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Zoe & Zac Naturals Makeup Palettes

In my previous post I introduced the palettes without an in depth review.  This time, I have checked out the colors, textures, and products thoroughly.

The palettes are housed in a lightweight yet sturdy cardboard container that has a window and a small mirror on the inner cover.  The size is 4" x 3 1/2" x 3'8" (10.2cm x 8.9 cm x 1cm) and includes a small brush/sponge tip applicator.  The pans

Beauty Blog Love

Here's the Beauty Blog Love round-up for this last week of September (omgoodness, is it really the END of September?).

The fabulous ladies of the BIZ (Beauty Info Zone) give us the full run-down on Guerlain's Liquid eye liner, Lisa loves it!  Click here to read all about it.

Replica over at Visionary Beauty shares her latest haul of three gorgeous Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks with her readers.  Click here to see her fantastic photos and review.

Mag of Makeup Stash! is a lovely and dear friend of mine (lucky me). Do check out her beautiful blog and her post about Mary Quants Fall/Winter 2010 Mook and tote bag (so cute) by clicking here.  Mag has me lemming those cosmetic crayons too!

Lipstickmamma shows off her latest haul that included Nars Zulu nail lacquer- which looks really stunning on her.  Click here  to check out her blog and pictures of this unusual nail color.

Grace of London Makeup Girl shares her ideal Fall makeup collection in the latest edition of Makeup 4 Internet magazine.  Click here  to check it out and see the entire magazine, it's really a wonderful read!

Modesty Brown shares her latest purchase from the gorgeous and whimsical line- Rouge Bunny Rouge.  Here she shares some beautiful pictures and looks she created with one of my all time favorite shadows from the line.

Michelle of Lipstick Rules asks us about nail polish - do we splurge or skimp?  Check out her very popular blog here.

Check out Estee Lauder's Pure Color eye shadows that the girl from Tacky Blue Eye Shadow reviewed here .  Her photos definitely make me want to make a mad dash to an Estee Lauder counter.

Karen over at Frazzle and Aniploish has been a busy girl taking photos of some new drugstore Halloween Nail Polish displays!  I'm lovin' the cute Jack-o-lantern bottles! Check out her great pictures and her polish blog by clicking here.


Tartan Tale Update

Update! I was going to wait a couple more days to see if any more information was going to come in but I figured everyone would probably appreciate the information sooner rather than later. As you can see above, we've finally got a model picture for the collection and isn't she stunning?! I love her porcelain skin and flushed cheeks! I've got her make-up look breakdown for you so if you're interested you can wear it too.

  • Black Mascara (Most likely Zoomlash)
  • Neutral matte eyeshadow, one that matches your skin, or one a half shade darker- it shouldn't be noticable. I personally like Revlon Vintage Lace, Wet n' Wild Brule and Stila has a bunch of great matte skintone shades
  • Golden Bronzer (applied first)
  • Her Blooming Cheek Mac Blush (applied on top of the bronzer) (See last Tartan Tale post for other Mac blushes that are close to this shade you could easily switch and use instead)
  • Lips are the most complicated of her look. She's wearing Beet lip liner, Full Fuschia Amplified Cream lipstick, and Soft Dazzle Dazzleglass Cream lip gloss (most likely on the centre of the lip only for highlight)

I love this shot, just because you can finally get an idea of what the colours actually are like! For example how dark of a taupe Style Clan nail polish is, and the wonder of the purple lippies! I tried to make this bigger but it's hard to manage without losing the quality of the image, sorry!

The Brush kits have been added, so if you want a brush set in a cute tartan bag for winter here are some interesting options (NOTE: All are animal hair brushes! Personally I only buy synthetic brushes, but these are part of the collection.)

