Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My EOTD Challenge #2

Don't worry I won't do a continuing series on my eyeshadows, I just had this written and figured I would post before my next different post.

When I got this color combination, I knew I wouldn't be to happy using them. First of all the Random.org widget generated the numbers 87 and 265. I don't have an eyeshadow numbered 87 and went a number up which happens to be 95. Number 95 is matte light

Front and Center Five for August 2010

This is my first time writing one of these posts, I know most beauty bloggers feature a few momentary favorites....  I thought I might share a few of mine.

1.  Chanel Jouse Contraste Powder Blushes in Orchid Rose (softest pink/peach with a touch of nude), Rose Dust (a little more rosey/pink than Orchid Rose and a little touch of mauve) and In Love (coral-dirty peach with a little hint of golden shimmer).
Orchid Rose, Rose Dust and In Love Blushes
swatches: Orchid Rose, Rose Dust and In Love

I have not worn these every day this month but I have reached for them A LOT.
These shades are all gorgeous, soft, wear beautifully, apply easily and what's not to love?.... they are Chanel after all.  I like to apply these blushes with my Chanel Blush brush or a MAC skunk brush (187 face).

2.  MAC single shadows in : Style Snob, Brule and Naked Lunch
The last week or so I re-discovered the beauty of these lovely neutrals.
 top to bottom: Brule, Style Snob and Naked Lunch
Left to right: Naked Lunch, Style Snob and Brule (flash)

same (no flash)

I find these colors are easy to use with whatever neutral look I might be going for.  These three shades are all different finishes but all are easy to blend and work with.  I am really loving Brule in particular- it's just such an easy to wear creamy tone.

3.  E.L.F. Eye liner pens in: Black, Plum and Ash
I have been using these constantly over the past month and while they are NOT waterproof like they say they are- I love the ease of application from the slender and pointed felt tip applicator of this $1 wonder.  These liner pens allow me to finally wing my liner a little bit without making a huge mess.  As I stated they are NOT waterproof as they claim but do last quite well for me and they don't irritate my eyes at all.
E.L.F. liners remove easily with Purity Made Simple Cleanser, Nude Skincare Oil or Rare Minerals facial cleanser. 
Black is a deep sooty tone,Plum is a gorgeous rich slightly blackened purple and Ash is a brownish-taupe/black tone.  I am totally lemming Le Metier de Beaute's black liner pen but really can't afford to spend that much right now and these fit the bill nicely!
 left to right: black, plum and ash
left to right: black, plum and ash

4.  Eye brushes by Stila and Studio Tools
Oh Stila- I honestly don't know what I would do without your #5 shadow brush.... #5 is probably my favorite eye shadow brush ever.  It's always my first choice for laying down color on the lid- I don't sweep color on with this brush but rather pat it on.  It's amazing!  I have two of these in use currently and one as a backup....

Studio Tools crease brush is a fabulous inexpensive blending brush.  For under $3 you cannot beat this brush!
Target carries them and they can be a little hard to find- they are totally worth a look!  This brush fits my crease just about perfectly.I'm ashamed to admit I must have 10 of these brushes!

5. Origins Fill in the Blanks for brunettes brow pencil- this has become an unlikely favorite of mine the past month.  Fill in the Blanks for brunettes is a mechanical type pencil for the brows- it's fairly creamy and the color is a warm brown tone that I can wear fairly easily.  I like the fact the pencil is very thin and it has it's own blending/spoolie brush on the end.  It seems to last for me quite well as long as it's not a super hot and humid day.  I bought this last year when Origins had a friends and family event- it was a steal.

Glittery Franky

Ker imam preveč vampy jelly lakcev, sem se odločila da v lakec Nivea - Vampire vmešam malo coastal scents holo bleščic. Nastal je prečudovit bleščičast lakec, katerega edini problem je odstranjevanje, saj sem se z njim kar konkretno namučila.

