Thursday, March 31, 2011

Makeup Purge - The Aftermath

What a mess!

JUST lippy

Nice & Neat!

Goodbye, my loves

As hard as it was, I finally did it. It felt so good to sort through my things and chuck the old & gross stuff. I did try to pay attention to WHAT I was throwing out. I came to a few conclusions:

  • I had a ton of eye shadows and lip products that should have been thrown out about a century ago, gross.

  • I hate to say it, but I threw out a lot of my drug store makeup. I don't want to say that luxury/department store products are always better, but I found that I purchased some things just because they were cheap and I wanted to try a different shade

  • I definitely threw out any of my foundations/moisturizers that had SPF in them, since they lose effectiveness.

  • Finally, I noticed I am a huge offender of buying similiar shades, especially when it comes to lip glosses and lipsticks. I have enough pink & glittery lip color for the entire state of New Jersey.

As painful as it was to throw out makeup, it was necessary. I think it will also allow me to shop smarter in the future (note to self: no more pink lip glosses). Now the question is: what new products to buy?! =)

Makeup Purge

I absolutely HATE throwing out makeup. I feel like i'm throwing out a limb. But I know every few months, it's necessary. I have a huge cabinet that I keep my cosmetics in - each drawer is labeled - Face, Eyes, Lips, etc.

When you are a junkie like me and feel the need to purchase new makeup all the damn time, those drawers get a little...full. OK, understatement. They get SO full that I can barely close them anymore. Then I find myself using the same eye shadows, lipsticks and so on because I simply can't SEE any of my other makeup. We see a problem here, yes?

Sadly when I get home from work, I will begin my makeup purge. Things that I think are older than a year need to go, and things I rarely use will go as well. I feel like the lady with 50 cats - she loves them all and doesn't have the heart to part with any of them (yes, dramatic).

Photos to come later of the colossal mess I will probably make =) Hope everyone is having a great day! xoxo

The Naked Truth

Age Resistant Cleanser

Well, this has to be a first! Darren McKeown's first skin care range is called Naked Truth because he insists on not giving false promises. So while he is handy with a needle (he's the same Darren that re-contoured my jaw-line), you're not going to find anything on the box that promises 'Botox in a jar' or other ridiculous claims that anti-ageing creams end up making. He's chosen all the ingredients himself based on real, proven ingredients based on science rather than fiction. Basically, if there is no scientific evidence that an ingredient works (so none of that 'may' help to delay ageing etc) it doesn't go in the formula. 
Intensive Care For Tired Eyes

From first look (I haven't tried the range yet), I love the simple packaging. Superdrug are scheduled to take the range (on line from April 18th), and prices range between £16.99 and £28.99. Personally, I think it's something of a blessing that we will have a 'Doctor' brand that doesn't bullshit. Definitely a rarety.

Face Renewal Mask

NARS Laguna At Selfridges

I really like this little glow making collection from NARS named Laguna. It debuts in Selfridges on 15th April, and Pro-Stylist team members, David Scheffen and Frederico Gregorini will be in store, along with Jason Hoffman (lead trainer from New York) and Benoit Dumont from the National Stylist team. They're touring London, Trafford and Birmingham so make sure to call your nearest store if you want to meet them or book some time.
NARS Laguna Multiple
NARS Orgasm, Albatross, Laguna BlushBronzer Trio
NARS Laguna Illuminator

Paul Smith Is Optimistic (And Showed His Knickers)

This morning I went along to meet Paul Smith who was showcasing his new fragrances for men and women, Optimistic. I'd expected some sort of blah powerpoint presentation showing intense diagrams of top, middle and bottom notes along with a ton of those paper strips and a room that ends up smelling of vaguely floral boredom. Happily, I couldn't have been more wrong.

It's an old fashioned term, but I'd describe Paul as a 'genial fellow'. He was absolutely up for chatting to all the bloggers at the event - and the thing we talked about least? The fragrance! As soon as you enter Paul's meeting room, in a tall building in the less fashionable part of Covent Garden, it's an assault on the eyes as you'll see from the pictures. The public adore him, and consequently send him an almighty amount of weird and whacky things they think might amuse him. It's worth noting that he replies to each and every letter or gift he gets. Amongst the towers of books, bizarre robots and bicycle related objects are an extraordinary amount of rabbits. 

The Paul Smith Bunny has taken on a life of its own - everywhere he goes, people give him bunnies, including one fan who tried to present him with a live one just before one of his fashion shows started! In fact, his wife - he married at 21 - always gives him an Austrian bronze rabbit for good luck before a show. The rabbit phenomenon began while he was on a train journey with a friend and as he gazed out of the window, the friend asked what he was looking for. Paul replied that he wanted to see a rabbit in the field as good luck for his forthcoming collection. The friend sent him a rabbit... and the rest, as they say, is history. He currently houses 80 boxes of various rabbits in his warehouse in Nottingham.

