Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby you can paint my car

I have a few untried nailpolishes sitting on a shelf. I bought them all a while back, but I just can't get myself to...It's not that they're not lovely in their own ways, but I just can't see myself wearing them just now. I'm not a metallic(a) type of girl.
They all remind me of carpaint. While I love the idea Autopaint Cosmetics did with launcing classic cars' paint as hues in a  nailpolish-line, I am a little more skepctical towards Volvo's attempt at being hip. Simply put, I think more cars should have the color of great nailpolish (can you imagine a car the color of For Audrey or maybe even Pink Voltage?) and less nailpolish should look like carpaint.

But today I figured - why not? Another birthday has passed and why let myself be bothered by what I think I should look like? Why do I pinpoint myself to the point where I don't dare to....look like a Volvo?
If my ass is getting all station-wagon, why not go with the flow?
So, I did. The polish in the back is the only Orly I have that's still untried. I love Orly, so why is it still sitting there? It's Witch's Blue and while it doesn't look very tempting in the bottle, dark denim blue with greyish shimmer, it did look quite freaky cool on the nail. Indoors it just looks like any dark nailpolish but when you go out or step into bright light, there's definitely something blue on the nail. I comes to life and it's intense alright!

But it's still something that looks like I nicked it off my dad's shelves in the garage. Being too cheap, too punk or too DIY to buy nailpolish. Plastic padding, oh, free concealer anyone?
I think we even had a car that looked like it was painted a sunkissed Witch's Blue?! And sure, on the way downtown to get us some cake, I managed to find a moped this color, a perfect match. I'm a moped baby, so why don't you kill me.

Hey, what's up? I'm 34 and I look like a car.
It's no comfort that the car I remembered having this color was a Porsche 911 from the early 70's. I would rather have looked like our old baby-blue Wolkswagen Beetle...

Give Good Face-Makeup Mafia is Having a Contest

I had to post this since Jordan Liberty is one makeup artist I admire. (Click to enlarge).  Check out the details better at his GGF site.

Freeman Goodstuff organics hand cream

About a month ago I needed a new hand cream and I decided to try Freeman Goodstuff organics this time. This contains organic ingredients and it's natural enough for me, there is no silicones, parabens or mineral oils. The product wasn't sealed in the shop (like most products here) and at home I noticed that this was already "tested". Yuck.

The packaging looks nice & "fresh" (it's made of recycled plastic). The products is thick, smell is ok (not delicious scent but not bad either) and absorbs quickly. I can use this in daytime too but it still enough for nights. This is a good one, I might even buy this again some day :)

Noin kuukausi sitten tarvitsin uuden käsirasvan ja päätin kokeilla Freemanin Goodstuff Organics-käsivoidetta. Tämä sisältää luomu-ainesosia ja on ainakin minulle ihan tarpeeksi luonnollinen: ei silikoneja, mineraaliöljyjä tai parabeenejä. Tämäkään tuote ei ollut sinetöity kaupassa ja kotona huomasinkin tämän olevan jo "testattu". Yök!

Pakkaus on "raikkaan" näköinen ja valmistettu kierrätysmuovista. Tuote on paksua, tuoksu on ihan ok (ei herkullinen muttei pahakaan) ja imeytyy mukavasti. Olen käyttänyt tätä päivisin mutta on myös tarpeeksi hoitava yökäytössä. Oikein mukava tuote, saatan hyvinkin ostaa tämän myöhemmin uudelleen!

"Good Stuff Organics Moisture Whipped Hand Creme features a blend of natural Shea Butter to lock in moisture and condition skin, organic Grape Seed Extract to improve skin elasticity, organic Aloe Vera and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter for the ultimate moisturizing experience. Contains no parabens, synthetic dyes or sulfates."


This one was my first product from Freeman, any other products you would recommend?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bloggy Going on a Break

This blog and Into the Palette (well, ITP has had a long break I admit) are going on a break because I need a break since I have total writer's block right now when it comes to makeup.  I still have some stuff to write up but my brain is just blocked.  Maybe, I have used all the gigabytes in my brain or I have to do a brain defragment because I can't organize or write anything on the stuff I have

