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3 Out of 4 isn't Too Shabby!

It's not often I get to do 3 covers for a single issue of a magazine! I had my chance and boy am I ecstatic with the results! 

Before Christmas 2010, I was asked to design looks for fashion publication Playing Fashion with amazing photographer Emma Tempest. The project? The first fully bilingual International Issue. 4 covers for all 4 fashion capital cities. New York, London, Milan and Paris, celebrating and featuring the stand out collections of all the designers in that city. How exciting!

I didn't get to do New York as it was shot in NY and I was already busy with other engagements when the shoot was organised but that's alright, I have London, Milan and Paris to play with!

The plan was to get amazing models and come up with makeup, hairstyles & clothes in an attempt to capture the spirit of all the fashion cities.

London: Quirky, Edgy and Innovative!
Model: Olga Shearer.

Milan: Glamorous, Sexy and Vivacious!
Model: Denisa Dvorakova.

Paris: Haughty, Beautiful and Aloof!
Model: Anais Pouliot.

I can't decide which is my favourite as they all have such different vibes but one thing for sure, they're all gorgeous and I'm so happy and proud to have been part of this project! I hope you appreciate it as much as I do and as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. Enjoy!

It's a Giveaway!!! Mattese Elite Eyeshadows

Yeah, you can completely ignore the giveaway post I did last year because I obviously lied.  No wait, I don't lie.  I think it is more like how Andy Warhol said: It is not that his philosophy fails him but that he fails his own philosophy.  I have failed my own philosophy and also failed on any willpower to not over buy cosmetics but I am human and I have too much stuff.

The giveaway isn't big

The stamp, the letter, the gift

About 2 weeks ago I had a little, cute discovery of an online place where I could sample some Asian cosmetics.

I thought that most sample stores were not able to send out internationally, or just mailed out their products in some part of Asia. But hurray, mails out to Europe, and is pretty quick with it as well.

I just love the stamps decorated on the envelope!

The letter contained a couple of masks that I was curious about. The name often draws me in (hehe, remember BeautyDIY, Beautyfriends, etc), so a mask named Love More had a great appeal to me. Who does not want to be love/and be loved, a little bit more?

A gift? Mmm, not really. I still had to pay 10.04 singaporean dollars (approximately 5 euros), however, what a wonderful way to try out something new.

Just a few Wet n Wild palettes, from the USA ;)

I got them! My lovely friend Pammy did a little swap with me and I got these lovely WnW palettes. These are not sold in Finland, unfortunately :( I'll post EOTDs later.

Jippii, ihana Pammy teki pikkuiset vaihtokaupat kanssani ja sain kuin sainkin nämä himoitsemani Wet n Wild paletit! Valitettavasti eivät ole myynnissä Suomessa ja tuskin tänne tulevatkaan... Meikkejä näiden kera tulossa hiukan myöhemmin!

Comfort Zone

Blue had me at hello

Petal pusher

comfort zone

Blue had me at Hello

Petal Pusher

Täplä thinks this palette is the nicest ;)

Have you tested these palettes? What did you think?

Bye Bye Le Metier De Beaute

I'm so sad that Le Metier is pulling out of the UK: Echo Blush is one of my all-time favourites and became one of my staple gifts for girlfriends - now I need to find the next holy grail blush to replace it. Although other bloggers have spoken to the counter staff at Selfridges who cite distribution problems as their reason for heading back to the US, it can in truth only be that they weren't earning their keep on the cattlemarket Selfridges beauty floor. It was always a big ask to move from the cosiness of Liberty to the vast wilderness of Selfridges, but it's a very great shame, nonetheless. So, if you have any last minute Le Metier items you want to stock up on, I'd suggest you do it now.

One of my favourite beauty items ever was the limited edition Le Metier/Roopal Patel palette (above) from 2009. I have it still, in pristine condition, as a benchmark of how beauty can really be done well.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mattese Elite Eyeshadows

I am sure you makeup junkies are familiar with Ricky's NYC, a great and fabulous beauty supply store that is practically a landmark!  And did you know that they have their own line of cosmetics called Mattese Elite? 