All Kits are $49.50 USD (to see the shape of the brushes check out the Mac website, the numbers specify brush types and shapes)
Sweep Me Off My Feet:129SE

A Lady & Her Tricks:168SE

She's Got It All:194SE

Kids helping Kids Tags and Cards
A nice thing about Mac is they are pretty good at giving back, and this holiday season they're doing it again. They have a Viva Glam Tartan bag with Viva Glam V lipstick and lipgloss for $36 USD. The Viva Glam series goes to an AIDS foundation. They've also got Kids Helping Kids charity items, adorable tartan themed gift tags and cards. 6 cards and 12 tags are $8.00 USD. There is also Sir Teddy, an adorable tartan print teddy bear in two sizes (one of which has a key chain attachment). Large Sir Teddy is $15 USD and key chain Sir Teddy is $13 USD.
Sir Teddy Big and Small-> Source

The more I find out about this collection the more interested I get! Hopefully there will start being swatches next week, but I unfortunately can't promise anything, but stay tuned!

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Vapour Organic Beauty- Trick Stick in Dazzle

I have a few items from Vapour Organic Beauty that I'm quite find of- their Stratus Instant Skin Perfector is a lovely product that I like to use under my eyes when they are especially puffy and dark.  My latest purchase from the line is the Trick Stick in Dazzle.  This is mainly supposed to be used as a highlighter all over the face but I have been using it mostly as an eye shadow.
I like the fact that the warm color (sheer(ish) light golden sand) is shimmery and has just enough luster to add a glow to a neutral to warm eye look (this is my opinion- I LOVE me some shimmer and if I was comparing Dazzle to say Jill Stuart eye jelly- Dazzle is tame).  I did experiment with Dazzle as an all over shadow but it ended up creasing a little, using an eye shadow primer helps.  It's a lovely product for anyone that has sensitive eyes- I have not found it to cause me any irritation whatsoever.  I like to use it most of the time on my crease to just below my brow bone.  I use my fingers- it's important to warm this product up and not use it directly from the tube- it's a little clumpy that way.  I like to warm it up on the back of my hand and smooth it on. I have also used a brush after warming it up- the effect is basically the same.  Vapour offers another Trick Stick in Luster (pink/silver) that I will probably pick up.  I am hesitant recommending Dazzle to gals with super cool/pink skin tones (or if you like more cool tones) as it is more yellow gold based- I think it would be better to go with Luster.

The size of the tube is small and I don't find it to be too over priced ($18) for the quality of the product- I bet I will actually use this up!
 top Trick Stick applied straight from the tube
under it's blended out a little with my finger
completely blended out- luminous shimmering glow

Vapour uses clean ingredients that my skin fancies and I feel like this is a good line to look at if you have sensitive skin or 40-ish skin.

Ingredients courtesy of
Trick Stick (Contains 70% Certified Organic Ingredients. The other 30% consists of natural mineral pigments and vitamins which are not available as certified organic.)
Net wt: .17

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil* infused with Chrysanthemum Morifolium (Chrysanthemum Flowers)*, Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright)*, and Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail)*;  Cera Alba (Beeswax)*, Silica, Castor Isostearate Beeswax Succinate**,  Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), [+/-: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499), Mica (CI 77019), Manganese Violet (CI 77742), Carmine (CI 75470)]
*Certified Organic

Nail Rock Nail Wraps

In keeping with my current all-things-nails obsession, I love these home wraps from Nail Rock. I have had a little go - and was worse than useless it has to be said - but that doesn't reflect the product, I don't think. Created by nail expert Zoe Pocock, the wraps need to be filed down to size once on the nail - after a blow with a hot hair dryer to adhere them correctly. If you can master the technique, the effects are amazing. Find them for a very reasonable £6.50 at ASOS.

[SWATCH] HiFi 1st Anniversary collection & EOTD

It took me forever and ever to swatch these beauties :/ As I've told you "a few" times before, I love HiFi eyeshadows and these are, once again, gorgeous! Suicide Tree is gorgeous blackened emerald, it just looks so plain in the picture... I'm not sure long these will be available but it's a limited edition.

Kesti luvattoman kauan saada nämä ihanuudet swatchattua :/ Kuten olen jo "muutaman" kerran kertonut, rakastan HiFi-pigmenttejä ja tälläkin kertaa nämä olivat aivan upeita! Suicide Trees pitää mainita erikseen, ihan mieletön tumma smaragdinvihreä, näyttää niin tylsältä kuvassa... En tiedä miten kauan nämä ovat saatavilla enää, LE-kokoelma on jokatapauksessa kyseessä.

