Friday, April 30, 2010

Jane Iredale Cream to Powder Eyeliner in Black Brown Plus

Don't let the cream-to-powder part fool you; it is more of a cream cream that is dryer than most creams but moist enough for the lashline.  If I compare this to a pro product like Joe Blasco Ultamattes, Jane Iredale is more consumer friendly and requires less precision and/or blending when used as an eyeshadow or liner.  Yes, this can be used as a cream eyeshadow.  The colors are practical

My milkshake brings all the boys, ehm pores?...and other fun new goodies

After waiting  a long time for my sasa order I finally received a wonderfully large package after a drought in the package department. LOL, the vulcano eruption did not only disturbe the human travellers from going somewhere else, but also my precious cosmetic goodies to land on my doorstep.

The first goody is a peeling/cleansing hybrid product from O'slee. The reviews were quite positive about it, so I chucked it in my virtual chart in order if it brings all my pores to the yard...LOL, whatever that would mean.

Lately there has been a resurge for a romantic look in a lot of fashion magazines, and I have been envying women with soft, whispy curly locks. I decided not to envy, but to recreate the look myself!

The Lúcido-L curling tonic is created for styling straight Asian hair into goddess-like curls. I often have heard in the past that my hair has a (stubborn) Asian texture, so I hope this tonic can transform the straightness of my hair into romantic waves....

Shills has found a spot on sasa's site, and I was weirdly tempted by the BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation. With the summer season almost popping in, I would like to be happy about my pins and show them around. I wonder, will this product be suitable to create "sexy legs"? ....mmmm...

I decided to upgrade my skincare regime with a high-end mask from SK-II. I also want to compare it with my favourite sheet-masks from Beautymate, one of the cheapest and most effective masks around. SK-II has been raved about by various bloggers, magazines etc that I had to curb my curiosity and purchased the whole box...

Weee, Kawaii products. The happy smiling thingy is a shower-mitt and the tube next to it is a pore-cleanser...
The shower mitt will be the perfect antidote for grumpy mornings in the least I will get a cheerful smile!

And this manicure is brilliant and something I really would like to recreate soon...smiley nails! (from the Vogue UK April 2010)

What a happy is good to be a girl sometimes...

The placebo-effect?

As mentioned before, I don't use anti-aging products.
It's not just because I think they're doing more damage than good (mentally, fucking with our perception of who we are and what we should be like), but because I am of the opinion that aging isn't a bad thing. I think of the body as a mindmap. Maybe even a scrapbook if you will.

But as Lipglossiping wrote in a recent post,
"The problem with being a total beauty nut is that I find myself noticing flaws in my appearance that I’m sure wouldn’t really bother the average woman my age."
the more I get hooked on beauty-products, the more I start to question my standpoint.
It's almost as if reading about certain items gives birth to a craving. Alters my perception of what it's like to grow old(er), to age and to feel confident in my own skin. Makes me think that confidence could and should be bought.

But then again, I am starting to think that maybe this is all about the placebo-effect? These products don't do much but we think that if we didn’t use them, we’d be way worse off?!

I am trying to stick to my opinion that cosmetics and so-called beauty-products should be about having fun and not hiding who you are and what you look like, but every now and then, I must confess that it's not written in stone.

What's your take on it all?

Rimmel Alarm lipstick

We will have a theme party this weekend and I'll be sailor girl :D Sailor girl needs bright RED lips, right? I have one bright red lippolish (BE Buxom) but it just feels so terrible, I decided to invest and bougt Alarm from Rimmel ;) This was about 7 € here and in fact the quality feels very good. It's pigmented, feels moisturizing, not too pricey but maybe the taste/smell is not the best... But I think the only scents I like are vanilla or toffee :D

edit: After using this in a party, I must say that this is SO GOOD lipstick! It lasted very well and wasn't drying. I think I have to take closer look at the more natural colors now too.

