Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nails Inc

In the past I've posted about Nails Inc. Recently upon a question from a lovely reader (*waves* Hi!) I found out that though Nails Inc does not test their final products on animals they couldn't provide me any information on their suppliers. This doesn't seem too good as either their a) apathetic and don't really care what their suppliers do or b) they're hiding something. I just wanted to make this addition as I know some people are concerned.

Please take note if you've heard about the recent takeover of OPI/ Nicole OPI by Coty I'll be looking into the future animal testing status of OPI once I'm done exams (it's going to be at least 2 weeks though, sorry!)

Omorovicza Copper Peel Review

This two phase mineral laden mask is extremely impressive for making your skin look and feel ultra-soft. You start with the blue tube, rich in copper which is known to help support collagen and elastin in the skin, and using circular motions with your fingers rub it over your face. It goes from being fairly fluid to a stiffer consistency, which you then leave for two minutes. Once your time is up, you add the clear tube (actually I only used half a tube of each and it was more than adequate) which contains lactic acid activator. Again, you rub in circular motions over the copper mix - it foams slightly. After the two minutes is up - and you may feels some slight prickling as the deep exfoliation occurs - you simply rinse away. Once patted dry, my skin felt so soft - kind of post-facial soft, when someone's been massaging your face with oils for an hour - it looked glowy and smooth, and didn't feel at all dry; in fact, it felt beautifully hydrated. At £80 a pack, this works out at about £10 per go (if you use half a tube of each per go) so it is a true pamper...but my goodness, it delivers. Well, so it should at that price, but as we all know, price and performance don't always match so it's great to find something that does.

Sephora Lip Gloss Wand

L-R: Muse, Siren, Nymph
Really quick update (major major exam and paper issues, so I apologize for the lack of updates over the next little while). I saw these the other day and thought they were really neat! Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips. Each lip gloss pot connects to the rest and each has an applicator of it's own and there are three colour sets Nymph, Siren and Muse. Though I've no idea if the gloss is any good, I think for $10 USD it makes a cute gift!

Josie Maran giveaway ends tomorrow!

Just a reminder that my Josie Maran Love Nest set giveaway ends tomorrow!

Here's a link to the original post and....

a few color swatches of the set (these are from my set, yours will be brand new and the set also includes a 1/2 ounce bottle of Josie's famous Argan oil!
 The flash makes the colors appear more intense than they are in real life- this set is ultra wearable!

 the mascara is FABULOUS- rich, inky black and doesn't bother my sensitive eyes at all!

highlighter blended out on the left

Thanks for entering and good luck!

Shopping in Germany: Alverde body & skin care

Some Alverde bodycare products I bought from Germany this autumn. This post is also only in English because I've been too busy (and lazy)...

Grapefruit-Bambu Shower gel 1.45€ & Papaya-Sea buckthorn shower cream.
The shower gel is ok but it's not as concentrated as S.A.V.E or The body Shop shower gels. I won't buy it again but the scent was very good! I prefer soap bars anyway.

Shower Cream smells yummy too but it was more like gel-cream, I use this kind of products in shaving but Weleda's cream wash is so much creamier & better!

Macgo-acai Anti-Aging lotion 2.95€, Ultra Sensitive body lotion 2.95€, Macademia nut body butter 2.95€.
I LOVE Alverde body lotions & butters, I won't use anything else anymore. *heart* These are BDIH cerfied, CHEAP, smell too good and feel so nice on skin (I can't use anything containing silicone anymore, those feel just disgusting after natural ones).

This time I got Vitamin lotion & unscented Jojoba lotion, I like these a lot but my favorite is still Macademia Nut body butter, it's my HG product! I used to hate body butters (like TBS) but this is SO soft and nice to apply, the scent is also very nice. I also like White tea and olive body lotions a lot, I bought those last time I visited Germany.