Easily one of the most endearing gifts he has ever received is from a young girl who made him a Peanut Nativity Set. I'm all about making things out of peanuts now!

The journalist in me wanted to find some flaw, or some hint of steeliness in Mr Smith who spent the hour being the world's most convivial fashion designer. I tried him on the Galliano affair. 'It's sad', he said. I tried him on skinny models. 'I didn't get involved with that debate. We don't seem to have a choice. If we want girls who are confident on the catwalk and know how to model clothes, we have to use what the agencies can supply. I'm not sure how it can change: it's up to the agencies." 

He genuinely seems to love his popularity, unlike some celebs who are all about meeting 'their fans' in a controlled way. He loves it when men approach him (at airports, coffee shops etc) and confide that they got married in one of his suits ("Well, they're nice suits," he says). He's also rather proud of a magazine cover picture (Global Vision) that features the Dalai Lama wearing a Paul Smith Scarf but when I venture to suggest it might be a fake, he says, "Don't write that!" But then goes on to admit it may well be. All in perfectly good humour.

He is shortly heading out to Japan to give his workers over there some tlc - he is hugely popular in Japan; thankfully the Paul Smith team over there are all ok, but nonetheless, he wants to go and make sure. Paul Smith says his success in Japan is down to a rubber chicken and a train-set in a brief case (he has a steel brief case that opens up to reveal a working train-set) and his initial approach was to create humour. He likens his sense of humour to Alan Bennett and finds fascination in the small things in life. You do get a sense that he means it too, and that there is no difference between the Paul Smith private and public persona. He just is what he is. Neither is he particularly celebrity driven which is nothing short of miraculous in these days of celeb-sells. 

The only moment I saw him for the savvy businessman he has to be to have such an empire was when I asked if he had any collaborations going on. He said he'd been offered the high street ones (H&M) but didn't feel it was right for his brand, yet earlier had mentioned that his favourite time in the stores was when the sale was on, so that people who couldn't normally afford his clothes could buy them. Hmm. That would suggest a more 'affordable' range would make everyone happy, but maybe it just doesn't make business sense to have a cheaper range cannibalize the pricier ones.

So now, I should mention the fragrance, Optimistic! It feels appropriately named, given Paul's upbeat and optimistic nature and aims to capture youthful enthusiasm and energy. With top notes in Optimistic for Her of pink berries, pink grapefruit, litchi and sweetpeas, it's the sweetpea that comes through. And I do love a sweetpea. Middle notes are mandarin, cranberry and a raspberry macaroon accord that kind of does kick in after a while of wearing. Dry down is orris and patchouli and the overall effect is an easy-to-wear, light flower ensemble that triggers a food memory somewhere right at the back of the brain. Optimistic is very summery, very young and extremely pretty in the wearing, and I hope it doesn't get lost in the barrage of pointless perfumes that are coming to market for summer. Both the men's and women's version are heading into Boots on April 7th with prices starting at £25.

Oh yes, and the bit where he showed his knickers. When asked where he liked to shop, Paul was rather taken aback. "I don't need to go shopping, I wear my own clothes. Even you want to see?" I think someone said no, but undeterred he rummaged down his trousers and yanked up the waistband of his Paul Smith pants. "See!". I'm guessing there was a wedgie.

Indie-Pendent Post-High Voltage Cosmetics-The Eyeshadows

A few posts back, I did a post on the Lip Candy, with that order I did get some eyeshadows.  These eyeshadows vary in price $5-6USD for a jar that is packed full (stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey) with highly pigmented color.  I bought 9 jars of color.  Actually 6 and 3 were free on a special deal.  I mostly ordered shadows from the Danger, Danger! High Voltage! collection and a few from the

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BB Creams - The Trend Heads To The UK

If you follow any Asian blogs then you might be aware of the BB Cream phenomenon. The 'BB' abbreviation stands for 'Blemish Balm', but that's a little misleading in terms of description. A BB cream is tinted moisturiser with additional properties, such as a brightening skincare ingredient, an SPF, some anti-ageing element, hydration, and often includes healing properties too, making it a multi-tasker addressing many skin needs in one tube. A BB cream gives a natural finish while concealing pigmentation or spots for a 'real skin' look and comes in many different variants, depending upon what issues you want to address with your skin (ageing, acne, dehydration, skin tone, etc).

