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Uslu Airlines/Mykita Collaboration

I always love a collaboration - some are fabulous and some are fatuous, but I just like to see how brands interpret a collab. I really love this one available at Colette, Paris, between edgy make up brand Uslu Airlines and the equally cool Berlin based Mykita brand. Along with the three limited edition colours of the new BOB and EVE aviators come matching Uslu nail colours - choose MYK (greigy), ITA (lilac) or SXF (neon yellow). Nice - until you spot the price.. EU359!

Image: Colette.

Nail Tek II~ Review

I know this looks about as boring as boring can be but this little bottle has done miracles! I received this as a gift recently from a wonderful woman named Jennie who included it in her package because I was moaning on the nail forum on MUA about my soft and peely nails. After putting polish on them pretty much straight for months at a strech my nails had been reduced to soft brittle beings from their former strong flexible glory. I had to keep cutting them all the time because the layers of the nail would separate from the tip down, sometimes becoming quite sore. Not to mention my polish often didn't look that great as the nail would break beneath it. To say this was frustrating would be an understatement.
Splitting Nail (Before Nail Tek II)
I've used this as a base coat for four manicures now and my nails are almost back to their full strength and glory. I noticed a difference right away after the first manicure and three polish changes later I'm astounded. I can't believe how much of a difference this treatment has made. I don't really have an after photo for you as they just look like normal nails though if you take a look-see at the Guns and Roses Nail of the Day you can see my most recent manicure. Before this I tried Gelous which can be purchased at Sally Beauty and though it helped a little in reducing the peeling I'd get on the surface of my nails when I'd remove polish it didn't help with the cracking separating nail tips. Plus I've had good wear with Nail Tek II as a base coat which is a bonus. (Gelous works well as a base coat too). The only thing to keep in mind with Nail Tek II as a base coat is that all the polish may come off at once which is startling the first couple times it happens as its often still in the shape of your nail. Now I just think its funny when this happens instead of weird when it first occurred.
I'm not going to swatch this for you as you can see that it's transparent. But it dries quickly and is super easy to apply. It's sort of expensive, averaging around $10 USD but you can get it for much less as I know Ross in the States was selling it for around $5 and transdesign online has it for around $5 USD as well.

Sprite Rating: 10/10 There is nothing bad about this product!
Would I buy it again? YES! I'm already on the look out here in Canada for another bottle because I don't want to worry about running out!

Swatch Time: Ombres Perlees de Chanel

I've had Chanel's Ombres Perlees palette now for a little over a week and worn it three times....and truth be told I'm still wrestling with it, lol.

Here are a few swatch photos (as promised).  Mr. M assisted me with taking these- yes, I'm keeping him.

Let me assure you the colors are much more eye catching in person. 

 left to right: lush greenish tone, violet/plummy purple tone, peachy pink tone and gleaming slightly golden true pearl

my apologies for the blurry shot
left to right: golden  pearl, peachy pink, slightly smoky violet/plummy/purple, sea- ish green and a rich complex deep steely gray.  The deeper tones all contain reflective bits that are shimmery but not what I would refer to as glitter.  These are truly unique.

I adore the colors of the shadows in this palette but the trouble I experience when I apply them frustrates me.  The texture of these shadows is very difficult to describe- they are pressed like a powder but feel slightly creamy to the touch.

The shadows are no doubt gorgeous but the time it takes (not all of us have 30 minutes to do our eyes let alone one eye- ha ha) to create a look is a little ridiculous.   Another issue I have with the darker tones is that it's hard for me to get pan color payoff without a lot of layering.
The big question.... do you need this?
Well, yes and no ;D

Get it if:
You collect Chanel LE items and don't wish to experience Chanel regret (this can get $$$$)
You enjoy one of a kind type items
You don't mind a challenge

I have found the best way to apply the deeper toned shadows is with my finger using a patting/pressing motion over well primed lids then blending with a soft brush like MAC 217/ Studio Tools crease brush.
The two lighter tones seem to fare better with brushes- probably because they don't contain the more complex reflective bits.

Final words.... I'm not regretful that I bought this palette and I will use it- perhaps others will have an easier time applying it.  I hate being so wishy- washy about it.

