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Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof long lasting eye liner: Rose Platine

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Chanel. regret. is. expensive.  Avoiding regret is the sole reason I purchased a couple of the items from their Summer 2011 collection (including Mimosa....that I said I would not buy because I don't *do* yellow). I am pathetic!
    When I saw the online swatches of Rose Platine waterproof liner, I was fascinated with its unique metallic finish and knew I had to have it.
    When it arrived, I thought it looked a little boring, that was until I applied it. I adore this color.  Describing Rose Platine is difficult because in certain light, it appears silvery reflective taupe while other times it shows faint lavender undertones.

    I have only applied it to naked lids with a coat of mascara.... and it's lovely, so far. I would have to imagine that this color will shift a little depending on ones skin tone and what shadows you wear with it .

    When I first applied it to my lash line it pulled a smidgen until I got it warmed up. For the photos below I swiped on three layers to intensify the color (one layer on the upper
    lid was not sufficient to highlight the metallic quality of the color). After applying it took a moment for it to set then.... It was SET!  It dried down nicely and wore for hours.  An oil cleanser was required for me to remove it at the end of the day- this formula means business!
    This waterproof pencil is mechanical and needs no sharpening however, if the point needs refreshed there is a clever tool in the end of the pencil that does a fine job.   Another wonderful thing, this pencil did not irritate or bother my sensitive eyes at all.

    If you don't enjoy metallic/frosty finishes on the eyes then look before you leap.  As for myself, I'm smitten with this and I *hope* this comes back as a permanent shade in the Chanel range.

     with flash
     with flash
     with flash
     no flash
    Price:$29 from
    *I am going to attempt to take a photo of the ingredients but it's quite small.  If I can I will add it later.
                                                                                           Have a beautiful day, Jeanie

    Versatile Bloggy Award

    I was bestowed by the lovely ArtDonatella a Versatile Blog Award.  Wow, I never though of myself as versatile but someone sees something I don't see.  Thank you!!

    The rules:

    Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
    Tell us 7 things about yourself. 
    Award 15 bloggers
    7 Things About Myself
    I am addicted to coke.  Not THAT kind but the cola.  I like those

    And the WINNERS are....

    First off, I want to take this time to express my sincere thanks for all the entries for the giveaway.  Everyone who takes the time to stop by- comment and be supportive is just lovely!  Once again, thank you so much!

     I wrote out all the names on little pieces of paper and had Mr. M choose the winners - one from each bowl.

    The yellow bowl was for prize #1 (ELF shadow book) and the blue bowl was for prize #2 (Hard Candy pink set).  If by chance an entry didn't have a preference they were entered for prize #1.

    Congrats to the winners (Dempss01 prize #1 & Vintage Makeup prize #2)! If you could please email me your mailing info I would appreciate it. email loveshersparkle at g mail dot com

    Here's a sneak peek at my next giveaway prize for the month of MAY

                                                                                                   Have a beautiful day, Jeanie

    LAQA & CO Nail Pens

    It's instant want with these gorgeous, high gloss nail pens from American brand, LAQA & CO. The thing I like most of all is that each shade uses a different young designer to embellish the packaging (and I love a good bit of packaging) so each polish is not only unique in colour, but also in design. Not only is a it a great way for yet-to-be-established designers to get their work seen, but they also get a cut of the profit, too. 

    LAQA & CO 'I Want A Pony' Nail Pen designed by Hazel Nicholls

    LAQA & CO 'Birthday Suit' designed by Amy Ross

    LAQA & CO 'Tigerblood' designed by Paul Price

    They're available in the UK at W Hotels stores, and also from Colette in Paris where they cost £12.48. Exciting. 

    YO Laketti

    We have Walburgis Day here in Finland, you can read my old post about it from here. This is a very quick post to show this hair band for my readers :D I hate that white cap so this is a new option. My husband says it looks terrible. LOL

    Tosi nopea postaus, Vilaan saapuivat YO-laketit eilen ja pakkohan minun olisi sellainen ostaa ;D  Pannan hinta on 39.90€ ja minusta kiva vapuksi, en toki ylioppilasjuhliin tätä laittaisi... Ylippilaslakki on ylippilaslakki ja ainoa oikea siihen tilaisuuteen.  En edes loppuillaksi, onhan se tukka jo siinä vaiheessa aivan järkyttävä.  Miesväki sanoi, että tämä on kutakuinkin yhtä sievä kuin hikipanta mutta me naiset tajusimme pannan nerouden (=tukka ei ole pilalla :D).

    Hyvää vappua!

