Monday, May 31, 2010

Innisfree OLIVE Real Cleansing Oil

For a haul-a-holic of my standard, it is often a bit rare that I finally finish a whole sized product. Even though I love the product I am using, my curiosity takes over and I often dwindle to a promising new version of a similar product.

My poor closet is the one that has witnessed this, and is quite crammed with prefectly functioning goodies that were 'upgraded' by 'new and improved' versions.

However, if I like something I actually am able to finish it.

And sometimes, I force myself to finish up one thing, and try not to 'stray' on other products for the sake of....ehm...lack of space to store everything (?).

And although the next cleansing oil has not really been the most perfect cleansing oil ever, I really kept reaching for it for the time being, although I had several other cleansing oils lined up.

The blue pump dispensor on top of the bottle is not a part of the original bottle. It is one of Innisfree Olive cleansing oil's flaws. I happily added the pump dispenser from another cleansing oil bottle. Originally, it looks like this:


The bottle really aims to bring the wholesome aspect of a bottle of normal olive oil in the form of a cleansing product. It even has this 'new harvest' seal on top of it.


I would not put this bottle in the kitchen for non-beautyproducts afficionados, or your lovely cleansing oil would end up for frying your vegetables. Something I would not recommend for the taste-buds...because it might smell slightly of a perfumed olive oil, it is not suitable for any cooking at all.


Innisfree absolutely highlights that the oil would be lovely for the moisture care. Innisfree does not make too many claims further on the moisture-adding properties, however, sasa says this about it (perhaps translated from the words in Korean on the bottle):
Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil contains fresh harvest of olive hydrating ingredients to provide maximum moisture care for skin, leaving skin balanced and watery all day long.

The oil, compared to other cleansing oils I used (Kanebo Naive, Etude House Dreaming Oil, Shu Uemura and some others) is relatively thick.

This mights scare some people with combination to oily skin, because a thick, dense oil might give the pores the clog-fright! I have rather combination skin as well, and my dear skin often suffers from thirty-something acne (sidenote: thanks for all the people who tried to confort me in my teens that my pimples would go away...they did not, I only got some wrinkles as additives!).

But no, the thickness of the oil did not disconfort my skin, and I did not got more pimples than before. I did not get less either, so the cleansing is more neutral than possibly a pimple fighter.


"Look Look, mummy, I finished almost a whole bottle"

I actually came to appreciate the denser texture, because I use these wonderful, but incredibly stubborn Japanese mascaras that can be a real *&5@ to remove properly.

This oil is so easy as a total cleansing devise: you apply it on, softly rub some extra on your mascaryfied lashes (be careful that it does not get in the eyes), add the lukewarm water, emulsify, and voilla, almost everything makeupwise is completely gone!

So, I mentioned why it was effective enough to completely finish the bottle. That was because:
  • moisturizing properties: my skin did not feel dry after cleansing, which some thinner cleansing oils can do
  • removes waterproof eyemakeup like a &*^, ehm, quite it is the lazy way to remove all makeup at once.
  • reasonably affordable price ($12.70): there are cheaper version, but also more expensive versions.
  • The whole wholesome look of the bottle (looks count as well, even though it is on the fourth spot)
But...Why was it NOT perfect:
  • Scent: it has that highly fraganced scent that you can find with those olive soap products as well, a bit olivy and really soapy. It wears off quite fast, but it is not my fave scent.
  • No pump dispenser: I had to add my own.
I am still on the fence about reordering, because the poor closet need to detox from my other cleansing oils (that are really fine as well). Still, I love this for winter cleansing and if I am a good girl and finish my other oils on time before next winter, I will reorder this for sure (if sasa still has it).

I bought this cleansing oil at (here) and it was still available the time I wrote the review. Sasa is wonderful in adding new things oftenly, however, it has the tendency to remove perfectly lovely products every now and then without notice.

