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Bitchy Barbie - Majesty Edition


MAC Haute & Naughty Lash
Lightning Lash in Electric Blue by Femme Couture
Smashbox Eye Beam Double Ended Brightener


MAC Lip Pencil in Trimmed in Pink
Urban Decay Lip Junkie Gloss in Crush

High Voltage Cosmetics~ Review and Swatches

A couple months ago I had ordered a ton of samples from High Voltage Cosmetics, an indie company that has a high variety of eyeshadow colours as well as some lip products (which I didn't get samples of). Everything came nicely packaged in a bubble-wrapped envelope with the samples in little baggies with the names on little stickers. All the baggies were placed together in a larger baggie with gold stars on it which I thought was nice. There was also a small hand written thank-you as well. Unfortunately, I didn't receive all the samples I ordered and though I've e-mailed multiple times I've yet to get a response in return.

The best thing about High Voltage eyeshadows I think is the wonderful duochrome options. Truly unique and absolutely fabulous, there are options available for everyone! I ordered the entire Norse Mythology collection as well as some from the permanent lines too. I certainly have some favourites but some I was a bit disappointed in too. One thing I was kinda disappointed about was that one of my shadow samples was missing- part of the collection was the shadow Mani and Sol from the Norse Mythology Collection but I never recieved it. I did however recieve 2 Vali and 2 Uggdrasil for some reason. I received a couple other extra shadow samples in my order too but I would have liked the Mani and Sol alot I think.

Favourites- Vali (MOST FAVOURITE!), Stiletto Strut, Twilight Symphony, Vor, Baldr, Thorr, Radio Waves, Born to Rock (not shown- was mixed into the purple mix), Sif, Aasgard

Disappointments- Smoke and Mirrors (darker than I wanted- not as pigmented as I wanted), Snotra wasn't unique enough, Mead of Suttungr (kind of patchy- looks white instead of off-white on), Manhatten (too dark- not really different than alot of charcoals out there), Tyr (really looks rust like to me, too close to rust coloured for me to want to wear).

I did attempt to contact the owner of High Voltage cosmetics twice and never heard back from her. I had asked her a bunch of questions about her company and herself- even just getting a response saying they were happy I was reviewing their shadows but can't take the time to fill out my questions would have been appreciated. But I didn't have any issues with the service at all- cheap shipping, good sample prices, lots of variety and fairly quick shipping. The only downside was the one shadow missing.

I found the sample baggies a pain due to their finickiness and difficultly to not get the shadow everywhere using them though they were well labeled. The samples weren't large enough to even press a shadow pan a quarter of the way filled- the mixes were three or four shadows combined together and the shadow pans still weren't full- which was a shame as I was hoping to press them to use. When I use them out of the bags I get the powder all over my hands and the surface I'm working over. Also, the website could really benefit from a search bar! I found it hard to find certain shades a second time browsing the website.

All in all though I do like the company and I think there are some great options here. However unless you can handle eyeshadows from little baggies I don't recommend ordering any samples unless you're really unsure of a colour- just choose wisely based on online swatches and order the full size. Anyways here are my many swatches- Enjoy!

Top to Bottom: Green Mix, Purple Mix, Stiletto Strut, Acoustic, Smoke &; Mirrors
Top to Bottom: Green Mix, Purple Mix, Stiletto Strut, Acoustic, Smoke &; Mirrors
The Green Mix is Prince Charming, Odin and Einherjer samples mixed together; the Purple Mix is Ala Rock, Frozen Love and Born to Rock  samples all together.
Top to Bottom: Himinbjorg, Gefjon, Vali, Ragnarok, Thorr, Lofn, Vor, Snotra, Twilight Symphony, Baldr, Aasgard, Frigg
Top to Bottom: Himinbjorg, Gefjon, Vali, Ragnarok, Thorr
Top to Bottom: Thorr, Lofn, Vor, Snotra, Twilight Symphony

Top to Bottom: Snotra, Twilight Symphony, Baldr, Aasgard, Frigg
Top to Bottom: Mead of Suttungr, Freyja, Manhatten, Freyr, Weth, Reverb, Valhalla, Stargazer, Aandlang, Uggdrasil, Radio Waves, Loki, Tyr, Sif
Top to Bottom: Mead of Suttungr, Freyja, Manhatten, Freyr, Weth, Reverb
Top to Bottom: Freyr, Weth, Reverb, Valhalla, Stargazer, Aandlang, Uggdrasil

Top to Bottom: Uggdrasil, Radio Waves, Loki, Tyr, Sif

Blue Mascara - The Verdict

Just a touch of blue...