I have too many vampy jelly nail polishes, so I decided to mix some coastal scents glitter holographic glitter powder into Nivea - Vampire. The polish that I created is really beautiful but very hard to remove like most of the glitters.

Shiffa Soothing Body Oil

Dubai skincare range Shiffa looks, feels and acts hugely premium. The packaging is beautiful – I loved the way the inner box opens out to reveal product information, and a duck egg blue ribbon just adds to the luxury look of the blue and cream boxes. The oil is gorgeous; easy to apply, it sinks into the skin without leaving any greasy residue and really does add softness. The only thing about it is the smell; it smells like a million and one other oils (citrus/herbal from orange oil, nutmeg, bergamot) and that feels at odds with everything else about the brand which in essence is quite different. I’d definitely gift this range if I wanted to treat a friend to a beautiful and pampering experience, but I would have loved it to smell of something less predictable. It uses hazelnut oil for repairing and jojoba to soften abd costs £51.75. I’m told that Shiffa Healing Balm is the product from the range that is getting beauty press most excited.

Oskia Perfect Cleanser

If you love a face balm, this will be your trip to skin heaven. It’s easily one of the best balms I’ve ever come across; a fluid, light balm that literally floats over the skin, wiping away every last bit of grime. In fact, you just want to massage and massage and massage...which any way you look at it is good! The feel of it is intensly silky and cloud-soft and it slips around the skin in a way that heavier balms can't do. It smells lightly floral/herbal and contains collagen boosting properties, Zinc, Vitamin A and E, Omega 3 and 6, and Prebiotics. Amazingly lovely. £38.50. Oskia is a Brit brand that takes a nutritional and scientific approach to anti-ageing by supplying the skin with cell nutrients from the inside (supplements) as well as the outside. It's USP is MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane), commonly used in joint supplements; a form of sulphur that is a collegen and elastin builder.

I've also just noticed a £15 off your first order on their website so if you're going to splurge, now's the time. http://www.oskiaskincare.com/

All the cosmetic products I bought this month/ August

I wrote this a month ago: "I REALLY have too much cometics, I mean REALLY... Now I have everything organized in my makeup table & chest of drawers so I really saw how much I have. It's really quite terrible :P I decided that no-buy is not my thing, it's like a diet: you just want more, more and MORE. But I decided that I have to tell you what I've bought on August, so 8/31 you will see my list and sure hope it is a short one!"

I had a permission to buy following products, but I didn't buy any of these. Yay :D
-some full sizes from Garden of Wisdom ->no need for ordering yet.
-some brushes from Sigma (powder brush, flat top kabuki ja E60 (SS252) eyeshadow-> didn't order from Sigma yet and decided that I need just that eyeshadow brush.
-Nfu Oh cuticle remover, I need it ->still need it but I didn't buy it, yet.

Näin lupailin kuukausi sitten: "Minulla on TODELLAKIN aivan liikaa kosmetiikkaa, mikä ei toki liene yllätys blogini lukijoille. Nyt sain kaikki järjestettyä meikkipöydälle ja laatikostoon ja täytyy myöntää, että olen hieman järkyttynyt. Ostolakon toimimattomuuden olen jo todennut, se on kuin dieetti: haluan vain LISÄÄ. Siksipä päätin, että minun on esittettävä kuukauden shoppailuni teille 31.8. (aiemmin tilattuja en tähän laske, tulisi vain paha mieli :D). Toivon todellakin, että määrä on kohtuullinen!

Ostolupa minulla oli seuraaville tuotteille, joita en ostanutkaan :D Jee!
-muutamalle Garden of Wisdomin täysikokoiselle ihonhoitotuotteelle-> ei tarvinut tilata vielä
-Sigman puuterisivellin, flat top kabuki sekä
E60 (SS252) luomivärisivellin-> en tilannut vielä ja varmaan myöhemmin tilaan vain tuota luomivärisivellintä pari kpl (on suosikkini)
-Nfu oh cuticle remover->tarvitsen tätä todellakin mutta en ostanut ainakaan vielä.