Tarina Tarantino - Cameo Gloss Ring

I finally got one! Always on the hunt for unique pieces, I had to get my hands on a funky and fun Cameo Gloss Ring from Sephora. The one above is the Victorian Punk Gloss Ring and i'm loving it! There are other colors and themes, but I had to get the one with the skull on the front =)

The gloss itself smells very fruity and feels nice & velvety on your lips. But probably my favorite feature is the little mirror inside! How great is it to have a mirror on hand at all times? (no pun intended)

I think it's the perfect piece of jewelry for the summer, and instantly jazzes up your outfit with a little bit of *sparkle*

What do you dolls think? xo

Review: A Surprisingly Awesome Lipstick

On a whim I caved and bought NYC (New York Color) Ultra Moist Lipstick in Wild Orchid. Reasons I caved on a cheap Walmart lipstick?

1. It was purple and gold

2. I have a need to own just about everything with the word Orchid in it (favourite flowers of all time, so it's not my fault!) and

3. It cost less than two dollars Canadian. Pretty much unheard of.

So I bought this expecting it to be a super dry weird smelling lipstick that would likely sit in my Make-up collection because it looked horrible on. Oh how joyously wrong I was!

This lipstick glided on with startling ease, leaving a creamy sheen of colour across my lips. Easily built up, I found the colour flattering and not at all harsh like other purples of a similar tone due to the gold. In fact once on my lips it seems to morph to an almost rose colour with a hint of purple and a frost gold finish. The gold in it is not a glitter nor a shimmer, but instead a duochrome that shifts and changes with the light. When first applying you get a lovely burst of fruit scent. This quickly fades, but every time I open it I smile and think of fruit juice boxes I drank as a child. The packaging isn't fancy but it is serviceable, with hard non-flimsy plastic and a smooth twist mechanism. I also particularly like that the lipstick is visible through the container, making it easy to identify exactly the shade I'm looking for without opening. Upon wearing it is fairly average in lasting power (i.e. its gonna last 3 hours if you don't eat or drink) and it does keep it's creamy feel for almost the entire wearing period.

The top swatch is only one swipe, whereas the bottom is multiple swipes.

The only cons of this lipstick is that it will feel drying to your lips if you're planning on wearing it by itself all day. A clear gloss can easily fix this though. Another thing to mention is that you need to handle it with a little more care than the average lipstick as it scarily looks like it could happily snap off at the base.

However, overall I have to say this is an excellent bargain for an great quality lipstick.

Rating: 8/10

Current Mani- Chanel Orange Fizz

This is Chanel's Orange Fizz- it's from their 2009 Summer collection and still available at counters and I believe online.  This was a recent gift from my baby sister, she has an eye for pretty things and knows I am always up for a new bottle of nail lacquer. Hugs to you *g*!!!!

Orange Fizz is a creamy coral tone (more towards the orange side of coral).  This color reminds me of my Great Aunt Charlotte- she loved apricots, corals, salmons and peach tones.  This is a fun/ cheery color- and would certainly brighten up a dreary day.  It looks much softer to me in the bottle than it does on my nails.  This is 3 coats of Orange Fizz.  My nail tech experienced some difficulty in applying this polish because of the consistency- it seemed to be a little thicker than the other Chanel polishes in my collection.  It's not a super shiny polish either- it's not matte by any means but just not as glossy as some of my other creamy polishes. This is one that definitely needs a top coat to bring out the shine.

Here are some photos of this summery delight

with flash

In the sun

Honore Des Pres: I Love Carrots Eau de Parfum

Absolutely nothing to do with Yes To Carrots, this quirky fragrance brand has come up with some very innovative cups. As is always the case with French fragrances, there is something of a wordy story to the origins and inspiration, but it is inspired apparantly by cooking, freezing and cooking again carrots from organic farmers in Harlem (okay, seriously now, is there an organic farm in Harlem?) and blending seeds thinned from the carrot flower with orange, Caribbean vanilla and orris butter. I'll leave out the bit about it being an 'inconsiderate fragrance' and gorging oneself with jubilation and raw flavours and carrots echoing indulgence...oh, oops.

Anyhow, there are another couple of scents in the line up, Love Coco and Vamp in NY, all created by Olivia Giacobetti. The fragrances are 100% natural.

What I'm loving mainly about this is the amazing packaging.

