Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beauty Quote of the Day

'God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another' - William Shakespeare

Il Makiage on Beauty Story

If you haven't tried Il Makiage and I don't know why you haven't, here is your chance to get them at a reduced price on Beauty Story. 

Il Makiage is a line by Ilana Harkavi and has been around for decades.  Her products have been used by practically every famous makeup artist then and now.  I find the line very underrated, especially for such a pro line.  No fancy packaging, no pretty celeb

Clarins Winter 2010

Barocco Face Palette
Rouge Prodige Lipstick
Barocco Gold Shimmer Powder for face and Decollete
Barocco Eye Colour Trio
Oh my gosh! These are just beautiful! Not sure when they're coming out, but am predicting a queue when they do. I never stop loving innovative presentation in beauty.

Erm...Separated At Birth? Muji Face Massager and Sarah Chapman The Facialift

Muji Face Massager
Sarah Chapman Facialift
I see so many beauty products and every now and again you see things that are very similar, but even I choked on my cornflakes when I saw these two. The Sarah Chapman The Facialift is £24 (cough) and the Muji Face Massager is £6.95. Maybe it's just me but with the exception of a couple more wheels on the SC one (and not sure what that will do that is £17 worth of difference) and a tappy thing on the end it looks like much the same thing. The price anomoly however is staggering. How can one cost so much and the other so little, especially as they are both quite likely to be knocked out in China for a fraction of retail? Baffled.

Trind Quick Dry

If you use nail polish often, fast drying top coat is a must have :D Well, in my opinion anyway. I have used a few bottles of Mavadry from Mavala but this time I wanted to test other brand. Big mistage, I must say :/

I really like Trind's packaging and I like many of Trind's products, so I bought Trind Quick Dry. I have now tried Trind and Mavadry at the same time and unfortunaly I don't like Trind Quick Dry much. It's ok but my nail polish won't dry as quickly and sometimes the brush kind of sticks to nail polish-> nail polish looks bad. I also like Mavala's wider brush more, it's easier to apply.

Olen vuoden verran käyttänyt kynsilakan pikakuivattajaa enkä ymmärrä miten olen selvinnyt ilman sitä aiemmin :D Olen käyttänyt pari pulloa Mavalan Mavadrytä (se isompi pullo pahvipakkauksessa, ei minipullo) ja tuote on ollut erinomainen. Nyt piti kuitenkin ostaa uusi ja ajattelin testata vaihteeksi jotain muuta. Trindin Quick Dry-pikakuivattajaan päädyin kivan pullon ja kohtuullisen hinnan (alle 10€) takia, himoitsemani Orly on vähän turhan arvokas

No virhehankintahan tästä tuli, miksi edes kuvittelin paremman löytäväni :P Olen siis testaillut tätä useita kertoja ja lakat eivät kuivu yhtä nopeasti kuin Mavadryllä. Välillä harja myös "tarttuu" lakkaan ja piloillehan lakkaus siitä menee... Myös Mavalan leveämpi harja on enemmän mieleeni. Ei siis huono mutta Mavadry on ainakin minulle sopivampi.

The Olfactory Geek: Andy Tauer

Right, I think I just met one of the very, very few fragrancers who doesn't complicate everything with a massive ego. Andy Tauer is basically a regular guy; bit of a boffin (PHD in chemistry says so) who worked in IT and made fragrances for friends and family as a hobby. He's not a bullshitter, he's not trying to convince anyone his products were passed through the eye of a needle at midnight by scented elves, but my goodness he is coming up with some pretty amazing fragrances. His blog, is now legendary in perfume circles (and is what put him on the fragrance map after it was discovered by Luca Turin) and really was the key to his success. Charting his journey from fragrance hobbyist to radical perfumier, it's fascinating. And, he's just basically a very, very nice man. We wanted to chat about our shared love of rabbits (mine both met a disasterous end), but a) the PR quivered with horror when we diversified away from the set menu, and b) there was another journalist there who looked like he wasn't really a rabbit man, so unfortunately bunny tales will have to wait. But, I think that illustrates the point that he's such an affable, pleasant guy that you can just chat about such randomness and he was perfectly happy. Try that with someone like, say Serge Lutens, who is now so far into his own ego that he's taken to refusing to tell anyone what's actually in his fragrance. A concept that clearly he thinks is reclusive and exclusive, and I personally think is ridiculously pointless.