Menemme vappuna teemajuhliin ja pukeudun merimiestytöksi :D Tarvitsen toki punaisen huulipunan, eikös? Yksi punainen minulla onkin (BE:n Buxom) mutta se tuntuu ihan hirveältä huulilla, joten päätin investoida Rimmelin
Alarm-sävyn ;) Hinta oli vajaat 7€, mikäli oikein muistan, ja laatu tuntuu varsin mainiolta! Pigmenttiä löytyy, tuntuu kosteuttavalta, hinta on ok mutta tuoksu ei ole ehkä paras mahdollinen... Tosin taidan pitää vain toffeen tai vaniljan tuoksuisista :D

edit: Nyt juhlan jälkeen pitää vielä sanoa, että en voisi kuvitella parempaa punaa! Väri kesti loistavasti, eikä kuivattanut huulia. Täytyy varmaan kurkata vielä luonnollisemmatkin sävyt ;)

No lip liner, just Rimmel's Alarm.

I used Inglot eyeshadows (light blue & dark blue) from this palette.

Thank you for reading & commenting :) I'll review Rimmel's Stiletto Red nail polish in a few days too.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

GIVEAWAY (ends Sunday 2 May)

The prizes:

First 2 winners can choose 2 prizes (see options below) and the rest will get 1/each.

Kaksi ensimmäistä voittajaa saavat valita 2 palkintoa itselleen (ks. alta) ja loput saavat jokainen yhden.

Essence blue.

Essence pink.

Essence lilac.

Sasa green glitter nail polish & glitter.

Sasa red/gold glitter nailpolish & glitter.

Arezia nail polishes & Essence glitter mix.

Arezia nail polishes, essence nailpolish & Sasa eye liner pencil "purple".

To qualify

-You must be a follower (via Google friend connect). If you win and I can't find your name from followers, I'll choose another winner immediately.
-Reply to this post with your contact info (email etc).

For additional ways to win

-For one extra entry: blog about this giveaway and post the link with your comment.
-For one extra entry: add my blog to your blogroll
[If you do NOT have own blog] This is only for readers WITHOUT own blog, because you are very important too :D
-For one extra entry: tell me what you would like see in my blog or what's best in my blog in your reply.
-For one extra entry: Tell me what's your favorite post I've made.
-For one extra entry: Follow me on Twitter (I'm @fashionedfinn)
-For one extra entry: Tweet about this giveaway with a link to this post.
-For one extra entry: comment to the posts :) If you are "regular" commenter, I'll remember you anyway! So no need to say this in your reply.

Leave a link to each of these here in the comment section :) You can comment on this post or the original.

The giveaway is open internationally and the winners will be chosen in the end of this month (30th April 2010). YOU WILL A NOW A FEW EXTRA-DAYS TO ENTER, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WRITE DOWN THE REST OF THE ENTRIES TOMORROW. I have bought the prizes myself from Hong Kong & Frankfurt. Good luck :D


Sinun täytyy olla blogin lukija (Google friend connect, tuolla->). Jos voitat, eikä nimeäsi sieltä löydy, valitsen uuden voittajan.
Vastaa viestiin kera yhteystietosi (email tms)

ääniä saa

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[Jos sinulla EI ole blogia] Halusin laittaa tämänkin, eli tarkoitettu "blogittomille". Epäreilua jos lisä-ääniä saa vain bloggaajat :)

-Yksi lisää: Kerro mitä haluaisit nähdä blogissani ja mistä yleensä blogissani pidät/et pidä.

-Yksi lisää: Kerro mikä on lempipostauksesi.


-Yksi ääni lisää: ollaan frendejä Twitterissä (@fashionedfinn)

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-Yksi ääni lisää: Kommentoi postauksiani :) Toki vakkarit tunnistan, ei tarvitse ilmoittaa erikseen!

Muista ilmoittaa lisä-äänistä viestissäsi linkkien kera :)
Voit vastata tähän viestiin tai alkuperäiseen. Valitsen voittajat loppukuusta (30.4.2010). JA MUUTAMA PÄIVÄ TULI LISÄAIKAA, EN EHDI TEEMAJUHLIEN TAKIA KIRJOITTAMAAN LOPPUJA NIMIÄ VIELÄ LISTAAN.

