Monday, May 31, 2010

The oddest name

Being on the A-list, what color would that be? The reddest of red or maybe even gold?
When HM is asked that question, they see yellow. A good vibrant, although somewhat dusty yellow. More retro than neon. Spotted it over at Sminkan and had to go looking for it today (9ml for 39.50sek/$5.05). It was so lovely, and completely unexpected, I picked up an extra for a future swap/giveaway.

While I was at it, I picked up one of Depend's latest cuties which has been described as everything from Shrek-green to green apples, but personally, I don't see Shrek unless he's turned into a distinguished old gentlement. Nevertheless, the color named 196 is a great color (5ml for 25sek $3.20).


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