Body oils Cassis & wild rose 2.95€.
Body oils are also very nice & Natrue certified. The scents are strong (but delicious) so I like use these only in the evening when I'm not wearing perfume. I also like to mix these with unscented Sensitive body lotion. Oils work better when applied to a damp skin :)

Sea salt deo, lip balsam Calendula 1.15€, Passionfruit eye cream 3.45€.
And some other stuff I bought :) Alverde sea salt deo: I like the scent, remings me of sea :D It's not completely ineffective but it stains black clothes so badly, that I rarely use it. Calendula lip balm is "ok", not terrible but not that good either. I'd say it very "regular" and I'm not a fan of scent of calendula either.  Passionfruit eye cream is creamy, in fact quite "heavy", and it has surprisingly strong scent. I'd love this scent in body lotion but I think it's too much in eye product. I was so sure this can't be eco certified but in fact it was :) I recommend this to night time use and not for the most sensitive skins.

Don't be fooled by the pricetag

I know that a lot of polishoholics think that the MNY range of nailpolish isn't worth a dime. I know that even more makeupbloggers think that MNY as a whole is cheap crap that should solely be thrown to the fashion-hungry pre-teens. However, I like their nailpolish. It might not be the best product on the market, but competing in the true budget-range, it comes out a winner.
What I expect from a good polish is that it's color accurate (bottle vs layers on nail), easy to work with (rather thin than thick and lumpy), won't get matted down in no time and won't chip just because you waved like Paris.

While the color-range at MNY might not be all that exciting, it certainly has a couple of tricks up it's sleeve. 2 of those are seen above accompanied by 3 Hello Kitty glitters (the foil is the winner of the 3) and the magnificent MPJ by OPI.
Left to right:
  • MPJ by OPI.
  • 669 by MNY
  • 445 by MNY (nr 2 from the left)
  • Silver Kitty by Hello Kitty @ HM
  • Kitty Queen by Hello Kitty @ HM
  • Kitty Princess by Hello Kitty @ HM
All 2 layers though some might have needed 3.

So, what am I saying? Not much other than don't be fooled by the pricetags. Beauties come in all price-ranges.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter is here to stay

First off, my apologies for the lack of the posts the last few days.... A nasty sinus infection/bronchitis has me feeling poorly but I'm doing a bit better today.  We are in the midst of some terrible winter storms (near blizzard conditions) and it simply amazes me that this wickedness can be so breathtakingly beautiful!

Here are a few photos of some of the calmer moments this last weekend

 I love when everything looks like it's been dusted with powdered sugar!

It's A Bling Thing....Juicy Couture Fragrance Ring

Totally loving this over the top ring, filled with the Juicy Couture Couture solid fragrance (succulent pink grape frolicking in a field of natural orange flower and mandarin, ahem, I am told!). I spotted it on the Selfridges web site for £35.

Philosophy Christmas

Nobody does the Christmas goodies like Philosophy, but a quick scoot around beauty cyberworld tells me the best of it is to be had on QVC. For some reason, QVC manage to nab exclusives such as Snow Angel and Melting Marshmallow collections as well as the Three Piece Sweet Shoppe and the Snow Mittens and Shoes (for hands and feet) sets. It's all a little bit foodie for me, but can't help loving Gingerbread Girl - perfect for a hot bath while the snow swirls around outside.

Sleek Bad Girl palette swatches & EOTDs

Looking for a dark, mysterious and highly pigmneted palette? Yep, this is it: Sleek Bad Girl palette! This is OMGorgeous, really.

Sleek Bad Girl palette, the last one in the shop.

 EOTD 1: Greenish. I really loved this darker one, I think it was my favorite of my Sleek EOTDs :)

-Detrivore primer
-Innocence (inner corner of the lid & brow bone)
-Gullible (lid)
-Intoxicated (crease)
-Envy (lower lashline, to darken the crease)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto volume

EOTD 2 with blues:

-TANF primer
-Blade (inner lid)
-Gunmetal (lid)
-Abyss (crease)
-Obnoxious (lower lashline)
-Maybelline gel liner in blue
-Lash Stiletto volume

EOTD 3: dark grey and so lovely!