A little twist on the usual eyes

I used:

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

Lightning Lash in Electric Blue by Femme Couture

Smashbox Eye Beam Double Ended Brightener

What do you guys think? I took my pretty readers' advice, and just put the blue on the bottom lashes. I think it's kinda cute!


Hebridean Sprite Beauty's 1st Birthday!

From image here
A year ago today I certainly didn't think I'd be here. As a sufferer of ADHD I have a sad tendency to start something and then get distracted by something else and leave things unfinished. However the wonders of make-up has persevered and Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blog has made it to it's very first birthday!
As something that started as a way to express my more creative side as well as my need to shout out my opinion and keep up my writing skills this blog has most certainly accomplished it's original goal. I've also been able to really interact with some other awesome beauty junkies, felt like I've accomplished something and even had a stress reduction outlet! I've learned a lot and I hope I've been helpful as well.

In the coming year I hope to keep doing what I've been doing. Reviews, swatches, deals, links and opinions. Hopefully at least one giveaway and survey, as well as some sparse animal posts. I'm sure there will be more too- I'd love to hear your opinions! What would you like to see?

As a side note my Fyrinnae order came today! Perfect timing it's like a little gift to myself for this anniversary! How cool hmm? I hope to have swatches up soonish.

As for the coming couple of weeks things are going to be hectic for me! We're selling our house and moving to a completely different city- so packing, painting, cupboard and counter renovations and more will be going on. I'll try not to disappoint though.

Lots of Love to all my readers (I appreciate every single one of you!),
Krista, a.k.a. Hebridean Sprite :D

Hakugen Aroma Mint Oil Clear Film

These film blotters were flagged up by a reader (thank you MakeMeBeautiful) and they're really interesting. I've never seen anything like them before and I guess you would describe them as next generation blotting papers. It is very often the case that Japan leads with trends and I can see this one translating really well over here. In fact, MAC already does some although they aren't scented (for a staggering £10.50 for 30 sheets - the ones I was looking at on Amazon were $2.20 for 60 sheets and someone was complaining that was too expensive!), Johnson & Johnson in Japan even do some grapefruit scented ones, and they're all over Sephora so it is really just a matter of time. 

The blotters are made from polypropylene film iinstead of paper giving a softer texture that still easily absorbs oil. After use the film becomes transparent. I've checked out a few reviews of these and everyone loves the minty smell. One of my favourite blogs, WorshipBlues.com has a brief review here: http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/04/marvellous-mint.html

Mac Bloggers Obsession Collection- More Information and links to Swatches!

The information from the 9 bloggers themselves has been released! They've got their swatches, their experiences at the Mac laboratories and more! I don't want to publish their pictures without their permission so I've linked every single post and video up so far!

Temptalia! Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow, a emerald green with teal and gold sparkle! (Can't wait to see more of this one!)
- A complete overview of the collection with pictures of the bloggers themselves, links to their blogs and Mac preliminary pictures. Here!
- The creation and swatches of her eyeshadow- all the background and inspiration! Here!
- Tour behind the scenes at the Estee Lauder (they own MAC) facilities. Here!

Beauty Blogging Junkie! Sparkle Neely Sparkle eyeshadow- A warm brown with champagne shimmer! (Wonderful neutral shade but flashy enough for a night out too!)
Creation, swatches and Valley of the Dolls (inspiration) Clip!

Makeup and Beauty Blog! Evolution Revolution lipglass, a sheer coral with gold and pink shimmer!
- Evolution Revolution- Swatches and Inspiration and the creation process! Here!
- 12 ways to wear Evolution Revolution lipglass with other lipsticks and lipliners! All the creative ways, Here!

The Makeup Girl (.net)! Hocus Pocus eyeshadow, a medium smoky grey with rich silver shimmer- to create an easy powerful smoky eye!
- Swatches, pictures, links all Here!
- Behind the scenes, more swatches, Here!