Currently, it is mainly sold in Korea, China, Japan and South East Asia, where it is 'the' product every girl wants and has been for several years. Some say that it was intially invented by cosmetic surgeons in Korea, others suggest that it began in Germany. But where ever, it's making its way here this summer! 

On paper, BB creams seem like an excellent idea; an all-in-one product that 'treats' skin as well as gives it coverage. I can't wait to try some!

Wax Manicure with Essie

This morning I had a lovely email from Marian Newman, all-round nail genius, telling me to get my favourite manicurist, David Barton, to do a 'wax effect' nail, as she knew I had an appointment with him later in the day. So when I turned up to see the gorgeous new Essie Bridal Shades, I asked for the wax manicure as per instructions! I picked the pinkish red 'First Dance' shade and after David had shaped my nails and generally revived them back into some kind of decent condition, he applied two coats of polish, followed my Essie Topcoat Matte About You which knocked any shine into touch and left them flat. David then worked in a tiny amount of apricot oil over the top of the matte effect and lo and behold, the most stunning nail effect that looks exactly like candle wax. Matte with a mellow sheen, for want of a better description. It looks quite easy to do (or maybe David just made it look that way) so I'll be giving it a go myself. Have you tried this effect?


Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

Well, what is up for this week's quirkologies?

1. Uncommon Love on the streets
I have to admit that I find enamorated species (often  humans) to be incredibly endearing. But you do not often see a mini pig on the street. Actually, I have never seen such a cuddly pig in real life. And when you see it getting close to such a wonderfully cute bulldog, it just make you turn around twice, get your camera, make a picture....Oh, and makes your heart melt a bit too, because friendliness can cross species and that is a hopeful lesson for the humans as well ;D when looking for a other human partner.

2. Liking Alexandra Zsigmond drawings...
I had to laugh out loud when seeing this nanny letting out the toddlers on leashes. They do exist, for children! Actually, I was one of those children who needed one (but only at the airport otherwise my mum would loose me in my curiosity). Actually, not so much changed after all these years, ha ha, I can still get distracted and lost easily when seeing something that tickles my curiosity.

3. Looking if those Gorgeous coloured shoes are still available
For example, these gorgeous shoes can make me go to the shop-window with an open mouth and I just stare for a minute. Actually, this week there were not in the shop window, but they were probably in the shop. I already restrained myself a lot when I did not buy these when I saw them a couple of weeks ago. I sTiLl WaNt ThEm...

4. Playing around with a new Iphone app for editing pictures
This one is Lo-Fi and I got the recommendation from This was my first pic with this app. Oh, you have to check out worshipblues for a frequent fix of gorgeous photography, she and her husband are such experts in making highly interesting pictures, and a dose of beauty, and everything that makes life tick.

So, have you encountered anything noteworthy this week?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Washing Liquids

I've heard of posh laundry liquids before - I've used a Tocca one ages and ages ago - but I have to admit to being totally in love with Maison Francis Kurkdjian's range of Aqua Universalis Washing Liquids. They're ridiculously priced at £29 each so it's an addiction I'll just have to get over, but if I had all the money in the world, there's no doubt that I'd choose it over and over (that being the financial case, I'd be handing it to someone else to take care of my washing, of course!). So, what's so good that one bottle is the best part of £30? For one, the liquids are actually very good at cleaning (but then, so is Persil), but it's reason two that got me hooked. The fragrance. There is nothing nicer than hanging laundry that scents the whole house with a fresh, clean smell (even more intense when it's still wet) of bergamot, lemon and hints of lily of the valley. It is a unisex scent that doesn't overpower your clothes but just lingers in a subtle, delicate way. 

I'm not even going to attempt to justify the price - I can't. But it will stay firmly on my wishlist and next time I use it I'll keep it for linens and towels because there is truly nothing as indulgent as climbing into a clean-sheet bed that emits a smell that just makes you sigh with delight.

Tarte Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette- part II of the 8th World Wonder kit

This quad of shadows from Tarte was included in the QVC 8th Wonder of The World set that I received last week.

I find Tarte's eyeshadow formula to be lovely and easy to work with.  I have quite a large collection of Tarte shadows and have very few I have not been pleased with.  The colors are flattering, blend with ease and the sparkle for the most part is classy rather than garish.   These shadows are all infused with the much touted Amazonian clay- said to make the shadows long wearing.  These applied smoothly (except the shimmering cocoa was a little sketchy).  I cannot comment on the longevity of wear of these shadows alone because I never, ever wear my shadows sans primer. 

This particular quad is packaged in an ultra slim Eco friendly bamboo/wooden mirrored compact that has a small but effective magnet to keep it secure.             

While the colors in this quad are easily duped in my collection I'm glad to have these earthy tones and one punchy flattering plum tone in the cute compact.  This will be perfect for travel.   