Puma Animagical Eau de Toilette

Proctor & Gamble aren't pretending that they're bringing out a sophisticated men's fragrance with this product - it's firmly aimed at a younger market and priced accordingly. However, there is something about the garish packaging that reminds me of a Bette Midler circa 1980's broad shouldered dress and it makes me wonder if its only the fact that the target market probably won't remember the 80's that will be its saving grace.


The oddest name

Being on the A-list, what color would that be? The reddest of red or maybe even gold?
When HM is asked that question, they see yellow. A good vibrant, although somewhat dusty yellow. More retro than neon. Spotted it over at Sminkan and had to go looking for it today (9ml for 39.50sek/$5.05). It was so lovely, and completely unexpected, I picked up an extra for a future swap/giveaway.

While I was at it, I picked up one of Depend's latest cuties which has been described as everything from Shrek-green to green apples, but personally, I don't see Shrek unless he's turned into a distinguished old gentlement. Nevertheless, the color named 196 is a great color (5ml for 25sek $3.20).

Mavala Swinging Colours: 126 Electric Green

I saw this lovely new green nail polish from Mavala and I had to get it ;) I also liked "Flashy Violet" but decided to test "Electric Green" first. The other colors in this collection are Volcanic Orange, Candy Pink, Aqua Blue & Acid Yellow.

Electric Green is quite light, golden green. This is pearl nail polish and I'm not a big fan of pearly or frosty nail polishes in general... This color was just SO pretty so I had to test it :) It's nice but not my favorite, unfortunately. It has a lovely golden flash in sunlight though! I used coats for the picture.

Näin ihanan uuden vihreän lakan Mavalan valikoimissa ja pakkohan se oli saada ;) Pidin kovasti myös lilasta Flashy Violet-sävystä mutta parempi toki ensin testata yhdellä, joten vain Electric Gren lähti mukaani. Kokoelman muut sävyt ovat Volcanic Orange, Candy Pink, Aqua Blue & Acid Yellow.

Electric Green on vaaleahko kullanvihreä. Tämä on Pearl nail polish, yleensäkään en juuri helmiäislakoista pidä... Väri oli kuitenkin niin nätti, että testattava oli :) Ei yltänyt suosikiksi kuitenkaan, lähinnä juuri sen takia kun en tämän tyylisistä helmiäislakasta välitä, vaikka kultainen hohde on varsinkin auringossa melkoisen ihana. Laitoin 2 kerrosta lakkaa kuvaa varten.

Thank you for reading & commenting :)


The Results Are In! Jeanne Piaubert Speed Dieting & One Week Anti-Wrinkle Lip Treatment

Okay, so I've managed to stay the course with both these products for the whole week. Speed Dieting is one tube with half and half of day and night serum; one application in the morning and one in the evening to banish cellulite and dimpling in 7 days. Did it? Nope. I can say that for me, it really didn't have any discernable effects at all in reducing cellulite. I also used it - generously - on my upper arms, and must admit that the skin there is unbelievably smooth, and the cream is deliciously scented - kind of fruity. The day cream has shimmer in it, which I find odd...if you are trying to treat cellulite, I'm not sure why you'd want it sparkly too. The One Week Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for Lips gave a better result - again it is day and night, and although by about day five I was seeing much better results with the night gloss than the day one, I started adding that in the day too. It does give an almost instant smoothing effect, although it isn't quite as long term as I'd hoped it would be. It really depends on your budget as to whether £70 is worth it, but if you do have lips that never look smooth, it could be a temporary answer for special occasions. The Jeanne Piaubert range comes with good recommendations and a huge fan base in France, so I am surprised that the results were as lack lustre as they were.

Funky French

Že nekaj časa sem si želela narediti francosko manikuro, vendar si je nisem zaradi preveč zabarvanih nohtov. Danes pa sem se odločila da vseeno ustvarim nekaj podobnega.

Uporabila sem lakce:
- moder: Misa - Blue Over a Boy
- srebrn: Color Club - What a Drag
- svetlo moder: Color Club - Take me to Your Chateau

I have wanted to wear a french manicure for a while now, but it was impossible because my nails are very stained. So in the end, today I've decided to do a funky french manicure.

