Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 from Urban Decay-initial impression review

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the damaging rays of the sun.   Tinted moisturizers and foundations that provide SPF protection are an easy way to minimally protect yourself from very brief (and I mean brief) exposure to the sun.  Days spent hanging out at the beach, an intensive gardening project or a sunny day at the amusement park definitely call for more than a foundation or tinted moisturizer infused with SPF.   For these outdoor activities it is better to choose a waterproof/sweat proof SPF.

Lately, I have an insatiable craving for complexion perfectors- tinted moisturizers, primers and foundations- I believe the more the merrier. Last month Urban Decay offered 30 % off their entire line and a discount is a sure fire way into my pocketbook!  A brand new addition to their line caught my eye-Urban Defense SPF 20 tinted moisturizer. I stuck one in my cart and *pushed the button* as my mother says-lol.

I have worn Urban Defense on and off for the last month and while I like it there are a few minor flaws I have noticed....
#1: The packaging is not all that- it's sort of bulky and the pump dispenser is a bit too generous with product about a half a pump is enough for my face.  I suppose if you want more coverage you could do a full pump depending on your needs- applying it in layers.
#2: If you have any dryness on your face- this will find it and highlight it (not in a good way)
#3: It's is expensive and the SPF could be higher- and I wish it was all mineral and didn't rely on chemical ingredients for the SPF protection.

The good stuff:
#1: Urban Defense is available in 4 color choices- I chose Halo (the lightest) and it's pretty forgiving on my fair/light skin tone (MAC NW20). If you are the palest of the pale- try before you buy- it may not work for you.
#2: It feels very light/comfortable on the skin and wore quite well through a hard workout with minimal breakdown.
#3: There is really no scent and it did not make my face itch at all.
#4: The light coverage it offers looks great topped with powdered mineral foundation for the more full coverage finish that I prefer.  Urban Defense dries down nearly matte and there is no noticeable shimmer screaming at me.  I also never looked or felt oily while wearing it.
#5: It is a paraben free product and UD is a company known for being kind to our furry friends.

partial pump of Urban Defense Halo not yet blended
  Partially blended out

Completely blended out- as you can see, it does offer some light coverage

One ounce of Urban Defense is $32.  I would re-purchase but I will hold out until UD has another discount offer.

** I usually always apply some sort of day moisturizer with sunscreen under my foundations and tinted moisturizers.  I realize layering these products doesn't double up the SPF protection, it's just my personal preference.


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