-Detrivore primer
-HiFi Last Words (inner corner)
-HiFi So What (lid)
-HiFi Another Day, Another Drama (crease)
-HiFi Adrenaline
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto volume wp

Sokeritonta suklaata ja kuituja

*This post is about a sugar free chocolate & fiber product, and only in finnish*

Olen etsinyt syömäkelpoista (siis maultaan ;) sokeritonta suklaata ja vihdoin sellaisen löysinkin! Tämä Plamilin suklaa sisältää 72% kaakaomassaa ja makeuttajana on Xylitoli. Sisältää toki hiilareita tämäkin (karppaan siis) mutta ei tätä voi montaa palaa syödäkään keralla, aika tymäkkää tavaraa! Maitosuklaan "suussa sulavuutta" ei myöskään kannata odottaa ^-^

Ostan tätä Punnitse ja Säästä-liikkeestä, hinta 2.95 €.

Ja erityisesti karppaajille kuidut ovat tärkeitä, tosin harva muukaan ehkä niitä silti tarpeeksi saa, tai ainakaan minä en ole koskan saanut. Testasin tätä Linum Plussaa ja olen pitänyt paljon. Maistuukin ihan hyvältä marjojen takia. Sekoitan ihan veteen, helppo ja nopea syödä niin. Hinta oli Sokoksella vähän alle 10€, taisi olla tarjouksessa eli saattaa pari euroa enemmänkin maksaa. Olen vain aika montaa pahanmakuista testannut, joten oli pakko mainita tästä. Ei ehkä herkkua kaikille mutta vähintään vähemmän paha (itse tosiaan tykkään tämän mausta paljon :D).

En suuremmin ravintolisistä tiedä, lähinnä käyttelen niitä mitkä hyvältä tuntuvat :) Tämä tuote sisältää 60% pellavarouhetta, 30% psylliumrouhetta, 7,5% marjarouheita (tyrnin marjarouhe, hillan siemenrouhe ja mustikkajauhe) ja loput 2,5% fruktoosia.

Ruohonjuuresta bongasin tämän Cocovin ohranorasjauheen. Joskus hallissa ole ostanut orasshotteja mutta nyt ajattelin kokeilla tätä jauheversiota. Tämän otin vasta nyt käyttöön eli en tiedä vielä miten vaikuttaa. Hinta oli 12€ paikkeilla. Maku on ruohomainen, ei liian paha. *heh*

Ovatko nämä sattumalta tuttuja tuotteita? Ovat vain osoittautuneet sen verran hyviksi tuotteiksi käytössä, että päätin postata välillä näistäkin :)

Claire's Mood - Calm & Wild

Uf, tale lakec mi je pa zelo všeč! :)
Mislim, da je to eden izmed lakcev, ki ga ni potrebno posebej predstavljati. Če mi je dovolj toplo, je lakec roza barve, če pa me zebe v roke, je vijoličen. Pri meni tako kar pogosto menjuje barvo. ;)

Wow, I really like this nail polish! :)
I believe this is one of the nail polishes everyone knows about and needs no introduction. :) If I'm feeling ok it's color is pink, but if my hands are cold, it turns to purple. So in my case it is shifting between the two colors a lot. ;)

Claire's Mood - Calm

Claire's Mood - Wild

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eye of the day with Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in #4 Lavender Ice

This is my look from yesterday.  I was in the mood for something a little icy and ultra shimmery.  I was very lucky to be gifted my first Jill Stuart cosmetic goodie from a dear friend a few months back.  Jill Stuart's eye jelly is nothing short of stunning!  The texture of Jill Stuart's eye jelly is spongy and fun to use.  When it's applied to the eye lids it's cooling and light.  The color of Lavender Ice is just that- icy lavender but it's infused with the tiniest holographic shimmery glitter.  When Lavender Ice dries down it's pretty much bullet proof- this look wore like iron!  This is really a treasure in my collection and I want MORE, MORE, MORE-lol!