Rant: Canadian Shipping

Google Images
Canadian Shipping. I'd just like to make a brief mention about this, as I encountered this problem, yet again last night. 
Not only is it ridiculously expensive when compared to the United States, but the majority of retailers like to pretend the second largest Country by land mass in the world does not exist. They'll have a North America section and the only thing listed will be the USA.
Or what really gets me is a company based out of the United States will ship to any state including Alaska and Puerto Rico and won't include Canada. Geographically, you have to fly over Canada to get to Alaska! The majority of our population is in the lower provinces, a significantly lesser distance than making it up to Alaska, but do companies, especially of the cosmetic variety acknowledge this? No, of course not, because we all supposably live in igloos.
And lets just briefly mention shipping charges. Sephora is an excellent example of this blatant unfairness. Sephora has free shipping if you spend over $50 if you live in the USA. In Canada, you don't qualify for free shipping unless you spend over $150. Not to mention all of their prices in Canadian are significantly inflated despite them having warehouses in this country too. 
It's not like I'm asking for things to be shipped over an ocean free of charge. But considering our dollar and the American one are almost at par it just seems like I'm getting my but kicked every time I try and order some great brands online. 
I'm sure this isn't an issue that just applies to Canada, I merely happen to live here though and thought I'd point this small fact out. Shipping charges suck.

As always, would love to hear your opinions!

And how about yesterday! Four posts is a new record in one day, and yesterday saw 24 new individual computer connections visit. Whoot! If you want to be informed of my updates (sparadic though they may sometimes be) become a "follower" at the side. :D *hugs for all*

Weekend Treat: Dior Christmas 2010 The Minaudiere

Please meet The Minaudiere which will retail for £59 from October in Debenhams (and probably elsewhere, but at this stage can only confirm that location). A 'Minaudiere' is the French name for a small, ornamental clutch bag, normally used for evening wear.

It's this kind of amazing, beautiful, creative and desirable use of make up that makes me sit up and take notice. Every make up loving cell in my body wants to own one of these!

Hmm. Free Ads For Mags.

I'm scratching my head a little at the moment in confusion because I've had a very recent influx of emails to my BBB account from magazines asking me to promote the fact that they've got give-aways in their next issue, gifts with purchase, competitions or some 'great content' in the forthcoming months. They'd like me - and other bloggers of course - to give them a shout out plugging all or any of the above. I just don't get why they think I would? I've replied to one, who wanted me to link to their on-line mag site saying I'd prefer it to be a reciprocal arrangement, and of course, got no reply whatsoever. Until the penny drops that this needs to be a two-way street, I suspect they'll meet with the same bafflement.

What I will do, and am happy to do, is feature content or news that I think is of genuine interest to readers of BBB that couldn't be easily found elsewhere. Until then, a limited number giveaway (which actually turns out to be a competition for 50 pots of nail varnish) and a link to their site that won't be returned, isn't it.

One Hand Washes the Other (OHWTO) haul

I've been a soap addict for a while :D Soaps are just so pretty and good for your skin. I had been planning to order from OHWTO (One Hand Washed the Other) for a while and I'm so glad I finally did! Guess what my friends will get as a Christmas present ;) I got following products:

Olen ollut nyt vähän aikaa palasaippua-addikti ja paluuta suihkugeeleihin ei taida enää olla :D Palasaippuat ovat kauniita, ihanan tuoksuisia, hyviä iholle eikä tarvitse kantaa vettä kaupasta kotiin. Olin jo pidempään miettinyt tilaamista OHWTOlta (One Hand Washes the Other) mutta jotenkin asia vain aina jäi. Onneksi kuitenkin vihdoinkin tilasin, eipä ole ongelmia keksiä kavereille joululahjoja ;D Ostin seuraavat tuotteet:

DIY soaps- your choice of scents and colors, 2 pieces/ 8 USD. I was expecting "regular looking" soaps and the I got these beauties, I'm in love! I took Vanillime in lime color and Ginger Ale (in what ever color), both smell delicious and these even have lovely shimmer in them. I'll so get these as Christmas presents :D

DIY soaps- voit itse valita tuoksun ja värin, 2 kpl/ 8 USD. Odotin tuotekuvassa näkyviä perussaippuoita ja sain tällaiset kaunottaret, ihanaa! On muuten paljon kivampi yllättyä iloisesti kuin päin vastoin (kuten siis minulle kävi Lush-verkkokaupan kanssa). Otin vanillime-tuoksun (limenä) ja Ginger Alen (missä tahansa värissä), molemmat tuoksuvat ihanilta ja näissä on jppa kaunista shimmeriä mukana. Jep, joulupakettiin näitä :D

I got a few samples of solid scents. These feels nice and inci looks good enough to eat (but I bet these doesn't taste too good ;). Solid scents are available in tins or sticks. I just prefer roll-on scents personally.

Fresh Snow "This fragrance is designed to mimic the feeling of peace and tranquility after a fresh snowfall; it doesn't actually smell like snow, which has no scent. It is a very ozone-y fragrance, reminiscent of clean laundry or fresh cotton. This fragrance has a crisp heliotrope top with supporting notes of sprint water, juniper berry, vetyver and sandalwood." This is very nice & fresh scent. I don't like to use scents like this in perfumes, but I love them in soaps.