I only have a couple of the Mattese Elite eyeshadows ($12USD) but judging from them this line cannot be overlooked.  The shadows are very pigmented and hard-pressed; no fluffy

Don't forget to enter my contest that ends March 1 st!

Just a little reminder about my contest.  Click here to read all about it!

Thanks for reading, visiting and commenting again

hugs to you all!!!!

                                                                                                        Have a beautiful day, Jeanie

Lancome Color Design Palette: Taupe Craze - photos and swatches

The Lancome brand has been pulling me in lately with the excellent performance of their products.  I have to admit that until the last year or so I wasn't a big fan and could walk on by the Lancome counter without even giving anything there a second glance but my, my,my how things have changed!  Since finding my new favorite pencil liner (Black Coffee Kohl) I have been a more frequent Lancome shopper!

A few weeks ago the brand offered an irresistible gift with purchase and I was lucky to have some reward dollars to use at Macy's, so along with Black Coffee I picked up one of the new Color Design Palettes in Taupe Craze.  I know, I know, I know how many taupe shadows does one woman need??? Well, I can't give you a number but what I can say is that I always have room for more taupe's!

Taupe Craze is a collection of five richly pigmented colors in a very small and sleek package.  I will be writing a more in depth review of this palette after I have a chance to play with it more than once (today was my first time and so far so good) but wanted to share some photos with you.  Enjoy!

                                                                                          Have a beautiful day, Jeanie

Isla Sirena

Right, you'll have to bear with me while I confess to confusion about Isla Sirena: from what I understand, it appears to be a co-brand initiative between DuWop and Disney with parts remaining DuWop and The Treasure Map palette being Disney, but the whole lot 'inspired' to varying degrees by Pirates of the, I think. I've currently only got an image of the palette closed but inside it carries the image of the map from Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (I will pop in an image as soon as I get one). It contains nine eye shadows, three lip tints, three gel liners and three brush applicators and at £35, it's not a very Disney price. 
At the more DuWop end of the scale are three new Caribbean inspired Iced Teas, an already existing product in the DuWop range and only anything very loosely to do with pirates as far as I can see: if you haven't used these before they are the sheerest possible tints of colour that are highly flavoured - fab if you love flavoured balms. They come in Mint Mojito, Butter Rum and Pink Grapefruit and are super-sweet in flavour - which probably works against them as a balm as you really can't help licking it off your lips!
And then, there are the eye and lip duos, Mermaid, Treasure and Pirate Antique Golden Shells, but I'll have to disagree with the release which promises they'll give 'mermaid chic'. What even is that? But, there are some really pretty colours so we'll forgive the fishy tale. 

Finally, there is Mermaid Mist, which despite the name, I'm holding out quite a bit of hope for. Formulated with Head Make-Up Artist of Pirates of The Caribbean, Joel Harlow, it's an aerosol version of DuWop's already existing DoubleGlow7 (you see, this PoTC thing isn't making any sense really) a luminous face balm that gives instant radiance and contains jojoba, aloe vera, lily extract and vitamins along with milled pearls, and comes in shades Champagne and Deep.

Okay, so DuWop seem to be using a large part of their existing range with new Pirate themed names as part of a merchandising initiative with Disney and revving it up to be even more piratey by calling it Mermaid something or other. I'm still confused though - even their famous Lip Venom has been repackaged and called Mermaid Venom. I can't really see the point of it, or even who it's going to appeal to.

I do like the shell duos though - there are some really pretty colours and the packaging is full of summer.