The Shades of You! Sonoran Rain lipglass, a red coral base with a gold pearl, and silver pearl.
- Video description of what happened, inspiration and swatches! Here!
- The series of posts all about it, Part 1!
- Series, Part 2!
- Series, Part 3!
- The series of posts all about it, Part 4!

Nitro:licious! Nitro:licious 2046, Intense shiny warm red!
- Post about the experience and a swatch picture (on the lips!) Here!

Afrobella! All of My Purple Life, medium to dark purple lipglass!
- The experience and the mix up of the shade Here! (Make sure to click the pictures to see them larger!)

No posts yet on the eyeshadow shade Parisian Skies (grey-blue), and Lipglass Caqui (persimmon orange), from Lipstick Powder n Paint and Beauty Maverick respectively. Hopefully their coming soon!


EDIT: The last two bloggers have updated their blogs with their product info- links to both of them are on my post HERE. :D

L'Occitane Giveaway Winners

Right, the lovely people at L'Occitane had such a hard time choosing between the amazing entries that they offered a 2nd prize as well so that two people could have some L'Occitane goodies. I've never heard of this happening before but it was a hard call because there were some very inspiring stories. In fact, they were all inspiring and uplifting so thank you to all who entered. 

The L'Occitane Hamper went to Rachel who has had a horrible time of it with depression and an eating disorder and was helped through it all by her angelic mum, who is not very well herself. Rachel wanted the hamper to say thank you to her mum. 

The second prize, a box of L'Occitane goodies went to Beth, and again it was her mum who came to the rescue when she lost all her research the day before her dissertation was due. Her mum sat up with her for 24 hours retyping the research, offering drinks and snacks, then drove her to uni in time to hand it in. The best thing about this story is that Beth got a 1st!  

Well done Beth and Rachel.

The Attack of the Bronzers

Too much bronzer makes me want to vomit. There is nothing attractive about having a spotty, blotchy, shimmery, sparkly face. It looks unnatural, and you aren't fooling anyone. In my eyes, you might as well look like this:

Back away from the bronzing brush...

Photos and swatches: Burberry Beauty Mini Haul

The Burberry Beauty range is one of those cosmetic lines where I could easily walk up to the counter and utter the words.... "one of each, please".

I've been so delighted with all my previous Burberry Beauty purchases I had little hesitation adding a few more stunners to my collection.  All the pieces I have chosen so far have been classic, wearable and the quality from the product to the packaging has been impeccable.  

Porcelain sheer eye shadow 03
Porcelain eye shadow and Midnight Brown eye liner pencil
 Burberry English Rose Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick
 Swatches: indoor light
English Rose, Porcelain and Midnight Brown
Swatch with flash

As always please click to enlarge

Reviews coming later

Targeting eyelashes: DejaVu Tiny Sniper Mascara & Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact frame & curl mascara

 I have been trying out two new types of  mascaras lately.

They have both a different purpose. Eyelashes are eyelashes, but the brush and formula can make the difference. So I have a under-row lash mascara for review and a 'standard' mascara.

I start off with the special one. I spotted the DejaVu Tiny Sniper on sasa, and it was the name that got me.

Sniper, according to Wiki:
A sniper is a marksman who shoots targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the capabilities of regular personnel. Snipers typically have specialized training and distinct high-precision rifles.

So the name is a bit...violent? But I get the idea that the sniper mascara is so good it targets the smallest lashes:

DejaVu Tiny Sniper lower lash mascara
That brings me to Sasa's description:

One of the hottest makeup items in Japan, DEJAVU FIBERWIG Tiny Sniper is a paint-on false lash that instantly transforms into wrapping firm and multiple fiber to lengthen your lashes.
Lengthen the tiny lash at the corners of eyes and lower lash
It contains the ultra-soft fiber which is specially for tiny lashes, resulting in separate lash look.
Light and smooth mascara does not cake, resulting in long and natural-looking makeup finish.
The tiny brush and long handle enable convenient and accurate application.
No “panda eyes”
It instantly transforms into adhering firm to resist sebum, water and sweat. No smudge.
Convenient removal
It could be removed by warm water. No damage to lashes
  1. Comb eyelashes with eyelash brush. Curl up eyelashes with lash curler.
  2. Take out the mascara brush. Brush your eyelashes outwards and horizontally. Brush the outer side of eyelashes first then the inner side for curly eyelashes.  
  3. Apply the second layer if necessary. Reapply after the previous layer dries.  
  4. Tidy up with eyelash brush.