Bruce Willis Fragrance Ad - Sexy or Creepy?

For those of you who haven't heard, Bruce Willis will join the ranks of many celebrities and create his own fragrance. Random, right? I'm all for Bruce Willis, and think he's an attractive guy, but why NOW come out with a fragrance?

Anyway, I just found this advertisement that Bruce did to promote his new juice. It looks like it's a preliminary advertisement, but just thought I would post it for you guys. Let the video load all the way before watching. Thoughts?

No town for a polish-a-holic

Had a look around town to see what was new and what was not. Realized I live in a town where the stores do not believe in updating their Depend and Viva la Diva-displays, so the latest collections were nowhere to be found. Too bad because I had actually saved up some money to be spend on cutesy cute polish.
The same went for OPI and China Glaze. 15-20 polishes, all basic colors. Nobody had heard of Orly. I guess Transdesign dropping us european customers will either leave us desperate for anything or if we're lucky, push the local vendours into carrying these brands as well?
However, I did get my hands on the new matte topcoat from Isadora. It wasn't an easy task though, had to go to 4 stores before I found one that had it in stock.
I am not much for matte polishes (I prefer a satin finish) but a tiny bottle like this means one can testdrive a few matte nails without adding yet another big ottle to the unused shelf.
But don't be fooled by the low price. It's only a tiny bottle, 6 ml, for 69SEK ($9.50) means that if you know you like matte, you might as well go for some of the other brands as it's not a cheap polish per se.

In all, I didn't do much shopping because there wasn't anything thrilling to be bought. Imagine that?
Thank God for Ebay.

(I realize that there is a matte polish from Essie that goes by the name Matte about you, but when I edited the picture, that didn't even cross my mind)

Sydän rinnassa, mustavalkoinen ;)

The topic comes from that (not good :D) song about the ice hockey team I told you yesterday. As I promised here is my second look with white, black & gold. The (nearly) black Aromaleigh pigment I used today was so much easier to blend than that MAC yesterday :-O.

Postauksen nimi tulee toki tästä (ei erityisen hyvästä ;D) laulusta:

Kyseessä siis toinen musta-valko-kulta meikki, ensimmäinen on
täällä, lopetan Tepsi-teeman tähän :D Ihan käsittämättömän paljon helpompi oli häivyttää tätä Aromaleighin lähes mustaa pigmenttiä kuin eilistä MACiä :-O

-Detrivore primer
-Inglot shimmery white (lid, browbone)
-Aromaleigh Smokescreen, discontinued pigment (crease)
-Sugarpill Goldilux (lower lashline)
-MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
-Maybelline Magnum mascara wp

Thank you for reading & commenting :)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MAC Cosmetics - Pret A Papier

Large Visual - Bloomingdale's 59th Street NY

MAC describes their new collection as "Craft Paper Couture." The MAC makeup artists really love this color collection, and think there is something for everyone. The visual is interesting, right? Maybe a bit of Lady Gaga hair bow inspiration?

As usual, I went on a swatching rampage and started trying everything! Below are some of the colors:

Lipsticks From Left: Archetype, Kraft, Dressmaker Dressmaker, and Made To Order

Paint Pots: Coral Crepe and Groundwork

My friend Flower found this photo on Twitter! Cool, right?

The full collection includes Paint Pots, Eye Shadows, Eye Pencils, Lipsticks, Lipglass, Blush and Nail Lacquers. I think the colors are so pretty and fresh - just in time for Spring!

I didn't purchase anything (YET) but I really want the Dressmaker Dressmaker lipstick, and one of the new Chromagraphic Pencils. What do you guys think, has anyone tried any Pret A Papier shades?

FiFi Award Nominations 2010

For those who aren’t familiar, The FiFi Awards are an annual event sponsored by The Fragrance Foundation. The event honors the fragrance industry's creative achievements (in each category) and are considered the 'Oscars' of the fragrance industry. I’ve always wanted to attend!

