes.)

So, here's the bare faced before.

Best blog award

Konadomania tagged us for best blog award.

The rules for the award are as follows:

1. To accept the award, you must post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted you the award, and a link to their blog.

2. Pass the award on to approximately 10-15 other blogs that you recently discovered, and think are great!

3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are the blogs I've discovered recently:
Varnish Addict
alizarine claws
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Amarena's blog
aurora's nails
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there are probably more, but 10 is enough! ;)

Have a nice day/night everybody.

Edward Bess Daydream Bronzer applied

Here's a picture showing the Edward Bess Daydream bronzer applied. I really whacked it on to see if it was possible to overcook it, and I'm happy to report that I didn't have to do the weekly shop looking tango-ed. This is a very forgiving bronzer for pale skins as it applies sheerly and gives a subtle, non-orange warmth to the skin.

I'm wearing Edward Bess Dusk eyeshadow on my eyes, and Tender

pre-spring glow: Banilla Co The Secret blush in 02 Eternity

Today I have a secret for you...

Actually Banila Co. has a secret for you, and I am willing to share.

The thing with having a penchant for makeup is that I have a lot of it. Most readers (probably all) understand the slightly addictive rush of getting your hands on a beautiful cosmetic item you bought, which is perfect in every way.

And then it ends up in a drawer full of other perfect colours...

The good thing is that I still have some colours to discover in a period when I do not want to buy so much. Sometimes I end up seeing some pretty blushes I absolutely forgot about.

The blush I would like to review today is from a gmarket haul I received almost a year ago. Can you believe it? It is so pretty and I have not even touched it for A YEAR?

I finally tried it and was able to make some pictures of it...yes, the weather was sunny enough to finally make some pictures that are clear enough.

So there she is...Banila Co The Secret Marble Blusher in 02 Eternity...the box is shiny and promising...

Eternity was a colour that looked like a neutral peach in the colour picture on Banila's chart.

The case is a pearl coloured dusty pink, adorned with boxy and curly letters:

Banila Co. often includes a brush with its blushers and highlighters. It has been included with the marble blushers as well. The brush is not too bad, but I would not use it for my own. It does not pick up much pigment and the brush is too bulky to add a defined bit of colour on the face. I prefer to use my own blusher brushes for it.

As often with these gorgeously baked blushers, the blush is shaded with a mixture of colours, all in a peachy tint, ofcourse...

I mentioned that I use this colour as a blush (or I only used it once since I rediscovered it only a couple of days before) but it is a bit of a hybrid between a blush and a highlighter. It depends how pale your skin is.

Anyway, you can judge yourself it the shade it more a blush or highlighter to you. My inner arm is quite pale, I believe it is MAC N20 or N15 now.

Banila Co 02 Eternity (daylight)
Banila Co Eternity 02 (flash)

I consider this colour to be rather flattering for my lackluster skin. The pinky peach brings a bit of life to my complexion, and the glow fakes a bit of radiance and health...

It is a subtle glow, I believe. I am really picky with blush and highligher, mind you. I always skip MAC baked blushers/highlighters because I feel like a discobal in them. I duck away from most NARS blush (especially Orgasm) for the same reason.

I love colour and glow, but I think blush should look like it comes from within, and not some sprayed on discofest. Although the more shimmery colours are perfect for a night out...

And my skin is not really the same as it was when I was subtle is the word for me.

Still, it is glowy enough to look like you have been born with naturally sculped cheekbones..

I bought my Banila Co on gmarket. The item number is 176260515 from seller 바닐라코[공식딜러].

I spotted it on ebay as well, but the seller does not have a good positive feedback, so I am not going to mention the seller, but feel free to do a search and decide if you are willing to take the plunge...

I also spotted a review on Tacitunity Serenity's blog. She has reviewed all 5 colours and has compared them.

