Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Brush Guard

I bought few brush guards from a friend at least a year ago. I really thought this "thing" was just useless but now I know that it depends on the brush. LOL So if you kabuki or other brushes look great after you've washed and dried it, you won't need this. My new Inglot kabuki looked like baloon, it was way too big and fluffy to apply mineral foundation. Now I tried to dry it in the Brush Guard and it looks and feels great again. Yay! The Brush Guard also helps to protect your brushes while travelling.

Always remember to dry you kabuki & other brushes flat or upside down. Otherwise the water will soak where the glue is-> NOT GOOD! The Brush Guard help in that issue too:

Ostin muutaman Brush Guardin nettikaveriltani varmaan noin vuosi sitten. Ajattelin näiden olevan melkoinen turhake mutta nyt tiedän, että asia riippuu ihan siveltimestäkin :D Jos siveltimesi näyttää erinomaiselta pesun ja kuivatuksen jälkeen, et tätä tarvitse. Inglotin kabukini taas muuttui pörheäksi palloksi, joka ei enää oikein meikkipohjan levitykseen edes sopinut... Nyt taas Brush Guardilla kuivatuksen jälkeen sivellin on taas oma toimiva itsensä :D Brush Guard auttaa myös usein matkustavia säilyttämään siveltimet kunnossa.

Muistathan kuivattaa siveltimesi joko vaakatasossa tai alassuin, jottei vesi pääse lillumaan siveltimen liimauksissa-> ei hyvä juttu! Brush Guard auttaa myös tässä asiassa:

Clever :D

Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadows-Part 5

So my blogging break which was really due to limited net connection or no connection at all and that left me worried with some withdrawal symptoms.  Yet, at the same time, I was so busy that I didn't have time to think about it much.  Now, I am having a hard time getting into the swing of things but eventually I will be back to my old addicted internet self. 

Well, here is the last

Love & Toast Comes To SpaceNK

If you've ever Googled Love & Toast, you'll find an surprising amount of sites dedicated to toast before you'll ever find the official Love & Toast site ( There is one under construction and only (a cute) look-book that you can see now. But, in case you can't be bothered to wade through all things toasty, I've learned that the gorgeous lip balms are coming to SpaceNK. Love & Toast is a in interesting micro-brand, founded by the Margot Elena who began Lollia and TokyoMilk, and once you know that you can see how the design completely fits with the other two brands. Love & Toast also make gorgeous hand creams (I'd be surprised if Space are only taking the balms) in the most lovely packaging. Incidentally, all packaging is recyclable, using vegetable ink, and cardboard is sourced from sustainable sources.

I've posted about Love & Toast before on this blog, but never thought we'd have it in the UK - happy days: love a lip balm.

Jeanne Lanvin Fragrance: La Rose

I adore pretty packaging and highlight this fragrance as my personal packaging perfection. With a genuine Lanvin label adorning the bottle and two dusky pink tulle pompoms attached to the cap, the use of fabrics on glass is just delicious. In fact, I'm so taken with the pompoms that I'm actually going to find a needle and thread and sew them to a proper hair elastic. The fragrance itself is pretty. Really feminine, rosy floral with a tiny cut of green, and down notes of white musk, benzoin and cedar wood. If you've never thought of matching your fragrance to your outfit, there has to be something in this, because this is the very perfume to compliment a floaty floral maxi.

I did in fact try and write a fragrance feature (The Perfumed Wardrobe) based on selecting your perfume to suit the clothes you are wearing instead of your taste or personality etc - in my head, a black suit wears Chanel No5, Joop is a red velvet gown and so on....but just couldn't get it to work. There is a true skill to fragrance writing and it is some of the most challenging writing work I've ever done - or in the case of the Perfumed Wardrobe, not done.

Oh, back to the gorgeous La Rose: it is £49 at Harvey Nichols now or nationwide tomorrow.

Shimmery red comparison

Ker zadne čase nosim enake barve na nohtkih po več dni, imam za vas spet eno primerjavo, tokrat tri rdeče odtenke. Takšnih lakov ne nosim zelo pogosto, zato se mi zdijo dovolj podobni, da če imate enega, drugih dveh ne potrebujete.