The FiFi’s are attended by around 1,000 members of the international fragrance community, designers and celebrities from all walks of life - fashion, theatre, film, television, etc.

So let’s get to the good stuff - The FiFi Award nominations for 2010 have been announced! Click the below link to cast your fragrance votes in each category, and help your favorite scent earn a highly coveted FiFi Award! Only 22 days left to vote on the website – all you need is an email address and you are good to vote!

Vote on FiFi Fragrance Awards

I just casted my votes, it will be interesting to see who the winners are – there are a lot of worthy juices on this list!

What do you dolls think about the noms? Any fragrances you feel were left out of the bunch?

Hmm, I Think I Found My Limit. Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick

Yes, I will pay £35 for a Tom Ford lipstick. I will. But, would I pay $60 for a Cle de Peau lippie? I don't think I could. The new lipsticks are amazing in design with a baguette facetted tip designed to create smooth and natural lines that must have been hell on earth to get right at design and production level, and it is the first lipstick to contain Vitamin A Acetate, but $60? A Acetate apparantly helps to get rid of lines on the lip and also ensure your lips stay moisturised for a smooth look...pigments are specially created with spherical powders that don't dull....the colours are inspired by a rose's all stacking up to being pretty irrisistible, but I do baulk at $60. Do you?

black, white & GOLD!

TPS from my hometown Turku is now champion of Finland in ice hockey! So of course had to do this black, white & GOLD look, as I promised to Serafia :D The blending was far from good... Sorry. I have to do some kind of TPS makeup tomorrow too. LOL

-Sassy minerals cool light foundation
-AL Nectarine powder
-Alima Mauna Loa bronzer
-Icon apricot blush

-Chanel lip laquer 77 Santal (very lightly)

-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Evil Shades white, Limited edition 2010 (inner lid, browbone)
-Sugarpill Goldilux (lid)
-MAC Gilt by Association (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-Lash Stiletto wp

Picture is from Iltalehti.

Logo is from Wikipedia.

Some famous ice hockey players who played in TPS are Saku Koivu, Sami Salo, Aki-Petteri Berg & Miikka Kiprusoff. We have a great goalie coach here too, Urpo Ylönen :D


*Waving From The Bottom Branch*

There's been Twitter-chatter a-plenty amongst bloggers recently about who-gets-sent-what-by-whom, which is a direct parallel to what goes on between beauty writers, too. It's oh so easy to feel your nose is out of joint if you spot another journalist wearing a not-yet-released colour or holding the latest swanky bag that went out as a 'gift' - you'll know soon enough where you rank in a brand's esteem when a paper press release arrives at your door without even a sample of the product, never mind the gift!

But in beauty-land, its not 'you' that gets the gifts or the deluxe samples, the lunches, the dinners and the trips abroad, it's the publication you work for; you are only ever as good as your mag. At a launch recently, I was surrounded by women half my age all working for print press, and with them was an expensively fragranced aura of entitlement. But as many have learned previously, when you move on, so does your status.

At this same launch, I was talking to a fellow beauty editor (we are roughly the same age) about how we have been plugging brands literally for a decade and yet rarely, if ever, get invited on press trips. Now, I'm at a point in life where a press trip is massively inconvenient (kids, dogs and general life busy-ness) but on a couple of occasions I've been to small group launches where I am literally the only person not invited on a forthcoming trip and while the chosen ones are all abuzz with the excitement, I'm in the mortifying position of not being able to join in. Partially, those examples are down to poor planning by the PRs concerned, but if there's one thing I've learned, it's to develop a thick (and hopefully wrinkle-free) skin in such matters, and also take it on the chin that I am never going to be elevated from minor thanks to major, f*** off, we-love-you-our-client-loves-you bag!