Mayan Gold "This blend of patchouli, plumeria and sweet orange has hints of vanilla, musk, and chocolate, and is a marvelously unisex scent." This is VERY nice! Even my daughter loved it :)

Kettle Corn (in the last picture) "Smells like the country fair! An enticing blend of melted butter, salt, brown sugar and popcorn that's sure to get your mouth watering." Butter, salt, sugar, popcorn? I was SWEET, this is the scent I can use even for a minute (I get headache). My daughter liked it but she can't use it in this house :D

Muutamia näytekokoisia kiinteitä parfyymejä tuli myös mukana. Inci on syötävän hyvä mutta tuskin ihan niin herkulliselta kuitenkaan maistuvat ;) Tuotetta saa purkissa tai puikkona. Ihan kiva tuote mutta itse pidän enemmän parfyymiöljystä roll-on pullossa tai tuoksuista suihkeena.

Yllä on tarkemmat kuvaukset tuoksuista, tässä lyhyemmin:

-Fresh Snow on nimensä mukaisesti raikas tuoksu, tykkään tästä saippuoissa mutta en ehkä tuoksuna kuitenkaan käyttäisi.

-Mayan Gold on yllätyssuosikkeja, en unisex tuoksuksi kuitenkaan sanoisi (tosin hajuvesimakuni lienee hieman miehekäs :D).

-Kettle Corn on aivan järkyttävän makea: voita, popcornia, suolaa ja sokeria. Juoksin pesemään käteni saman tien, tuli oikein paha olo.

Wild Strawberry soap: Delicious smelling and pretty! price is 5 USD and there are several different scents available.
Wild Strawberry-saippua: ihana tuoksu ja niin nätti! Hintaa 5 USD ja muitakin värejä/tuoksuja on tarjolla.

Perfume oil samples, just 1 USD each! This is a good way to test different scents :D I even found my favorite scent EVER: CRANBERRIES! I bought a full size (9-10ml in glass roll-on bottle) the same day I received this sample.

Cranberries "This is not a tart cranberry, it is a very lively in-your-face fragrance with a hint of caramelized sugar." It's not too sweet, it's just PERFECT for a cranberry lover like me. *heart* Now I don't have to use my Alverde Cranberry hand cream all the time. LOL

Vanillime "Smells like genuine Key Lime Pie! Buttery crust and all! The perfect blend of warm, rich vanilla, and sweet-yet-tart lime, Vanillime is the perfect scent for summertime. Smells very similar to Yankee Candle's Vanilla Lime, but this similarity was entirely unintended when I set out to make it." It really is a perfect scent for summer!

Musk " A straight, clean musk fragrance." Very masculine scent.

Ginger Tea (formerly White Tea & Ginger BBW Type) "This fragrance has a delightful warm and comforting smell. With top notes of Bergamot, Lemon Peels and Green Daylilies, this fragrance is brought back to its roots with a base of Ginger, Nutmeg and Warm Musk. White floral notes, such as Hyacinth, Freesia and Peony complete the mix." I love Tea and I like the scent of tea. I wouldn't use this kind of perfume but I'll get a soap whith this scent later :)

Parfyymiöljy sampleja, vain 1 USD/kpl! Hyvä tapa testata tuoksuja :D Löysin jopa lempituoksuni
KARPALON! Olen tuosta jo tilannutkin täysikokoisen (9-10ml lasisessa roll-on pullossa), tilasin sen samana päivänä kun samplen sain. Yllä taas paremmat tuoksukuvaukset.

-Cranberries: Ei tarvitse enää tuoksutella Alverden karpalo-käsivoidetta ;) Aivan jumalainen tuoksu, jos rakastat karpaloita yhtä paljon kuin minä :D

-Vanillime: makea ihanuus, key lime pietä (josta tulee aina häämatkamme mieleen, Key Westissä siis kävimme) ja vaniljaa.

-Musk: partavettä.

-Ginger tea: tuoksuu teelle, teefaneille siis ;) En silti hajuvetenä tätä käyttäisi, saippuassa kyllä ihana. Onko The Body Shopilla ollut aikanaan parfyymiöljy teen tuoksuisena?

If you want to order the products and you don't live in USA, Canada or UK, just send Becca a message and she will do a custom listing for you :)

Jos haluat tilata täältä (suosittelen kyllä, jos tällaisista tuotteita pidät), lähetä Beccalle viesti. Hän tekee sinulle haluamistasi tuotteista varatun tuotteen, jonka voi sitten ostaa ja maksaa :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rodarte Final Update

This, finally, makes me content with the situation. It's nice to see something thats actually likely to make a difference happen. All the details are here at Temptalia.

