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Halloween Look! (and some extra Halloween items!)

Happy All Hallows Eve everyone!
One of my most favourite times of the year, when the veil between life and death thins and we dress up to confuse the demons who are up to no good! I've got my current vampy manicure, my make-up look for my costume, the pumpkins me and my mom did and the spiderweb cupcakes we made. Lots of spooky goodness in this post!

I painted my nails first with my base coat Gelous then two coats of Vampira by Eyeko. Then I took painters tape and taped across so only the tips showed and used Sephora OPI's Sample Sale for blood red tips on a very blood splattered and gothic looking nail design.
Showing the shimmer :D

Green slime and purple webbing blood splatter cupcakes! (Actually it's just buttercream icing and cherry chip cupcakes but they were fun to make!)
Here's my vampire look! My first time using false eyelashes I had to cut them in half to get them to stick on okay but overall I'm quite pleased.
My vampire teeth (I love these, no lisp and the look awesome!)
My vampire look :D (Some of the white eyeshadow has come off by this point but you get the idea). Here's what I used: 
  • Annabelle matte eyeshadow single in Snowflake
  • Lorac oil-free illuminzer in pearl 01
  • Revlon dark red lipstain in Twilight
  • Mac Greasepaint stick in Greengrease
  • Wet n' Wild Holographic Silver glitter
  • Mac Vex eyeshadow
  • Gosh Waterproof eyeshadow cream stick in Love That Ivory
  • Kat Von D 500 point Sephora palette black sparkly eyeshadow
  • Fake Lashes from Life Brand
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Zero
  • Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ghostly Voice
  • Quo Eiffel Tower lip gloss in burgundy
  • Cargo Activating Primer
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in number 2
  • Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer (forgot the number)

My Graveyard scene with the wind-blown tree branches!
And all lit up!
Mom's pumpkin topiary :D

Top lit up!
That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed, feel free to ask any questions.

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care - Warm Chestnut

The Christophe Robin line is predominantly formulated for coloured hair - my hair isn't coloured, but this conditioner is also good for natural hair to bring out and intensify the shade - which is great news for those of us with mousy brown locks that could do with a bit of a boost. This ph balanced hair mask promises to banish yellowed highlights - something I'd kinda thought were an asset - and enrich the shade to a level that is dependent upon the amount of time you leave the mask on for. I loved the smell - sweet and flowery without the inevitable vanilla kicker - and the consistency (containing almond butter and Buriti oil) was easy to work into my hair. Although you can leave it on for up to 30 minutes, I wasn't convinced about losing all my natural highlights so opted for a safer 15. I'm neither delighted or unhappy with the result - I feel I should have been braver and gone for the full 30 minutes - I can see that my hair is slightly darker, but doesn't look particularly 'richer' for the experience. That said, you cannot knock this mask for conditioning and adding shine - I've certainly seen a very evident shine boost and my hair feels beautifully silky. I have to point out the result might be boosted by the keratin treatment I had a couple of weeks ago, but even with that taken into account, I still feel my hair is much the better for it. It is £30 at Lost In Beauty and is also available in ash brown, chic red and baby blonde.

Wei Golden Root Purifying Mask

Doing a little research to find out exactly what Golden Root is to review this face mask, I turned up some uses that I really wasn't expecting! It's apparantly commonly used as a herbal alternative to the little blue pills - and I'm not using the trade name because I don't want to be forever spammed! It is derived from the Rhodiola plant. Anyway, I loved this deeply cleansing mask, that comes in individual portions and with a brush to apply it. Dipping the brush into the pot to apply the mask turned it into something of a ritual that I unexpectedly felt brought added enjoyment to the purifying party. Also with China Clay to absorb toxins and get rid of deep seated grime and old cells, I must admit it had a little sting to it on first application. However, this quickly diminished as the clay set slightly and became firmer. My skin felt clean without dryness once the formula was washed off after 10 minutes or so, which is a turn up - most clay based products I've tried are a little drying especially on skin that isn't oily. I think the set is expensive at £30 - I'm not how far over and above it goes than cheaper purifying masks, but all in all, as a luxury way to rootle out impurities and leave pores clean that was a pleasure to use.

The Wei Skincare range is at SpaceNK.

Beauty Blog Love

Happy Halloween everyone!
They look so thrilled don't they- lol

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Grace of London Makeup Girl reviews Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm this week.  Click here to visit her blog (one of my most favorites) and read her through review of this interesting cleanser.