Some brands are exceptionally kind - I've never worked at a magazine; being freelance I put all my efforts into writing for papers, on-line and my blog with the occasional commission to write for glossies - and are generous, but on the whole it isn't the jobbing freelancers who can one minute be writing for a circulation of 1m+ and the next for a niche publication with a fraction of that readership that get the material thanks. In part, this is because there are a lot of beauty freelancers around and budgetary constraints mean it is impossible for brands to gift as maybe they would like to do. And, the recession has certainly culled a great deal of 'gifting'.

But it's my view to that to be at the top of the tree and take a tumble is worse than to forever stay on the lower branches out of trouble. I've always got hope, but never expectation, and that, my friends is the key to gifting serenity.

Shaken, not stirred

I might have to retract some things said. Especially since I am listening to the Gits right now. That fugly Golden green polish seems like it was made for wearing while listening to the Gits. That is, if I would have come across Golden Green 15 or 20 years ago, I guess I would have loved it. All I wore back then were bronze and other metallic shimmers. I guess grunge really got to me, right?

However, when I said the polish was bad, I meant it. My polish is not doing well. Picture on the right is taken less than 6 hours after having applied a fifth layer of it on my nails. You can see two distinct layers and the golden shimmer in the green is lumping together. Why is that? Does anybody know what happened to this poor polish?

But I must confess, seeing this picture reminds me that I want a nice royal blue jelly-polish really bad. Maybe not even a jelly, but a sheer? That would be fine.

Meso Glow Part Deux

I've just had my second Meso Therapy treatment with Dr Anne at Dr Sebagh's Wimpole Street clinic and have to say it was even more of a breeze than the first treatment. There is no evidence, other than a slight tingling sensation (due to the vitamin fluid that is rubbed on during the treatment I suspect rather than the needles), that I've had multiple needles over my face. The first treatment left my skin feeling ultra-soft and moisturised for days - and friends did comment on the fact that my complexion looked good. So, with one more cow-prong, sorry, uh, injection course, to go, I'm getting more and more convinced that this is a treatment to recommend for those whose skin looks dull and lacklustre. It's certainly perked mine up no end.

Trind Caring Color

I haven't been interested of Trind Caring Colors before but now I saw two very nice colors, a turquoise and a chartreuse. I just got this turquoise CC132 first but I really like this SO much, I think I have to get that other color too :D In fact I wanted OPI Shrek nail polishes but I just heard that Transdesign doesn't offer international flat rate shipping anymore so I won't get OPIs for a while. Prices in Finland are just too high :(

This was so easy to apply and it was nearly opaque after one coat, I used 2 for the photo and the cap was very nice & easy to use! So I wasn't very suprised when I found this article:
Trind Caring Color tested “best polish” in Finland.
One of the most popular Finnish women magazines “Me Naiset” (We, women) recently published its independent nail polish test. Out of a considerable number of leading nail polish brands, Trind was chosen “best polish” and received a rating of 4,5 out of 5 stars. According to the test panel, the main qualifications of Trind Caring Color are easy application because of the perfect brush and the unique cap, the fact that Caring Color polishes cover very well and can be spread over the nail very easily and the fact that Trind Caring Color polish leaves the most shiny finish of all polishes that have been tested.
Size is 9 ml and the price was 9.50€ in Finland. You can find this brand from for example Douglas, ETOS, DA and Bijenkorf (The Netherlands), Sephora (Italy), Kicks & Åhléns (Sweden), Sokos (Finland) & Bliss Spa (United States).

En ole aiemmin ollut kiinnostunut Trindin värilakoista mutta nyt kevätkokoelmassa oli melkoisen herkullisia sävyjä :) Ostin nyt aluksi testiin turkoosin (CC132) mutta varmaan kellanvihreä pitää vielä noukkia talteen! Varsinkin, kun Transdesign ei ilmeisesti enää lähetä kynsilakkoja edullisemmalla flat ratella Suomeen... Eli enpä taida saada OPIn Shrek-kokoelman lakkoja, Suomen hinnat ovat vain liikaa :(

Laadultaan tämä on ihana, levittyi kauniisti ja oli lähes peittävä jo yhdellä kerroksella, käytin kuvaan kuitenkin 2 kerrosta. Erityisen ihana on tuo korkki, siitä sai hyvä otteen. Tuossa yllä on vielä artikkeli, Me Naiset on ilmeisesti arvostellut tämän viime vuoden puolella :)

Koko on 9 ml ja hinta 9.50€, Sokokselta tämän ostin mutta varmaan muitankin myyjiä löytyy.