Please click on the photos to enlarge

edited to add: my swatches were applied with my fingertips- and these swatches are at least 2 heavy swipes of shadow.  

What made me *Merry* in 2010....

By now most of my favorite beauty bloggers have posted their list of favorites, fantastic discoveries and holy grail products for 2010.  I've been trying to narrow down my list but I'm having a bout of indecisiveness (no big surprise!!).  I love most everything I have used this year but of course there are a few standouts that I figured I would share with you.

Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser: simply one of the best non- irritating and effective cleansers/makeup removers I have ever used.  Just a small amount of this gel like cleanser breaks down eye makeup/face makeup/grime into oblivion.  I reviewed it here.

Dr. Denese Pro-C Illuminating Cell Defense Pads: one word.... wonderful!  I have been using these for the past 2 months or so (AM only) and my skin is slowly becoming much more clear and some of my red acne marks are lightning and diminishing.  I have suffered no breakouts or irritation from these pads.  They can be used right up under the eyes, all over the face, neck, decollete and back of hands.  I have been very impressed by these and have ordered another jar.  I'm hooked!  Full review coming.

WEN, WEN, WEN:  No big shocker here....  I'm totally sold on this line.  You can read my review here.  Currently, I'm using FIG, Pomegranate and Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioners, Fig replenishing Mist and Cucumber Aloe replenishing mask.
Body Care:
Body Shop Body Butters: I rediscovered these heavy duty moisturizers this year after not being satisfied with the numerous body lotions on my vanity- these lush butters are magic on my parched winter skin .  Scents I love: Pink Grapefruit (reviewed here), Blueberry, Mango, Satsuma and Lemon.

Philosophy Body Washes: I rarely find one of these that isn't fantastic!  From apples to ice cream or even a margarita - Philosophy has something to please even the pickiest bathing beauty.  Heck, even my girls love a bath with the Gingerbread Man. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipsticks: these are amazingly smooth, luxurious and gorgeous!  I have two of these beauties and have a big itch to try more shades. You can read my mini review here .

Josie Maran Argan Lip treatment: A great natural based balm in the cutest little pot- this apple flavored treatment pampers the lips and wins the battle against winter dryness.  Here's my review.

Laura Geller Balance and Brighten in Fair: This melange of corrective creamy pigments baked for 24 hours on a terracotta pan evens out my complexion without an ounce of fuss!  I just love this stuff!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow in Abyssinian Catbird:  I have a *few* eye shadows in my collection but there are few that are as special, gorgeous and unusual as the Catbird.  You can read my mini review here.

Bare Minerals Buxom Stay there shadows in Mutt and Pug:  Gorgeous, easy to use and long lasting- these are mainstays in my shadow stash.  You can read my review of Mutt here.

Tarte Lash Hugger Mascara: While I will occasionally flirt with a new mascara now and then- Lash Hugger has really become my mainstay.  It's easy to apply,gives me length and volume and it's non- irritating to my very sensitive eyes- what more could I ask for?  You can read my review here.


Zoya Remove +:  there is nothing I have found that is as effective and gentle as this lavender scented polish dissolver.  Remove + quickly breaks down *normal* lacquer with ease and makes removing my beloved glitter loaded finger paints a little less painless.   Despite being a potion that contains acetone  Remove+ is the least drying remover I have ever used- period!  If you can get hold of some do give it a try!

As far as polishes go.... like my girls it's hard to pick a favorite!
Here are a few worth a look:
Butter London Victoriana
Zoya Adina
Chanel Black Pearl
Dior Czarina Gold
Hard Candy Mr. Wrong (from 2009 but still love this)

Well that's all folks! 
What's on your *list*?

Cheers to you and yours!  Happiness, good health and a beautiful 2011 to you all!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have a Fab NYE and a happy 2010

I want to wish everyone a fun, entertaining and fabulous new years eve and a radiant 2011!

Happy 2011!

I really wanted to write the last beauty post for 2010 but my real life got in the way and honestly I am slightly exhausted.  (Okay, more exhausted than I care to admit.)  So, I hope you will forgive me for making this a non-beauty post.