Right, back to Andy. The perfumes. Okay, there are eight scents, all of which could be described as contemporary. My tie-favourite; La Maroc Pour Elle is so heady, so flamboyant and so weighty that it's is almost unbearable...but that's the point - it isn't quite. A bit like a man you keep going back to, even though you know he's bad for you; every common sense tells you no, but you're drawn and drawn. So, I can't ramble like this about every fragrance so I'll zip through the next two...L'Air du Desert Morocain and Reverie Au Jardin - both beautiful, imaginative and intensely wearable. Then there's Lonestar Memories. A backdrop of tar macadam notes, bonfire remains, carrot seed and main culprit for this collision of dryness, Birch Tar. It's the Marmite fragrance in the pack. Next up, Incense Extreme - I didn't find it as extreme as its namesake, but then I was probably still reeling from La Maroc. Incense Rose, however, is freakishly fizzing, powdery, rose laden and woody all at once, and completely remarkable. I've never smelled anything in my life quite like this. If I had to liken it to an image, a memory or a vision, I'd bring forth an elegant eldery woman with a dominatrix past. There's really something about this scent that's old fashioned but wickedly forward. Finally, Vetiver Dance left me completely cold...nothing there for me, and Orange Star is gorgeously wearable, juicy, orangey and a backdrop of violet flowers wraps it all up into a bundle of smiles.

It's not cheap, any of it, (£90 a bottle) but it has never seen a factory production line (Andy makes all the perfume himself, at home), doesn't come with any high opinions of itself and will challenge every olfactory expectation. It really doesn't come much better than this.

At from mid-July.

All Shapes And Sizes

Since today's post on the subject of blagging, I've spoken with several PRs who all have stories to tell of audacious sample snatching, that are NOTHING to do with bloggers! The best story is that for several years running, two elderly ladies used to rock up at a well-known bath and body brand's events. They'd make a huge fuss of the products, drink and eat as much as they possibly could, leave with a laden goodie bag and promise to give everything an amazing write up. While never keen to interact with the PRs all that much, they attended absolutely everything hosted by that brand. It took, apparantly, several events for the brand and the PRs to realise that the two were absolutely nothing to do with the beauty industry at all. Both the PR and the client had each thought they'd been invited by the other, and neither know how they came to be there and even to this day, who they are!

What in the Garden?

I am a wee bit under the weather so I'll make it brief:
 Bought a nailpolish I figured had to be the ugliest color ever. I bought it because it was on sale and well, I like the other products in the same range. I am talking about that green Hello Kitty polish, "Garden Green" from HM's spring collection
I have looked at it more than once but felt it didn't have enough punch to it, just felt cutesy cute with an almost vintage feel.

Now above you may see a streaky mess, despite 3 layers, on swollen fingers but I was quite smittened. It's the same color as my favorite icecream - Piggelin, of Unilever/heartbrands. I felt so rejuvenated by the fact that I decided to go and buy a Piggelin to cure my strep throat, if even just for a moment.
Now, turns out that the ice-lolly was the stupid move (citric acid and sores?!) but none the less, I like the polish.

Pretty little box

Danes me je poštar zelo razveselil! Prinesel mi je prekrasen majhen paketek z rožicami iz Amerike. :) Paketek je darilo prijazne blogerke jbrobeck (polish insomniac), ker sem pravilno odgovorila na vprašanje, ki ga je zastavila na svojem blogu.

The mailman made me very happy today! He brought me a beautiful little flowery package from America. :) This is a gift from a very lovely blogger jbrobeck (polish insomniac), because I correctly answered the question she asked on her blog.

Nagrada je Finger Paints lakec, odtenek Blissfully Blue, ki je prvi lakec te znamke v moji zbirki in mi je izredno všeč! V paketku pa me čakalo še presenečenje, in sicer China Glaze Matte Magic nadlak! =))

The prize is my first Finger Paints nail polish in colour Blissfully Blue which I love! And there was a surprise in the package too: China Glaze Matte Magic top coat! =)) Jessika, you're so sweet and I would really like to THANK YOU very, very much! You made my day!