MAC, Rodarte And The Women Of Juarez

I really can't say it any better than the source of this information,, but in brief, the news is that MAC have now agreed to donate the entire global profits to benefit a newly created Women & Girls of Juarez Initiative. After an intital offer to donate $100,000 to Juarez charities, and a decision to rename the products, it seems that MAC were called to justify their collaboration with Rodarte inspired by Juarez and the partial statement here taken from reads as follows:

"This announcement follows a meeting last evening in Mexico City with MAC executives and Mexican government officials, including CONAVIM (Comisión Nacional Para Prevenir y Erradicar la Violencia Contra las Mujeres/National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women.)

During the meeting, held at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this collective group committed to working together on the overall direction of the new initiative to help the women and girls of Juarez and to raise global awareness of their plight. MAC executives reiterated their deep regret and reinforced that it was never MAC’s or Rodarte’s intent to minimize the suffering of the women and girls of Ciudad Juarez.

In the coming weeks, MAC and Rodarte will be consulting with members of CONAVIM´s advisory board, as well as other local and global experts, to develop a comprehensive framework that provides grants to local and international organizations with a track record of improving the lives of the women and girls in Juarez.

“We are deeply sorry and apologize to everyone we offended, especially the victims, the women and girls of Juarez and their families. We have heard the response of concerned global citizens loud and clear and are doing our very best to right our wrong. The essence of MAC is to give back and care for the community and our initial handling of this makeup collection was not reflective of MAC’s values. MAC and Rodarte are committed to using these learnings to raise awareness on this important issue and to leverage our unique platform to help the women and girls of Juarez,” said MAC President John Demsey."

There is simply no doubt that the chain of blogger outrage and reaction to a badly thought through concept has played a huge part in achieving the rightful outcome. With so many bloggers from around the world petitioning, highlighting Juarez on their blogs and emailing MAC (from a personal view, I would like to specifically mention Tweeters @tsunimee and @healing_beauty for going above and beyond), it's a testament to persistence and perseverence by those who would not accept that and apology and $100,000 was a just or fair way to undo the damage. It's an issue that has united - and in some cases, divided - bloggers far and wide and sends a message to all that we can and did make a difference to an unjust situation through the common interest of beauty.

We're now all far more aware of the situation in Juarez which undoubtedly would have remained out of our view if it were not for this joint effort, and let's not forget that MAC listened. And then put their money where their mouth is.

Temptu part 5-The Finale

This is the last post in this series for Temptu.  I thought I would show the eye area with the airbrushing since it is really an area that moves more than any other part of the face.  Also, decided to use it on a mature woman "Olivia Senior" whom I bribed for this post. :p

Concealing, Contouring, and Highlighting

1-All natural prepped and primed with Temptu Primer.  I also used Temptu Mixing

To blog or not to blog

A lot of my friends and acquaintances still find it odd as well as rather amusing that I have this blog. That I, the girl who looks like she slathers on foundation with an Ikea roller-system and rather spends money on records and books than beauty-products, writes about colors, formulas and brands.
I rarely get what it is they find amusing about it, but then again, I do read a lot of so-called beauty-blogs. Or rather, I read makeup-blogs as well as nailpolish-blogs. The word beauty doesn't seem fitting, it's not beauty-blogs I'm reading.
And by stating that, we're back to the chicken or the egg-dilemma; would there be a makeup-industry if it wasn't for our obsession with beauty? Or did the makeup-industry kickstart our obsession and does it keep us consumers like puppets on a string? Are we all helping them along with our blogs? Who are we supporting, customer or manufacturer? Is there even a distinction any more?

I know this is the type of entry most readers rather skip, but I think it's most definitely something to keep in mind when we read all these blogs. I am starting to think less and less people are thinking about  
  • what they just read
  • what  impact it had on them  
  • why it was there for them to read
Do blog-readers question what they read or are they just a little bit naive thinking it's all about love, peace and happiness?
How much material on a blog is based on pure interest and how many posts are influences by companies sending out material, goodies and review-examples? How many entries are written as a way to get listed by the PR-companies, to get noticed? How many readers read the disclosure policies and how many bloggers truly believe what they're stating about their own blogs?

These last few days, I've seen a lot of entries that I have found quite out of place. Where you can't help but ask yourself - Are these entries are paid for? Where's the fine print I am missing?
It's also quite common that you see the same information spread over a wide range of blogs but everybody's pretending like they just made it up. A brand gets massive coverage in blogs just by sending out an email stating that if said blogger give the brand some space on their blog, they can expect a massive goodie-bag and to be on the list.
I've seen it explained by bloggers as "People want to know / We're just giving them the information / It's just news" but is it really? What would be the difference between an ad and news?

