Monday, May 31, 2010

Innisfree OLIVE Real Cleansing Oil

For a haul-a-holic of my standard, it is often a bit rare that I finally finish a whole sized product. Even though I love the product I am using, my curiosity takes over and I often dwindle to a promising new version of a similar product.

My poor closet is the one that has witnessed this, and is quite crammed with prefectly functioning goodies that were 'upgraded' by 'new and improved' versions.

However, if I like something I actually am able to finish it.

And sometimes, I force myself to finish up one thing, and try not to 'stray' on other products for the sake of....ehm...lack of space to store everything (?).

And although the next cleansing oil has not really been the most perfect cleansing oil ever, I really kept reaching for it for the time being, although I had several other cleansing oils lined up.

The blue pump dispensor on top of the bottle is not a part of the original bottle. It is one of Innisfree Olive cleansing oil's flaws. I happily added the pump dispenser from another cleansing oil bottle. Originally, it looks like this:


The bottle really aims to bring the wholesome aspect of a bottle of normal olive oil in the form of a cleansing product. It even has this 'new harvest' seal on top of it.


I would not put this bottle in the kitchen for non-beautyproducts afficionados, or your lovely cleansing oil would end up for frying your vegetables. Something I would not recommend for the taste-buds...because it might smell slightly of a perfumed olive oil, it is not suitable for any cooking at all.


Innisfree absolutely highlights that the oil would be lovely for the moisture care. Innisfree does not make too many claims further on the moisture-adding properties, however, sasa says this about it (perhaps translated from the words in Korean on the bottle):
Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil contains fresh harvest of olive hydrating ingredients to provide maximum moisture care for skin, leaving skin balanced and watery all day long.

The oil, compared to other cleansing oils I used (Kanebo Naive, Etude House Dreaming Oil, Shu Uemura and some others) is relatively thick.

This mights scare some people with combination to oily skin, because a thick, dense oil might give the pores the clog-fright! I have rather combination skin as well, and my dear skin often suffers from thirty-something acne (sidenote: thanks for all the people who tried to confort me in my teens that my pimples would go away...they did not, I only got some wrinkles as additives!).

But no, the thickness of the oil did not disconfort my skin, and I did not got more pimples than before. I did not get less either, so the cleansing is more neutral than possibly a pimple fighter.


"Look Look, mummy, I finished almost a whole bottle"

I actually came to appreciate the denser texture, because I use these wonderful, but incredibly stubborn Japanese mascaras that can be a real *&5@ to remove properly.

This oil is so easy as a total cleansing devise: you apply it on, softly rub some extra on your mascaryfied lashes (be careful that it does not get in the eyes), add the lukewarm water, emulsify, and voilla, almost everything makeupwise is completely gone!

So, I mentioned why it was effective enough to completely finish the bottle. That was because:
  • moisturizing properties: my skin did not feel dry after cleansing, which some thinner cleansing oils can do
  • removes waterproof eyemakeup like a &*^, ehm, quite it is the lazy way to remove all makeup at once.
  • reasonably affordable price ($12.70): there are cheaper version, but also more expensive versions.
  • The whole wholesome look of the bottle (looks count as well, even though it is on the fourth spot)
But...Why was it NOT perfect:
  • Scent: it has that highly fraganced scent that you can find with those olive soap products as well, a bit olivy and really soapy. It wears off quite fast, but it is not my fave scent.
  • No pump dispenser: I had to add my own.
I am still on the fence about reordering, because the poor closet need to detox from my other cleansing oils (that are really fine as well). Still, I love this for winter cleansing and if I am a good girl and finish my other oils on time before next winter, I will reorder this for sure (if sasa still has it).

I bought this cleansing oil at (here) and it was still available the time I wrote the review. Sasa is wonderful in adding new things oftenly, however, it has the tendency to remove perfectly lovely products every now and then without notice.


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