And Rolling Rock ROCKS! =D

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super quick Eye of the Day

I got inspired this morning by a baby blue shirt I pulled on and so here is my first Eye of the Day post. It looked better when I first did it, but I kept getting side-tracked and therefore its been a couple hours. Anyways, I hope you can still appreciate the idea of it- it's blue still yes, but it's a wearable blue look I think. It's not vivid and it's not going to make you look like a child (at least I don't think it does, just someone with a love of colour!)
Here I used Fyrinnae's shadow in Otherworldly (click here for a swatch of Otherworldly and information on the company Fyrinnae!) all over the lid, I also pulled this down into my tear-duct area and along my lower lash line to make my eyes look more awake and bigger.
I used Barry M's Dazzle dust in number 78 in the crease (starting from the outside of the eye and bringing it 3/4ths of the way toward the tear duct). Both were over pixie epoxy and if I wanted them to last a full day I would have used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as well. If I did this again I'd probably include a matte highlight colour in a soft grey or just a light nude to match/even-out my skintone.

All in all I like the look because it's colourful, but not super in your face, or flashy. What do you think?

Sad news from Aromaleigh

Very sad news from Aromaleigh... The shop will be closed. It's very sad, I really love the products, Kristen and I found many great friends from AL forum too. But I also understand Kristen, as an entrepreneur and as a mom. I hope she will feel better and have a great time with her son! I still can't imagine mineral makeup without Aromaleigh :´(

You can read more from Aromaleigh news.

Surullisia uutisia Aromaleighiltä... Firma lopettaa :´( Yllä linkki Aromaleigh newsiin, jossa asiasta enemmän.

Inglot Nail Enamel Remover

I bought this mini Nail Enemel Remover from Inglot. The product is nice & effective and this mini size (25ml/ 3€) is just great for travelling. The bottle is orange, so even I don't accidentally use this as eye makeup remover :D I like this one but my favorite is still Depend green.

Ostin tämän pikkuisen kynsilakan poistoaineen Inglotilta. Tuote on kiva ja tehokas ja tämä minikoko on ihan täydellinen matkailuun. Usein pikkupullot ovat turhan isoja, tämä 25ml (3€) on aivan riittävä. Plussaa siitä, että pullo on oranssi! Eipä mene sekaisin muiden tuotteiden (kuten silmämeikin putsarin) kanssa :D On tosiaan hyvä mutta suosikkina pysyy silti Dependin vihreä.

Whoops, Blaggers.

I've had several phone calls over the past couple of weeks from brands seeing an increasing amount of their product appear on blog sales and Ebay. They ask me what to do. Given that I spend a spectacular amount of time championing blogs as worthwhile beauty critiques in an industry that is nervous to say the least about letting their products go to an unknown quanitity; I'm just gutted. Behind the scenes, blogging is still viewed as a risky avenue to go down for brands and I have literally spent hours and hours convincing people otherwise, and that bloggers do deserve samples for all the time they spend promoting brands and for their sheer passion and love of beauty. And also that beauty bloggers do have a rightful place in the beauty industry. All on my own time, by the way; there's no pay packet.

So, when I hear that pre-launch products are popping up on Ebay, I just despair really. Where is your place in the beauty industry if all you're going to do is use it as a handy little money maker? And, worse still, it tars all beauty bloggers with the same brush. There are amazing bloggers out there, making a true landmark in the beauty arena, whose sites are respected and loved, but when your Ebay sales tracks straight back to your blog, you've instantly lost any respect you've built up.

The brand that phoned me today is one that owns several other sub-brands. They're taking a hard line policy and refusing to send product to any blogs that are selling their products, and all I can do is agree with them. This company looks after 8 best selling, prestige beauty brands. Products sent for review are exactly that; sent for review because you love beauty, right? Not for pocket money. It's upsetting beyond belief that some bloggers are laughing all the way to the bank with this 'blogging lark'.

However, I do see that it's easy to lose respect for the products bloggers receive when some brands literally shower anyone and everyone with product hoping for a quantity not quality effect. But every brand has budgets to work to, and only so many samples to go round. If one small brand uses its budget to send product out to bloggers who then sell the product, you can see why they wish they'd sent it elsewhere. Brands - and particularly the PRs - tend to be passionate and protective about their products; the last place they want to ever see it is on Ebay, especially if its a prestige brand, and the second last place is on a blog sale.