I bought/ Ostin:

-Beautiful Girl Minerals, samples, 7.8€. I had just a few BG minerals samples but I was so happy with the quality and got a few more samples. Oops. My review is here (1st of August)
Sampleja BG mineralsilta, 1. päivä. Ei alkanut siis hyvin ;)

-MAC Dazzle lipstick Infused with glam, 18€. Oops ^-^ (2nd of August)
Ja hups, MACin huulipuna 2. päivä ^-^

-Natuc (a Finnish natural cosmetics brand) lipgloss in "fresh peach", the color is lovely and this smells so fresh (peppermint). This brand was discontinued in one ecoshop and they sold everything just 5€/each. The gloss looks very small but it's in fact 3.75 ml.
Myöhemmin Ruohonjuuresta löytyi tämä Natucin huulikiilto poistohintaan 5€.

-Inglot lipliner pencil. This is a perfect color for me :D 10€
Ja Inglotin huultenrajaus, täydellinen sävy minulle (käytän päivittäin).

-Concrete Minerals 8 USD/ 7.50€ (25th of August)
-Shiro cosmetics 13.50 USD/ 11€ (25th of August)

So I used 59,30 € in makeup. that might be a lot for many but I must say that I was very satisfied with the results. That MAC liptsick was quite pricey, I usually buy cheaper ones, but the color was so lovely... I wanted to buy more but it was suprisingly easy not to buy "everything" :D I didn't want to stop buying completely, I was worried I would just want to buy too much next month...

Käytin siis 59,30€ meikkeihin tässä kuussa. Saattaa olla monelle aivan järkyttävä summa mutta itse olen erittäin tyytyväinen :) Tuo MAC-huulipuna hieman tasoitti tilannetta normi-kuukausiin verrattuna, yleensä ostan halvempia. Oli yllättävän helppoa jättää tuotteita ostamatta ja usein huomasinkin myöhemmin, etten tuotetta ehkä edes enää haluakaan! Ostin kuitenkin sen verran, ettei tee mieli huomenna mennä törsäämään ;D

Monday, August 30, 2010

Guppy #29

Lep pozdrav po dolgem času še od mene.
Na dopustu sem poslikala zelo veliko manikur, vseeno pa še vedno nimam veliko časa za objavljanje in urejanje fotk. Vendar pa sem se odločila da le moram nekaj objaviti po več kot mesecu dni.
Današnji odtenek dneva je lakec Guppy številka 29, ki sem ga nato nadgradila še s konadom. Lakec je jelly, zato se na sliki vidi konica, kar pa v živo sploh ni tako zelo očitno.

Hello from me too, after a long time.
On vacation I have photographed a lot of manicures, anyway I still do not have the time to edit and post them online so I decided to only show you my nails of the day for now.
It is a Guppy nail polish that has a jelly finish, so there is a little of visible nail line on the photo, and luckily it is not really visible in real life. I also added konad with silver polish and Bundle monster plate.

Nicole by OPI

I'm having a little 'does not compute' moment and wondering how on earth I've missed that Nicole by OPI (the more budget friendly OPI little sister) is in Boots. Not sure how this one passed me by - for all I know it's been there for years. But, on an internet trawl for new and exciting beauty things, I found the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collection (USA only presently) - see above - and kinda liked it a lot. Has anyone else used Nicole? I'd love to know how it shapes up in comparison to grown-up OPI because at £6.95 a pot, it's a lot more budget friendly.