Nail polishes that I have used:
- blue: Misa - Blue Over a Boy
- silver: Color Club - What a Drag
- light blue: Color Club - Take me to Your Chateau

An Introduction

Welcome to Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blog. Here my goal is to provide anyone interested with good quality make-up turn to items, that will hopefully make the world of cosmetics and beauty a little more clear. All items I feature will be from companies that do not test on animals. I hope to make make-up a fun, artistic outlet that everyone can enjoy- no matter their age, sex, or colour. At the very least I will try my best! And of course hopefully both you and I can learn some useful tips and tricks along the way!

Who is Hebridean Sprite?
Hebridean Sprite is me, the one at the keyboard typing away about whatever happens to capture my attention. My real name is Krista and I'm a 20 year old Zoology student based in Ontario, Canada. I'm 5'1 (and a half!) with dark red hair and super pale skin (on the Mac scale I'm NC15; this means that I have a slight warm undertone to my skin and I'm pretty darn close to being as white as a human can possibly be!). I have hazel eyes, and oily acne prone skin (bleh!) with large under-eye circles (double bleh!!). Lets not forget my excessive love for animals- which explains my major. My favourite colour is Hunter green, accented with a fondness for purples, and silvers. I spend much of my free time reading, whether it be novels, makeup blogs, other peoples reviews or something that I'm required to do for my courses. I am also a large fan of photography, in particular landscapes, wildlife and plants. A hobby that happily ties into both my major and this blog. I love history and mythology; particularly the medieval age, the renaissance, the Victorian age and anything to do with the Celts, Picts, Vikings, and Scots.

Where the heck did "Hebridean Sprite" come from????
Hebridean Sprite springs from not only my height and love of mythology, by my love of Scotland and the Hebrides where my family originally comes from. Pronounced Heb- reh-dees (or in the case of my name Heb-reh-dee-ann) they are a chain of islands bordering the mainland of Scotland on the western side. They are also one of the places on earth I feel completely at peace. Not to mention their fascinating history, spectacular views, ancient monuments, wonderful people and abundance of sheep.

Why only certain brands? What about all the others?
I'm a firm believer that beauty shouldn't be cruel- whether that be humans to each other or towards animals. In relation to this, when I really started paying attention to this issue, I made the decision to only buy and support cruelty free companies. Those being companies that do not do animal testing, nor ask other companies to do testing for them. I'm also not going to include any brushes made of animal fur. However, some of the products featured do contain animal by products like beeswax and carmine; so please keep that in mind if you are a vegan beauty buyer.

Do you get paid or sent any items for free?
I don't get paid and I've not been sent anything for free. I'm not in this for money. And in the future if I am ever sent anything, it will be noted in the post so anyone who reads this will be aware. I want this to be a place you can trust what your reading is my honest opinion on something, and if I recommend it, I am willing to spend money on it.

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This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nivea Goodbye Cellulite 10 Day Serum

Big thanks to Louise at for testing this one out for me.

"A little while ago I responded to a request from the lovely British Beauty Blogger who was looking for bloggers to try out some anti-cellulite products - she was kind enough to choose me and sent me the Nivea My Effect Good Bye Cellulite 10 Day Serum to try out. OK I admit it I have cellulite, I am a woman, I am a bit overweight and I am on the wrong side of 30 - a perfect candidate for those annoying dimples. I've tried lots of products before with differing results but this one was a bit different to anything I've previously tried. In a easy to use pump action dispenser, this product isn't in the usual cream formation, Nivea actually describe it as a serum. It has a thick gel texture that massages easily into the skin, leaving virtually no stickiness. Containing both Lotus extract and L-Carnitine, which are have been shown to reduce the formation of fat cells, and to increase the breakdown of fat, this pleasant, fresh smelling gel claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite in just 10 days. Well I gave it a try - I massaged the product into my thigh area once a day for 10 days, as I say it absorbed easily without any stickiness, it felt slightly cooling and tingly on the skin but nothing overly uncomfortable. I have to say in those ten days I didn't see a huge lot of improvement but my skin did actually feel better - it felt a lot smoother and tighter both immediately after application and as time progressed. Nivea recommend you use this product alongside their Good Bye Cellulite Gel for an intensive treatment so maybe this would aid the effectiveness of this serum. This is something I might try in the future to see if the results are as good as they claim but in my opinion the serum on it's own doesn't offer the mircale cure I'm looking for :(. Nivea My Effect Good-Bye Cellulite 10 Day Serum retails at around £10.75 for 75ml.