Lastly, I'll say that every single brand that I know of uses Google alerts and every time you sell something they do actually know about it.

When I talk to brands about how to work with bloggers, one of the things I always say is that they should treat bloggers with respect; now, I have to say treat the ones that deserve it with respect.

What more can I say?

PS: Subsequently, several pre-launch collections have been tracked back on Ebay - to journalists, and not in these instances, to bloggers. We all know that this goes on from the factory floor to the beauty desk, but unless the Ebay beauty sellers quit this horrible habit (that actually takes place in all industries and not just beauty) and just give away - or discretely 'dispose of' their products, it gives everyone a bad rap. Bloggers and journalists who wouldn't dream of Ebaying their products don't need to fall under the catch-all blagger umbrella when it's hard enough as it is to adequately valued for what we're doing.

Monday, June 28, 2010

No feet for you!

For a girl that isn't into glitter, I certainly have a big amount of glitter-polish. I've always found glitter nailpolish to be more wearable - doesn't chip as fast and glitter matches anything.
More often than not, I end up wearing Orly's Goth, Collistar's Melanzana Glitter or Collistar's Nero Lurex on my toes. I prefer a dark pedicure.

I have been on the frontier ranting about how great it is that people are starting to show their pedicures (on their blogs) and not treat feet differently than any other bodypart. Disliking a bodypart just because doesn't seem very healthy. To go a little hippie on you - Feet are our best friends that takes us everywhere and we should treat them as such.

While I don't hate my feet, chances are next to slim I'll be showing any pedicures as I am one of those women with arthritis. My feet look like they hurt and they do hurt, so showing my pedictures won't make anybody happy other than the Arthritis support-groups. That plus the fact that my body is so stiff that I have a hard time doing a nice pedicure. I just slabber things on trying to hit the target and hope that the excess falls of in the shower. I am not sure I would want to see that mess up close.

Colorful manicures

Zadnje čase mi navadne manikure niso ravno najbolj zanimive, zato sem poskusila dve malo bolj nenavadni kombinaciji. Obe sta narejeni s samimi holografskimi zmešančki.
Lately I'm not really too excited about ordinary one color manicures, so I tried two little more unusual combinations. Both of them are made with my holographic frankens.

Zgornja manikura je nastala med ustvarjanjem zmešančkov, vendar mi je bila na koncu tako všeč da je ostala na nohtih kar nekaj časa. Vseeno pa mi je spodnja bolj všeč in mislim da jo bom zelo kmalu poustvarila z drugimi barvami.

First manicure was created while I was swatching my new frankens, but it stayed on my nails for a while as I quite liked it. Anyway, I liked the second one even more and I will recreate it again with diferent colors.

Kaj pa vi mislite o mojih pisanih manikurah?
And what do you think about my colorful manicures?

Essence - Zulu, Desert Fox in Honey Bun

Essence lakce iz kolekcije Into The Wild ste videle že najmanj 100-krat, ampak vseeno vam bom pokazala še moje fotografije. Prvi je Zulu, siv lakec s smešnim, "wanna be matte" finišem. Na fotografiji so trije sloji brez nadlaka.

You have probably seen Essence nail polishes from Into The Wild collection at least 100-times, but I will still show you my photos. First one is Zulu, gray polish with funny "wanna be matte" finish. There are three coats on the photo, no top coat.

Desert Fox je rjav / taupe lakec s krem finišem, zadostujeta dve plasti.

Desert Fox is brown / taupe polish with creme finish and it is opaque in two coats.

Sledeča kombinacija pa ni tako pogosta, preko zgornjega lakca sem namreč nanesla še dve plasti lakca iz starejše Essence kolekcije Pure Beauty z imenom Honey Bun. Revčka sem že velikokrat fotografirala, ko je bil nanešen samostojno, vendar je na fotografijah izpadel veliko slabše, kot pa izgleda v resnici. Zdaj mu po mojem mnenju krivica ni storjena in njegov večbarvni šimer je sedaj dosti bolje viden. Sicer je ta lakec samostojno dokaj prosojen, preko prekrivnega lakca pa mi je še dosti bolj všeč.