Today I will show you comparison pictures of three very similar shimmery red polishes. I am not really a big fan of this kind of colors, so I find them similar enough to own only one.

Lakci na vseh slikicah, od leve proti desni: /
Left to right on all photos:
Amour - Yonkers Maroon
Essie - After Sex
Sinful Colors - Fire Red

na sončku / sun
v senčki / in shade

Edina razlika med temi tremi lakci se mi zdi to, da je Amour malo hladnejši, Sinful pa malo toplejši odtenek od Essie-ja, ki je ravno med njima.

The only difference that I noticed is that Amour is a little colder and Sinful warmer than Essie that fits right in the middle.

Hey, a price?

Did I forget to tell you some wonderful news...? I almost did.

All right, all of the sudden I received news from Gmarket that I was one of the top Bloggers of this March...! Wooohooo! Check out the other lucky winners as well (here)

They thought the 'Valentine'-post was rewardable enough...he he.

 I received a gift-certificate which I will happily spend soon.

Yey, blogging sometimes pays off!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nubian Heritage Mango Butter hand cream

I've been looking for a silicone, lanolin and mineral oil free hand cream for night time use with scent (but I hate lavender!) and now I finally found it :D This lovely hand cream is from iHerb and scent is "thebodyshopstyle" mango-orange scent, so it might be too strong if you don't like scented products. In fact I got this my friend, she didn't like the scent. The consistency is thick but still quite easy to apply. I'll definitely buy more products from Nubian Heritage. Nea loves iHerb :D

Olen etsinyt silikonitonta, mineraaliöljytöntä ja lanoliinitonta käsivoidetta yökäyttöön jo pidempään. Halusin tuoksullisen (tai ainakin jonkun muun kuin laventelin tuoksuisen, jota inhoan) ja nyt vihdoin löysin mukavan uuden tuttavuuden :D Tämä ihana käsivoide tuli iHerbistä ja tuoksu on "bodyshopmainen" mango-appelsiini, joten voi olla osalle liian voimakas. Koostumus on paksu mutta kuitenkin ihan ok levittää (ei kuten nuo järkyttävät "concentrated"-versiot, jotka viimeksi ehdyin marketista ostamaan :P). Ostan jatkossa ihan varmasti Nubian Heritagen tuotteita! Nea tykkää iHerbistä :D

Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter*, Deionized Water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Stearyl Alcohol (Palm Kernel), Ceteareth 20 (Emulsifying Wax), Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter*, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Oil*, Essential Oil Blend, Carbomer, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Orange Oil, Allantoin (Comfrey Root Extract), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower (and) Lonicera Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) Flower Extract
*Certified Organic Ingredient

-5 USD from your first order with my code BAC791 :)

Bye Bye, Shu Uemura

Today is a sad day for Shu Uemura fans. New York Fashion, WWD, and multiple other sources have confirmed that Shu Uemura, the Japanese luxury cosmetics brand, will no longer sell to the United States anymore. This is truly sad news! I would often browse Shu Uemura in Bloomingdale's, and was wowed with the brand's creativity, especially the exquisite variety of false lashes! I've always wanted the curly rainbow ones below!

According to New York Fashion, Shu Uemura (owned by L'Oreal) will no longer sell to the United States, due to the recent drop in sales. The brand will focus more on expanding growth globally; this change will not effect any Asian markets that currently carry this brand. However, there is a glimmer of hope - Shu Uemura promises that their products will still be available for online purchase to US residents! No word if that is their full inventory of products or a limited inventory though. Stay tuned!


While adding a few blogs to my blogroll (see left) as well as to my Bloglines, I spotted something that I want. Now, I like a lot of things but I rarely get the I must have this-type of craving but having read Frantastic Makeup's review of Liptars, I do have one serious craving!
The yellow, the green, the blue and the black. Vegan and cruelty-free. It all sounds too good to be true.

However, I have never heard of this brand before. Anyone that has any input?

(image courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

Etude House Rice BB cream

 One of the few things I have not blogged oftenly about, and is still really popular in Asian cosmetics and the beauty blogs, is that infamous product called BB cream. Probably everyone reading this blog will know that BB cream is a combination product of skincare and makeup-coverage in one.  The first thing popping to an newbie to BB cream comes to mind that it is a tinted foundation, it actually differs from a tinted foundation that it is often thicker and infused with ingredients that benefit the skin (whitening, anti-aging, pore-reducing, etc), something that depends on the BB cream itself.