Nail Art: Nubar

One Olympics, I actually took the time to paint my toenails in Union Jacks - it is dated by the fact that I remember I used Versace nail polish, and that hasn't been available for a long while. Now that the World Cup is heading along, I'm going to get into the spirit of things (briefly!) and use this handy little nail art pen in white from Nubar nails over Nubar Cabaret Red - a bit more edgy than true England flag colours with a metallic finish. And, unlike someone I know who has very gamely shaved the George cross into his, ahem, pants area, that's as far as I'll be going in support of the beautiful game.

Blogger Publishing Issues

I've had several comments asking me to update on certain products - but because of Blogger issues, not helped by Hotmail issues as well, that don't allow me to see what posts you are commenting on and therefore asking to be updated. If you do want updates, please ask again and highlight what product it is in the comment section. Happy to oblige.

Babor Lifting Fluids

I've posted about Babor before, but having just received samples of the 'Lifting' set, I'm reminded again how absolutely lovely they are. The set I have consists of 3 Collagen booster fluids and 4 3D Lifting fluids. To be honest, I'm not really expecting a lifting effect, but the mini doses of collagen leave skin looking and feeling absolutely sublime. A pack of 7 ampoules costs £20 from, and if you're looking for something as a freshener/perk up pre wedding, party or other event where you want your skin to look nothing short of fabulous, there are plenty to choose from, targeting everying from hydrating, to oxygen boosting. I'd recommend most of all the Collagen Repair set of 7 though at £22.

Thin me later?

Emmie from Magpie Diary (some of you may remember her as VegBitch) asked me how long a good nailpolish usually lasts, and after thinking about it, I realized that I have no clue.

My oldest (working) nailpolish to date is 4 or 5 years, but I have heard of people still using their old Sweet Georgia Brown-polishes from the 90's.
The only reason I don't have my old polish-collection is that I have moved one too many times to be bothered packing it up. If I had just realized that some polishes would be discontinued (like SGB), I'd done it in seconds. A good polish isn't hard to find, but your first Holy grail-polish is worth keeping.

The only issue I know of is that it can thicken and may need some nailpolish thinner, but other than that?! Nailpolish will outlive your socks, love for SATC and maybe even your love for nailpolish.
Well, that is, it may be all about toxicity - you may not want to use old nailpolish because back in the day, they used a whole lot of toxins we no longer see listed as ingredients in good polish.

H&M nail polish Bella's Choice

Bella's Choice in my first nail polish from H&M but definitely not the last, the quality is very nice and the price is quite ok too :D The color is amazing, brighter version of Chanel's Nouvelle Vague.

Bella's Choice on ensimmäinen (muttei viimeinen) H&M lakkani, laatu on oikein hyvä ja hinta (muistaakseni 3.95€) varsin sopiva :D Värikin on upea, kirkkaampi ja räikeämpi versio Chanelin Nouvelle Vaguesta.

Have you tried H&M nail polishes? Any favorites?


Saturday, May 29, 2010

NYX- Jungle and Deep Space

Here are some photos of my first NYX polishes- I am really excited to share these with you.  These polishes were very inexpensive (about $2.50 each) and the quality is surprisingly good for the price.  I can see myself indulging in more of these.  NYX polishes are especially good for someone not sure about venturing out of their comfort zone polish wise.  You can try a few in a more daring color and not be out a lot of cash.

First up is Jungle- this color is right up my alley- flashy, sparkly not quite teal shade.  It sort of reminds me of the movie- Avatar.  One would need to do 3 coats to get real opacity on this one- although, I think it would be fun to do two coats of Jungle and one coat of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure-  I may try that soon!
Jungle is loaded with golden/green shimmer that flashes in the light.  It's hard to capture the beauty of this color in photos but trust me- it's a stunner.

Three coats were used here:
Next is NYX Deep Space- this is one that I could easily wear in the fall and winter.  I would describe it as a blacked purple tone with purple/burgundy shimmers.  There are some gold shimmers floating around in this beauty as well.  This is 3 coats.