The next combination is not that common. I have put two coats of Essence Honey Bun nail polish from older collection called Pure Beauty over the previous polish and this is what I got. I have taken lots of pictures of Honey Bun before, but it looks horrible on them and in reallity it is not that bad. On the next two photos you can see the multicolored shimmer which I love in this polish, which is sheer by itself, but looks great layered over opaque polish.

No7 Limited Edition Smoky Eyeliner A/W 2010

This little product doesn't look like anything exciting at all, but I have just done the easiest ever smoky line on my upper lids close to the lashline. It just glides on in a perfect charcoal streak. The formula is a powder (absolutely no drop) and the rubber tip is completely flexible so it moves with the skin, not against it. It comes out at Boots on 11th August, £10. I'm not often so impressed, and think this is a make up bag must-have for fool proof lining.

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gris Cashmere

Love this colour - it's just completely perfect for the coffee/cream look coming up for autumn. It's out 1st September in Superdrug for £5.49, No.30. It's a one coat formula - but I'm on a nail polish ban at the moment to try and get my nails in some kind of condition to start wearing all these fab new shades, so I haven't put it yet to the test. At the moment they are splitting, flaking and failing to impress!

MBeze products: an initial impression review

Because, I have a tendency to get really stinky pits and most drugstore/mass market brands of antiperspirant/ deodorant usually poop out by mid day- I gave up on them a long time ago. For the most part I stick with department store brands to keep my underarms dry and odor free.   I have had pretty good luck with Kiehl's over the years but it can sometimes make my poor pits a little dry and irritated.  I have tried a few natural brands in the past and the only one that really worked for me is sadly- no longer available.
I have read of the health dangers of using deodorant/antiperspirants with high percentages of aluminum so when there is a whisper on the net of a *natural* deodorant that works- I am ready to order!

I read about this newer brand MBeze online last weekend and the line intrigued me so much, I placed an order.  I chose two of their " Deodorette's ( cute mini deodorant sticks that are concocted without aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, and phthalates.) " and one pot of their unscented "Dabber Dust" (very unique wetness absorbing powder- made with Kaolinite (White Clay), Maranta arudinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, Zinc Oxide) ". They don't test their products on animals (really does a mouse or a rat get the *pits*??) and the packaging is absolutely darling! The scents I chose: Once bitten (light green apple and vanilla) and Twice shy (light grapefruit and raspberry) are light and totally wearable.

So, the big question.... does this stuff work?  I am happy to report that yes, it does!

The way you use these products is to apply the extremely portable and discrete deodorette stick like you would any regular deodorant and then if you need more protection apply the dabber dust with the included puff over the slightly moisturizing deodorant (I personally do a couple of applications of the powder).  I personally get the best results using the Dabber Dust and the Deodorette together- using the deodorette alone is not enough to achieve maximum wetness and odor protection.  I have used MBeze's products now for 3 days (that included workouts, house keeping and a few stints of outdoor gardening in wretched humid weather) and have had zero odor and really no wetness.  I have not experienced any weird itching, dryness or irritation after shaving since using MBeze!  The deodorette formula is made with beeswax so it can be a little clumpy coming off the stick when first applied to the underarm area.  I now take my finger and warm the stick up before applying it.  The deodorette formula hasn't left any marks on my clothing- always a good thing!

A few drawbacks:

-the deodorette's are small (I have written to the company about this and they have larger sizes in the works) and I don't believe I will be able to get a month out of one .30 oz stick- but we will see.
-the price is a little high- $10 for one stick- that is supposed to be 30 applications
-using the deodorette alone is not enough for me- I need to apply the dabber dust
-it can be a little time consuming in the morning (applying the deodorette, then the appropriate amount of  dabber dust with the tiny puff that is included).
-odor and wetness protection is a very personal thing and going the *natural way* might not be the best bet for everyone

Final thoughts- For myself, the pluses outweigh the drawbacks so, I  placed a second order (yesterday) for more deodorettes and dabbler dust (more for myself and some for my lovely mother).  The parcel from MBeze was sent out quickly and was packaged beautifully.

