Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeling blue

I might just have stated that I love anything cute or kawaii, but there's one major exception to that rule:
Hello Kitty. Can't stand her and what she does to cool women. She's just a cutesy cute cat that drinks tea all day and has no ambition in life what so ever.
My kid, Iggy, she loves Hello Kitty though and I have made her a promise : all nailpolish with a Hello Kitty on the bottle can and will be hers. It was a way for me to be able to keep my precious Orly and Essie to myself, but it just backfired:
I found the perfect turquoise in a Kitty bottle. Not too green, not too blue and with the tiniest glitter which gives more of a texture than a sparkle. It's divine. For the first time ever I have worn a manicure for 5 days and removed it, just to re-do it the same color. 8 days of Hello Kitty and I am not through with this color.

The tricky part is to capture just the right shade and that is why I haven't been praising it earlier. Well, that and the fact that it is a Hello Kitty product, but the color is fickle. Looks babyblue in the bottle but perfect on the nails...but then it clashes with your skintone (mine is rather yellowish) when you try to take a decent photo and you end up trying to rescue it through color-correction just to realize that this is probably the Holy grail - it refuses to obey and will not be captured to be put on a blog.
Now, I know that some of you might have a hard time getting your hands on this as it's an HM-polish but please do try. Not only is the color divine but it's also a big bottle, 16 ml which is bigger than a full-sized Orly, for just $3.65.
If you don't have anybody you like to do trades with, you should enter Jellynat's giveaway where one of these darlings are at stake.

Personally, I'm going back to pick up a couple to have for future trades or giveaways. It's that lovely.


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