Thalgo Ocean Memory Body Cream

Personally, I find it quite hard to justify really splashing out on body creams when there are so many good ones on the market that don't cost a bomb (ahem, I am forgetting for a little while my penchant for Sisley Confort Extreme Body Creme that is £73 - it's a very long time since I bought any but still swear it will out-moisturise any other creams on the market) - it's the ones that hover at around £20 or so that confuse me most - usually they aren't bringing much to the moisturising party that cheaper ones aren't but are an add on to an extensive bath and body range (Bliss and Molton Brown spring to mind). However, I feel a little differently about Thalgo Ocean Memory Body Cream even though it hovers at around £42 in price. They say it '..enables you to experience the unique sensation of a return to the origins of the ocean.' Er, I don't even know what that means. They continue, ' releases the energy of thousand year old micro-algae into the heart of the cells...your skin is revitalised, incredibly soft and hydrated.' Ok, I will put aside all the stuff about thousand year old micro-algae although I don't doubt it contains it, but more because I'm not sure that a younger vintage of algae wouldn't do exactly the same in terms of nutrient delivery. I've got to admit though, it is a sensorial experience - the cream is a cooling gel-cream that leaves skin absolutely silky soft - I put some on about an hour ago and my skin still feels softened. It's incredibly lightly scented - no whiffy shea butter shenanigans in this baby -and the vague scent there is is refreshing. It feels and behaves like a proper treat for the skin, and for that I don't mind paying. It would be the cream I use as a special treat before a night out or when I just want to feel properly pampered. Is it any better in terms of hydrating than a bottle of Aveeno for example? The honest answer is that I don't know - it uses different ingredients, certainly, and is way lighter in consistency for an equally hydrating result. But, the bottom line is that I like it, and if those ancient micro-algaes are doing something good for my skin, then so much the better.

Sure Crystal Deoderant

Well, I'll have to admit that deoderant doesn't feature much in my thinking - I just buy some when we run out and don't really think twice about which brand I'm buying. I've used a Tesco own brand for ages, had a run with Mitchum unscented (which I must admit is very, very good) but it isn't until something is shoved under your nose that you take a second look. Cue Sure Crystal - I went to an event hosted by Sure Crystal and Dove Invisible Dry - and because I don't stock pile deoderants, the time came that I ran out and gave them both a go. Of the two, Sure Crystal is the winner for me - I wear a lot of black so am familiar with the tedium of white marks caused by deoderant and so the fact that I didn't get white marks is an absolute bonus. It's just one of those little things in life that won't rock my world but just makes it a slightly more hassle-free place.

Black crackle polish

Na ebayu sem naročila črn in moder crackle lak, ki sta me bolj kot ne razočarala, ampak z dosti truda mi je uspelo narediti lep vzorček. Na sliki je črn crakle lak preko OPI - Just Groovy modrega laka.

I have ordered blue and black crackle nail polish on ebay. I've had a lot of trouble with application but in the end I have managed to create a beautiful pattern. There is black crackle nail polish over OPI - Just Groovy on the picture.

Ecological food products etc

Some eco shopping, again :)

My favorite dishcloth (for kitchen) with my lovely assistant!
Lempparitiskirättini, olen näitä nyt jo kaksi hukannut. Mistä lie löytyvät! Kuvassa myös lemppari kissanpentuni ;)

Sorry about the flash, but the kitty looks cute anyway ;)

CoCoVi Aloe Vera drink: I wish these bottles would be smaller... One litre is just too much for one person :P I didn't like the taste that much so I'll buy Pur Aloe drink again next time!

CoCoVin aloeverajuoma: Kunpa nämä pullot olisivat pienempiä, en saa näitä millään yksin käytettyä ennen kuin menevät vanhaksi :(  Tämän maku ei ollut mielestäni niin hyvä kuin Pur Aloen versiossa eli en osta uudelleen. Tai siis Pur Aloessa maku on vähemmän kamala ;)

Aloe drink with my other assistant :D

Multigrain flakes for kids, they love these :D

Lasten lempparimurot :D

Blueberry powder: My kids love this in their porridge!

Marjajauheet ovat myös lasten mieleen, niillä saa puuroon mukavasti makua!

Ole Hyvä laudry detergent: this is ok :) Smells good.

Ole Hyvä pyykinpesuneste: Ihan kiva tuote, tulee varmasti käytettyä! Ekoversioiden tuoksut ovat aina mieleeni, kun taas perinteisten harvemmin (paitsi toki tuoksuttomat).