I just wanted to thank all you readers and followers whether it is via google connect, rss, bloglovin, or twitter for reading my blog(s).  I know my blog

Nailpeeps are catpeeps, right?

This blog arose from the ashes.... well no, not really. This blog got started in grief. Knee deep, over and out. 2 days before I started it, I had to say goodbye to two companions that I had by my side for more than 10 years. The older cat (approximately 17 years old) had been ill for a long time and the younger, the 14 year old black devil, was starting to show the same signs but at a more rapid pace. As they had been sidekicks for a good 12 years, I decided they went together. Leaving one just to deteriorate while missing her friend, just to have to be put to sleep a few months later didn't seem all that human. Left all alone with mad as a hatter-dog Roky was the newbie Sigrid and a few days ago, she finally got a sidekick of her own, Vera. I must admit I cried my eyes out before picking her up - was I really over the other two? Was it right to get a new cat so soon? But then again, is 9 months really to be considered soon? I guess it goes to show how important those two cats were to me.

The polish in the picture arrived that very same day and she, yes that tiny little mitten, thought it was a plaything for her. Guess she's found the perfect household to make her kingdom? The polish in question is LA Girls' Rock star in a glitterpacked color with the very fitting name Overdose. I guess Vera likes glitter?

Spinny Lashes: Dior DiorShow 360 Mascara

I'm sure it's not long before this hits the UK shores - its really only just launched in the states and is a move on from vibrating mascaras. I don't know anyone though who is dedicated enough to their vibromascara that they continue on paying through the nose for the extra mechanism. That said, for novelty value, I'd quite like to give this a go to see if it really does 'mimic a makeup artist's application technique'. Fascinated to find out. Dior mascaras are good anyway, so let's hope that this one is a little more than just spin.

Image Credit:

Sleek Sparkle palette swatches & EOTDs

Aww, gorgeous... I had to get this LE palette from Sleek makeup! I bought some palettes from London (my swatches here) but this time I tested their webshop. Delivery time was ok, 2.5 weeks to Finland. I've heard they had a lot of problems with the -50% day... I'm in fact glad I didn't notice that :P Hope you got your orders already!

Sparkle palette is sparkly, surprise. LOL. The colors are SO soft & pigmented, the not sparkly ones (Gold ribbon & Tinsel) seem to be excellent, satiny eyeshadows. I haven't tested Noir yet but it feels like matte, not satiny. All the sparkly colors have quite a lot of glitter in them, so if you don't like glitter, don't buy this palette. When there is glitter, there is also fall out... So add some powder (like silk powder) under you eyes. I like the sparkly ones and those are not difficult to use (at least if you are used to glittery colors).

Minun oli pakko tilata tämä Limited Edition Sparkle-paletti Sleek Makeupilta! Ostin tosiaan muutamia Lontoosta (swatchini löytyvät täältä) mutta tällä kertaa testasin tilaamista suoraan verkkokaupastaan. Toimitus oli ihan kohtuullinen, noin 2,5 viikkoa. Sleekillä oli vähän aikaa sitten -50% päivä ja silloin tilatuista suurin osa taitaa olla vielä "matkalla"... Oikeastaan ihan hyvä, etten huomannut tuota päivää, oli kuulemma katastofaalinen :P

Sparkle paletti on nimensä mukaisesti kimalteleva :) Värit ovat pehmoiset ja erittäin pigmenttiset. Mukana on myös muutama satiini-koostumus (Gold ribbon & Tinsel), ne ovatkin ihanat. Noir taas vaikuttaa enemmän mattaiselta, sitä en tosin ole testannut vielä meikissä. Muissa sävyissä on paljon glitteriä mukana, joten jos sellaiset eivät miellytä, ei kannata tietenkään tätä hankkia. Ja aina kun mukana on glitteriä, sitä tippuu myös poskille... Suosittelenkin suojaamaan silmänaluset esim. silkkipuuterilla. En kuitenkaan koe näitä mitenkään erikoisen hankaliksi käyttää (kuten esim Urban Decayn glitterpommit), tottumista toki alkuun vaativat.

Terrible EOTD but I'll publish it anyway, just to show the colors. I used Tinsel (lid), Starlight (crease) & Festive (middle of the lid, lower lashline).