Top: shimmering cocoa- a sparkling mid tone brown/ cocoa (that looks darker applied than in the pan) and shimmering sand-  champagne crystal frosty tone (looks gorgeous lightly used as highlight or applied to the inner corners of the eyes to brighten)
Bottom: shimmering bronze- metallic bronze/gold tone (quite rich and warm) and shimmering plum - a cooler purple tone that is quite lovely.

 all photos with flash
please click to enlarge
                                                                                       Have a beautiful day, Jeanie

Wet n Wild I Dream of Greenie palette

I was drooling over this Wet n Wild "I dream of Greenie" palette when I saw it in my friend LadyTee's blog... This is not available here in Finland, unfortunately, at least not yet. I told her that I'd love to buy it, if she doesn't like it and she was incredibly kind and sent it along with another palette ("I'm feeling Retro") to me. Thank you SO MUCH!

She didn't like this palette much, I love it, but I think the colors are not the easiest in this palette... I just happen to love colors just like this :D The lightest color was not as creamy smooth as the WnW colors often are, but I still liked this palette a lot! Not an easy palette and definitely not for everybody, but if you love colors like this, I think it's worth testing. It's not expensive anyway, I've had much worse quality from VERY expensive brands too and that was not nice. LOL

Kuolasin tämän Wet n Wild "I Dream of Greenie"-paletin perään nähtyäni sen ystäväni LadyTeen blogissa... Tämä vihreä ihanuus ei ole ainakaan vielä saatavilla Suomesta, joten tarjouduin ostamaan paletin, jos se ei miellytä häntä. LadyTee olikin aivan ihana ja lähetti sen minulle, laittoi vielä mukaan toisenkin paletin ("I'm feeling Retro"). Kiitos!

I Dream of Greenie ei ollut niin LadyTeen mieleen, minä taas pidän siitä paljon, mutta värit eivät tosiaankaan ole ihan helpoimmat! Ihan minun värini tosin ;) Vaalein sävy ei ole niin ihanan pehmoinen koostumukseltaan kuin WnW:t yleensä mutta ihan kelvollinen sekin, muiden laatu oli oikein hyvä. Eli paletti ei ole väreiltään helpoin eikä takuulla kaikkien makuun... Mutta jos värit miellyttävät, on se testaamisen arvoinen. Kallis nyt ei ainakaan, olen saanut paljon pahempaa laatua todella kalliiltakin merkeiltä ;)

EOTD: I did't use the brightest green at all, just "browbone" & "crease" colors. This was a nice but a bit boring look irl.

EOTD 2: I used the colors like WnW adviced to use them. I liked this a lot!

Trust Lipstick

If you ever should need an excuse to buy a beautiful red lipstick, there's such a good one coming up that it's impossible to resist. Trust is created by celebrity make-up artist, Karen Alder, to raise funds for the Prince's Trust charity. She herself received support from the Prince's Trust when she first began her business. The shade is a gorgeously satiny red boosted with Vitamin E that lies just between orange and blue red tones, making it, in theory at least, wearable for everyone. In fact, Karen is famous for her 'red lip' look and has worked on celebs such as Kylie and Dannii Minogue and Pixie Lott, so if anyone's qualified to make a wearable red, it appears to be her. 

Trust is £8 available from QVC (online and shows) from 2nd April. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Newbies tries...

Nothing much has been going on, beautywise!

But I still like to share some new things I accumulated lately...

Yey, one of my ol' Korean loves...Lotree!

I bought a set, which included this dainty lipbalm with the fantastic Korenglish name "Kissing the Lipbalm Macademia".

Right, I only want to kiss the lipbalm and not the lips behind them ;-)

I know it looks so cute and girly, but I would not recommend this for the inside. It is a plain vaseline like lipbalm with some weird substance included that makes your lips burn a bit.

Another cute and girly item I bought in the local drugstore is this floraly blush from Catrice.

Au contraire the lipbalm, this is actually really good and gorgeous product for a cheap blush...

To continue on the girly path...Look at this adorable cover from Dainty sheetmasks!

This is their Lotus mask, and it is quite good! It smells lightly soapy but tolerable. The sheet is thin, but the essence is in abundance and sooo soothing. (bought it here)

Unlike the Coffee mask of Dainty I tried...

No allergies, fortunately :D, only a weird smell of coffee breath mixed with soap...bleerg. (bought it here)

I also have been wearing Ruffled Bottoms....

Just the nailpolish version of Jessica.

If I would post my ruffled bottoms in a blog, I would have created a different kind of blog, right?

So, have you been trying some new cosmetica lately? And, did you like it?

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