Attitude dishwashing liquid: This is my favorite! Smells so good too :)

Attituden tiskinpesuaine: Lempparini! Kiva koostumus ja tuoksuu ihanalta :)

I also got a sample of Ecover diswashing liquid: This is very concentrated so if you find the other ecological ones too watery, you might like this one! In this product, I personally think a bit more watery one is nicer to use.

Ja sain myös näytteen Ecoverin tiskinpesuaineesta: Tämä on tosiaan tiivistettä eli jos et tykkää kovin lirusta tiskinpesuaineesta, tämä saattaa olla mieleesi. Itse tykkään nestemäisemmästä, on helpompi käyttää & huuhtoa :)

Behind The Scenes at

Back to what I do for a living, makeup. Here's a little view of my day-to-day business and what I love and enjoy most, fashion shoots. This was a gorgeous shoot that I did with good friend and one of my favourite photographers Robert Harper for awhile ago and has always been one of my favourite shoots. Anyway enough chit chat, let's get down to it shall we?

Location: North London.
Weather: Horrible and wet!
Photographer: Robert Harper.
Stylist: Rebecca Anne Kelsey.
Hairstylist: Shinya Fukami.
Makeup: Kenneth Soh.

The brief to the shoot was sexy, powerful with a slight hit of sado-masochism! The clothes we have to shoot with are amazing! Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Hussein Chalayan, Prada, John Rocha, Celine, Marios Schwab, Lanvin and also leather straps and chaps from Coco De Mer. Kinky!

We convene with cups of tea and to have a chat about how to approach this shoot regarding hair & makeup. I hear words like sheer, sexy, dewy being thrown round and suggested to keep the makeup simple, beautiful but with an edge to reflect the slight S&M feel of the accessories. In layman terms, skin-toned colours in various textures, matte and dewy all mixed together into one hedonistic sexy look! 

And to create the edge? Bleached brows. I know many of you will frown upon this as being totally impractical for the everyday woman. To this, I say I'm not doing an everyday woman here. This is fashion and sometimes, not always normal. There are shoots where all I want is to make the woman look glamorous but today is not one of them! I want a slightly schizophrenic dangerous woman with insecurities but stunningly sexy and dangerous. The makeup is pretty simple and is one that will sit easily and happily on the everyday woman. 

Shall we have a look at Rebecca sans makeup? I know it's cruel but just to let you know that models are human too!

Shinya starts with Rebecca and this involves adding hair extensions to thicken out her hair and also prepping the hair with mousse, thickening lotion and blow-drying and tonging it all to pure lushness! Meanwhile my assistant gets to work with nails. We've decided to go with simple, file, shape, buff and a light sheer pink to get a natural finish.

And here's what Rebecca looks like after I am done with her. Bit of a difference no?

Foundation: Armani Silk Luminous Foundation.
Concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.
Eyes: MAC Taupe Blusher, MAC Frost Pigment, Madina Shiny Stick in 001, Paris Berlin Eyepencil in Beige, YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils in Noir Radical.
Brows: L'Oreal Peroxide 9%, L'Oreal Bleach Powder, MAC shadow in Gesso.
Cheeks: Armani Cream Blush in No. 4.
Lips: Madina Shiny Stick in 001, MAC Cream Colour Base in Pink & Nude.
Powder: Shu Uemura Face Powder in Sheer Colourless.

I intensified the eyes on the 2nd day of the shoot using the same products but applied it heavier and bringing Taupe further out the eye socket as I wanted to give Rebecca a slightly stronger and bolder persona.

All the above photos were taken by me and unretouched. On the subject of retouching, I personally always aim to work without the benefit of a retoucher. If I can get the makeup as perfect as possible, that leaves the photographer less work to do and also less chances of it going wrong. Nothing is worse than seeing your work played around with in post production by an inexperienced retoucher! Unfortunately sometimes there are things that even the best of makeup cannot hide, like a huge spot, scars etc. Below is a shot taken from the shoot and according to Robert, there was hardly any retouching done. So yay me!

Please click here to see the whole story in it's full glory!

So there you have it! A typical day for me, working with fabulous people doing fun, creative things with makeup, hair, clothes and photography. I am grateful everyday for being able to do this and look forward to doing it for a long time!

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