Here are some pictures of the chic but adorable packaging and the dabbler dust :O)

small amount of deodorette applied to back of my hand- sort of reminds me of non-greasy lip balm
 these are perfectly sized (about 2 1/2 inches long) for your cosmetic/travel bag

You can purchase MBeze's products on their website by clicking on this link
Prices are:
$10 per Deodorette (on sale right now 20% off if you purchase 2 or more)
$6 per Dabbler Dust
They also feature a small line of fragrance and body oils

Scholl foot care products

I wanted to test this stick for cracked heels. I won't take any pictures of my feet, that wouldn't be too pretty. LOL. Last summer I used the cream version of this product and it was effective, just a bit too messy to use. This is much easier but doesn't feel that moisturizing either... My skin looks sometimes white when this is absorbed (=dried).

Results after 1 week: my skin looks better but I've now used also foot cream daily... I'm not very impressed but I'll continue using this.

Results after 2 weeks: My heels are definitely less cracked that before! But the results are nothing like in the picture in the packaging (see the picture below).

Results after 3 weeks: I don't need a pedicure in a salon :D My feet look so good! I have already recommended this product to my friends. So if you are motivated enough to use this regularly at least 3 weeks, I'd say buy it :D

Halusin testata Schollin "kantapääpuikon", viime kesänä testasin vastaavan voiteen. Voide oli tehokas mutta sen verran sotkuinen käyttää, että päädyin stickiin tällä kertaa. Kuvia ei ole luvassa, olisivat ihan liian kamalia :D Puikko on tosiaan helpompikäyttöinen mutta ei tunnu myöskään kovin kosteuttavalta. Iho jää usein valkoiseksi, aine kuivuu ainakin minun ihollani ja jämähtää pintaan (toki pesussa lähtee) mutta ei mikään ihana näky sandaaleissa. Valkoista purua tippuu puikosta myös levittäessä, ei paljoa mutta ei kovin kivaa sekään.

Tulos 1 viikon jälkeen: Iho on paremmassa kunnossa mutta olen myös rasvaillut nyt ahkerammin... En ole aivan vakuuttunut mutta jatkan käyttöä.

Tulos 2 viikon jälkeen: No nyt näyttää jo paremmalta, kantapäät ovat selvästi vähemmän halkeilevat! Ei kuitenkaan mitään verrattuna pakkauksessa olevaan kuvaan (ks. kuva alla).

Tulos 3 viikon jälkeen: Jee! Ei tarvetta jalkahoidolle, ei jalkani tämän paremmilta voi edes näyttää. Olen jo tätä kavereillekin suositellut mutta tosiaan tulosten saamiseen meni minulta ainakin tuo 3 viikkoa säännöllisessä käytössä eli jonkin verran motivaatiota pitää löytyä :D

I got the moisturizing mousse as a free gift with purchase, I wouldn't have bought this kind of product myself. The foam feels moisturizing and absorbs quickly, the skin doesn't feel that creasy. It make my feet so soft and smells pleasant too. I like this one a lot and I'll use this but I don't think I'll buy another one later. I just find the packaging unnecessary.

Kaupanpäälle tuli tämä Schollin kosteuttava vaahto, en olisi tätä muuten ostanut. Vaahto tuntuu ihanan kermavaahtomaiselta ja kosteuttavalta, imeytyy nopeasti eikä jätä ihoa kovin rasvaiseksi. Iho tuntuu pehmoiselta ja tuoksukin on miellyttävä. Oikein ihana tuote mutta en tuskin ostan tätä jatkossa, pakkaus tuntuu vain niin "turhalta".

Thank you for reading & commenting :)


Dior A/W 2010 Beauty

My favourite item from the Dior A/W 2010 is the gorgeous logo laden duo, Silver Screen in smoky black and sparkling silver. I've actually had a little play with this and it creates an intense and shimmering eye with an even application.

The 5 Couleurs Designer in 808 Pink Design is made to resemblem professional make-up artist palettes for a graphic eye look.