    Vadelma valkosuklaakakku Herkkupiste Cateringistä,
    Turusta. Aivan mielettömän hyvä muuten :D

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    I Hate to Bore You Again but Have To

    I never expected to get many comments/reactions to my MakeUp Shit List post and I appreciate all of them.  I know blogging is a fairly new media outlet and how the many cosmetic brands deal with this medium will be interesting to see.  I would like to emphasize that I am not picking on any particular blog or YouTube Guru.  I am just stating that if a cosmetic company publicizes so much about

    Kate Middleton's Wedding Fragrance

    Kate Middleton, now of course, The Duchess of Cambridge, apparantly wore the beautiful White Gardenia Petals fragrance from Illuminum to wed her handsome prince. The scent begins with a top note of coconut bursting into a heart of ylang ylang, muguet (lily of the valley) and jasmine. Amber wood is the bottom note. 

    In keeping with Kate's support of British creativity for her wedding, Illuminum is the creation of British perfumer Michael Boadi, of Boadicia The Victorious range fame. The Illuminum range is split into four scented sections: Floral, Citrus, Oud and Musk. The ethos of the range is chic simplicity, so you won't find a million and one different ingredients vying for attention - so it seems to tie in very beautifully with Kate's look for day: elegant, uncluttered, sophisticated and fresh. 

    To my knowledge, White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, £70, is only stocked in one place, so here's the link.

    Pretty Pink Spring Things

    Mini cupcakes I baked for work!

    Mini pink clock and Hello Kitty on my desk

    No caption needed ha!

    My notebook

    Pretty tree outside my apartment building

    MAC lipstick in Chatterbox / NARS lipgloss in Angelika

    Very pink lips!

    Just wanted to do a pretty pink inspired post on this lovely Friday! I'm not usually a huge pink person, but I was seeing a theme today - flowers, lipstick, cupcakes, etc so I just ran with it =)

    The NARS lipgloss is new, and I've been wearing it an awful lot - love it alone or on top of a lipstick as seen above.

    You guys like it? =)

    Sushi, Sun, Sand & Stars: Shiseido 2011 Summer Limited Edition Collection

    Within the gorgeous setting of Nobu, Berkeley Street, I was treated to the finest of sushi and the latest offerings from the Japanese Cosmetic House of Shiseido. Sun, Sand & Stars, Makeup Artistic Director Dick Page's latest offering for Summer 2011. A blend of colours and textures inspired from the brilliant burning sun of noon, sunlight & shadows and the flashing stars in a blue-black summer night.
    The limited edition items consists of the Automatic Fine Eyeliner in Night Sky, a gorgeous, glossy deep navy that comes in a easy to use precision pen. And The Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Pink Sands, a trio of soft sweet peach, pale rosy platinum & cool shimmering pink. As you can see in the campaign shot, the products all have a slight shimmer to them. I have the other palettes in my kit and the textures are incredibly soft, blendable but yet easy to build up to a strong colour. Don't let the shimmer put you off, I was a touch apprehensive too but upon application, they disappear to the softest of sheens to add just enough interest and dimension. I wouldn't expect anything but perfection to come out of this Japanese brand.

    Night Sky and Pink Sands will be available nationwide in May, Night Sky rrp £23.00 and Pink Sand rrp £34.00.
    Also included as part of the event was a re-introduction to the Shiseido Bronzers. Coming in Light, Medium and Dark, these incredibly soft non-shimmery bronzers gives an air-brushed look, thanks to the technology behind it. A blend of silicones ensures that colour goes on in soft layers to prevent overload and is buildable to a desired intensity. Each compact also comes with a handy dense kabuki style brush that is beautifully soft and very very easy to use. I am not a fan of brushes that come in compacts but this was soft, densely packed with beautiful bristles and applied the bronzer like a dream!

    The Bronzer is available nationwide and rrp £32.00.

    I was also told by the lovely Louisa and Brona of Beauty Seen PR, who hosted the event that later on this year, Shiseido will be launching a new foundation brush. Now what's so special about another foundation brush? That was exactly what I thought and when I saw the only sample of it in the UK, I gasped. It was beautiful and lush! Basically a stippling type brush, this dense round brush promises to work the smallest amount of my new favourite Perfect Refining Foundation well into the skin to create a smooth undetectable finish. I cannot wait to get hold of one to use in my work! I'll report back to you as soon as I get one.

    So there we have it, another beautiful collection to tempt us. Is this a contender for all the beautiful products launching this summer? Personally I think it's a winner. A range that is not gimmicky and with high quality finishes that would work well for the consumer and also for any makeup artist. So please go and have a play at your nearest counter and let me know what you think. I've already been using mine on my clients and I can honestly say I love it!

    iHerb shopping (vitamins & a lovely soap)

    Indigo Wild Zum Bar:

    "A super emollient, ultra-moisturizing soap handmade without animal tallow, synthetic colorings or fragrances. Thar she bathes! Natural sea salts bring an ocean of moisture with a citrusy scent."

    I REALLY like Indigo Wild Zum Bar soap! It's pretty, lathers well, won't get too soft  (I use this as a hand soap) and makes my skin feel soft. I hated the smell at first, I really can't describe it, maybe it's "salty" but quite a strong scent indeed... But I started to like it :D Price is 4.40 USD at iHerb (my link, you will get -5 USD from your first order). I'll definitely repurchase this!