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Halloween look

We had our halloween party again this year and I was a witch, as usual ;D I bought some new makeup stuff yesterday for this look. Well, better late than never. LOL It's not very traditional to celebrate Halloween in Finland this way  but kids of course love it :) When I was a kid, we never celebrated Halloween.

Kaveri järjesti eilen Halloween-juhlat, johon osallistuimme koko perheen voimin. Minä oli tietenkin taas noita, joka vuosi sama juttu. *heh* Nyt päätin ostaa hieman lisää Halloween-meikkejäkin, tosi ajoissa olinkin asialla ja eilen kiiressä juoksin kaupasta toiseen ;) 

I needed darker lipliner, I was planning of buying black lipliner from Inglot but it was sold out... I took this cool red intead and it worked well! I just applied black lipstick (MAC Black Knight) & black lipgloss (Inglot Sleeks no 99) over it.

Ajattelin  ostaa Inglotin mustan  huultenrajauksen mutta se oli loppuunmyyty  ja omat kaapit pullollaan vain nudesävyjä. Päädyin sitten tähän viileään punaiseen, joka toimikin oikein kivasti! Laitoin päälle MAC Black Knight Cremesheen-punaa (LE) ja Inglotin mustaa Sleek Cream-kiiltoa (no 99).

I also bought Inglot AMC lip&eye pencil, because I don't have black primer and I think it's a must if you want intense and opaque black lids. This jumbo pencil was easier to apply that gel liners but I had to use small brush to apply the color to the inner and outer corners. I also suggest that you should NOT wear it on lower lashline. It didn't stay well there.

After I used Inglot AMC lip&eye pencil as a primer, I applied eyeshadows from MAC She who Dares Mineralize duo. I didn't have to time to apply fake eyelashes :P

Ostin myös Inglotin AMC lip&eye pencilin, koska minulla ei ole mustaa primeriä ja se on mielestäni hyvä mustan luomivärin alla, muuten ei tule tarpeeksi läpinäkymätön ja tasainen tulos. Tämä jumbokynä oli ihan helppokäyttöinen (helpompi kuin geelirajaukset, jotka kuivuvat nopeasti). Levitin värin reunoille pienellä silveltimellä, kynällä en sanut tarpeeksi tarkasti. Tätä kynää ei kannata laittaa alaluomelle, minulla ainakin levisi todella helposti silmien alle, vaihdoin sitten tilalle mustaa silmänarajuskynää.

Musta pohjustuksen päälle laitoin molemmat sävyt MAC Mineralize duosta She Who dares (Venoumous Villains LE). Vihreää liikkuvalle luomelle ja sinistä "varjostukseksi".

AMC lip& eye pencil (black) as a primer.
I applied eyeshadow over it so application doesn't need to perfect.

I also bought MAC Briar Rose beauty powder (Venomous Villains) and used it as a blush yesterday too. I've wanted to buy for several weeks and now there was only a few left, I had to get it. It is lovely and because it a Beauty Powder, it's huge too :D

Ostin myös MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powderin, tämäkin Venomous Villains-kokoelmasta, käytin sitä meikissä poskipunana. Olen tätä katsellut jo usemman viikon ja nyt jäljellä oli enää muutama... Ajattelin, että jos en nyt ota, jään kyllä varmasti ilman ;) Ihana on ja valtavan kokoinenkin (10g).


The products I used:

-Purely Cosmetic Fair maiden foundation
-MAC Briar Rose as a blush

-Inglot AMC eye&lip pencil black as a primer
-MAC She who Dares Mineralize eyeshadow duo, green side (lid)
-MAC She Who dares, blue side (crease)
-Isadora Inliner kajal Black (waterline)
-LashStiletto wp mascara

-Inglot lipliner 61
-MAC Cremesheen lipstick Black Knight
-Inglot Sleeks Cream gloss 99
Without the black wig & my lovely snake ;)

And ready :D

I hope you liked my halloween look :D

Happy Halloween and Some Boo-tiful Treats

You may be slightly disappointed that I don't have any cool Halloween stuff to share.  Actually, that is a lie, I did do a Halloween nail polish post.  And, don't you hate how I try to keep the Halloween theme with the word "boo-tiful"?  Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.  Recently, I received some goodies from the beautiful Kelly. 

First up, Nivea cream and Vaseline Lip

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hourglass Femme Rouge lipstick in Grace

 I've been dying to get my hands on one of the Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipsticks ever since I read all the online raves. Last week when the Sephora Friends and Family Sale began the first thing I added to my shopping cart was Grace- Femme Rouge (a pale peachy nude with a very soft sheen). 
When it arrived a few days ago I immediately slapped it on my lips and upon application it felt weightless but lightly moisturizing.  The color was a little lighter than I expected but I love bare hues on my lips.  The lipstick lasted on my lips an average amount of time (a couple of hours and a cup of tea) and thankfully was not scented or flavored with anything.  I like the heft of the classy metal tube and the shape of the squarish bullet is unusual and *cool*.