BB creams have been highly popular for a while and a bit overhyped, in my opinion. They claimed to be the best thing since sliced bread and BB creams can have really good benefits among a large group of fans. I will be clear about the fact that I dislike most BB creams. I find them too heavy on my skin, like a sort of mask. My skin simply does not respond good on wearing most BB creams.

Another rant I have is that the colour selection is extremely limited. Even though I am lucky to be in the undertone BB creams often come in (and often in the darker variety, no 23), I cannot get over the grey undertone. I am aware that BB creams function more as a primer and not as a foundation, which makes it even worse --->over that first suffocating layer of BB cream comes a layer of foundation too? Oh noo.

Shortly, this review comes from a person who dislikes the bulk of BB creams on the market. Ha? you must say, why did you buy another BB cream? Ehm, because it came as a set, with a promising compact powder.

More promising...etudehouse (etudegmark) on gmarket promised its buyers lots and lots of extra goodies for the complete price of W 18.000 or $ 16.25 at the current rate. That would be a compact powder in colour 21 or 23 ( I will do a review on it soon, as it is already quite good!), a cream cheek colour in a dewy pink colour, a liptint/gloss combination product in one of the four colours they offered I saw on the promo picture (set 3, see below) and a box of brown stuff (that is instant coffee, I found out).

I would say that there would be no harm to buying this BB is just cheapskate and freebie heaven!

Surprisingly, the BB cream was better than I expected!

Which makes me disclaimer again that this opinion is completely personal, and comes from a very picky nicky person with a skin that would be a dermatologist nightmare.

I seem to tolerate the feeling of the Rice BB cream, as it is a lighter BB cream. This lightness, however, will result in a thinner coverage, thus more natural and less made-up... (check the swatches below)

The colour match is quite good, I believe (I have approximately MAC NW20 skin). The grey colour often present in BB creams is not present in this one:

When blending out, you can still see that the BB cream becomes slightly lighter. This reminds me of infamous L'Egere White BB cream, which starts even darker than this one. The left side of the next picture is the unbleded side which transgresses into a more blended version to the right.

However, it does not become too white that is is far away from my natural skintone. You can see that on the last picture below, when I completely blended it into the skin.

The fact that the colour is not too light might be a positive thing or a negative thing, which depends on the effect you are after.

Optically, it diminishes the size of my pores (and that is necessary!) on the one hand, and slightly blurs away the 'wonderful' sides of getting older, aka wrinkles.

So, the colour is quite matchy and the BB cream does not give me a suffocating, mask-like effect.

Which brings me to the scent....Some BB scents have these herbal-like mixes that linger the whole day. Something I am not too fond about. Etude House Rice BB cream is scented with a medical-like scent. It is hard to put my finger on it, but it has a slight medical-type scent that dissapears after a couple of minutes.

Which brings me to my dislike for BB creams. Have I become a BB-cream believer after this specific BB cream? Not entirely. Even though I tolerate this BB cream and it feels confortable on my skin every now and then, it has not reached everyday HG status. I am still convinced that standard foundations are better suited for the effect that I am after. Nevertheless, I absolutely am quite content about this BB cream: it feels light, has a believable colour, and is quite cheap.

I bought this one Gmarket from seller etudegmark  under itemcode 179033066 (click). And yes, I received all of the goodies promised in the listing, including a cute post-it set! Yey!