I really like and enjoy the mascara for the tiny lashes of my under ánd upperlashes. That is right: I use it as a upperlash mascara as well. It is so precise that I get this wonderfully long and defined look. It only takes a bit longer to obtain the look, but it works.

It does wash off with warmer water. People who know the wash-off formula know it crumbles down to black tiny balls, and you can wash it off.

Overall, a wonderful mascara for a lengthening (not so thickening) and precise application of mascara.

I purchased the Tiny Sniper on sasa (here) for $12.20

To give away the clue, I have not been so enthousiastic about the next one: Kiss me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara.
But it is a question of preference...I will explain further.

Adambeauty has this description up on the Lash & Curl (the black, new one)
Google translate translated the Chinese into this:

Ying Xian Feng exceptionally strong long mascara. III design with a round brush to create his best eyelashes, like wearing false eyelashes, Fung Ying effect of 80% over the same series. 。 Plant wax components with triple, so lasting curl mascara all day.
 Lasting waterproof formula, anti-sweat, tears, and grease.  Repair plant components, protect the eyelashes break. 

Yeh, I never said Google translate is perfect...

First, the Frame and Curl is the one in black on top, and the other one in red is the Kiss Me Heroine Long& Curl one.

I basically like the red Long & Curl for the formula, but most importantly because of the brush. The formula leaves lashes curled and black, but not too stiff.

The stiffness is the biggest problem of the Frame & Curl one. But it has other downsides I dislike:

  1. The brush is not precise enough. It is one of those plastic brushes with both sides, one with hardly any brush and the other side with longer, comb-like pins. One coat left my eyelashes overcoated, and my upper eyelids as well!
  2. The formula leaves lashes like a thick coat of Superglue. Horribly stiff and unconfortable.
  3. That makes it a B%&@# to take it off. It rivals the notorious Majolica Majorca mascara times 10....
  4. So, I gotten irritated eyes the morning after because of the almost impossible way to remove it all. Yeh, I have tons of Japanese mascaras so I know how stubborn some can be (Majolica Majorca??), but this tops them all.
On the plus side, it is the most black and glossy formula ever...

I am suprised this mascara is so different than the red long & curl one of Kiss Me Heroine, because I really like that one and I rotate it on regular basis.

Still, it gotten some raves on other blogs, so it might not work for me but it could work for you.

I bought the Kiss me Heroine Frame and Curl on adambeauty over here for $15.50

Now I am curious for the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Long Volume Dynamic mascara. I wonder how that one will work...

Did you have any new mascara discoveries lately?

Paper Cheeks

While I realise there is no actual point to these sweet little papers infused with blush other than maybe a space saving option if you have a *very* slender bag, but they're just so pretty I'd still love a set if they were available in the UK. Mai Couture are an interesting brand: they've very recently brought out Blemish Control Blotting Papers impregnated with Salicylic acid which are a good idea - nobody wants to get the spot cream out on a night out or mop up when the oil gets shiny. They're very discrete and so easy to do a quick once over on shiny areas when out and about. There are also 'Rejuvenating Oil Blotters' and a rather weirdly shaded Bronzer Blotter.

NB: Thanks to a reader (thank you Meeta!) comment, I know now that these are available at http://www.beautyworkswest.com/cat_name/Mai-Couture.aspx

Green, green & green from MAC Flighty! Photos, swatches & EOTDs

I got these three lovely green products for review purpose: Green is Green Zoom Lash Mascara, Sage & Wisdom Mineralize eyeshadow & Spread the wealth Big Bounce eyeshadow.

Sain testiini muutamia vihreitä ihanuuksia MAC Flighty-kokoelmasta: Green is Green-mascara, Sage&Wisdom mineralize-luomiväri ja Spread the wealth Big Bounce-luomivärin. Varsinkin rehellistä arviota Big Bouncesta kaivattiin :) Nämä tulevat myyntiin huomenna!