The brush is on the slimmer side and application on both was easy peasy.
I purchased these polishes from cherry culture

40 Beauty Questions with Makeup Majesty

Hiii All! Here are 40 beauty questions answered by yours truly. I always like to share different photos on my blog - the above was taken by my beautiful cousin, RJ =) Enjoy, and feel free to re-post. xoxo


How many time do you wash your face daily?

What skin type do you have? (oily, dry, combination)
Oily, and it's very annoying! =/

What is your current facial wash?
Clinique Acne Solutions, I don't use anything else

Do you exfoliate?
Yes, it's important

What brand do you use?
Clinique (yes, againnn) 7 Day Scrub

What moisturizer do you use?
Hmmm take a wild guess lol Clinique

Do you have freckles?

Do you use eye cream?
Yes, just recently started to and love the way it feels. Either Clinique All About Eyes or Estee Lauder

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Oh honey don't get me started..

Did you ever have to use Pro Active?
Yes, and I think it sucks


What foundation do you use?
MAC Studio Fix Fluid!

How about concealer?
MAC Studio Sculpt

Do you know your undertone color?

What do you think of false eyelashes?
I think they are so much fun to put on and play with! Makeup should be fun - lashes are a must for a fierce female

Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes, and sadly don't abide by this rule =/

What brand of mascara do you use?
Either Diorshow Blackout or my new fav MAC's Opulash

Sephora or MAC?
There is NO way I could EVER chose...I love them both!!

Do you have a MAC Pro Card?

What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
I use a ton of brushes - basically one brush for each area of the face

Do you use makeup primer/base for the eyes?
Yes, it makes all the difference in my opinion.

For the face?
Either Smashbox Photo Finish Primer or MAC Prep + Prime powder

What is your favorite eyeshadow(color or shade)?
For everyday, I love a good nude shadow. If I want to be funky, I looooove green shadow!

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Neither - I like the felt-tip marker by Smashbox

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Umm, I don't?

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
They are tons of fun to play with but are annoying for everyday application in my opinion. The colors are very rich and vibrant if you're going for an intense look

Do you use mineral makeup?

What is your favourite lipstick?
Yikes this is hard. I've been favoring MAC's Chatterbox lipstick lately, but I usually wear a different lipstick or gloss each day.

How about lipgloss?
MAC's Cremesheen in Loud & Lovely

What is your favorite blush to use?
NARS Orgarsm, hands down

Do you buy your makeup up on Ebay?
Nah, not a big Ebayer for anything really

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Some people might shoot me, but i'm more of a luxury cosmetics chick!

Do you go to CCO's(cosmetic company outlets)?
Um yes, and they are AWESOME

Do you ever consider taking up makeup classes?
I have!

Are you clumsy when putting on makeup?
Sometimes, that's what a good makeup remover is for =)

Name a make-up crime that you do?
Hmm this is tough...I hope I don't do a makeup crime! I guess I do use a lot of bronzer during the summer, but only when i'm tan.

Do you like colorful shades of makeup(lipsticks, eyeshadows) or neutral ones?
I like them all! I love experimenting with different shades

Which celebrity always has great makeup?
I like Jennier Aniston's makeup. She always looks fresh & bronzed without looking overdone

If you could leave the house using only ONE make-up. what would you use?
Totally mascara.

Could you ever leave the house with no make-up on?
Yeah, no big deal.

Do you think you look good even with no make-up on?

In your opinion, What is the best make-up line?
Too tough to chose, they all have strengths and weaknesses

What do you think of make-up?
I think it's a beautiful form of self-expression and uniqueness

A Blast from the Past - Stagelight Cosmetics

Back in the late 70's early 80's there was this store called Judy's which carried the fashionably forward clothing of that time.  I think if you ever watched the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, there is a shot of that store.  (It could have been another movie but this one really left a mark on me because of surfer dude Sean Penn! LOL)  I was excited when my local mall had a grand opening of

Summer Sexy - MAC To The Beach

I'm in love with summer makeup. The colors, textures, that sexy bronzing look - I love it all! I also like the fact that "less is more" in the summertime - I completely ditch my foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. MAC's new collection "To The Beach" hits summer sexy right on the head. I purchased 3 items from this launch - Lipglass in Easy Lounger, Small Eye Shadow in Sweet & Punchy and Eye Liner in Float on By.

