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Michael Kors Very Hollywood Signature Scented Ink Pen

I've taken exception to the execution of this so-called 'ink' pen, with ink scented with the notes of Very Hollywood. For a start, when I was at school, an 'ink' pen was a pen with a nib that required ink cartridges or a bottle of ink. Not a ball point pen. Any thoughts of writing a beautiful letter in my best handwriting with deliciously fragrant ink just disappeared when I realised it is little more than a biro in a pink case. To my mind, this ball point is only a fractional move on from kiddie gel pens that are scented with strawberry or bubblegum. The fact that it is only £20 is telling, if you take into account store mark ups, and basically this is, in my view, from start to finish a cheap, tacky, gimmicky pen that could have been an absolutely amazing, artful and covetable item. Tsk.

It's also billed as 'limited edition'. Oh, really? I am looking at reviews across the blogosphere from 2008 for the same item, which doesn't seem terribly limited to me if it lasts three years.

Leighton Denny Gelato Collection Spring 2011: So Bad and So Good

I picked out a couple of shades to try from the upcoming Leighton Denny Nail range and chose Ice To Meet You in what looked like a pearly cream colour and Lolly Pop, a vibrant pink with a drop of coral. First off, it is a very, very long time since I've used any Leighton colours and it was good to have a reminder. But, my first paint was Ice To Meet You and I cannot remember liking a colour less in ages. It's a pearlised shade with far too much yellow to be kind to any skin tone and it also seems to have a kick of grey in it somewhere. My nails looked vile.

But then, not being able to stand even a full 24 hours in this curdled Tippex shade, I swapped for Lolly Pop - and it's instant love! So vibrant, lively and flattering and makes my nails stand out - it looks glossy, chic and beautifully bright.

Other shades in the range include a wow orange, Do Me A Favour, Berry Nice, a juicy raspberry, Inside Scoop, an icy mint shade and Sunday Girl, a lush lilac. So how did the horrid Ice To Meet You get in there? No idea..but a little quality control wouldn't go amiss.

Chantecaille Spring/Summer 2011

I went along to the launch of Chantecaille spring/summer 2011 today - some really beautiful things, including the stand out Sea Turtle Palette which will retail for £73 (ouch, I know). 5% of proceeds go to the small, but nonetheless impactful WIDECAST (The Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network) and if you think that doesn't sound like a lot, past limited edition sales have amounted to between £50,000 and £100,000 - a real boon to small organisations trying to make a difference in the world.

Anyway, the palette is as useful as it is pretty, and Chantecaille's lovely make up artist showed us how to use the green shade in particular to create a gorgeous aquatic smoky eye. The detailing on it is absolutely precision... and I'm a little bit in love with the peachy-gold cheek colour, too.

The product I was really in love with though is the Poudre de Perle (part of the summer releases) - a mineral/crushed pearl formula that flows through a brush delivery system. The shade is lovely - I can't think of a single skin tone, other than possibly very dark, that couldn't wear this and look the better for it. Again, it's a peachy-gold mix with hints of pink - very wearable. Unfortunately, the only picture I have is one I took and it's not very good, but here it is.

Three Hydra Chic lipstick shades join the collection in Canna (soft peach), Aster (vibrant raspberry pink) and Willow (a light brown shade).
Then the make up artist showed us a gorgeous look on the model using an existing blush in the range, Ecstasy, a reddish pink.
Ecstasy Blush

She wet it slightly and applied to the upper lid in a thickish line - then, mixed the powder with Chantecaille 'Lip Potion' Balm and applied it as a gloss over the lashes. It looked spectacular (not sure whether it might feel rather sticky, though!).

Summer products, including a very matt bronzer (thank god!! no sparkly cheeks for a change) launch in May - the rest are out either now or soon.

Paris vs. Gwen

Paris Hilton's new line of Fragrances called Paris Hilton Passport

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Fragrances - launched in 2008

Look familiar? Paris Hilton is launching (yet another) line of juices, which look very familiar to Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers, which was launched in 2008. I know they aren't EXACTLY the same, but I feel like the general concept is very similar.

What do you guys think, does it look like Paris ripped off Gwen's idea? Or are they just different enough?

Birkie's January the Body issue

January is one of those month you tend to forget you have a body...

Or, you really want to forget you have a body after

♥ an attempt to loose weight and join the gym (not too succesful),
♥ feel cold (that always seems to happen in January),
♥ or do not want to shave those not-too-smooth legs because, after all...who will notice them anyway?

So, in order to reclaim that unadulterated self-love every woman should have for her body , I will write about some of the lovely creams and butters that actually seem to help a bit... (I believe men should have that bit of self-love too, but men often have less trouble with this, LOL. Anyway, this post is aimed to everyone who likes to treat their body with potions!)

From Dry paws to smooth hands:

I always demand a lot from my handcreams. They should be:

* Thin, but still moisturizing
* absorb into skin quickly (because you do not want to stain your surroundings with your greasy mitts)
* smell good but too too protrudent (so that your handcream clashes with the perfume you wear...)
* easy portable (for on the road, so no bulky jars)
* cheap enough for me

Meet my little milkmaid from Metholatum:

Their handcream is creamy enough to moisturize that winter-starved hands, and still wonderfully thin.

