Friday, May 21, 2010

Mary Cohr Precious Argan Oil Body Care

I was sent a sample of this blend or Argan and Passionflower body oil to try - and its an instant winner. For a start, the pressurised spray nozzle delivers just the right amount of oil in a controlable way making for the easiest application. The oil, boosted with ginseng extract, is gorgeously light and is very easy to work into the skin. I used it post self tan, when my skin always feels too dry, and it put back the suppleness back straight away. At £31, it's quite a heavy outlay for a body moisturiser, but ten hours on from first application, my skin still feels soft and moisturised.

I like Argan oil anyway; I bought a huge bottle in Morocco recently for about £9, and use it often as an overnight hair conditioning treatment but have found it is quite hard to find in the UK at a reasonable price.


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