Thank you for reading & commenting :)


Nfu-Oh - 64 and Konad

Na vrsti je še eden izmed Nfu-Oh holografskih lepotcev, za vas imam fotografije vijoličnega odtenka št. 64.
Ta je bil moj prvi izmed njih, kar se mu že pošteno pozna - vsebine je že opazno manj. :)

Here is one more from the gorgeous Nfu-Oh holographic polishes, this time I have photos of shade number 64.
This was my first among them and the bottle is almost half empty by now. :)

Na koncu sem se še malo igrala s Konadom in Color Club Wild At Heart lakcem in nastalo je tole:

I was playing with my Konad and Color Club Wild At Heart at the end and this is the result:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eyeshadow in Taupe-Is This the Taupe of All Taupes?

I know for many of you makeup junkies out there, you have an obsession with taupes.  So do I!  But like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I find that many of the taupes I have tried just don't work right: too brown, too gray, too dark, too light, too warm, too cool.  You know what I mean. 

Why taupe eyeshadow?  Well, taupe is important because in the photography, film, and television; it gives

Fitflops Electra & Pietra

Every season I buy a pair - if not two - of Fitflops; this year it is the pewter Electras, all jazzy with sequins, but I know it won't be long until I cave and buy the Pietra in bronze. Ok, so what place do shoes have on a beauty blog? Well, in theory they are supposed to tone and hone your legs and bottom - I could confidently say that they've toned my calves and the backs of my thighs, but couldn't hand on heart say they've given me tight buns (they tauten by making muscles work harder in miniscule continued movements - you can't feel this happening). But ultimately, I buy them for comfort - they are quite literally the most comfortable shoes I've ever had, hence my ever growing collection. It's not often I say buy, buy, buy - but with these, especially if you do a lot of walking - I can't see how you'd ever look back.

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque 77 "Santal"

I got Chanel Rouge Allure lip laquer from my mom and I really like this lovely lip color :) This looks like lipgloss but it's definitely more like lipstick. Feels buttery and soft (reminds me of Fyrinnae's lip lustres but Chanel is thicker), scent is not strong and the color is opaque, so you don't need much. For me this no 77 "Santal" is not nude but very easy to wear and natural peachy color with golden shimmer. The aplicator feels very nice and the tube (6ml) is of course very stylish.

The price is high... Worth it? It really is VERY nice but I still think it's too pricey. I just like to buy stuff that is more affordable :D You can read another review of this product from Lipstick Rules, we seem to have similar taste when it comes to lippies. LOL

Sain tuliaisina myös Chanel Rouge Allure-"huulilakan" ja onhan tämä ihana :) Pakkaus näyttää huulikiillolta mutta on selvästi enemmän huulipuna kuitenkin. Tuntuu pehmoiselta ja voimaiselta (Fyrinnaen Lip Lustret tulevt hieman mieleen, Chanel on koostumukseltaan paksumpaa), tuoksu ei ole turhan vahva ja on peittävä, ei tarvitse paljoa laittaa. Minulle väri 77 Santal ei ole nude mutta kiva ja luonnollinen persikkainen kultaisella hohteella. Aplikaattori on hyvä ja pakkaus (6 ml) toki erittäin tyylikäs.

Hinta laivalla 22.80€ ja maissa taitaa olla yli 30€ (laitan tiedon tähän, kunhan muistan tarkistaa) eli tosiaan kalliinpuoleinen... Hintansa väärti? Tämä on erittäin hyvä mutta pidän silti turhan kalliina. Taidan vain tykätä enemmän edullisista löydöistä :D



Thank you for reading & commenting :)


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