Philips Lumea Review

Hair removal..just one of life's irritating essentials, but for the life of me I cannot bear a hairy leg or armpit. So, faced with waxing, shaving or sugaring, I tend to go for the strip wax at home option on legs and bikini, but cannot deal with that under my arms. I've always - unhappily - opted for the razor. I was asked if I'd like to trial the Philips Lumea at home Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, and had my first session under instruction today. Given that I have used Tria, another at-home laser removal system - it wasn't really a great surprise at how easy Lumea is to use. Basically, you simply press the 'window' to the skin area and press a button. There's a bright light flash and then you move on to the next section. The 'window' is actually very user friendly - it is big enough that it doesn't take for ever to cover one pit, and rectangular in shape, it is simple to keep track of where you have already done as long as you apply a systematic approach. The light based depilation system takes eight weeks to banish hair (one session every fortnight for 8 weeks) but doesn't *promise* that some hair won't grow back. I know from the experience of others that you can end up going to a salon for an IPL treatment for months and months before you see real results. At least with the at-home version, once you've paid out, then you can use it as often as it takes to get rid of that very last hair. If it does what it says it will, The Philips Lumea is really quite impressive.

There are a lot of provisos with Lumea - you need the right hair colour, the right skin type and colour etc and it isn't going to be suitable for everyone, but I will do another couple of posts including the end result after 8 weeks.

The main question on everyone's lips is Does It Hurt. Uh, no. It didn't hurt me; just felt like a tiny hot flash. The at home gadget £399 from Boots.

Shu Uemura To Pull Out Of US

There are going to be some deeply unhappy US beauty girls who won't be able to get their Shu Uemura fix since L'Oreal made the decision to pull their US operations. The official statement goes: "Going forward, we decided that L’Oreal USA would be better served by focusing on our other strategic luxury brands like Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Kiehl’s, and fragrances,” says president of L’Oreal USA’s luxury division, Carol Hamilton, in a typical corporate non-statement. Even though I know it already, seeing just how many luxury brands belong to L'Oreal is still an eye-opener. Shu will still be available on-line though to US customers.

Alessandro 285

Tale majhni krasotec me je prijetno presenetil, ko sem ga zagledala v trgovini. Alessandro lakci se mi zdijo kar precej dragi glede na količino, zato kupim samo tiste, ki me resnično navdušijo na prvi pogled.
Tale je rdeč jelly lakec z rdečim in črnim glitrom, v njem pa lahko najdemo tudi kakšen večji zlat šestkotnik. Prekrasna kombinacija!
Na fotografijah sta 2 plasti, posneti sta z bliskavico.
Kakšen pa se zdi vam? Je tudi vas tako navdušil in je ta lakec že v vaši zbirki?

This little beauty has surprised me in the local store. Alessandro nail polishes seem quite expensive to me considering the amount, so I buy only those, that really impress me on the first sight.
This is red jelly nail polish with red and black glitter and even has some bigger golden hexagon shaped glitter in it! Just gorgeous!
There are 2 coats on the photos, they are taken with flash.
And what do you think about it? Do you like it and already have it in your collection?

OPI My Private Jet

I was late to the party when OPI's My Private Jet first came out. Not wanting to miss anything- I caved and bought it on Ebay a month or so ago- unbeknownst to moi- there are MANY versions of this polish. I happened to find a seller that had 2 different versions of this holographic- much lusted after masterpiece.
It was not cheap but I am thrilled to have these beauties in my collection.

The first version is more brown/taupe in color and the other is more smokey/gray/steel.
Here are some shots that just barely capture the fabulous-ness of this polish.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Collection: Reviewed

Right, here we go - Tom Ford Lipstick as it really is.

Twitter this morning was full of talk about whether £30 is too much to pay for a lipstick...given that the Tom Ford Lipsticks are £35 each then some may baulk at that. However, expensive as they are, these are lipsticks that really do feel very special. For a start, the off white and gold packaging is nicely chunky with some good weight to it. The embellishment of TF on the top of each pristine shade is an elegant touch - although of course disappears after one or two applications. The twelve shades fall into three colour groupings; nudes, bolds and dramatics, and I tried a very good selection of each on - from raging reds to calm and barely there nudes (much to the suprise of other diners in the restaurant). The texture is super-creamy - there is a slight perfume, although I am told there is no artificial fragrance added - the vanilla-ish aroma comes from the ingredients which include Murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil. Pigmentation is fabulous; really impressive - these are serious 'power colours'....and the finish is a light sheen. There are no sparkles to speak of, so these are perfect for glitter haters (like me). While the colours last very well on the lips, you might want to be careful about kissing in them as they do transfer thanks to the creaminess of the formula. Definitely not snogging lipsticks.