Colored mascaras/ MAC Flighty collection, available colors: Green is Green (jade), High esteem (grey), Blue Charge & Plum Reserve. These are Zoom mascaras, I have a black one already. The mascara is a good basic mascara and these new colors are so cool :D "Green is green" is dark enough to be used alone, bright enought to really be a green mascara and still not too bright!

MAC Flight kokoelmassa on 4 värillistä ripsiväriä: Green is green (jade), High Esteem (harmaa), Blue Charge (sininen) ja Plum Reserve (luumu). Laadultaan nämä ovat Zoom-mascaroita, ennestään minulla onkin musta Zoom Fast Black. Ihan kiva perusmascara ja nämä uudet Limited Edition värit tosiaan hauskat :D  Green is green on tarpeeksi tumma käytettäväksi yksinään, tarpeeksi vihreä näyttääkseen oikeasti vihreältä mutta ei kuitenkaan liian räikeä! Mahtaakohan nuo muut värit näkyä näin hyvin ripsissä? Kiva kuulla mielipiteitä, jos ostatte tämän! Tekisi mieli hankkia vielä tuo luumu syksyksi...

Tuotteen hinta on 15€ ja suosin itse MACin ripsareita jo siitäkin syystä, että ne myydään laatikosta. Sinetöimättömät markettituotteet ovat kaikkien testattavissa ja joissain merkeissä hinnatkin saattavat olla jo MACiä korkeammat. Murisen tästä asiasta siihen saakka, että niitä sinettejä saadaan :D

The most interesting product was Big Bounce eyeshadow/ MAC Flighty collection, eyeshadow mousse. It's limited edition and there is 16 different colors! I was interested in testing this because I've read that this creases quite easily... My lids are dry, I've had a problem with creasing like once EVER, so I expected that this would work one me. If not, I'd call it hopeless case ;D

I applied it with synthetic flat brush (from Sigma) and tapped it on my lids, over Urban Decay Primer potion. It felt very wet so I let it dry for a minute, eyes closed. It felt a bit moist (or was it just that cooling effect...) for some time but I experienced no creasing. After about half an hour it was completely dry and felt like "regular" eyeshadow. I didn't crease on me, see my pictures below. I also tested it with no primer at all and no creasing! But I still prefer to use primer, the eyeshadows just look more vibrant then :D

This color, Spead the Wealth, is not opaque. It looks more like sheer wash of color :) It's lovely in the summertime though. So it worked on me as an eyeshadow but I was still more interested of using it as a colored base, and it worked so well! I applied Sage & Wisdow Mineralize over it (the base was still wet). I'm not good at using eyeshadows wet but this did almost the same trick. Yay!
"Eyes are fresh and luminescent with beautiful sheen washes of vibrant color using new Flighty Eye Shadows. This spongy, mousse-like eye shadow is lightweight, lasts for hours, and imparts a cooling sensation upon application. Eyes are fresh and luminescent"
So it worked very well on me :D If you have dry lids and eyeshadows rarely crease on you, this might work. If you have oily lids, maybe not... At least test it first :)

Kiinnostavin tuote näistä oli Big Bounce-"luomivärivaahto" (hinta 19€). Big Bounce on Limited Edition-tuote ja värejä on tarjolla 16. Testaaminen kiinnosti erityisesti, koska olin lukenut ja kuullut tämän pysyvän luomilla aika huonosti... Omat luomeni ovat kuivat, joten epäilin tämän pysyvän ihan hyvin. Ja jos taas ei toimisi, ei sitten varmaan toimisi kenelläkään ;D

Levitin tuotteen synteettisellä littanalla siveltimellä (Sigma) ja taputtelin luomille tasaisesti ohuehkon kerroksen, Urban Decay Primer Potionin päälle. Tuote tuntui märältä, joten annoin kuivua minuuttin verran. Tämänkin jälkeen luomet tuntuivat vielä hetken hieman kosteilta (tai sitten se on mainittu "cooling effect") mutta väri ei kuitenkaan karannut luomilta ja tummemman värin (mineralize) sai levitettyä helposti luomivakoon. Kuivuttuaan puolisen tuntia Big Bounce tuntuikin ihan tavalliselta luomiväriltä. Pysyi siis aivan hyvin minulla, alla kuvia työpäivän jälkeen. Testasin myös ilman mitään primeriä ja ihan samoin pysyi, toki mieluiten käytän aina primeriä (luomivärit näyttävät vain paremmilta :D) mutta olipa vain pakko testata tämäkin. *heh*