And a look with gold & green (Mistletoe), these were hard to blend together. I loved both colors but other combo would be better!

The green was so pretty, so I tested it with BFTE Lucky Me too:

Hope you liked the pictures, the palette is lovely :D

Chanel Black Pearl nail polish - spring 2011

OPI base coat
two coats Chanel Black Pearl
Poshe top Coat

Black Pearl is the newest *it*color from the house of Chanel.....
Black Pearl = L O V E

This unique creation for spring 2011 is what I would describe as a luminescent,sooty, slightly metallic, steel/teal with delicate silvery pearl shimmer.  I believe this treasure will flatter most skin tones as it's extremely easy to wear.  I find Black Pearl to be elegant and a little edgy at the same time.  Black Pearl changes it's tune every time the light changes (as you can see from the photos)- this is one interesting polish.  At first I thought it was just going to be a shimmery pearly black but it's so much more than that.

The consistency of Black Pearl is really lovely - only two coats were needed to get full coverage.  I quickly slapped this on Christmas Eve and it wore beautifully for four days- I had tip wear but no major chipping for 5 days.

Black Pearl gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me.  If you enjoy rich, unusual colors: get this- don't miss the boat (or pirate ship-lol) on this one.

natural sunlight
four days after first applying

Final Tartan Tale Swatches!

Despite the fact I'm sure most of you have already seen Mac Tartan Tale swatches here are mine from the items I purchased/received from the collection! And what an awesome collection it was!
The Faerie Glen Lipstick

The Faerie Glen lipstick (Top), Courting Lilac lipstick (Bottom)
The Faerie Glen, Courting Lilac
Both of these lipsticks are awesome! Courting Lilac is a Glaze but has quite a bit of pigment to it. It also has a lovely gold sparkle through out it that really adds some depth. It's quickly become my go to purple lipstick to finish off purple looks. The Faerie Glen is just as good in a completely different way. The best nude I've ever found for my complexion, and a Lustre finish. This is a brown based nude which doesn't look that nice swatched or on its own, but when it reacts with the red in my lips I get the most lovely nude. So happy as I truly thought I'd never find a nice subtle lipstick. 
The Faerie Glen Lipstick 
See how it doesn't make me look dead? I've still got some colour to my lips but just less. Yay!
Sir Teddy Mini (Key Fob)
I also caved and got the adorable mini Sir Teddy. He was just too cute to resist and all the money went to helping kids. 
Sir Teddy Mini
6 Beauties Play it Cool Palette
The one thing I wasn't expecting about this palette was how dark all the colours swatched. The only one that doesn't swatch dark is the silver-purple called Silverwear.
6 Beauties Play it Cool Swatches T-B: Silverwear, Hold My Gaze,  To The Ball,
Altered State, Magic Moor, Heather Belles
The two lighter coloured ones tend to look quite dark on the lid which was surprising (Hold My Gaze, To The Ball) but I do still like the palette, I just need other colour purples to work with it.
Look done with Courting Lilac Lipstick, 6 Beauties Play it Cool Palette and UD Asphyxia e/s

Gielly Green Repair Mask & Gielly Green Classic Shampoo

Even though I've kind of sworn off expensive shampoos since discovering Pantene Aqua Light, last night I was tempted by Gielly Green's Classic Shampoo and Repair Mask. I'm going to tell it exactly how it was:

At first, I was not all that impressed with the lathered fine, gave off a fruity scent (orange citrussy although it is supposed to be grapefruit and cassis) and rinsed okay the first wash...I just thought it was a bit 'meh'. I did a second wash and it gave a great lather although I found it difficult to rinse effectively - one of my absolute bug-bears. Then I added the Repair Mask. This is seriously gunky - almost solid - and as I smoothed it through my hair I was thinking that it would be hell to get out - it is in fact a mix of mud, mineral and oil. I even (giving it a minute or two to do its thing) looked out my Ojon Detox shampoo because I was so sure I'd need it to be rid of the stuff. The Repair Mask is scented with Vanilla flower and Lemongrass although to me it smelled almost of cinnamon - spicy anyway. I left it on for a few minutes (not the 15 recommended) and began the rinsing process. I was was long and tedious. However, not as long and tedious as my worst fears. And, this is where the story has a happy ending, after blow drying there was a shine on my hair that I don't think I've ever had before. I mean, super, super shiny. My hair looked amazing. One day on, it still looks glossy, clean and defined.

