Monday, May 31, 2010

Honore Des Pres: I Love Carrots Eau de Parfum

Absolutely nothing to do with Yes To Carrots, this quirky fragrance brand has come up with some very innovative cups. As is always the case with French fragrances, there is something of a wordy story to the origins and inspiration, but it is inspired apparantly by cooking, freezing and cooking again carrots from organic farmers in Harlem (okay, seriously now, is there an organic farm in Harlem?) and blending seeds thinned from the carrot flower with orange, Caribbean vanilla and orris butter. I'll leave out the bit about it being an 'inconsiderate fragrance' and gorging oneself with jubilation and raw flavours and carrots echoing indulgence...oh, oops.

Anyhow, there are another couple of scents in the line up, Love Coco and Vamp in NY, all created by Olivia Giacobetti. The fragrances are 100% natural.

What I'm loving mainly about this is the amazing packaging.


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