It really causes me pain to type this but I'm sending this lippie back to Sephora.  Why, you may ask?
Well, something in this very pretty lipstick dries my lips out something terrible.  It's a real shame as I know loads of beauties love these but I just can't justify keeping it when it parches my lips.  I'm half temped to try another color in the range just to see if it it's that particular shade that is so drying because I really, really, want to love it!  I'll let you know what I decide ;O)  For those that own these lippies, what shade do you think I should choose?  I'm sort of jones-ing for a raisin/rich plum shade (like Clinique Black Honey).

Here are a few photo's of Grace

Pouting nudely: Etude House LucidDarling Lipstick in 11 Barely Beige.

In my last Gmarket haul I was reasonably taking some advantage of the Etude sale that was going on. And when it comes to Etude, the LucidDarling lipsticks have been one of my favourite items. Ofcourse, when the colour is right, and I am quite picky when it comes to lipstick shades.

The latest release that was added to their already existing LucidDarling range was colour no. 11 in Barely Beige. I browsed the internet and the Etude House Korean site for some swatches. I found some (although I cannot link directly to them) and I was in the middle if it would suit me or not. Well, with that sale going on, why shouldn't I try it?

I love the nude lip-look! For example, the next picture.

She reminds me of 90s supermodel Helena Christensen, btw.

Now I disgress! Well, what I want to say is that a nude lip is something I normally do not reach for a lot, even though I love the look.

Reason: you either have to be utterly naturally gorgeous (example above), have a volumous pout or have that fantastically good base makeup with a dramatic eye-look.

I am normally too lazy to layer on a heavy dose of makeup. Oh, I am not a natural beauty either and lacking a bit of pout. Nude lips can make them look invisible. Noooooo do for me! I need that bit of pout to stay visible...

You probably know how the LucidDarling's packaging looks like. I have been blogging too much about this, so I continue to the colour.

The colour is a brownish beige. The close up shows the colour a bit better.

Aww, where did that tiny smudgy came from? Well, I already spoiled it virginal state by swatching it for the blog and testing it on my pucker, but I would love to have it flawless for the blog picture. (pouts my nude pukker).

The swatch on my pale arm. (vampire alert...gosh, I'm a pale person)

One of the things I love about this lipstick is that the pigmentation is so strong without leaving out that lovely sheen. Sometimes those heavily pigmented babies can come across like these matte and sheenless products. This is not glossy, but a glowy lipstick.

Weirdly, it looks a bit pinker on my arm and on the picture than it does in real life. You might even wonder why I describe it as a nude?

And you are right. I think it might be a less nudy colour on someone else than me. I have that bit of flush on my mouth, so everything that hints toward beige will go nude coloured on me.

For example, the wonderfully acclaimed MAC Hug me! That is a YLBB (Your Lips But Better) on lots of girls, but a NLAW (Nude Lips and Worse) on me.

So, do I like this colour. Oh, I am not really sure. As I said, I have that flushed lip state, so when the lipstick wears a bit off on the sides, or I open my mouth, the contrast between my natural state and the paleness of the nude looks a bit too much.

That makes a nude lip colour even more high-maintainance to me than, ohhh lets say, a sassy red or a vampy maroon shade.

But I know that the LucidDarling is quite lastproof, so that will diminish the constantly looking in the mirror and applicating new lipstick process.

I bought mine on gmarket (over here). It retails for 9000 won or $8.24 at the time of writing.

Getting to Know Me from a Blog Award

I've been tagged by Varnish Vixen for this blog award, my very first! I'm fairly sure the Spanish translates to Your Blog Enchants Me, but I could be wrong! lol, so here are the questions.

1. Why did you create the blog?
Honestly, because I felt like I had something to contribute. I love helping other people out, it makes me feel good and giving advice and ideas about something I love is a small state of bliss for me! I like making people do better for themselves as well, plus I like to talk, a lot! A cosmetics blog was just the perfect fit! Plus I could work on my writing skills as well as giving myself something entertaining to do when I was ill (which I was for over a month when I started).

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
So many! You can see my ever growing list at the bottom of the page but mostly I follow cosmetics, nail polish and the odd photography blog. On top of that I follow a fanfiction (stories fans write about their favourite books with those characters) blog or two as well. (There are some AMAZING fanfiction authors out there!)