So, note to self I think, not to go into product testing with a negative attitude from the get-go. I'd really dismissed this in my head with no good reason and the results were fantastic - it's kinda like the party you really, really don't want to go to, but end up dragging yourself there and having the best time you can remember.

Gielly Green definitely falls into the luxury category at £16 for shampoo and £29.50 for the mask (and they need to sort their spelling out on the website - last time I looked, coloured isn't spelled 'Colered'), but if you're in the mood for luxy hair treats this is one not to miss, and I'd actually like to try more products from the range now, particularly the Argan Rescue. I also like the fact that the products contain no carcinogens, no parabens, no SLS and no synthetic fragrances. The raw materials are sourced from across the world, processed naturally and manufactured in the UK.

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The Post That Twitter Wrote: Can't Get Thru 2011 Without...

Ah, I think this is my favourite post to date! I put a call out on Twitter to find out what beauty items Tweeters couldn’t get through 2011 without and the line up is a beauty lover’s dream! I’ve just enjoyed reading through the list and it’s made me want to try some new products too. Please feel free to add your 2011 must-haves in the comments section....and check out some of the Tweeters for their amazing taste in beauty booty!

@nicolalalalala: not technically a product, but having my brows threaded has changed my life! It's something I'll keep up in 2011.
@HelenNiceThings: Easy. China Glaze’s Spring collection. It looks amazing.
@Productgirl: I cannot live without my @Clarisonic and @KateSomerville Cycocell Dermal Energising Treatment and Exfolikate.
@VexintheCity: Ooh!! MAC Ripe Peach Blush and Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara.
@Lucyparts: Le Blanc De Chanel & Topshop Lipstick in Satin.
@Inmywindow: Bobbi Brown foundation, Liz Earle Skincare and Boots 17 Va Va Voom Mascara :D
@Thekarleighshow: Illamasqua nail polish, best formula ever and Jomina is the prettiest colour I’ve ever seen x.
@Farrah_Gray: I can’t live without my Chantecaille Tinted Moisturiser, it brings my skin back to life!
@6inchstilettos: Lancome Hypnose Drama and MAC Stereo Rose MSF!! I love them :-)xx.
@Disneyrollrgirl: How many can we have? My perfect all-day red is YSL Rouge Couture No 13 worn over Burts Bees waxy lipbalm silk.
@Roxychick911: beautywise, I can’t live without YouTube, now I found it, it’s my go to!!
@Makeup4all: I’d say all the Becca products I don’t have yet. I also need more Hourglass cosmetics and more nail polishes.
@TheDashEmpire: I can’t live without Lanvin Marry Me which I keep calling Love lol.
@CherryfiedChloe: Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Nars Albatross Highlighter!
@SheenieShaikh: Lancome Hypnose Drama, Prive Shampoo & Conditioner, UD Primer Potion, Nars Matte Lippies, Nars Taos blusher.....too much?
@Charleymarley: Benefit’s Posie Tint :-) @teenytinyleanne introduced me to it and now I’m obsessed! It’s on every day...
@Andreapica: I want the Tartan Tale Collection from MAC.
@HelenNiceThings: I am putting in a massive Skinfood order when I get back to work. Can’t wait!
@Tweeting_owl: Can’t get through 2011 without No 7 Soft & Soothed Cleanser, Liz Earle EyeBright, Estee Lauder Futurist Foundation and Icy Mauve Lipstick.
@PerfImperfectBB: Can’t live without my Benefit Creaseless Creams.
@Rebmusik: Clinique Laser Repairwear Serum – works a treat!
@VexintheCity: Mavala Scientifique is MAGNIFIFQUE!!
@Aarti_b: Has to be the Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On – has changed my life (in make up terms anyway!).
@Sensini: La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution – a mouthful but the best EVER for sensitive eye make up removal!
@RoseLusted: Cannot live without Shellac! I’m obsessed, why have just a regular mani when Shellac lasts two weeks?!
@Lucyrennie: YSL Touche Eclat is my lifesaver product and will be forever I think :-) xx.
@Dvoradivine: Dermalogica Precleanse. Lifesaver for models/brides who don’t take off make up before shoots.