Lipglass in Easy Lounger

I'm usually not a huge fan of Lipglass (I know, GASP, right?) The texture is a little too tacky & sticky for me. However, I couldn't resist this gorgeous pink-brown shade. And, as shown in the first photo, it has special sea-horse deco packaging (I have a weird obsession with sea-horses, not really sure why). Therefore, I had to get it! And i'm glad I did. I actually did go "to the beach" today and tested out all my new makeup. This shade looks really beautiful with a tan, and has just the right amount of sparkle and glitter. The sun catches it and it looks really youthful and pretty. Although, I do hate when my hair gets stuck to the lipglass, it's the worst! But I guess that's the price you have to pay for looking your best on the beach =)

Small Eye Shadow in Sweet & Punchy

I love green shadows. I have hazel eyes, so green shadows really bring out the green flecks in my eyes. Sweet & Punchy is a yellowy-green with veluxe pearl. Therefore, it seriously reflecks light and shimmer off your eyes and gives you that hologram-type effect. I love this shade worn by itself with a little mascara (it brightens up the face) or with the Float on By eye liner below. The contrast of the yellow-green and the teal-blue is really funky and fun for summer!

Eye Liner in Float on By

This eye liner is a teal-blue shade. I usually opt for a colored shadow and black liner, but how boringggg can that get? So, I decided to be adventurous and go out of my comfort zone with this liner. And I have to say, it's very cool! I don't think i'll be wearing it every single day, but it's fun to wear once in a while when you want to get creative with your eyes. The pencil itself is soft in texture and really glides well along the top of your lid. The MAC artist in the store told me it lasts a really long time - i've only been wearing it for a few hours so we will see how it wears throughout the day. The packaging is cute too with the coral deco!

Just the Sweet & Punchy eye shadow and some mascara (MAC Opulash)

Sweet & Punchy eye shadow with Float on By eye liner

Easy Lounger Lipglass

Hope everyone is having an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!
xoxo, Makeup Majesty

Barry M cosmetics

Pred kratkim sem naročila nekaj Barry M izdelkov v spletni trgovini lič Med drugim so se v moji košarici znašli tudi lakec Cobalt Blue, svetleče črtalo za ustnice in oči v roza barvi in čudežna šminka. Na žalost sem doživela reakcijo na zadnja dva izdelka. Po uporabi šminke sem imela pekoč občutek na ustnicah, po testiranju barvice pa se mi je oko solzilo še celi dan kljub temu, da sem izdelek takoj odstranila. Ker nimam izkušenj s preobčutljivostjo na kozmetične izdelke, me je to precej presenetilo. Prepričana sem bila, da izdelkov ne bom več mogla vrniti, vendar so me v spletni trgovini zelo prijetno presenetili in mi v zamenjavo ponudili tri lakce po moji izbiri. Odnos do strank je res odličen in z moje strani si zaslužijo vse pohvale. :)

Couple of days ago I ordered some Barry M cosmetics in online shop from our country called Among other stuff I got Cobalt Blue nail polish, shimmering eye and lip crayon in pink and magic lip paint. Unfortunatelly I got an allergic reaction to the last two products. My lips were stinging after I used the lip paint and after I tested the crayon my eye was watering for the whole day despite of the fact I removed the crayon right away. I had no experiences with reactions to make up like this before. I was sure, that I won't be able to return the products, but the people from this online shop were very nice to me and they offered me an exchange - three nail polishes of my choice. They really have great costumer service! :)

Cobalt Blue, umetna osvetlitev. / Cobalt Blue, artificial light.

Na sončku. / In the sun.

Na sledeči fotografiji pa so trije lakci, ki sem si jih dobila v zameno za izdelka, ki mi nista ustrezala. Izbrala sem Mint Green, Pure Turquoise in Red Black.

On the next photo there are three polishes I got as an exchange. I chose Mint Green, Pure Turquoise and Red Black.

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