The cream lives up to their claims, although I am always a bit iffy on that 'it works 24 hours claim'. It still keeps my hands moisturized enough for a quite amount of time.

Price = affordable! Just $2.30 on

Problem: Sasa does not sell this particular tube anymore

Solution: Even better, Sasa has a version that has SPF 15 in it and whitening properties. No claims from me, because I never used that version, but the reviews are already quite good. (find it here)

From cracked legs to soft pins:

Legs seem to suffer a lot during the winter...Why do they transform it that kind of tree-like texture when the month December seems to hit?

I have always loved the independant etailer shops that make body-lotions and perfumes. Haus of Gloi captured my attention after the numerous reviews that popped up (examples).

I  was particularly attracted to their gloomy and alchemic-esque labels on their jars:

So meet their Pumpkin Butter...something so balmy and rich that it would smooth out an elephant. (ok, exaggerated, because I do not have an elephant in my backyard that I could test it on, but...)

I find it a bit too heavy on other body parts (except for those elbows), but it works on dry places like a dream.

You can find them over here.

From lacklustre to revived:

It is not the outside of the body that gets a bit dried out because of the Winter season. Your mind could feel like a desert as well.

Enter...reviving baths and showers:

Aromatherapy Associates has this particular oil that you can pour in your bath, or, without bath or without too much time, apply on your body before showering: the Revive Morning.

Honestly, they are overpriced! You can make your own, cheaper blend with some aromatherapy scents that you find soothing, pleasurable, or uplifting and blend them with a carrier oil (more information over here). I once had a course in Aromatherapy, and the basic thing they learn you is that the scent that attracts you the most at the time being is the scent that will probably benefit you the most at that time.

Still, BE CAREFUL with aromatherapy, because they can have a similar working as medicine, but can be similarly hazardous as well! So stick to a trusted brand (Aromatherapy Associated or similar) if you do not like to experiment on homemade potions.

Purchased in the shop or homemade, oils can have this wonderfully nurturing effect on a dryer, winter body, and the essential oils can give you that bit of lift (or relaxation) you want. So, double benefit!

Anyway, my ultimate cure to the winter blues and winter dryness I am looking forward to that one...

In the meantime, keep moisturized and cheerful!

An Apothica $25 Gift Card Giveaway

I have the pleasure of doing a $25 Gift Card giveaway sponsored by Apothica. This giveaway is opened to my international readers also. If you aren't familiar with Apothica. The store carries many brands of cosmetics including Vincent Longo. I know many of you are fans of this handsome makeup artist and may find his brand hard to get but don't fret. Apothica can fulfill your order quickly and

Mani of the Moment: Lancome Le Vernis nail polish in Violet Groove

When I was a pre-teen my favorite colors were purple,lavender and violet- truly any of these would do.  I was super crazy for purple and I had a wardrobe majorly injected with the hue. I also had an extreme fondness for unicorns- my favorite shirt ever was a white baseball style t-shirt that had lavender sleeves and a gorgeous iridescent unicorn with a shimmery purple horn plastered on the front (I'm sure I'm not the only one that had this).   OMG!  I was so hip sporting my unicorn shirt with my Dittos or Chemin de Fer jeans, remember those?

Flash forward 30+ years.... my wardrobe now mostly consists of black and blue jeans, I'm still a fan of purple and of iridescent shiny things.  When I saw photos of Lancome's Spring 2011 collection- Ultra Lavande- I was immediately drawn to both the nail colors.  I do have my fair share of purples/lavenders and violets but couldn't resist the look of the two nail polishes- Violet Groove and LE 54.  I ordered the two and patiently waited for a little package of spring time to arrive.

Today the temperature is

Yes, you are reading that right- 10 BELOW ZERO!    BURRRRRRRRRRRR!

 I thought it would be a perfect day to wear something cheery and fresh.....
(in real life it appears a little lighter but still very cheerful)

I chose Violet Groove, which I would describe as a melange of grape, lavender and lilac.  Mr. M said it reminded him of the McDonald's character- Grimace.
I find Violet Groove to be a unique eye catching shade!  This is my first encounter with Lancome's nail polishes and I like the formula but I'm not crushing on the brush.  It's rather short and it's difficult for me to control- if it were just a little longer.....  Texture wise this polish is rich and creamy- two coats is what I have on here (over OPI Bond Aid and 2 coats of Orly Nailtrition).   I topped it with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dry.

 incandescent light

review coming on LE 54 (gorgeous shimmery mystical shade)

These two polishes were $19 each

photos were taken with and without flash hence the difference in color I apologize for not being consistent but my camera was giving me fits today!