What would you like to see in a blog? What do you avoid? Do you read blogs that have paid ads? That have paid posts?

Makeup4All's Summer Beauty Magazine

Makeup4All, a fellow beauty blogger also releases a magazine every season as well, and her summer issue has just come out! Beautifully done with some lovely pictures and a neat couple interviews with two beauty PR's it makes an interesting read. Here's the link if you want a look see: Makeup4All Magazine Summer Issue.
She takes from all types of high end brands so the magazine has a very posh feel to it! Needless to say I'm impressed. Enjoy!

Hebridean Sprite's Policy on Animal Testing in Cosmetics and on Animal Testing Cosmetic Brands

Picture from The Cautionary Revelation of the Apocalypse Blog (Not Affiliated- I Googled Bunny and this came up)

The Point of the Post:
I want everyone to be able to see exactly the policy of this blog. I’m not hiding anything, and I don’t want anyone to think I am. So whether you care or not, here’s the guidelines I’ve set myself, for this blog.

The Situation:
One would think that it would be simple to determine if the company you are buying your blush or mascara from tests on animals. It isn’t. Firstly, a company (at least in North America and Western Europe to the best of my knowledge) is allowed to state that they do not test on animals if the final product is not. This doesn’t cover the ingredients in the product, nor the company’s ability to hire another company to test their products on animals for them. Companies, especially big multi-million dollar companies are sneaky, and really are out to make money for the most part. So it gets confusing and hazy real quick. Depending on how you word your questions to the contact people at the companies they can avoid answering your question or just state they do not test their products (i.e. final products, not the ingredients, but the products for sale.) And if this is fine according to you, this is fine, then feel free to purchase from these brands. Benefit, from what I’ve heard seems to be very good at running around the issue when they reply to inquiry e-mails.
Another case is where they tell you the company is non-animal testing and then refer you to a completely different site to read their policy. This is fine, however time consuming, if the information is in English. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m fairly miserable at languages other than a few words here or there but a whole legalese document in German! Really Givenchy?!
Then there are companies that don’t test their products, or ingredients, except when required by law. One such company is the Estee Lauder brand. This to me seems to stick them in between a rock and a hard place. To me personally I can understand holding testing (even if I do not agree with it) if the government is making you for a new chemical, etc. So what this means for the blog is that I do feature these brands on Hebridean Sprite Beauty however, I try to avoid any products with new or revolutionary technology ingredients in them.  I’m likely to miss and feature one on occasion but overall I don’t exclude these brands, because for their policy is not to test.
Then there are the brands no one can find any information on at all. You can’t find the correct contact info, and no one seems to be able to have any information on the policy one way or another. Frustration runs rampant.
From (Not Affiliated with this either, Google Images) 
How this affects Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blog:
In the long run what does this mean for posts and products you’ll read about on Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blog? It means I’ll try my hardest not to include anything tested on animals based on the information I have. I try to research each brand I feature, and I often send e-mails if the information I do find is unclear. The only exception to this is with brands that are sometimes required to test by law, and even then I’m going to try and only mention products by the company that have no new ingredients in them which would have made them subject to the law. I don’t like it, but I’m not going to ask a company to do something illegal. But please remember that I’m human, I make mistakes (often, mind you), and a product may slip through the cracks here and there. If you notice that I’ve messed up, please e-mail me and I will delete or change the post asap.

In Summary:
Here’s our policy in simple points (for quick skimming)
-       Brands featured do NOT test their final products on animals
-       Brands featured do NOT test their ingredients on animals
-       NO PR is accepted from brands that do test on animals
-       I DO research each brand mentioned to the best of my ability
-       The ONLY exception is brands that conduct animal testing ONLY when it is required by law to do so: HOWEVER, these products (i.e. ones newly out with new ingredients/chemicals) will not be featured on the blog.
-       I’m human and a full time student working on her degree, forgive me if I make a mistake, I swear it was not on purpose and I promise to at the very least at an addendum to the post if made aware of it.
-       That even IF the brand actively lobbies other cosmetic brands on weekends to stop their animal testing, I’m still going to give you my honest opinion on everything featured- good OR bad.
-       Everything is my opinion, I’m not going to repeatedly slam and be down on any brand for their policies (or vise versa). I’m also going to listen to everyone’s opinion- whether I agree or not, everyone is entitled to it. As long as respect is maintained, to each their own. I just ask you respect mine in return.
Again, Google Images (
In Conclusion:
In a perfect world, I love science to reach a place so that all cosmetic brands won’t test anything on animals. If a cheap brand like Wet n’ Wild can impliment this policy, certainly I should be able to expect large ones to do the same? Until then however, I hope my blog can make it easier to choose which brands you can trust not to test on animals.