(check out her review on the latest Etude House Hello Kitty handcream as looks so cute and handy)

[EOTD] Chaotic muse in Hong Kong

I still love Fyrinnae's City glam glitters ;) and my "wish list" is full of these too! These darker glitters work so well over dark eye shadows. I used Fyrinnae's Chaotic Muse and Lights of Hong Kong glitter over it. Unfortunately the lovely glitter doesn't show so well in the pictures... Why don't you have Lights of Helsinki yet, Fyrinnae? ;D I used Finnegan's wake on my lid and that color is just perfect! It's pink-beige-peach, works very well on browbone too.

Pidän siis vieläkin kovasti Fyrinnaen City Glam Glittereistä ;) ja toivomuslista on taas ihan täynnä näitä. Nämä tummemmat glitterit toimivat kivasti tumman luomivärin päällä. Käytin Fyrinnae luumuista Chaotic Musea ja Lights of Hong Kongia sen päällä. Hong Kong tuli muuten tuli hankittua ihan nimen perusteella, olen ihan heikkona Hong Kong-juttuihin :D Valitettavasti kaunis hohde ei juuri kuvassa näy...
Ja miksei Fyrinnaella ole Lights of Helsinki-sävyä? ;D Käytin Finnegan's wakea luomella, aivan upea beige-v.pun.-persikka ja sopii loistavasti myös kulmaluulle!

Lights of Hong Kong: Vibrant warm red shimmer and sparkle with a hint of copper sparkle. (this one does have a semi-solid background hue, and works great as a lip colour or eye shadow accent). Picture & description from Fyrinnae's site.

-Detrivore primer
-Fyrinnae Finnegan's wake (lid & browbone)
-Fyrinnae Chaotic Muse (crease, lower lash line)
-Fyrinnae Lights of Hing Kong (applied dry over Laughing Muse)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

A bonus picture. LOL. Here is Chaotic Muse without Hong Kong glitter & my practically invisible lashes! :D

Bonuskuvana Chaotic Muse ennen Hong Kong glitterin lisäämistä sekä lähes näkymättömät ripseni ;D

Parokeets celebrate and some previous konads

Pozdravljene, drage bralke!
Najprej naj vam sporočim, da je blog Parokeets pred kratkim praznoval svoj prvi rojstni dan in v okviru praznovanja so dekleta organizirala super nagradno igro, v kateri nameravava sodelovati tudi midve z Anček. Več informacij lahko poiščete tukaj. Papagajčice, vam pa želiva vse najboljše in še veliko pisanega ustvarjanja!
Danes pa imam za vas tudi nekaj mojih predhodnih ustvarjanj s konadom. Upam, da vam bodo manikure všeč in da vas bodo morda navdihnile tudi pri vaših umetnijah.

Hello, lovely readers!
I would like to inform you, that the blog Parokeets has recently celebrated it's first year and the girls have organized great giveaway. Anček and I are planning to participate too. You can find more information about the game here.
Today I would like to show you some of my previous konad experiments. I hope you like it and maybe even get some inspiration for your own creations.

Essie - After Sex, Essence - Love Of My Life

Wet'n'Wild - Rock Solid - Dream Black Metallic, China Glaze - Robotika

Essence - 50's Fever - Love Me Tender, franky Wanna Be Extravagance

Manhattan - 710 T, China Glaze Awaken, Essie MAY

Orly - Golden Maharaja, Essence - Object Of Desire

Nfu - Oh 66, Essence - All Access

Nubar - Passionate Purple vs. OPI - Play'Til Midnight

Včeraj, ko sem prejela lakec Nubar - Passionate Purple me je takoj spomnil na drug lakec, ki sem ga že imela OPI - Play'Til Midnight. Zato sem se pred odstranitvijo Nubarja odločila da naredim še primerjavo
Ugotovila sem da sta si podobna, vendar sploh ne enaka, Nubar ima večji šimer in mi je dosti bolj všeč.
Na sliki levo: OPI, desno: Nubar

When I have received my Nubar - Passionate purple polish it has instantly reminded me of another polish that I have, OPI - Play'Til Midnight. So I decided to do a comparison of them.
Opi is on the left and Nubar on the right finger.
I like Nubar more because it has bigger shimmer.