    Päätin testata iHerbistä uusia saippuoita ja tämä Indigo Wildin Zum Bar vaikutti kivalta :) En tosiana pettynyt: vaahtoaa hyvin, ei sula liian pehmeäksi (käytän käsisaippuana), on nätti ja saa ihon pehmoiseksi. Inhosin tuoksua alkuun, vaikea kuvata sitä mutta ehkä tosiaan hieman "suolainen". Ja todella vahva! Opin kuitenkin pitämään siitä :D Hinta on 4.40 USD ja yllä tosiaan linkki, jossa alekoodini (-5 USD ekasta tilauksesta). Näitä ostan jatkossakin!

    Solgar Solovite:

    Not tested yet but I like Solgar products in general. This is a iron free multivitamin.

    Vielä testaamatta mutta yleensä olen pitänyt Solgareista. Tämä Solovite on raudaton monivitamiini.

    Madre Labs samples:

    I love the taste, maybe I should but these finally :) I didn't get all of these in this order, some are older.

    I also got DermaE Pygnogenol Moisturizing gel for my mom :) I have used several jars already and my skin seems to like it!

    DermaE Pycnogenol-geeli menee äidilleni, on tosiaan ihoni suosikkihoitotuote :)

    Follow This Little Blog Friday

    I think there is some big event going on today with many followers.  Well, if you could just for one minute turn your following to another one who needs more, please follow the little blog Beauty Soiree written by an Aussie who like many is a makeup fanatic.  I thank you and enjoy the rest of that Big Event*.

    *This blog like Blogdorf Goodman has chosen to be royal free.

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Sneak Peek:Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush- Exposed

    This will be a brief post of a few photos of Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed.  I just received it and have not had a chance to play with it properly.

    Initial impression: L* O* V* E- perhaps more than the other two clay blushes I already own.

    This is an understated color that looks a little muddy and brown in the pan but on my arm it's a rather subtle and natural looking tawny rose nude. Fingers crossed it looks as good on my cheeks as it does on my wrist.

    More thoughts to come....

     the last three are w/o flash but under florescent lights


    A Chance to Win a $250 Gift Card by Telling The World How Beautiful Your Mom Is

    We all know how wonderful our mums are and with Mother's Day coming up why not tell everyone via the Beautiful Mom contest sponsored by SkincareRX?  Here is your chance to receive a $250 gift card.  Just post a comment on the SkincareRX website via any of the Beautiful Mom words planted in this post.  Any of them will take you to the contest site.  Once there, post why your Mom deserves the $250

    No More Waity, Katie - The Lipgloss

    I know that lots of bloggers absolutely loved the butterLONDON No More Waity, Katie nail polish, but butter have sneaked in a Waity Katie lipgloss over in the States. Unfortunately, it isn't available in the UK (oddly, since this is where it's all at, Katie-wise). But, what I'm hoping is that it's the first of many lipglosses from the butterLONDON brand - Creative Director, Nonie Creme, was one of the first to see that traditionally interior shades had a place on nails and her colour creativity is spot on. So, if they do decide to bring out some edgy glosses, I for one, can't wait. 

    So while the US get the gloss, we get the princess. Fair enough. 

    Eating My Words: Lumiere Byzantines de Chanel Limited Edition Palette

    An eagle-eyed reader has pointed out the (currently) US only Lumiere Byzantines Palette just when I was bemoaning the fact Chanel haven't done anything interesting in the limited edition stakes for a while. So, in a swift back-track, I'll say that this puts them firmly back in the interesting stakes. It appears to be US only at the moment on a limited edition run of 1500 pieces..and it's $250. Eek. I'm struggling enough as it is to swatch my Dior Mitzah palette because I just can't bear to 'spoil' it but I'd be truly unable to do anything much other than gaze lovingly at Byzantines. Comprising 5 creme shades of gold, it's nothing short of amazing. 

    image: French Vogue

    Nail Stickers - The Verdict

    Chic Prints for Nails - Sephora by OPI in Lace

    Love the pattern!

    My nails look like little presents haha

    Kinda hard to fit to my nails though...

    OK so I took the plunge into nail sticker territory and above are the results! A few pros/cons from yours truly:

    • No drying time
    • The pattern is cool and shiny
    • You can apply them essentially anywhere and it doesn't make a mess
    • No chipping or smudging
    • Certain stickers didn't cover my nails all the way (as seen in the last photo) and the next largest size was too big.
    • Even after filing the nail stickers as the directions stated, the tips are still fraying a bit
    • Things get stuck to them (tissues, napkins, etc)
    • I found it difficult to get the bubbles out, even after trying to smooth them out.
    As you can see, it seems like the cons outweigh the pros in this scenario. Now, this could be that I don't have enough experience in applying them, so perhaps it just takes better practice to get it right. Or maybe it was just the brand that I bought that was sub par - I know many other brands make nail stickers too.

    What do you guys think? Any tips on how to apply these better?

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