Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aromaleigh Victoria's Revenge swatches

What a OMGorgeous collection from Aromaleigh! Victoria's Revenge is Victorian, Stempunk & Gothloli inpired and the colors are just amazing. I swatched these in same order these are on the site :) First picture is taken indoors and second in sunlight.

I really liked these colors, in fact there were only one color I didn't like that much (Freakshow). I even liked Perpetual Motion, Private Lunacy, Skeleton Key and Oleander Vapor, the ones I thought I wouldn't like :D

Victoria's Revenge on Aromaleighin uusi kokoelma ja värit ovat aivan ihanat! Kiva, kun vaaleiden kesävärien seuraksi saa jotain erilaista :) Swatchasin nämä samassa järjestyksessä kuin ovat sivuillakin, ensimmäinen kuva on otettu sisällä ja toinen aina ulkona.

My favorites: Splintered, Ruthless Indulgelce, Oleander vapor & Obscura.

My favorites: Private Lunacy, Skeleton key, Nightshade & Mayhem's Trilogy

My favorites: Magick& Metal and Frigid Gloom.

Have you already ordered from this collection?


I received the samples for review purpose.


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