Chanel SoHo Limited Edition

To celebrate the opening of an envelope, uh no, sorry, the re-opening of the New York SoHo store in Spring St, Peter Phillips has flicked his magic make up wand and created the limited edition SoHo Collection. The stand outs are the nail colours, Steel (grey) and Strong (purple metal), and the SoHo de Chanel face palette. It’s one of those palettes that you’re never sure quite what to do with but want it nonetheless! I don’t know if it will be available in the UK – not sure why it would be – but if you’re heading NY way, it’s a stop-off not to be missed.

images: www.refinery29.com

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Skincare Spotlight: Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Let's see how this goes- I am going to try my best two Sunday's a month to highlight one skincare item in my stash.... wish me luck :O)

I have been a faithful user of eye creams since I was about 18 years old and I believe that's why I am just starting to get some crinkling beginning under my lower lashes.  I have some fine lines starting too under the bag's I am always sporting.  I have always had darkness under my eyes- no matter what eye cream I have used.  I honestly believe unless I have surgery to remove the bags- I am stuck with them.  I am more concerned with moisture and fine lines, that said, I have used just about every eye treatment under the sun from drugstore to super high end.

I began with Clinique All About Eyes- the original and used it until I was about 25.  Then I graduated to an eye cream made by Prescriptives.....

Right now, I am using Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, which is sort of humorous in a way.
I *found* this jar of cream in my cupboard- I didn't even know it was there.  I rummaged around in some invoices and found I had ordered this and their Imperiale Repairateur Moisturizing Eye Balm when I placed an order back last October.  Makes me feel foolish not knowing I had these but I'm glad I located these eye products.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is a very rich eye cream, it definitely meets my needs in the moisture department.  My eye area is notoriously dry and super sensitive.  I can get milla (breakouts) and rashy from some eye creams that are on the more moisturizing side, so finding one that doesn't bother me can be a challenge.  It has a unique texture- it's rich and sort of fluid at the same time.  It doesn't come out of the jar in a blob but one must still warm it up a bit before applying it to the eye area.  As it's being applied it changes texture and gets sort of slippery (I know this sounds just dreadful but it's really not).

 I can wear this treatment morning and evening but I mostly use it during the day.  I find I can wear this under makeup quite easily as long as I give it a few minutes to absorb before I put makeup over it.  This eye cream really doesn't have a scent but it does come in an annoying jar.  I just don't understand why skincare companies don't get the message and create more hygienic packaging (tubes or pumps)....Another thing that is a plus with this treatment is there is no SPF in it- so it can be a little less irritating and can be used in the evening.

After using this eye treatment for a little over a month- I don't really see much change to my fine lines, crinkles, darkness or bags but my eye area is hydrated and has been comfortable.  My lines haven't gotten worse and this treatment has not caused me any irritation or milla so that's a plus. 

Would I purchase it again?   I don't know- I really want something with a little more anti-aging benefits.  I could possibly continue to use this treatment over a more powerful eye serum to seal in moisture.

The price on Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is fair at just $25.50 for a .5oz jar.
I believe this jar of treatment will last approximately 3 months with daily use.  Not a lot is needed for each eye but that can vary by the person.

A few pictures:

my eye area without any eye cream (insert very loud scream!!!!)
 After using Creamy Avocado eye treatment
it does leave a little glow but not a heavy greasy feel

Beauty Bar - NYC

What could be better than a great manicure? A manicure with a free martini!
At Beauty Bar, you can have just that. A retro, 1950's themed nail salon that doubles as a bar!

The front window of Beauty Bar

Inside Beauty Bar! Chicks getting their nails done

For $10, you get a manicure and a free drink! Isn't the card cute?

Our nails & martinis! I love the color I got - purple with gold flecks

1950's hair dryers! Can we say Grease?

Love this place

This place was an absolute blast! They played all retro music - 50's, 60's, all the way through the 80's. The crowd was very fun and the atmosphere was so unique! Definitely a cute place to take your girlfriends if you're looking for somewhere new to try (E14th street). They also have locations in San Fran, Chicago, Vegas, Portland, Denver, San Diego, Austin & LA. For more info, they have a website: http://thebeautybar.com.

What do you dolls think..cute, right? I couldn't wait to share the photos with my makeup addicts! =)

I Have Too Many Eyeshadows-My Challenge and What Do You Think?