3. Do you have a favourite make-up brand?
I have some that I like more than others but there isn't one that stands above all the rest for me. I find many brands have a couple great items but there isn't one brand that has really blown me away and kept my attention strong yet! Plus, I change my mind a lot so a favourite one month won't be the next!

4. A favourite clothing brand?
Honestly, at the risk of having rotten tomatoes thrown at me, I'm not a clothes person. I'm a jeans and baby tee girl I'm not gonna lie, though there are some items that really grab my attention. Le Chateau is probably my favourite for formal wear.

5. What make-up products are essential for you?
Oh wow. This could get long quick! I'd have to say a good primer, foundation, concealer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Wet n' Wild's Color Icon single eyeshadow in Brule for covering eye discolouration. I really don't like to leave the house in anything less! (Though this week I have twice because my alarm went off late and I was late for class. Those were concealer only days, ugh.)

6. What's your favourite colour?
This is so easy for me! Hunter Green. The colour of haunted forests and medieval dresses. I love love love dark green (in fact I'm constantly on the look out for more despite having at least four green eyeshadows and nail polishes already!)

7. What's your favourite perfume?
Benefit's Your Place or Mine Gina. I bought this bottle before I found out Benefit was an animal testing company (that says they aren't but they test their ingredients on animals, just not the final products). I still have quite a bit left and I LOVE the sweet scent of it. It's the only perfume to date I've smelled that hasn't made me either have trouble breathing, or given me a killer headache. So I'm on the lookout for a creulty-free option still. (Recommendations are greatly appreciated!)

8. What's the film you liked the most?
This is almost impossible! But I'm going to have to say Pride and Prejudice. The one with Kiera Knightly. Such a good movie, such a good book and Mr. Darcy when he smiles *fans self*.

9. What countries would you like to go to?
I adore traveling and I believe traveling is one of the most educational and mind opening experiences there is. So here's my list (in no particular order just what pops in my mind first!): Greece, Italy (Rome and Venice specifically!), Egypt, South Africa, Brazil (Amazon River!), Costa Rica, Golapagos Islands, Hawaii, Australia, Madagascar, Ireland, Russia, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Amsterdam, Germany, Mexico, France, New Zealand, gosh I could go on! And I'd like to go to the places I've already been again too!
(Scotland, England, U.S.A., Tanzania, Caribbean Islands- Curaco, St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Aruba)

Tagging onward!
Here's who I'm passing the love onwards to! (Only three because I'm lazy and I've actually chatted with these girls!)

Miss Diorista
My Lips But Better
EvermoreImmortal 118

Special Cupcake!

I realize that I am a little over the top when it comes to the girls but I had to share this with you.

Josie turned two years old on Thursday and I baked up a special batch of tasty (lower fat) cupcakes for us all to enjoy.  I started with a box mix (yellow with pudding in the mix) and added the mix and all these ingredients to my Kitchen Aid mixer:1 cup of fat free plain Greek yogurt, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 large organic egg, 2 teaspoons of good olive oil and approx. 1/4 cup of water.  This concoction makes a cake that is rather dense (but still moist), much lower in fat and totally delicious!.  I frosted them with a simple cream cheese frosting and added the natural doggie bones to Josie's special cake. 

The girls were very excited and gobbled up the small pieces I cut for them.  I was able to get 3 small servings for each of them out of their large muffin sized *cupcake*.

This recipe is wonderful when used with a devils food cake mix as well.  You can also make this recipe by just only adding the fat free Greek yogurt but I like the texture better when I add an egg and a little oil.

Gimme that CAKE!
I'm waiting.....

We love CAKE!

Halloween Skittles

Ker se nisem mogla odločiti kater oranžni lakec bi izbrala sem se odločila da uporabim kar vse.

I could not decide which orange nail polish to use for this manicure, so I ended up doing skittles with five colors.

Uporabljeni lakci z leve proti desni, na nohtih od mezinca do palca:
Nail polishes I have used, left to right and pinkie to thumb on the nails:

- Essence - Return to Paradise - Fruit Punch
- Essence - Cute as Hell - Bad Girl
- H&M - Neon Orange
- Revlon - Mad About Mango
- S-he - 402

Na koncu pa sem dodala še Barry M - Instant Nail Effects lakec
In the end I also added I coat of Barry M - Instant Nail Effects nail polish.

Manikura mi je zelo všeč, vendar mislim da bi bilo boljše če bi za podlago uporabila samo enega oranžkota.

I really like this manicure, but I wish that I would only use one orange nail polish.

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