Väri Spread the wealth on kaunis vaaleahko lämmin vihreä, ei kovinkaan peittävä (ilmeisesti eri väreissä on eroja). Aika kiva kesäksi kylläkin :) Tämä siis toimi minulla luomivärinäkin mutta vielä enemmän kiinnosti testata tätä pohjustajana! Siinä olikin oikein mainio tuote, tämä ei kuivu heti, joten laitoin tarkoituksella MAC Mineralize Sage&Wisdomia märän Big Bouncen päälle. Mineralize levittyi helposti päälle ja pysyi erinomaisesti. En ole koskaan oppinut käyttämään luomivärejä märkänä mutta tällä sai aikaan vähän vastaavan efektin :)

Eli toimi hyvin minulla! Kuivilla luomilla tuote saattaa siis hyvinkin toimia, kuten toimi minullakin, mutta oikein rasvaisilla luomilla saattaa tulla ongelmia... Kannattaa testata, jos vain mahdollista, ennen ostoa :) Itse saatan sortua vielä vaaleansiniseen versioon, se oli NIIN kaunis.

And then my favorite product... MAC Sage & Wisdom Mineralize eyeshadow duo! There are 6 new colors, yay! The colors might not be the most unique but they are nice colors to use, maybe that is more important to most of the customers ;) I love this green one and I'd like to buy at least This & That (bone and light brown) and maybe also Thunder & Rain (blue/purple and grey)...

These have satin finish, not very shimmery. The lighter color in Sage & Wisdow is satin with shimmer and the darker is satin without shimmer (but not completely matte either). It was like a dream to apply and blend (not very pigmented but pigmented enough). Perfect!

ja sitten suosikkini... Sage&wisdom Mineralize-luomiväri duo! Hinta tällä on 20€ ja ainakin ulkomailla tuotteen pitäisi pysyä valikoimissa vuoden verran, uusia värejä on 6. Ehkeivät ihan unikeimpia sävyjä mutta oikein kivoja käytössä, se lienee suurimmalle osalle ostajista tärkeintä :D Olen kyllä saanut kovasti kehuja Safe & Wisdomia käyttäessäni ja haaveissa on vielä This&That (luonnonvaalea/v.ruskea) ja Thunder&rain (sinivioletti/harmaa).

Koostumus ei ole yhtään glitterinen (jossain vanhoissa Mineralizeissa siis oli kovasti glitteriä), enemmänkin satiininen. Vaaleampi sävy on hohtavampi ainakin vihreässä duossa. Aivan ihana ja helppo levittää ja häivyttää. Tummempi sävy on mainio päiväkäytössä: väriä lähtee mutta ei ole mahdottoman pigmenttinenkään. Tykkään!

EOTD with Sage & Wisdom Mineralize:

Bare Faced Beauty foundation
Bare Faced beauty Fairy princess bronzer
MAC Peaches blush
MAC Line Filler & NARS concealer (under eyes)
Detrivore primer
MAC naked pigment
MAC Mineralize sage&Wisdom
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC Zoom lash Green is Green
MAC Ravishing (cremesheen) lipstick
EOTD with Sage & Wisdom Mineralize, Spread the Wealth Big Bounce eyeshadow as a base:

EOTD with Spread the Wealt Big Bounce (lid) and Sage&Wisdom Mineralize (crease):

Bare Faced Beauty foundation
MAC Peaches blush
MAC Spread the Wealth (lid)
MAC Mineralize Sage&Wisdom (crease)
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
MAC Good to to Pro Longwear lipcreme

Big Bounce eyeshadow (over UDPP) after 10 hours!
Big Bounce eyeshadow (without any primer) after 11 hours.
Well, it didn't crease but see what a difference
does a primer do!

Did you buy something from MAC Flighty collection/ new Mineralize colors? What do you think about Big Bounce eyeshadows?

Note: Some samples/products mentioned in this post were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are mine.

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