Lately, I have been frustrated with myself for having way too much eyeshadow and quite honestly, ashamed. You have seen my posts for the various colors of Faces Cosmetics eyeshadows. Yes, I have 100 colors and out of those I only use about 6-only 6% of my collection. And, I probably use less than 6% of my brain writing this blog and for those who noticed this-astute observation!

Therefore, I

Why Are Lipsticks Like Marie Antoinette

We knew it, you confirmed it - the most important quality that you seek for in a lipstick is -
Then as well - consistency, texture, coverage, long lasting, moisturizing, no smell, no irritating ingredients, "lightness", cost , packaging, company reputation...
In this blog, i would add definitions so as to make sure we are talking of the same shit.  I know there is the risk that I might sound like one of those preacher/academics clutching an aspirin between their ass cheeks, but please bear with me as I noticed that some terms are used when another is meant -
As I have read your comments, I was pretty sure that most of you have had your share of disappointments, some self-inflicted but most are marketing induced.

With this blog, even if it is a little on the tight-ass academic side, I hope to somehow give you info that will help either manage your expectations or detect a bullshit to stop further unnecessary disappointments.

Lipstick 101 Lesson One:   Lipstick 1,2,3

This is the lipsticks composition-
formula     +      pigments    +    fragrance 
The formula is made of  (base texture + actives) which was discussed in a previous blog and the same principle applies for lipsticks.
  • Pigments are those that impart either color (dyes) or sparkle (ie, pearls, minerals...)
  • And of course, fragrance added which you all agreed to hate.   BUT-  Lipsticks being made of wax, SMELL of wax - some more rancid than others.   Oftentimes, we have no choice but to add fragrance because the option is much worse. We just have to deal with it.
Lipstick 101 Lesson Two:  More to the texture than meets the eye

You normally equate a texture for its finish as we like distinguishing them- matte, shiny, sheer, pearl- but in fact a texture is more than that.

A formula will intrinsically have the following characteristics:
  • glide - how smoothly the lipstick slides on your lips upon application. So a lipstick will either have a good glide or by your terminology, gritty - poor glide.
  • comfort - if it feels like you are wearing nothing when you apply the lipstick, it is said to be comfortable. The more you feel that you are wearing something, the less comfortable it is.
  • payoff - if the color intensity when applied is less that that you see in the bullet, the lipstick is said to have less/low color payoff. 
  • coverage
  • wear - how long it will last
  • and yes - finish. (matte, semi matte, sheer...)
And our task is to make sure that these characteristics respond to those of your expectations.  And we base your expectations to the brands that you can afford.

Evil, but true.  I will not give you Chanel qualities if your point of comparison is Avon.

Lipstick 101 Lesson Three:  Actives "enhance" the formula's performance properties - (or do they really?)

These are the usual claims that you will hear from the likes of me:
1)  moisturizing - we add more emollients or vitamins or plant extracts and we hell make sure to claim.  Everyone is just compelled to have this.
2) long lasting - to really increase the wear of the lipstick, we add what we call volatiles in the formula.  Ingredients that, evaporate as you apply the lipstick to fix the formula to your lips.  With continued usage, this is guaranteed to dry up your lips.  No ifs, buts about it.
To see which lipsticks have this, just look at the packaging they come with.  Are they air tight? (you know those longer proportioned slimsticks? Most of them are in these packaging and they have this distinct "click" when you close them).    
3) no transfer - works in the same principle as long lasting lipsticks.   What is good for your married man lover to hide you from his wife, is bad for your lips.  Both cases, you lose.
4) sun protection factor, SPF -  Ok, here is the deal with sun protection.  Because all lipsticks contain pigments,  the pigments in itself act as a shield - so in effect, all lipsticks will have a certain protection value to them, the darker and more pigmented, the higher.   
The thing is- if I want to claim to have SPF , there are two things i need to do- 
  • First - is to subject it to an independent SPF testing that costs money (which is nothing  for a big brand).  Side note :  i can claim SPF 5, 8, 10, 12, 15... nothing in between like 11, 6.  If my lipstick tests 14, I have to claim 12.  That's the regulation.
  • Second, I have to add an active SPF ingredient to it.  (I am not allowed to claim SPF based just on the natural protection of the pigments.) 
 Most common active SPF ingredient is titanium dioxide which is a white pigment.  
This is a bummer.   
Because first, as an active ingredient, it may affect the stability/performance of my formula.  So sometimes, a formula is already beautiful but with its addition, the properties are affected.   
Second, the white pigment affects how the color registers - so particularly tricky in color matching!
There ends our lesson on basics of Lipsticks.  Whew!  (Nosebleed)
With this working knowledge, I now unleash the the bitches.