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Just a Revlon Binge

Revlon is a line that I revisit every leap year, I suppose.  Actually, the line had some staple products for me way back in the 80's.  Anyone remember its unbelievable eyeshadow base?  That was a forerunner in its category, the product really worked and eyeshadows lasted all day and well into the night.  I also loved their mascara that was clear but had a black swirl in it.  Those were the days

Givenchy Summer 2011: Mister Radiant Reviewed and Swatched

I'm just obsessed with this amazing product that gives skin a sunkissed look without any signs of Tango-face. I notice on the packaging the French description reads 'Bonne Mine Sur Mesure', and if you remember, I was - and still am - besotted with the Laura Mercier Bonne Mine palette. Bonne Mine roughly translated means 'healthy looking'. In English, the product description is 'Made To Measure Glow'. Mr Radiant is a weightless gel infused with tiny spheres of brown pigment and golden 'radiance' pigments. I will have to apologise for my skin-tone - it's a very cold day and for some reason I can't warm up so there are blue tones there that aren't normally!! *shivers*

You can clearly see the pigment spheres interspersed with the gel.

This is far more than you would need for your face.

Rubbing the gel with my forefinger and you can see the spheres starting to break and deliver pigment.

Pigment spheres smashed before blending.

The final, delicate and subtle healthy glow!

Quite genuinely, this stuff is gorgeous - and it smells delicious too - a kind of fruity floral mix that isn't overwhelming but just adds to the pamper factor. Actually, it is quite versatile can be used on bare skin to just boost your tone, it can be layered for a 'tan' look and can be used under foundation if you want to take your tone up a notch but aren't ready for bare skin. Totally, totally love it.

Wet n Wild cool as a Cucumber, more EOTDs

I did a few more EOTDs with my Wet n Wild Cool as a Cucumber palette. I REALLY love this palette, the colors & the quality are just so good!

-Detrivore primer
-WnW Kitten (browbone)
-Light green (lid)
-Dark green (creade)
-Plum (lower lashline)

 EOTD 2:

-Detrivore primer
-Light green (inner lid)
-Dark green (lid)
-Plum (crease & lower lashline)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-Rimmel Lash Accelerator

Thank you for looking & commenting!

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Bare Minerals cleanser giveaway ending soon!

You only have a couple more days to enter my giveaway!  Click on the link to read all about it.

Good luck everyone!

Some glitters

Živjo! Dolgo naju ni bilo na spregled in zelo nama je žal...
Vendar pa imam sedaj za vas nekaj fotografij bleščičastih lakcev, ki vam jih še nisem pokazala.

Hello! We were not blogging for a long time and we are sorry for that!
But today I have some photos of glittery nail polishes that I still haven't show them to you guys.

Amour, Rain Glitter

Art De Lautrec - 07B

Franky Purple Diamonds

Torej, kaj pravite? Če od sedaj naprej objaviva več fotografij in morda malo manj napiševa, je to še vedno bolje, kot da nič ne objaviva, kajne?
Hvala za ogled! =)

So, what do you think? If we post more pictures and maybe write a bit less - this is still better than not posting at all, right?
Thanks for watching! =)

Sephora OPI Spring~ Urban Ballerina Collection

Nail Polish by Sephora at ShopStyle

Sephora OPI's spring collection has just been released and it's theme is a pretty modern ballet one! Called Urban Ballerina the collection brings to mind downtown city performances and classic ballet. I am actually quite intrigued despite the fact I'm neither a fan of charcoals or pinks! Here is the swatches Sephora's website provided.

First up is Break A Leg Warmer, an opaque Charcoal Grey which most likely has a cream finish. Most certainly reminds me of city lofts and architecture!

Leotard Optional is a nude shade, described as an opaque mocha beige. It also likely has a cream finish, and defiantly looks like the body suits in some ballet performances.

Let's Plie is described as an opaque metallic light beige, though it's a very pinked beige in my opinion. I think it looks like the satin finish of pointe shoes. Can't wait to see a swatch of this!

Shiny Dancer is another metallic though this one reminds me more of actual metals. Sephora describes it as an opaque slate with fine iridescent glitter that from the swatch looks silver in colour. Not too unique but interesting.

Comparing the bottle image and this swatch I'm fairly sure one of these is off in colour by quite a bit. Either way though The Way Tutu His Heart is a typical ballet colour, opaque light pink. How light and how purple-pink or yellow-pink the actual colour is, is yet to be determined as the two colours don't match (at least to me!)

Who's Spinning Tonight is my favourite from the collection, though I'm a sucker for purples and this royal purple with shimmer is lovely! Sephora calls it an opaque metallic true grape and doesn't it look lovely? *drool*

So what do you think? I like the way they chose the colours for the collection and the theme even if the colours themselves aren't super unique. What do you think? If you want to take a look or order the polishes on the Sephora website ($9 USD, $12 CND) click on the bottle of The Way Tutu His Heart below to take you to the page. Or there is the mini set of four at the top for $18 USD. :D

Nail Polish by Sephora at ShopStyle
P.S. I just heard that  The Polish A Holic has swatches of the mini set of this collection up as well as the Sephora Glee collection if you're interested :D

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