Pred odstranjevanjem sem tudi še enkrat poslikala samega Nubarja, ker se mi zdi, da je na naravni svetlobi še lepši kot slikan s flashem.

I also have another picture of Nubar - Passionate purple for you. This one is taken in natural light.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nails, eyes and shopping ;)

Oh dear, I had a nice but long day at school today. I just started corporate management studies :) I feel so professional with all this new info today. LOL

Huh, oli hieman pidempi päivä kun pääsin ihan kouluelämääkin taas testaamaan ;) Yritysjohtaminen on alana ja onpas nyt ammattimainen olo & pää täynnä tietoa. *heh* Nyt on vuorossa kuitenkin päivän hömppäannos :D

What a beutiful nail polish! *love* Flyin High from China Glaze' Up&Away collection is simply WOW! It was very easy to apply and was opaque after 2 coats. I used one extra coat today, because this mani was a few days old (forgot to take pictures before).

Olipas kaunis lakka tämä China Glazen Flyin High (kevään Up&Away kokoelmasta). Levittyi kauniisti ja värihän on aivan upea! Lakka oli täysin peittävä 2 kerroksen jälkeen mutta laitoin kolmannen ennen kuvaa, lakkaus kun oli jo useamman päivän vanha (unohdin ottaa kuvat aiemmin).

I'm not very interesed in hair products: if I find something that works on my hair, I'll use it for years! I'm a cosmetics freak but I noticed yesterday that I have absolutely no shampoo left :-O No time to order new bottles of Giovanni so I had to buy just "something". In fact this Color Mate from Aussie was pretty good! Smells delicious too. I'll try new organic product later, I'll go to Germany this spring and organic products are so much cheaper there.

En ole kovinkaan innostunut tukkatuotteista ja kun löydän suosikkituotteen, käytän sitä tyytyväisenä vuosia! Kosmetiikkafriikiltä voi siis joku tuote loppua oikeasti keskenkin, tajusin nimittäin eilen ettei kaapista löydy enää edes shampoon jämiä (annoin aika kasan äidilleni juuri) ja tulikin kiire hankkia jotain tilalle. Itse asiassa tämä Aussien Color Mate ei ole lainkaan hullumpi. Pesi hyvin muttei liikaa ja tuoksu oli erittäin ihana. Kokeilen myöhemmin lisää eko-shampoita, työmatka Saksaan odottaa keväällä ja sieltähän noita saa halvalla.

I also bought false lashes :D Maybe it's about the time to try those, right? LOL

Hankin vihdoinkin myös tekoripset, eiköhän ollut jo aikakin? :D

And here is my very simple & natural EOTD. I didn't have much time in the morning, so I decided to use only one color on my lid and that was Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita Shimmer in Dawnbright. And once again I noticed, that I look so weird wit just one color, so I added Sassy's Practically perfect on crease & lower lash line. Dawnbright is so pretty, I usually use it on browbone but it works very well as an eye shadow too!

Ja loppuun eritäin pikainen & simppeli meikki. Aikaa ei juuri meikkiin riittänyt, joten ajattelin laittaa luomelle vain pikaisesti Aromaleighin Gothic Lolita "Dawnbright" hohdetta (tätä voi käyttää vaikka koko kasvoilla). Näytän kuitenkin ihan hassulta vain yhden luomivärisävyn kanssa, joten lisäsin hieman Sassyn Practically Perfectiä sen seuraksi.

Thanks for looking & commeting!

Nubar - Passionate Purple

Danes zjutraj me je pred vrati čakal paketek od soblogerke Lyre, v katerem se je skrivalo 6 prečudovitih lakcev. Eden izmed njih je bil tudi Nubar - Passionate Purple, ki sem ga seveda morala takoj sprobati.
Lakec je čudovite temno vijolično modre barve z svetlejšim roza in modrim šimrom. Ker mi ni uspelo ujeti sončka so vse slikice bolj slabe, saj so posnete s flashem. Na slikicah pa sta 2 plasti.
Lyra hvala ti za tale lakec in vse ostale v paketku!