The presentation box you can see in the picture is how they were shown to me, but in fact, should you purchase all 12 colours, you will be given the box to keep them in (at Selfridges later in the spring). The lipsticks do come in individual boxes anyway.

So, is £35 a reasonable price to pay? Reasonable, no. But, if what you want is a decadent 'wow' lipstick that looks and feels totally luxurious, and has all the hallmarks of prestige, then it does feel like an 'appropriate' price point.

More excitingly, the press release reads 'The first chapter in Tom Ford's evolution into make up....' which I take to mean there are other collections to come.

Available from 24th April at Tom Ford Private Blend Counters.

To prime or not to, that is the question.

This is my everyday-face and that's my everyday companion - Iggy's toys. Scattered around the house but more often than not, the serve as an inspiration. The colors, the clashes, the fun.
The color of the car? I have an eyeshadow that shade and of course, I have not only one but two nailpolishes identical to it. One creme and one with glitter. But, do I wear it all?
No, not as often as I would like. Most of the time I'm stuck in a rut. My Joan Jett-rut with pale face and lot's of black around the eyes.

I need to find some other style-icons. While I love Shrinkle's use of color, I am well aware that it would never last on me. A trip to the dogpark later and I would look like a spit out gummibear.

My (obvious) option would be using a primer, but I feel like that is a waste of money. That it's yet another product the companies have lured us into thinking we need.
Is it?

Creme blue comparison

Lakci po vrsti od leve proti desni na vseh slikicah:
Left to right on all photos:

Color Club - Chelsea Girl
L.A. Girl Flare - Twinkling
OPI - Suzi Says Feng Shui

sonce / sun

v senci / shade

s flašem / flash

Meni so vsi trije lakci čudoviti, nanaša pa se najlepše OPI, saj je na sliki samo ena plast.Color Club je potreboval dve plasti, L.A. Girl pa celo tri. Vsi so poslikani brez nadlaka.

I love all three polishes, but OPI has the best consistency ad there is only one layer of polish on photos. Color Club needed two layers and L.A. Girl three coats for opacity seen on the photo. All pictures are taken without top coat.

Monday, March 29, 2010

MAC Gilded Green pigment EOTD

I have just one full size MAC pigment, these are just too big AND expensive for my taste ;D The quality is nice but not nicer that my other pigment favorites Aromaleigh etc. Inglot's pigments are quite similar too. Since these are not mineral makeup, there are of course more ingredients and the consistensy is chunky (as in my picture) and feels almost creamy when applied.

Mine is "old jar" which was bigger. You can learn more about the smaller size from Temptalia or Lipstick&Lightsabers. I haven't bought any smaller ones (price is still the same :P).

In fact I really didn't intend to buy even this Gilded Green (from Colour Forms) but I saw a MAC sales woman (at least a year ago) with this color and just loved it SO MUCH. Unfortunately that Chinese girl looked much better with Gilded Green than I do... With my coloring it is "just nice". She used it with grey too but just looked so much better. Damn :D

Omistan vain yhden MACin täysikokoisen pigmentin, nämä ovat vain liian suuria JA kalliita makuuni ;D Laatu on ihan kiva mutta toisaalta ei ylivoimainen verrattuna esim. Aromaleighin mineraaleihin tai Inglotin pigmentteihin. Ja koska kyseessä ei ole mineraali, inci on toki pidempi. Koostumus on kokkareinen (ks. kuva yllä) ja "kostea".

Oma purkkini on "vanha" ja nykyistä suurempi, lisää koosta Temptalian tai Anastasian blogeissa. En ole uutta kokoa vielä ostanut, hinta toki pysyi samana :P

Itseasiassa en alunperinkään halunnut ostaa yhtään MAC pigmenttiä, edes tätä Gilded Greeniä (Colour Forms-kokoelmasta), mutta näin tämän MAC meikkaajalla Hong Kongissa reilu vuosi sitten ja väri oli vain NIIN IHANA. Valitettavasti tämä kaunis kiinalainen nainen näytti melkoisesti minua paremmalta sävyn kanssa :D Minulla sävy on korkeintaan "ihan nätti". Höh.