And, there's a limited edition Ultra Gloss in Tailored Mauve and several new shades of Serum De Rouge, but these are all the images I have at the moment. More later!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Current manicure: OPI's Absolutely Alice

I bought Absoluetly Alice back in January when the Alice in Wonderland collection debuted.  I thought I played with this beauty before now but I honestly cannot remember.
I had some issues applying this polish (so please forgive my messiness)- this particular polish is sort of on the runny side and I had a terrible time keeping it tidy, the glitter just wanted to run straight into my cuticles.  This shimmery potion will leave the nails with a little texture but nothing rough.   I would describe Absolutely Alice as a clear base bursting with brilliant bright blue, silver and a few flecks of gold!  This is three coats of Alice over one coat of Zoya's Get Even ridge filler and 1 coat of Sally Hansen's (red bottle) quick drying top coat.
Alice would make a lovely *topper* over a variety of blue and black hues- if you can still find this limited edition stunner- I encourage you to pick her up!

Last of it's kind

What ever happened to Baby Jane Kaos? Do you know?
It used to be one of my favorite makeup-brands with a big range of colors in nailpolish as well as eyeshadows and lipstick. One of the first brands I came across that had colorful matte eyeshadows for a reasonable price. Sold at department stores, in my case Åhlens, around the country.

Unfortunately, the eyeshadow above is all that I have left or rather, that survived the hurricane Iggy*. The label can't be read (note to makeup-companies - please use water-sustainable print on packaging!) and a Google-search doesn't result in anything of value other than the fact that International MakeUp Center has it as a registered brand while the store Kaos is linked to Make up Store. The MakeUp Center is a school for makeup-artists but they use Make up Store's products. Where does that leave the brand Kaos?

(* Hurricane Iggy:

Catrice - Clay-ton, My Hero

Clay-ton, My Hero je še eden izmed Catrice lakcev, ki so vsi po vrsti super. Imajo meni osebno skoraj popoln čopič in prav vsi ki jih imam jaz potrebujejo samo dve plasti za popolno prekrivnost. Tale ni nobena izjema, barva je pa tudi, kot lahko vidite po fotografijah čudovita.

Clay-ton, My Hero is just another Catrice polish. They have almost perfect brush and all of the ones I own only need two coats for perfect opacity. This one is not an exception and the color is wonderful as you can see it on these photos.

Bakel Pure Act Oil Cleanser

I'm a really big fan of Bakel; if I didn't have to try lots of different products, Bakel is defintely one that I'd consider using long term. I was excited to receive the newest product, Pure Act Oil Cleanser, which is suitable for all skin types. It is seriously one of the softest oils I've ever used to cleanse. It is gorgeous and doesn't alter skin's natural moisture levels but your complexion will feel remarkably soft afterwards. I've used it with the Clarisonic and without, and either way it removed every spot of make up and grime. Lovely, lovely!

There isn't all that much information on exactly what's in it..the packaging says vegetable oils, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. But it is worth taking note that the formula doesn't contain perfume, preservatives, perfumes, colourants, alcohol, sulfants, PEG, PPG or that biggest of blogger bug-bears, Silicone.

You'll find Bakel at Harvey Nichols and SpaceNK where the cleanser launches in a few weeks time.

The Bed of Nails

Right, well it took me a little while indeed to summon up the courage - or even the willingness - to have a go at this 'relaxation' tool. It works apparantly by targeting accupressure points and the pressure of the rounded nails (6000 of them) against these points releases endorphins and oxytocin. Once I'd gingerly lain down on the mat I have to say that it did hurt; not excruciatingly as you might expect from, er, nails, but it was not a comfortable experience. However, while there was underlying discomfort throughout, I did start to notice a mild tingling sensation that wasn't unpleasant but did make me see the time limit (20 minutes) through in the hopes that it was doing some good. Oddly, the tingling was mostly in the pelvic region and lower back - a very weird experience let me tell you! It also made my whole back feel warm. While it is billed to be energy stimulating, I can't say I felt any more energetic, but even if it's only attribute is that it makes me lie still for 20 minutes, then it's well worth it. You can't wriggle about at all, you lie literally stock still, and that has to be beneficial. At the end of the session, my back was covered in tiny indentations that didn't last long at all, but you might not want to do this and then wear your best backless dress, for example. They cost £49 from

NB: I'm looking at my mat now thinking 'there's no way that it has 6000 points', but I really can't be bothered to count them all just to prove a point. Let's just say there are enough.

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