Monday, May 24, 2010

Etude House Sun Guard Natural Covering Color Base SPF42/PA++ (2010 edition)

In my last post I lavishly displayed my lack of moderation in terms of buying clothes and cosmetic items.

Indulgence was my middle name...

I also gave a kind of harsh judgement on the latest sunblock from Etude House I bought. Most people who see my reviews also know that I often keep my judgement and review nuanced, even though I (personally) find it craptastic, it might always be someones elses treasure.

I am not sure if this sunblock will ever become somebody's HG.

Ok, what has happened that I found it so trashcan-worthy?

It is not in the packaging. Ok, the packaging looks a bit bland, although the sunny rays give the message across. It is clear that is is a sunblok with 'color base' and has a high SPF factor in 42. Until know, everything is quite clear and simple.

The first blob of sunscreen looks promising as well. I picked out the 'color base' version of the sunblocks that have been released for this year. I figured that they would work like a primer/brightener and a sunblock in one...

It is a light pink tone...

Spreading out the blob makes it more difficult. It is quite a pastlike cream, and it stays quite white for a long time.

Blend blend blend blend blend
Blend blend


hey, look at that, there is still some white sunblock-type something stuck between my pores and over my skin...

In different light these is a slight sheen on top...

So, is it really not even workable as a base product? With so much white stuff over your face, there must be some protection?

Well, that might have been the case, were it not the fact that the next morning after testing the sunblock on some specific zones on my face (to test how these zones are reacting, and not if the possible breakout is coincidental) I had some congestions and some whiteheads....

Oh, and do not get me started about the perfume! It is excessively scented, even for people who are used to using scented products oftenly.

  • thick white film
  • suffocating feel on the zones where the cream was applied
  • whiteheads and congestions the next day
  • perfume overdose!
Al those elements make a product quite craptastic.

This surprised me a lot, because I also have the Etude House Sun Guard Glow Base in SPF 36 I bought last year (I never reviewed it personally, but lotuspalace, cocomotion, simplicity and probably more bloggers have reviewed it and loved it just as much as I do.

So, it has nothing to do with Etude House making awful sunblocks. Probably only this one is just not suitable.

It did not break the bank, because I payed $6.54 for it.


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