This morning I got a package from blogger Lyra. One of the polishes was Nubar - Passionate Purple, which is a beautiful dark blue purple polish with pink and blue shimmer. Pictures are taken with flash because there was not a lot of sun today. There are 2 coats of polish on photos.
Thank you Lyra!

Bloggers Do Mascara

Have rounded up some of my favourite beauty bloggers for a speed review of's what they had to say. put Clinique High Lengths Mascara to the test:

I was sent this mascara in the shade Black/Brown - I am assuming this is also available in black and brown, however I am not sure if other colours are available, such as plum.

The product promises -
"Clinique's most lengthening and lifting mascara yet - Stretches lashes to unrivaled lengths, with beautifully defined separation"
They say this mascara achieves this with a combination of the "Green Willow Wand", and "Lengthening and Conditioning Ingredients...

The wand itself is indeed green, as you can see. It is also curved and looks more comb-like than brush-like.
The mascara contains Sodium Hyalauronate, Panthenol, and Pantethine to maintain lash health and flexibility. They describe the formula as lightweight in order thicken and create a flexible texture.

My thoughts;
Upon first opening this mascara, I was a little taken aback by the design of the brush, and was worried this would be a fiddly one to apply. To be fair, unless you use mascara's with this type of wand on a regular basis, it might take a couple of attempts to get used to it. Once you have the hang of it though, its easy to apply, and the absence of a big brush means that you are less likely to create a mess (like I often do with fat brushes).
I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara. I have pretty spindly lashes, and I like length and separation - this mascara achieved both. Personally I'd have preferred this in black, however I was actually surprised how flattering the black/brown shade was. The other thing I noticed was how flexible this felt on the lashes - I have been using this for a week now, and I have noticed my lashes have not had that "crispy" feeling they get from most mascara - they feel quite soft, and flexible...
In terms of the look achieved by this mascara, if you are after a volumising mascara, this might not be for you, as it gives more of a "realistic" style of volume, than a full on false lash style. I loved the lack of clumps, and really liked the finished look. I also thought this was a really well priced mascara for a premium brand such as Clinique.

Verdict - great for lengthening and separating, rather than major volumising, well priced, and worth checking. This has actually piqued my interest in taking a closer look at some of the other mascara's in the range. £14.50 from 1st Feb. tried Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara

Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara is presumably named because of its claim to "lengthen, thicken, and define for maximum fullness", which is pretty much everything you could want out of a mascara. And I would certainly agree with the name, but for different reasons: with this one tube, you can get a variety of looks by varying the number of coats. The first coat gives a natural effect, suitable for the most subtle of day looks; the second adds a little more drama; the third coat takes lashes to full-on night time glamour.

Not only does it look good, it feels good too: the lashes are left soft and flexible, not crunchy, and hold a curl for most of the day. Despite the fat, deeply bristled brush, it's hard to mis-apply and make a mess on your eyelid; the brush comes out of the tube just lightly coated with mascara. And the wear is great; I saw no flakes or smudging until I'd been wearing it for a good 16 hours, which is an admirable performance.

If, like me, you like full-on lashes at all times, then the three-coat-layering thing is probably going to be too much effort to bother with every morning, however good the wear. If you're the kind of person who varies the amount of mascara you use, you'll probably like this, as it really is everything in one. £17.50. reviews Estee Lauder Turbolash All Effects Motion Mascara in limited editon Shade Turbo Black

