Thursday, May 20, 2010

If it's cute, I want it

Maybe I'm (over)compensating for not having been a girlie-girl when I was younger, but these days, I just can't resist brands like Eyeko that offer cute packaging like the one pictured above and below.
I think anything kawaii will be the death of me.

It's a good thing Eyeko is a cheap brand because their site and products are my .... softspot? I know that a lot of so-called serious makeup-freaks frown upon packaging like this, thinking it's aiming for the teen-market, but I prefer this to high-end stuff like YSL any day.
It might not be top-quality but looking at their makeup makes me smile and a good smile is hard to find.

What also makes me smile was the price. Bought these online (mascara, fat balm and liquid eyeliner) for a grand total of $7. Sometimes, Ebay/Tradera is your best friend.


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