Saturday, May 22, 2010


Lately I have been spending a bit too happily on clothes and makeup.

Actually, the clothes took the headline in my spending habits, because after the strict and fierce fashion of this autumn and winter, spring seems to have so much refreshing (and some reworked) themes in clothing that I just had to put even more in my closets...

First, I finally turned in the gift coupon I won at gmarket, and with some points I collected I was able to haul for FREE! That was brilliant! ♥. One of the things I bought was...what else, a blush!


This is the Angel Blush from Etude House in Cutie Angel (no.1).

Etude House had a special going on at the time of purchase. When buying for 20.000 won (about $18) you would get a lot of freebies.

And these are the freebies:


The Hello Kitty Pouch speaks for itself. I also received a Acne sample set and some other skincare products to use.

And that pink with green thing in the middle is a sort of flapping plant it that moves on solar energy...ha ha ha, it is useless but so cute!

I also purchased Etude's latest SunGuard Natural Covering Sunblock in Color base. A review will follow, but I am not fond of it...

This is the print of a t-shirt I bought on Gmarket. It has lots of doodling on it!


I had to try one of Gmarket's dresses that were featured in the clothes section. This print is so cute with all those dots and stars...



This is not from Gmarket, but from a sasa haul from some time ago. It is from Shills and it it their POPS!! Body mouse. It is awful!!!!


It is a mousse that supposed to work against cellulite, but I am afraid it will burn away your whole legs (Ok, it is not that awful, but got some mousse out of the can and it sizzled like a maniac against the palms of my scary!)

So do not buy this stuff...please!

Last, but not least is a kind of generic piece of clothing I loved so much that I looked beyond the normal-ness. It is from the H&M Against Aids fashion line of this year. I love H&M, but I normally do not venture too much on the stuff that have elaborate patterns, because everybody here knows their H&M and it will make it a bit less special to wear. (I like their neutral basics, though)

But the festival themed look of this dress was so lovely...and affordable...


It grazes the ground a bit, when walking...

Gosh, have you seen Lizzy Jagger modelling this dress in the campaign? So stunning...


They should add a disclaimer with the dress, sounding something like The dress does not come with looks and a rock-and-roll life like Lizzy, so...dream on.

I think I can rock the dress like myself as well...just with a bit less rock-and-roll.

So, I hope that everybody has a fantastic day tomorrow, either if you are celebrating a religious day or just a normal sunday...


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