Decades of mascara innovation of the Bigger Brush! Smaller Brush! Longer Brush! Shorter Brush! Comb! Brush with a Comb! variety has lead the men in white coats to bring us Vibrating Brush! mascara. How do I know it’s men who invented this? Simple! It’s because up until now, the buttons that cause the wands to vibrate have been at the wrong end of the handle.
Estee Lauder Turbolash All Effects Motion Mascara TM in limited editon Shade Turbo Black solves that problem with a clever cap design – some people might say it’s a bit too clever, as it may have taken this reviewer a full three attempts to figure out how to open it in the first place – but suffice it to say that they have hit on a genuine improvement on button-based vibration systems.
The wand itself is mid-size, and the formula is thin, meaning no clumping and the mascara lasts well throughout the day with no flaking or running. Sadly, Get Lippie was disappointed with the exceedingly natural-looking results, as she prefers a more full-on tranny look from her mascaras, but this is something that may not bother other people.
Turbolash has extra black pigments, promising the blackest lashes ever. This just begs the question “How much more black can it be?” well, the answer is a bit more black, actually, as it didn’t seem any more black than any other mascara. As with other vibrating mascaras, it’s hard to see precisely what the vibration adds to the experience except itchy fingers. It’s a cleverly, and prettily, designed tube of mascara, but the contents don’t entirely live up to the price tag, I’m afraid. £28.50 from March

Estee Lauder Projectionist Blacker Than Black Limited Edition in Jet Black by
I do really like the Estee Lauder mascara packaging. It's so pretty and it feels really well made. I'm also a fan of a lovely long handle on the brush, which this definitely has! I feel like it gives me more control and I'm able to get coverage on those hard to reach lashes without being in danger of getting mascara from the wand on my face.

The brush is a lovely regular style brush that is really well constructed. It's nice and firm and not one of those nasty plastic style combs. And it's really nice and springy. I'm sure it's this that gives the lashes their great definition when you apply the mascara

This definitely does what it promises in that it gives you inky black lashes! I love that! Actually, I really liked the product as a whole. It doesn't give any extra length or volume. It just gives you lovely inky lashes without any clumping or clogging or any of those nasties. It's a great every day mascara.

The staying power is great. Most mascaras end up under my eyes and help me out in my famous panda impersonation within hours. The Projectionist didn't do that at all. The only other mascaras I've loved in that respect are Hourglass and L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. I'm assuming the Projectionist is a little less expensive than the Hourglass and it's a much nicer texture to wear than the Beauty Tubes.

The only thing I'd like from this mascara is some water resistance. I was crying because my hand injury was really hurting me and got up to make myself some tea. Boy did I get a shock when I saw my reflection in the mirror when I walked past on the way to the kitchen!!!! The mascara was all over my face! n saying that, I was really naughty last night and wore it to bed and it didn't budge a bit.

If you're in a position to pay the asking price for this I'd definitely recommend it as a purchase as it's wonderfully reliable and does everything it says it's going to do. £18, on counter from 29th March. tries this one:
Sue Devitt Black Widow Mascara with Orchid Extract.

This mascara is from the Microquatic range which claims to condition and hydrate your lashes with vitamins, pro-vitamins, orchid extract and beeswax whilst Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, film formers and clay derivatives make them appear fuller, longer and shiny.
At first I wasn't too sure what all the ingredients meant or the advantages of having them in a mascara but I can definitely say that the ingredients work as my lashes have never felt so soft with mascara on before. After application my lashes felt like they were still moist despite being dry which I loved as it added to the soft feeling even after wearing it for several hours. I found this to be great advantage as my lashes can be brittle and sometimes end up clumping together when applying mascara. However, this did not happen at all; instead my lashes felt hydrated and looked fuller without any clumps.

At first inspection I was quite disappointed at the shape of the brush as it reminded me of a typical classic brush with no 'extras' such as a comb, bendy brush or rubber bristles that I have now become used to. However, once I had gotten over the brush shape and took into consideration Sue's application tips found on her website ( I didn’t have any problems applying the mascara.
As I tend to wear a lot of high street brand mascaras I have noticed that the majority of them usually have a weird smell to them but this was not present with this mascara which may be credited to the natural ingredients used in the formula. I tried the Black Chocolate colour which is dark brown in colour and I was quite unsure of this as I have dark lashes and thought it would not show up on me but after application my lashes actually looked black in colour, maybe not as dark as a jet black colour I would normally go for but dark enough to stand out.

On a negative note I did find that even though the mascara claimed to lengthen lashes my lashes did not look any longer in length after application. Overall I am very pleased with this mascara and would recommend it especially for its conditioning and hydration qualities.

Currently only available at Harvey Nichols £17.50

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