About the giveaway & comments

**This giveaway is now closed**

There is still time to enter my giveaway! I'll choose the winner on 2th of August (details below).

And then about the comments... Well, I love comments :D Every now and then I even randomly choose one commenter and send her something. Lillian (from Funny face's Place) won Inglot Sleeks Gloss just a few days ago :) But there sems to a problem with the comment system in my blog... Some of my readers have commented but their comment are hiding somewhere and I event can find those comments. Somehow some comments went on Intense debate and some on Bloggers own, so I had to get rid of Intense Debate. Now it seems that the old replies are gone. How nice >:( I printed all the replies to giveaway post, so those I have!

I hope commenting is easier now, unfortunately I can't reply to some older post now :(

Vielä on muutama päivä aikaa osallistua arvontaan (tiedot alla)! Voittaja valitaan 2.8. illalla eli aikaa on vielä :)

Ja sitten vielä kommenteista... Ensinnäkin niitä on aina mukava saada :D Silloin tällöin valitsenkin jonkun kommentoijista (random.orgin avustuksella) ja lähetän jotain pientä, pari päivää sitten Lillian voittikin Inglot Sleeks Glossin. Mutta kommentointi on ollut nyt turhan hankalaa ja osa viesteistä on nyt lähipäivinä jopa kadonnut. Osa löytyy intense Debatesta ja osa taas on mennyt Bloggerin omaan, joten oli korkea aika heivata Intense Debate. Valitettevasti osa vastauksista on nyt kadonnut (saan takaisin lataamalla IntenseDebaten, mutta enpä taida sitä enää haluta :P), onneksi arvonta postauksen vastaukset printtasin juuri!

Toivottavasti saatte nyt helpommin kommentoitua, osaan vanhoista en pääse enää siis vastaamaan :(


I started this blog a year ago so I think it's time for a giveaway! This time only one prize, next time maybe more.

The prize:

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-KIKO Posh Couture sparkling eyeliner "water sparkles"

To qualify

-You must be a follower (via Google friend connect). If you win and I can't find your name from followers, I'll choose another winner immediately.
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For additional ways to win

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Leave a link to each of these here in the comment section :)

The giveaway is open internationally. The products are bought from Barcelona. I hope you like this giveaway and good luck! I'll choose the winner after a month ~20.7. (I want to give enought time for you to enter and I'll be in a holiday anyway too).

Aloitin blogin vuosi sitten, niin se aika vain kuluu :D Ehkäpä on taas pienen arvonnan aika...


-essence palette "eye love to travel"
-essence quattro eyeshadow "party animal
-essence quattro eyeshadow "aqua flash"
-essence 2 in 1 kajal "08 mix & match"
-essence nail art glitter mix "glam it up"
-essence colour&Go nailpolish "23 sundancer"

-essence Color&Go nailpolish "32 gold rush"
-KIKO Posh Couture sparkling eyeliner "water sparkles"


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ääniä saa

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Just Because It's Pretty

I've decided to start a new series of post called "Just Because It's Pretty". These are products (from as usual non-animal testing brands) that are especially lovely to gaze upon. Whether it's the pattern of the powder or the packaging! These are not reviews but instead just products that are tempting due to looks alone. Tell me some of your favourite beauty items that you just like to have out to decorate!

Today: Chantecaille La Baleine Set
When I first saw these, my jaw dropped. These are so stunning, and beautifully detailed they almost make me cry (I love whales, they seem to move me emotionally). These are in the two colours shown, Bleue for eyes, and Blanche for face.

 Chantecaille describes the Blanche as: a beautifully soft, highlighting powder that perfectly adheres to the skin. Microscopic pearls produce a fine, brilliant finish that is delivered in three delicate shades--warm gold, pink nude and sheer ivory. Blended together, they create a nude, luminous, and slightly shimmery face. This fine, creamy formula glides on effortlessly and is packed with healing, age-defying botanicals.

and Bleue as: a soft, feminine trio of up-to-the-minute, marine-inspired eyeshades. Two highlight blues--a sheer pale blue and deep blue-grey accent--combine with a beautiful, iridescent champagne base. Together the collection is shimmery, chic and subtly sexy.

The whale pictured is a Blue whale with her calf, and sales from the set of two, or each individually benefit the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This charity works to protect the oceans of the world. The set costs $156 USD with each compact holding 0.35 oz of product. The colours of the powder are solid all the way through. If I was rich enough to afford this, I don't know if I'd have the heart to actually use it! (And I'd totally get the Bleue one! *drool*) This product is a complete and total heart thief, because I've fallen in love. What do you think?