As far as lipsticks go, there are two things that you should know.

 Bullshit N°1  The curse of Marie Antoinette
"You cannot have your cake and eat it too.  (But as we are marketing biatches, we will make it appear you can.)"  
OR paraphrasing-
You cannot have something without sacrificing another thing.
  • If you want it creamier, then it will be softer and bullet will be weaker, less comfort
  • If you want it moisturizing, then it will not last as long. If long lasting, then it is drying
  • If you want better glide then you have to lighten the formula ie, pigment, sparkle, cream
  • and so on...

    Sure we can balance qualities somewhat- but if you want more of something, you are bound to get less of something else- you studied that in Science, action-reaction - that is just how nature works.

    And yet- we will never say it that way- you will always feel you are getting every freaking thing your heart desires! That is also why you have come to demand more from your lipstick- because we would like to pretend to be giving you more.

So, the moral of this lesson is -  

If your true NEED is to really have a beautiful color, do not ask for everything from your lipstick formula or you will end up with mediocre qualities.
  • If you must have moisturizing, then accept to reapply lipstick more frequently.
  • If you refuse to reapply frequently, then apply a lip balm/moisturizer first before you apply your long lasting lipstick.
  • If you must have a high SPF protection, then apply an SPF balm as an extra layer 
Sorry, there is NOT one product that will have all the superlatives.   NONE.  NADA. RIEN. NIENTE.

You either accept that, or keep on buying bullshitful of products and keep on being disappointed over and over and over again.

 Bullshit N°2  It's never only about the "color".

What determines the color is not just the pigments but the combination of formula+pigments.
You know this really. 
If I go to my lab with a color swatch and ask them to match it on the existing formula that we use, not unless the formula is similar, I will not have the same result.
It is like applying paint on plastic against applying it on a concrete wall.  The color will take on the characteristic of the material that it is applied to.  
The matte, semi matte, sheer as you know are more a function of formula and not pigment.   
If you want the pearl/shiny lipstick- this is now based on adding shiny pigments like pearls, minerals... A shiny ingredient i like is called metashine, they're really fine particles of brilliance which, the last time i checked is not allowed in latin america but is ok with the rest of the world.  
If you add sparkles/pearls, the color perception will not be the same- but most of the time, we throw the request to our labs- that goes- oh i want this but with sparkles.  The lab will have to adjust the pigments with the sparkles.  It is not that straightforward.  But that is their problem.
Now some formula can take in a lot of color pigments and some cannot.
Some can take in sparkles and pearls and some don't.
So If i pick a certain formula for my line, I will have a range of colors, pigmentation, sparkle limitations.

Now you might wonder (like I did) why I just don't use different formulas to have as varied an offering as possible?

Aha!  You have forgotten that my main point here is to make money.

If I have a common formula for one whole line, it is cheaper to have tons of one common formula made and then just add pigments afterwards rather than having several kilos of formula for each shade.

That is also the main thinking that goes to separating a line of mattes, semi mattes, sheers, frosted, creamy... so I can optimize use of a formula to many shades.