-Detrivore primer
-MAC Gilded green pigment (lid)
-Inglot grey e/s 18 (crease, lower lashline)
-Inglot off white matte 351 (browbone)
-Inglot grey gel liner
-LashStiletto wp

Passionate About Purple

I'm from Jersey. I work in New York City. All I see, wear and live is black clothing, black makeup, etc. Once in a while, you need to break out and say, "Hey, there ARE other colors!" Hence, here it is. Purple things that I am passionate about.

Urban Decay - Rockstar Glitter
When you need a little fun and edge, Urban Decay's glitter is amazing. Use a primer, then apply a nude shadow. I like to line my upper lids with this glitter, very rock and roll!

Sephora - Eye Shadow in Chrome Mono No. 2
Intense color is here! Tired of sheer, nude, light eye shadows? Rebel! Pick one of Sephora's Mono colors. I would go lightly on the mascara with this one, and no eye liner...the color is intense enough to make your eyes stand out.

MAC Cosmetics - Pigment in Quietly
Who doesn't love a MAC Pigment?! They seem to last FOREVER, and the colors are so bold and vibrant. I love Quietly, because it brings out the green flecks in my brown eyes.

Urban Decay - Eye Shadow in Ransom
Similar to the Sephora Mono Shadow, it makes a statement for sure. I like to mix a lighter purple shadow (like MAC's Winter Sky below)for the inner corners of my eyes, and use Ransom on the outer corners as a smoky eye look.

MAC Cosmetics - Small Eye Shadow in Winter Sky
I love this color. It's great by itself with a bit of mascara, because it gives a hint of color without being overpowering. Or to jazz it up, add some purple eye liner or load on the mascara to the top and bottom lashes to instantly update your look.

DKNY - Be Delicious Night Rollerball
I am a rollerball ADDICT! They last a long time, and save the day. I always keep one in my purse for emergencies, like this DKNY rollerball. It's nice to freshen up before you go out after work.

Urban Decay - Clean & Sober Makeup Remover
I'll confess, I bought this makeup remover just because it had a mermaid on it and I'm weirdo. In my defense, I did need a new makeup remover!

Can a green punk use nailpolish?

There are "green" nailpolishes on the market. Userfriendly, non-toxic and safer. Unfortunately, they are hard to find and expensive.
More often than not, the back label of the more well-known brands will say that the product is free from formaldehyde and sometimes even toluene, and it makes us think It's all ok. That's until we apply the polish and inhale...

Yet we do it again and again. Lust over shades, names and brands.
I most definitely do it. The perfect shade and I don't care if it smells like a molotov cocktail, I'm buying it! I buy organic food but just "green" makeup, skincare and nailpolish isn't on my shoppinglist. Sure, I would pick an Orly polish over the generic $3-polish, but that's about it.
I haven't even tried "green" nailpolish. Have you?

Nice surprise

A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway at Nails Etc. 5 polishes from british brands I have never tried before. One of those polishes were a grey from Collection 2000's Hot looks that didn't strike me as anything special. Great name, nice bottle but that was that. I have a lot of grey polishes, mostly, swedish brand Depend, so it wasn't the polish I tried first.

Last night, I felt grey and as I had to suit up for a meeting with the doctor, I decided that Wham! was just what I needed. It was a runny mess and 3 coats still left me somewhat disappointed.
However, this morning when I went outside, there was a NICE surprise:
the grey polish apparently had some blue undertones and matched my foggy blue (faux) leatherjacket perfectly! It's the same shade.

Adn, seeing as I am a sucker for giveaways - you get something brand new you probably never even thought of buying yourself, I have entered myself into another giveaway over at Nailstah, which is a rather new blog focusing on nails and nailpolish. If you want to enter yourself, you have until April the 12th!

Nfu-Oh - 62

Spet imam za vas fotografije ultra sijočega mavričnega lakca, tokrat gre za bež odtenek št. 62.
Imam vseh 6, tako da se kar pripravite na še več podobnih pisanih fotk. ;)
Tale lakec je v primerjavi z ostalimi holo Nfu-Oh lakci malenkost manj holografski, ampak to je opazno le, ko so postavljeni drug zraven drugega. Na nohtih pa še vedno izredno lepo žari.
Pri teh lakcih je nanos kar precej težaven, vendar pa ga močno olajša Nfu-Oh Aqua Base, podlak, ustvarjen posebej za bazo pod temi holografskimi lepotci. Če se jezite zaradi nanosa, vam jo zelo priporočam.
Na fotografijah so 3 sloji, posnete so z bliskavico.
Lep pozdrav!