@Hellcandy: Lanolips, Morocanoil & Liz Earle’s Superskin Moisturiser are the ones that stand out for me.
@thekarleighshow: not forgetting Mavala Scientifique!
@WelshBeautyBlog: Organic Surge skincare, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, NARS Douceur Blush & Chantecaille Compact Soleil Bronzer.
@LovelyisLovely1: Jo Malone candles (get rid of possible Miss Polar Dog smell), MyFace Blusher, MAC powder in NC35 as have olive skin.
@LouLou699: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Elemis Pro Collagen, Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter, Lush Tea Tree Water, Leighton Denny Nail Polish Remover.
@HelenNiceThings: Can I technically not live without something I’ve never seen/used? If not, stick me down for OPI Nail Envy!
@Kitaunt: I could not live without Benefit Benetint & Erase Paste, Mac Lustre in Plink! And Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion.
@AnnaCEdwards: Benefit’s Playsticks Foundation (which is a huge shame as there are rumours of discontinuing them...boooooo!)
@KatePinkSmith: Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner, Dior Soin Lumiere, Dior Nude Foundation, MAC Cream Peony Blusher, Origins Jump Start. Xxx.
@SteeInPurple: I can’t live without my Embryolisse Creme, my OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil and my UD Naked Palette. :-) Can’t choose ONE of those.
@KatePinkSmith: MAC Cherish Lipstick and Spice lip liner. Eau par Kenzo, Eau Dynamisante xxxx Gosh sooooo many!!
@KatePinkSmith: Seche Vite. ALL Leighton Denny xxxx.
@ftlob: Can’t live without Isomers Stem Genesis! Began using it beginning of December and am AMAZED with the results.
@KatePinkSmith: ENTIRE Kerastase Reflect hair range. Treatment is amazing!!!.
@VexInTheCity: More! Boots Extracts Body Butters, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, MAC Notable Blush, NARS Gina & Taos, pointed Tweezermans.
@marsipan79: My can’t live without has to be my lash extensions. Love them! Although love it even more when people think they are actually mine!
@LouLou699: erm, Laura Geller Inivisible Oil Blotting Powder, Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice, ELF Studio Powder brush, UD Naked Palette.
@KimberleeVDW: I can’t live without Aveeno’s Skin Brightening Daily Scrub :-).
@KatePinkSmith: Clarins Cleanser & Toner sets xx amazing value post Xmas. Always buy about 4! Xxx.
@lauraharrison: Can’t live without Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Emryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate & Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner.
@CityGirlFashBox: Chanel Bronze Universal and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation!
@nav_t: Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink, UD Primer Potion, Naked Palette, BOS Vol3, MAC Glass in Lust, lip pencil in Whirl.
@lipgloss86: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish – Defo!!
@KatePinkSmith: Chanel Lip Treatmetn! Best ever!! The one in the lipstick not tub. Origins Modern Friction Face Scrub! Best Ever!!!
@Sparklzandshine: REN CC3 Face wash, Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener, Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate, MUFE HD Foundation.
@BeautyAlchemist: 2 of mine are @MarioBadescu Drying Lotion & Origins Zero Oil Cleanser.
@SCforM: NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex and Dermalogica Pure Light SPF30 – repurchased today.
@RichClarkePR: Olay Regenerist SPF30 Flawless Skin Cream & Oskia Cleansing Balm x.
@Maxinecassidy: Top Shop Cream Blush in Nutmeg and MAC Lipglass in magnetique :-).
@EllieBalfe: My can’t live withouts are Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation, Clinique Airbrush Concealer and Jan Marini C Serum x.
@Adelefashionmag: Mac Strobe Liquid Lotion, Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, Chanel eyeliner.
@ZoeIrwin Darphin aromatic cleansing balm with rosewood.
@CharlieLotL I can't get thru 2011 without estee Lauder advance night repair, seche vite, and my beloved ghd's. Oh and alpha-h liquid gold mask!

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