Sunday, May 30, 2010

Babor Lifting Fluids

I've posted about Babor before, but having just received samples of the 'Lifting' set, I'm reminded again how absolutely lovely they are. The set I have consists of 3 Collagen booster fluids and 4 3D Lifting fluids. To be honest, I'm not really expecting a lifting effect, but the mini doses of collagen leave skin looking and feeling absolutely sublime. A pack of 7 ampoules costs £20 from, and if you're looking for something as a freshener/perk up pre wedding, party or other event where you want your skin to look nothing short of fabulous, there are plenty to choose from, targeting everying from hydrating, to oxygen boosting. I'd recommend most of all the Collagen Repair set of 7 though at £22.


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