Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Five things I can't live without

#1: 10x Magnifying mirror -- I bought this mirror from Bed Bath and Beyond last year.   Yes, most of the time things are scary enough without looking into this mirror however, it makes the job of doing my eye makeup a lot easier and it helps with locating those pesky hairs that keep *sprouting up* all the time too.  I use this mirror everyday and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. 

#2:  Clarisonic Mia face brush- I know this little brush is a hit or a miss with many but for me- it's a hit!  I love to remove my makeup in the evening (at least 5 days a week) with it and my face is MUCH cleaner.  I previously owned the MD version of the Clarisonic face brush I loved the way it cleaned my skin too but it was HUGE and the charger took up a lot of real estate on my bathroom counter.  A few months back QVC had the Mia on special and I caved.  I chose the lavender brush (limited edition to QVC) and am extremely pleased with the smaller size, smaller charger and it performs exactly the SAME as the much larger MD model.  I use the sensitive brush head (white one).

#3: WEN  cleansing conditioner, replenishing treatment mist and hair mask by Chaz Dean: I have been using this sud-less line of hair-care now for 6 solid months and I honestly have no desire to use anything else on my hair.  I used to switch shampoo's and conditioners constantly- WEN has me hooked.  My hair is fine, rather thin and is prone to frizz and static.  It also does not hold onto color well.  WEN has made a drastic change in reference to my hair color especially.  My color (deep rich cooler toned brown/black) no longer turns brassy - it lasts, it doesn't fade and my hair has never been this soft and easy to take care of.  I no longer rely on an army of hair products from different very pricey salon lines to keep my hair free of frizz and static.  I only use a cocktail of the various *flavors* of WEN cleansing conditioner (cleanser, conditioner and leave in), a few spritzes of the sweet almond mint replenishing mist and a rare evening with the treatment mask on my hair- that's it.   I feel free!  I love this line!

#4: Tweezerman tools: Tweezers are just one of the implements I love from this company!  I cannot go a day without the slant tip tweezers(I own at least 5 pairs) and I use their manicure tools (pushy cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers and files) weekly. Not only does this company have some of the best beauty tools on the market but their customer service is over the top good!  They offer free sharpening (as long as you pay the postage to get the tool to them) and very reasonably priced repairs on damaged tools. 

#5: Zoya Remove+ Polish Remover : If you read my blog on a regular basis- you know I have a major nail lacquer addiction.  Zoya's Remove+ is the only polish remover I use.  I change my polish at least 3 days a week (sometimes more-depending on my mood) and Remove+ is simply the best out there.  It's far less drying on my natural nails than any other remover I have used, it smells lovely (a light lavender fragrance) and it is the best at removing the glittery polishes that I adore.  Like most products that are worth a hoot- this remover is on the expensive side but it's so outstanding -I will pay the premium price!  I love it so much I reviewed it over on  Here's a link

Are there any beauty goodies you can't live without?


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