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago I went to the launch of Neal's Yard Organic Colour With Care Cosmetics. On the one hand, I can see quite why they are such a cosmetic feat; it's the only cosmetics range with a collection certified organic by the Soil Association. However, my heart sank a little when I saw how utterly boring they were. They look like the kind of apologetic organic products that I'd hoped we'd seen the back of. What I'd envisaged for this range was something sleek and exciting - something off the predictable organic track - but, no. Four meek little colours (Sage, Barley, Camelia and Truffle) in plain little pots. And, they're loose powders, too - something I find very hard to work with because of the intevitable drop. However challenging and difficult it was to produce eye colours that are 11% organic and 88% natural minerals, I really feel it was barely worth the effort.

On the other hand, the NYR Colour Lip Glosses are an absolute joy. At a minimum of 87% organic, the shades range from a natural Nude to more pink and red tones. They're good little glosses too, with just the right amount of shine and 'stick', and the shades are all nicely sheer in a very wearable way. Possibly the best thing about them is the sweet orange peel ingredient that gives them a very orangey taste and scent - so much more preferable than the usual mint or cheap vanilla.

One of the main points about the Colour With Care range is the Care aspect; including White Tea and Vitamin E and nourishing oils so that skin is actively 'cared for' whilst you're wearing it is a very positive point. But, with the mineral eye shadows coming in at only 11% organic, I think they should have found a way to make the colours more exciting, the packaging more vivacious and enticing even if it meant taking the organic content down.

The eye shades are £10.75 and the Lip Gloss is £9. There are also three eye liners - the range launches in September.

Eye of the Day with Burberry Rosewood 09 eye shadow

Burberry Beauty did not disappoint me one bit (I'm a little sad- because now I want MORE)- Rosewood eye shadow is a total winner!  It's so easy to apply and blend- dreamy is the word that comes to mind.

Here is my first try with it- yesterday's very simple eye of the day:

Benefit Stay don't stray primer all over the lid
Burberry Rosewood e/s all over from lash line to just over the crease
Urban Decay Virgin e/s(from the Naked palette) from just above the crease to brow
E.L.F. Black waterproof eyeliner pen to line upper lash line
Tarte mascara
all photo's with flash

Left to right: Benefit Stay don't stray, Burberry Rosewood, Urban Decay Virgin and ELF black liner pen

This look wore like iron yesterday and was a lovely polished look that I am sure to repeat- I had no creasing with this combo, however the liner was flaking on me about 8 hours after I applied it.

[EOTD] Fyrinnae Jade Ghost, Daemon's Tail, Anemone...

A few EOTD's with Fyrinnae pigments. Those guys make AMAZING colors! Some of my favorites are Finnegan's wake, Jade Ghost, Velociraptor, Daemon's Tail, Anemone...

Ja muutamat meikit kera Fyrinnaen pigmenttien. Fyrinnaen omistajat omat miehiä ja osaavat kyllä ihania värejä tehdä :D Suosikkejani ovat esim. Finnegan's wake, Jade Ghost, Velociraptor, Daemon's Tail, Anemone...


-detrivore primer
-KIKO eye pencil 305/ white (inner corner)
-Fyrinnae Jade Ghost (lid)
-Fyrinnae Dragon's wings (crease, lower lash line)
-Aromaleigh Flaxen (browbone)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Chanel Inimitable mascara wp

-Purely Cosmetics pearl&silk powder
-Alima Neutral 3 foundation
-Meow Ginger Torch blush
-MAC Frankly Fresh lipgloss


-Alima neutral 3 foundation
-Meow Canna blush
-MAC Frankly Fresh lip gloss

-detrivore primer
-Fyrinnae Anemone (lid)
-Fyrinnae Arcane-Magic Warrior-Mage (crease, lower lashline)
-Aromalegh Night Bright shimmer (browbone)
-Inglot gel liner grey
-Chanel Inimitable mascara wp


-detrivore primer
-Fyrinnae Finnegan's wake (browbone, inner corner)
-Fyrinnae Kurisimasu! (lid)
-Fyrinnae Daemon's tail (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Macroviolet fluidline
-Chanel Inimitable mascara

I'd love to hear your favorites from Fyrinnae too!

Mascara, the mother of all biatches

Mascara is the mother of all biatches.

For no matter how mighty and compelling the claims are, how well-critiqued it is by "gurus", paid beauty editors, beauty insiders and make-up artists- it is NO GUARANTEE that it will be your BFF.

Sorry princess, but with mascaras as with prince charmings, you will have to kiss a lot of toads  before you find your prince.

