Monday, May 31, 2010

Review: A Surprisingly Awesome Lipstick

On a whim I caved and bought NYC (New York Color) Ultra Moist Lipstick in Wild Orchid. Reasons I caved on a cheap Walmart lipstick?

1. It was purple and gold

2. I have a need to own just about everything with the word Orchid in it (favourite flowers of all time, so it's not my fault!) and

3. It cost less than two dollars Canadian. Pretty much unheard of.

So I bought this expecting it to be a super dry weird smelling lipstick that would likely sit in my Make-up collection because it looked horrible on. Oh how joyously wrong I was!

This lipstick glided on with startling ease, leaving a creamy sheen of colour across my lips. Easily built up, I found the colour flattering and not at all harsh like other purples of a similar tone due to the gold. In fact once on my lips it seems to morph to an almost rose colour with a hint of purple and a frost gold finish. The gold in it is not a glitter nor a shimmer, but instead a duochrome that shifts and changes with the light. When first applying you get a lovely burst of fruit scent. This quickly fades, but every time I open it I smile and think of fruit juice boxes I drank as a child. The packaging isn't fancy but it is serviceable, with hard non-flimsy plastic and a smooth twist mechanism. I also particularly like that the lipstick is visible through the container, making it easy to identify exactly the shade I'm looking for without opening. Upon wearing it is fairly average in lasting power (i.e. its gonna last 3 hours if you don't eat or drink) and it does keep it's creamy feel for almost the entire wearing period.

The top swatch is only one swipe, whereas the bottom is multiple swipes.

The only cons of this lipstick is that it will feel drying to your lips if you're planning on wearing it by itself all day. A clear gloss can easily fix this though. Another thing to mention is that you need to handle it with a little more care than the average lipstick as it scarily looks like it could happily snap off at the base.

However, overall I have to say this is an excellent bargain for an great quality lipstick.

Rating: 8/10


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