This post is super photo heavy I hope you like them!
 Jill Stuart Eye Jelly Lavender Ice
Estee Lauder Double Wear cream shadow in Pink Blush
Vintage Stila Legally Blonde 2 palette
Inside of Stila Palette
Swatches of what I used for this look:
Left to right- lightest tone in palette, EL Pink Blush, Jill Stuart Eye Jelly, 2nd lightest tone in palette and deepest tone in palette
I lined the look with ELF's Plum liquid liner pen
I primed with EL Pink Blush on the lid to the crease,
 the 2nd lightest tone in Stila palette all over the lid to the crease
Two layers of Jill Stuart Eye Jelly all over the lid to the crease (I used a small brush to apply it)
the lightest tone in Stila palette on the inner corner and above the crease
the deepest tone in Stila palette on outer part of the crease
ELF liner in Plum to line and Tarte Lash Hugger Mascara

Close up of the shimmer!!!
The entire mug!  I used BB pink shimmer powdered blush and Lipstick Queen 15 minutes of Fame Gloss in 12 minutes (love these glosses!)
15 minutes of fame gloss- 12 minutes
closeup of the brush
12 minutes of fame- applied heavily - the texture on these glosses- TDF! 

 Just fabulous gloss- unscented and moisturizing.

Best Nail Polish Removal System

I know, I know, you're all looking at screen wondering if I'm crazy for putting a tub on here. You can't pour from a tub onto a pad easily, right? And you are correct, BUT this simple tub holds a wonder originally brought to us from the seas. Sponge.
The Life Brand (found in Shopper's Drug Marts here in Canada) has honestly gone up in respect for me by coming out with this product. It's simple, it generates less waste, it costs less overall and it makes removing all kinds of nail polish (even glitters!) a breeze. Here's how it works:
Above view of the screw top lid
1) Unscrew the easy open top and remove the plastic seal
2) Locate the centre opening in the nail-polish-remover-soaked sponge. It should be a cross or an x shape.

3) Place finger inside and gently rub back and forth against the sponge. The sponge will easily brush away the polish without the normal rubbing needed with a cotton pad.

4) Presto! Your done!

It takes a bit longer with glitter of course but it's still much faster than normal as the bubbles in the sponge often catch on the glitter particles and pull it off. You might get some sponge breakage from this but only small pieces usually.
All in all, ever since I discovered this, I'm never going back to removing my nail polish regularily on my fingers again. Unfortunately, it doesn't work quite the same with toes as toes are stubby and lack fine motor movements (i.e. your toe kicks out and the tub falls over spilling the polish remover inside- I haven't tried it but I can totally see myself doing this), thus making me use normal cotton pads soaked in remover for toe nail polish.
You will have to replace this every once in a while as the sponge will eventually start to disintegrate from the polish remover (and get quite grungy looking) but it will last you easily 6 months if when it becomes a little drier due to evaporation you add some more polish remover to the tub yourself. 
I got mine for under five Canadian dollars at my local Shopper's Drug Mart and this is my second tub. They come in four varieties: Apricot, Lemon, Regular, and Acetone-free. The one pictured is lemon, but I think I could stand the smell of Apricot a little more. They still smell strongly of nail-polish remover but  they have a slight fruit scent to slightly tone it down (or at least not demand total attention of your sense of smell at once!) If you think about it the pros out weigh the cons.

  • Less polish remover used as it's used again and again each time you remove polish in the tub. 
  • The tub cuts down on evaporation of the remover you are using while attending to each nail
  • No cotton pad waste
  • About the cost of regular remover
  • Quicker removal time
  • Sponge will disintegrate with use
  • The sponge starts looking dirty quickly (its all the polish colours mixed together)
  • Only available in Canada
Overall, I love these as it makes removal pretty much one-handed so I can type/scroll/click the remote with the other at the same time. If you get the chance I recommend giving one of these a try!

Rating: 9/10 Because the sponge does fall to pieces with time and use

Anna Sui Make Up

I absolutely love this brand and wish almost weekly that it would come back to the UK. The packaging and innovations are gorgeous - who wouldn't want a little collection of Anna? I found these on the Japanese Anna Sui site.

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