I have an ultra shiny rainbow polish for you again, this time this is biege colour No. 62.
I own all 6 of them, so prepare yourself for more colouful photos! ;)
This one compared to other holo Nfu-Oh nail polishes is a little bit less holographic, but this is visible only when I put one next to each other. On the nails the rainbow is still very noticeable and glowing.
This polishes are kind of hard to apply, but the application gets much more easy, if you are using Nfu-Oh Aqua Base as a base coat underneath them. If you get mad because of the horrible application, I strongly recommend it.
There are 3 coats, photos are taken with flash.
Thanks for looking and take care!

Less of Jonathan Ward?

In this instance, less is good. Let me explain. Candle artisan, Jonathan, did a spot of research among his most trusted clients (latest including Dannii Minogue) and discovered that £30 for a candle is fine to spend oneself as a luxury treat but is a little too steep to spend on a friend (and I don't think we are talking bestest buddies here, but friends you'd like to give a token to in which case £30 is a tad steep). So, Jonathan has come up with a candle that is a little smaller than the £30 one, priced at £20, exactly the amount those fragrance loving ladies and gents are prepared to spend. Two things here - a) a small brand that listened to customer feedback and actually acted upon it, and b) I need to make friends with the JW customer list. I'd be thrilled, thrilled to be gifted with a candle of any size from JW. Parrafin free, clean burning soy and beeswax candles infused with gorgeously evocative scents - it's what perfect gifts are made of, isn't it?!

Beauty Geek? Moi?

I've wanted to post about my little stash of Chanel make up for ages, but time got the better of me. Anyway, here are just a few of my favourite ever Chanel limited editions:

4 Fleurs De Chanel, Feeries (2008) each pod of colour shaped like the Chanel Camelia, Quatuor Boutons de Chanel (2009), Levre Signees Chanel (2009.

Jeans de Chanel (2003) inspired by denim, Les Coromandels de Chanel (2005) inspired by Coco Chanel's love of Oriental folding screens, Lumiere d'Artifices (2007) inspired by the sequins sewn on Chanel couture.

Who and why?

There are a lot of blogs focusing on beauty, skincare, accessories and of course, nailpolish. I read a lot of them and I add some to my bloglines. It's just some because I don't feel at home in the so-called beauty world. I am not a cheerleader, a pretty doll or a fashionista. I am the punk next door who loves color, likes to play in the sandbox with my 3 year old and my favorite sport? I love rugby. I love running with my dog. I like riding my bike as fast as I can. I like being able to dig for my carrots and I love being able to harvest fresh swiss chard on my allotment.
That means my nailpolish will chip, my lipstick will be all over my face and if my skin is all shimmery, it's most likely sweat.

I am not the pretty doll next door. My makeup is never impeccable and I don't mind because I am one of those women that like to live life to it's fullest. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not still looking for that perfect red for my lips or that I am not always on the hunt for another neon color to use on my nails. Believe me, I am! That's why I decided to start this blog. It's not that there aren't 101 great beauty-blogs out there, it's because there aren't many for the likes of me.

This is me. In my thirties, more tattoos than your mom but the piercings have (mostly) been retired and the mohawk's (literally) so last year.

L.A. Girl FLARE - Twinkling

za vas imam spet enega modrega lepotca, ki jih v moji zbirki res ne primanjkuje. L.A. Girl FLARE - Twinkling je čudovit živo moder lakec, ki žal potrebuje tri plasti za popolno prekrivnost. Na slikici pa je nanešen še nadlak, saj se lakec posuši v satinast, skoraj mat finiš.

I'll show you another pretty blue polish today. L.A. Girl FLARE - Twinkling is a gorgeous bright blue color that needs three coats for perfect opacity. The photos are also with top coat because this polish dries to a satin almost matte finish.

na soncu / sun

s flašem / flash

v senci / shade

večerno sonce / evening sun

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