-TANF Primer
-Innocence (inner lid & browbone)
-Blade (lid)
-Gunmetal (outer lid & lower lash line)
-Underground (crease)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Chanel intense eyepencil "graphite" (waterline)
-LashStiletto volume

Like this palette as much as I do? :D

New friends on the block

While I understand why MNY wants to arrange, market, sell their makeup and nailpolish by color, it just doesn't work for me. Put 6 pink colors together and I won't even look at any of them. The same goes for the browns, the greens, well most of them.
However, if you mix them all up and let them clash and bring out the hues in the other colors, I want them all! 40 polishes in a mixingbowl might look cheap compared to a fancy display, but in the end, I'll buy more than I would if you had it arranged according to the rainbow.

It's like books - the library won't keep all the books on teens that lost their virginity on prom-night in one section and stories on workoholics getting hooked on after-work's beer and beer-nuts in another.
But then again, they do keep the chick-lit in a specific section. Maybe MNY is targeting the same audience - the ones that want the choice already made?

The polishes above are all MNY. I had a hard choice making my decision though as the MNY displays don't ring my bell. At all. While the illustrations are cute in a Nylon type of way, the arrangement of colors makes me think of crayons at a daycare center.

My hair has got needs!

My hair's curly and dyed, re-dyed and dyed some more. I say hair, you say brittle. Add some hairspray and you'd have cottoncandy.That's how bad it is.
While I love my conditioner, American cream from Lush, it doesn't do what it has to do during the winter. It just doesn't. My hair looks lik a bird's nest.

So I am looking for good hair treatments, hot-oils, masques, etc and the more natural, the better. No silicones and such. I save the scary chemicals for the nails and my nails only. That's one obsession where it's hard to go natural, but the hair? Shouldn't be that hard. An important issue is that what I use for my hair, my 4-year old daughter wants to use, so I want it a bit safer than your regular haircare.

I tried the Macadamian hair oil and while did something (not much), it was not very natural (despite it's description) and it was rather expensive. If I am going to pay that much to have nice hair, I want to buy a product that won't take a crap on the environment. I want something my kid can use herself without me thinking the WHO will be knocking on the door, telling me I am doing harm to my kid.

So any and all advice - what do you use? What have you been hearing good things about?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Barry M Racing Green and OPI Call My Cell-ery

I like to wear green when the weather begins to turn crispy and cold.  I guess it is because the leaves are dead looking and I want some green in my life.  Nail polish is the best way to get that green for me and this time I chose two polishes:  Barrry M Racing Green (brought to me by the lovely Kelly as a gift) and OPI Call My Cell-ery which I had for ages but never used until now.

Barry M

Mac Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows

Thanks to HerGreyness on Spectra for all the wonderful photos and swatches on this post!
Here are some more shots of the Mega Metal Shadows from the upcoming Mac Peacocky collection. Stunning aren't they?
Starting from the bottom left going clockwise- Best Guesses
Top of the Posh, (No Idea sorry!), Peek-At-You, Prance, Dalliance
Best Guesses L-R: Paparazz-she, Sexpectations, Prance
Best Guesses
Top L-R: Ego, Odalisque
Bottome L-R: Top of the Posh, Dalliance
Top row L-R (best guesses): Prance, Paparazz-she, Noir Plum, Mating Call
Bottom Row L-R (best guesses): Unflappable, Sexpectations, Odalisque, Ego
All Swatched Dry
Mega Metal Shadow $19.50 USD (Limited Edition)

Peek-At You- Frosted yellow white
Dalliance- Light Champagne
Tweet Me- Gold Bronze
Paparazz-she- Deep Copper Bronze
Top of the Posh- Frosted White Pink
Mating Call- Midtone frosted violet
Sexpectations- Metallic Burgandy
Spectacle of Yourself- Deep Bronze
Dandizette- Navy with Silver pearlized pigments
Odalisque- Deep Teal
Noir Plum- True Purple with Silver pearlized pigments
Ego- Forest Green
Prance- Frosted Mauve Pearl
Centre Stage- Frosted Chocolate Brown
Unflappable- Frosted Black with Purple pearlized pigments

Pretty awesome yes? I know I'll most certainly be picking up a couple of these as according to HerGreyness on Specktra these are powder eyeshadows that feel like cream and go on without any fallout! All swatches above are dry and wet these are suppose to be even more spectacular! To see any of the pictures bigger just click on them and they'll come up larger on a separate page. So awesome!

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