Saturday, July 30, 2011

Addict - I know, everyone's doing it.

Is there a lipgloss rehab? If so, I need to check in, and fast. Even though one of the single most annoying things for any girl is lipgloss hair - you know - the wind blows and your hair ends up coated, you can almost tell a lipgloss's durability by whether your hair will blow back to it's normal style or stay stuck across your face. Bobbi Brown glosses I swear have glue as an ingredient. That stuff stays. Wear hats on a windy day. Since I can't pass a BB counter without buying at least a couple, I have at least 25 different shades. Low on the dreaded fragrancing, high on staying power, these little tubes of magic are my desert island essential. So, its a bit scary that there is now a UK Bobbi Brown web site where those of us who don't have a ready fix at hand can indulge. Rehab? I think I'm going to need Boot Camp.

Flirty Pretty Things

I love the candy aspect of make up - the prettier the better; the type of cosmetic canape that makes me want to buy it regardless of whether I'll ever wear it.....and here's a fabulous example of exactly what I want for an instant make up fix! Taking inspiration from exotic birds, Boots No7 Tropical Eyes Limited Edition Tropical Eyeshadow, £9.50, uses three colourways to create a stunning picture that's almost too perfect to sully with a brush. I haven't bought one yet so I can't tell you how it wears, but I probably won't dare to spoil it when I do!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Aw, it has been a full week since I wrote something over here. In that time I have been:

1. Fascinated by Marimekko fabrics:

I really like the colour composition, history and decoration of Marimekko fabrics and goods (more info here). The quintessentially recognisable motives are being sold on clothes, fabrics, homewear, mugse (etc) and in collaborations with other brands. E.g. They have been collaborating with H&M before, and I still have a tshirt from that collection. Also, Marimekko had a recent collaboration with Converse.

Not really related to that, but somewhat, I would love to be able to manage a sewing machine, so I can create something clothes-like with Marimekko-fabrics and other quirky fabrics.

2. Shocked by the unsummery upheaval of the news.

I am not going into details because most of you know what has been going on. I still decide to focus on the lovely things in the news (there are still lovely things) and learn from the shocking things.

NOTD: Nubar Reclaim

In Shade
I finally got my bottle of Nubar Reclaim and I must say it is amazing! Such a gorgeous bright grass green with the most awesome holographic rainbow shimmer. The formula is wonderful and long-wearing, it needs 3 coats to be fully opaque, though 2 is almost good enough. I'm on day 2 and no chips or major tip wear yet.
Bright Sunlight
Look at the amazing rainbows! And the colour itself is just awesome!
In Sunlight
In Sunlight
Overall- This polish is about as perfect as you can get on the market in my opinion. The formula is amazing; easy to use and long lasting, the colour is wonderful and the holographic aspect rocks! The price is rather inexpensive for such a good product, I bought mine off Amazon for around $10 USD including shipping.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I love this polish so much and is I think my favourite green polish in my collection (which is big because Green is my favourite colour!)

Sprite Rating: 10/10 There is nothing more I would ask from this polish except that Nubar be more readily available! Holy Grail Polish here people!

Boring Shadows Need Not Apply

Remember when you used to buy eye shadows that were just one color? Not anymore. How boring, right? Ever since the baked eye shadow craze hit a few years back, tons of companies have been coming out with their own creations of wild shadows - swirled, baked, silk-screened, patterned, multi-colored, you name it. Here are some of my favorites - some new, some a bit older:

Vincent Longo





MAC's Quite Cute


MAC's Semi Precious

MAC's Tartan Tale (Holiday collection)

Laura Mercier Baked Shadows

MAC in Lillyland

Too Faced Baked Shadows

Favorites? I am lusting over the Vincent Longo shade!!!

MAC Prep+Prime eye & face protect spf 50

I have used MAC Prep+Prime Eye Base for about a month now. As you know, my favorite primer is Detrivore. Detrivore is super sticky "waxy" primer, works well on my dry lids and especially with pigments. How ever, this kind of primer is not always the best. For example mattes or creamy eyeshadows work better with different kind of primer and sometimes I just want less "intense" color to my lids :)

MAC Eye primer is really nice, I think there are three colors to choose from and mine is "Light". I like to use this with sheer eyeshadows, because my own lid color is a bit reddish (yuck) and this conceals that! This is very nice to apply and makes lid smooth. I have dry lids so I don't know how this works on oilier lids, any comments about that? :)

Olen nyt testaillut MAC Prep+Prime Eye base pohjustajaa kuukauden verran. Kuten varmaan olette jo huomanneet, oma suosikkiprimerini on Detrovoren supertahmaprimer, johon pigmentit tarttuvat hyvin kiinni. Tämän tyyppinen tahmaprimer ei kuitenkaan aina toimi niin hyvin, esim. mattavärit saattavat näyttää laikullisilta ja voidemaisten kanssa ei toimi myöskään. Joskus myös vain haluan hieman vähemmän intensiviisen silmämeikin.

Tämä MACin primer on kyllä varsin kiva, levittyy hyvin (vähän liukkaan oloinen levittäessä) ja peittää mukavasti luomen omaa väriä (omani ovat ällöttävän punertavat, yök). Värejä taitaa olla tarjolla kolme, omani on se vaalein eli "Light". Tosi vaalealle iholle ehkä kuitenkin liian tumma mutta suurimmalle osalle suomalaisista menee varmaan ihan mainiosti :) Oma ihoni on kuiva eli en osaa sanoa miten toimii rasvaisilla luomilla, kokemuksia siitä?

MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50 is a primer and a sunscreen in one :D What a perfect product for summer wedding etc! When I tested this for the first time, i think I applied too much: I looked like a doll. LOL. Well, not necessarily bad but in a regular working day, it was a bit too much. But next time I applied less and it looked just very good. I still prefer MAC prep+Prime skin face, it's more like a fluid and this is a cream.

Have you tested this, what do you think?

MAC Prep+Primer Face Protect SPF 50 on primer ja aurinkovoide samassa :D Mikä täydellinen tuote kesäjuhliin! Oma ihoni ei ole rasvoittuva ja meikit pysyvät muutenkin mutta tätä on jo usemapi kaveri hekuttanut juuri sen takia, että pitää meikin paikallaan aamusta iltaan! Kun ensimmäistä kertaa testasin tätä, taisin laittaa "hieman" liikaa, iho näytti lähinnäö posliininukelta :D No, ei ehkä sinänsä ihan paha mutta ei kuitekaan ykkösvaihtoehtoni arkiseen kesäpäivään ;) Seuraavalla kertaa taisi annostus olla enemmän kohdillaan ja näytti vain hyvältä! Oma suosikkini on kuitenkin keveympi Prep+Prime skin face, tämä on tosiaan koostumukseltaan paksumpaa.

Oletko testannut tätä? Mitä pidit? :)

MAC Face protect SPF 50 & Eye primer "Light"

Eye primer "Light"

MAC eye primer light
MAC Phloof! eye shadow
MAC Smoke & Diamonds eye shadow

MAC Face protector & mineral foundation
lips: MAC New temptation

Note: Some samples/products mentioned in this post were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are mine.

Riding The Red Eye

Ever since I spotted've been wanting to do the red eye liner look. I wasn't sure how to make it work on me because it is such a strident, statement look. So, consulting with make-up artist, Kenneth Soh he gave me some tips on how to to ride the red eye. Firstly, red eye liners aren't that easy to come by - I certainly don't have one in my stash - so I improvised with Bobbi Brown's Lip Liner in Red (but any lip liner would do) as my starting point. Kenneth suggested doing a 'double line' to stop it looking stark. So I did quite a thick line with Red and then on the very edge right by the lashes did a second,very slender line using first Estee Lauder Pure Color Liquid Eyeliner (launching 1st August) in Graphite, a sparkling, steely grey which I would wear as a red eye day look. Then I tried doing the second, slender line with Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven Glaze that gives a proper smack of black and revs up the look - especially if you are doing ultra-black lashes and some kohl on the inner rims. 

Kenneth suggests that you blot the lip liner with a tissue to remove any excess oils, add a little neutral face powder, blot again and do a final red line. Hopefully this should give it some staying power. 

See what you think:
Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Red with EL Pure Color Liquid Liner in Graphite

Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Red with Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven Glaze


George Constanza Didn't like It


This post isn't going to be about a review on color because I want to leave that out.  This post is about me spending hard earned dollars on products I know will eventually disappoint which are publicized to the point of fantastical greatness.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows
These Benefit Creaseless cream shadows ($19USD) come in an array of colors which are creaseless. 

Monday, July 25, 2011


I recently reviewed the OH MY GOSH collection of Limited Edition nailpolishes ~ LINK ~ and promised a giveaway of the Pop Art range – so here it is - the very first giveaway for my lovely followers!

The Prize: One person will win these six gorgeous

Pop Art Nailpolishes by OH MY GOSH!



Pop Art Summer Shades

Turquoise Blue … Orange Splash … Bright Yellow

Apple Green … Electric Pink … Cobalt Blue

Limited Edition, only available in-store at Superdrug

£2.99 each, while stocks last

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Giveaway Rules:

I’ve kept these as simple as possible so please take a minute to read before adding your details in the comment box.

1. You must be a follower of my blog. It means a lot to me that 183 people now subscribe to my blog – thank you!                         This is for you guys!

2. Tell me which shade you would most like to try from the     OH MY GOSH Pop Art collection.

3. Entries are open to UK & Ireland followers only and the prize - a set of 6 OH MY GOSH Pop Art nailpolishes - will be sent to you directly by a representative of GOSH Cosmetics. 

(Apologies to those who are further afield on this occasion – there will be others!).

4. The closing date for entries is Monday 1 August 2011         at 12.00 midnight GMT.

****** Please don’t forget to include your contact details ******

GFC name & Twitter or email, so that I can contact you if you win! Best of luck!

Captain America - Retro 1940's Loveliness

I saw Captain America over the weekend and loved it! Aside from it being an entertaining movie, the retro 1940's makeup, hair and costumes were so awesome!

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. I love how her uniform includes a pencil skirt.

Dancers on stage with Captain America ha! The hats make the outfit for me...

Classic 40's look - bold lip and brows, a bit of mascara. Hair parted to the side.
Sexy, but not overdone

Another shot - that red lipstick didn't leave her face the entire movie haha

Love it

Peggy's look in the movie reminded me a bit of Rita Hayworth from that era.
Glamorous and beautiful!

For a bit "modernized" 40's look, Dita kills it.
The brows & winged eye liner don't have to be as severe as hers,
but it's a good place to start if you're trying to recreate the look

What do you guys think, anyone else see the movie over the weekend? =)

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