The way a mascara works depends on 3 things which we call in the 'biz as the holy trinity of mascara development.
  1. formula - it is an emulsion (oil+water+things that binds them together) where we put a number of blah-blah actives
  2. brush - a good brush separates lashes, imparts the right amount of formula at the right interval.   A balancing act that is a subject of a lot of study, court cases.  This in itself can sustain a proper TV series.
  3. container - see the rubber thingy at the mouth of your mascara container?  that is the wiper and it controls the amount of formula that goes to the brush.  Too much and you get clumps, too little and you get less than optimum results.
Seems elementary my dear Watson but the iterations here are endless and only the most balanced of the trinity will make the grade (my way of saying, heck, my work is darn difficult).

Then, to add insult to injury, one perfect trinity will behave differently from one pair of lashes to another.   So not unless, the one who tested it is your identical twin who was raised under the same environmental, social and emotional conditions and who slept with the same guys- all those reviews are for nought- you have to try the mascara yourself!

Change any of the trinity and your mascara will be totally different- like Mr Hyde to Dr Jekkyl.  For example, if you test the mascara with those little brushes provided by make up counters to avoid contamination- that is wrong!  Even if they are dressed the same, mascara will lead you to believe that it is the teeny bopper Lourdes when it is in fact the menopausal Madonna.

And if you want to test with the real brush in the actual container with the actual formula- good luck and make sure your medical insurance covers for warts, aids, athlete's foot contracted from toxic waste.

The only way,  is to buy the mascara and hope for the best.
Kaching! That doesn't bother us.  That is why we come up with so many new mascaras so often, give you outrageous claims with pictures of lashes longer than Ozzy's nose hair.

- more blogs to come on how to interpret mascara claims-

  • why mascaras are not for you
  • those outrageous claims
  • waterproof, weatherproof, lifeproof?
  • plastic brush innovation?
  • carbon black
  • lash growth

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Giorgio Armani cosmetics-pian Suomessa!

We will get new brand to Finland soon: Giorgio Armani! It will only be available at Helsinki (Stockmann). Do you have any favorites from this brand?

Stockmannin Premiere-lehdessä olikin mukava mainos: Giorgio Armani meikit tulevat Helsinkiin pian :D Yllä kuva mainoksesta. Olen näitä maailmalla hieman katsellut mutta en ole ostanut niitä koskaan. Kiinnostaako merkki? Onko sinulla jo jotain suosikkeja? Itse taidan päästä helpoiten tutustumaan näihin taas Saksassa tai Hong Kongissa :)

Yardley April Violets Re-issue

Now here's a brand I never thought I'd be blogging about, but when I heard from the PR that bottles of Yardley April Violet Eau de Toilette had reached £100 on Ebay, I had a quick rethink! Yardley - and Woods of Windsor (owned by the same company) are completely revamping their entire ranges to fall in line with more modern tastes. I adore the scent of violets - as sugary as you like. There's no particular association for me with it; its just that my nose seems to love that highly powdery, sweet smell. Ironically, I absolutely hate the taste of parma violets although I've been known to keep one in my pocket just to have a quick sniff! Anyway, because there was such demand (and such crazy prices) for April Violet on the aforementioned Ebay, Yardley took it as a sign to re-issue this old favourite - so now you won't be bidding off the scale because the EDT is £12.95 from September.

Burberry Sheer Eye shadow in Rosewood 09

I have been a fan of Burberry bags and accessories for many years- so you know when they came out with a cosmetic line I was interested.  I recently placed an order with Nordstrom's and chose two shadows: Rosewood and Khaki.  I received Rosewood yesterday and while I haven't worn it yet, I know it's going to be a winner for me!

One reason I love Burberry bags so much is that they last and are very well made.  The makeup is truly up to the standards of their bags.  From the little black on black plaid velvet bag to the exquisitely made compact this is luxury and I'm impressed.  The eye shadow pan is substantial and is buttery to the touch.  There is no chunky shimmer in Rosewood but there is a luminescence that is very flattering.  I would describe Rosewood as a soft taupe shade that has a little mauve in it- it's really pretty and I can't wait to use it!

I swatched Rosewood with a few other shadows just to compare.   I'm sure I have something similar in my horde of shadows but I find Rosewood to be a little unique- maybe it's just because I am craving more of these pricey beauties- lol.  It will be interesting to see how this wears and with the summer heat- it will certainly be put to the test.

I tried and tried to get a decent shot outside but it was getting late and the sun and my camera were not cooperating.   So,  most of these are with flash....

Mac Style Snob eye shadow
Urban Decay Toasted in Naked Palette
Urban Decay Sidecar shadow from Naked Palette

Swatches side by side
looking left to right:
UD sidecar, UD Toasted, MAC Style Snob, Burberry Rosewood

same shadows just more Rosewood in this shot :O)

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