Plus, for every formula used, I have to make a series of tests and then register to each and every country I sell to.  That process of registration costs me a lot of energy and money.

So less formula i have, less i spend, more the Council of the Clueless earn.

Bullshit N°2 The Carmine Corollary
Something on pigments.  There is this certain type of crimson red lipstick which is so vivid and beautiful that no self respecting brand will not have this color.  I personally call it Rowena Red but you can more relate to it as China Red (you can see it in one of my colour matching example).  All the women in my family wear this color for occasions when we mean business.   
This type of red is near impossible to create without using a pigment called Carmine.
And guess where carmine comes from?  Crushed beetles.     
Everyone has it-  yes, even the company B.S. the first to boast of natural everything!   
No animal testing?  Sure!
Animal slaughtering? Definitely!    
Look I am comfortable in my place in the food chain and I will trade my ex-boyfriend for barbecue.   I wear leather and have a few mink stoles.  And, if there is a real possibility of dying of starvation, it is plausible that I will eat a vegan, so I will not be casting a stone here.

But what I think is, go ahead if you feel like killing em beetles in the name of beauty, but do not go beating your chest with self righteousness about not harming/testing the animals and all that BS.  Just own to it! I will respect you more for that.  (Natalie Portman may not agree - but then again, what is this she's wearing?!)

[review] Archetype Cosmetics

First of all, I personally can not recommend ordering from Archetype. The pigments are gorgeous, really, and prices are cheap BUT... You might get your order in 3 or 4 months, like I did. I hope the owner answers the emails nowadays, at least a few years ago she didn't. It's just a shame, because the colors truly are lovely. If I really wanted to make an new order, I personally woudn't dare order much. I would wait until I get my order and make a small order again. I even might order again, maybe, someday.

After the first look I wasn't that imperessed. Yes, the quality is very good, but the colors were not that unique. I just remembered how much I liked these when I got my order...

En voi henkilökohtaisesti suositella Archetypeltä tilaamista. Pigmentit ovat aivan upeita, todellakin,ja hinnat halvat MUTTA... Saatat saada tilauksesi 3-4kk maksusta, kuten minä. Toivottavasti omistaja vastailee tätä nykyä posteihinsa, minulle ei ainakaan vastannut ainakaan. Sääli, pigmentit ovat tosiaan kauniita.
Olen kuullut, että toimitus olisi nopeampi mutta en henk. koht. kovin suurta tilausta uskaltaisi kuitenkaan tehdä.

Ensimmäisen meikin jälkeen (en ole siis käyttänyt näitä aikoihin) en ollut laadusta hullaantunut, siis ehdottomasti oikein hyvälaatuisia ovat mutta muistin näiden olleen kuitenkin hieman "extraa"...
Rajauskin oli ihan plaah.

-Detrivore primer
-GOSH Green Boost eyeliner pencil (inner v)
-Archetype Back to the Sea
-Archetype Deadly Nightshade (crease)
-Archetype Ornaments of Gold (foiled as an eyeliner)
-LashStiletto volume wp

But after the second look I was again in love. LOL. Midnight Aeval was simply stunning! I have it on my lower lashline too and I used it dry without primer. Wow.

Mutta toisen meikin jälkeen olinkin taas ihan hullaantunut. *heh* Midnight Aeval on vain ihan tyrmäävän kaunis. Laitoin sitä alaluomelle kuivana ilman pohjustusta. Wow.

-Detrivore primer
-Orglamix Lagoon (inner lid)
-Archetype Obsidian Butterfly (lid)
-Archetype Midnight Aeval (crease, lower lashline)
-LashStiletto volume wp

Prices: sample 0.25 USD, small 3.75 USD and large 7 USD
shipping: very slow.

What kind of experience you've had with Archetype?

Hinnat: Samplepussit 0.25 USD, pieni purkki 3.75 USD ja isompi purkki 7 USD.
Toimitus: Etanan luokkaa.

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